X.Org's Mailing Lists


  • xorg-announce is for announcements about Xorg releases and releases of related Xorg components. It is not a place for discussion.

Discussion Lists

  • xorg is for general purpose discussions and support questions.
  • xorg-devel is for development discussions. Patch review and development discussion can go there.
  • events is for attendees of upcoming X.Org Events to discuss & be notified of plans for those events.
  • xorg-test is the general discussion list of the XTEST Project.
  • Xcb is the general developers discussion list of the Xcb Project.
  • pixman is the general developers discussion list of the pixman library.
  • Driver-specific lists:
    • xorg-driver-ati is for discussions on ati driver related issues.
    • intel-gfx is for discussions on intel driver related issues.
    • xorg-driver-geode is for discussions on geode driver related issues.
    • Nouveau discusses the NVIDIA reverse engineering project Nouveau.
    • OpenChrome-users is for discussions on openchrome driver related issues.

Logging Lists (not for posting)

  • The xorg-commit mailing list archives commits to the X.Org git repositories.
  • The xcb-commit mailing list archives commits to the XCB git repositories.
  • The xorg-test-commit mailing list archives commits to the XTEST Project repository.
  • The xorg-team mailing list is where bugzilla sends notices about bugs filed against the xorg tree.

Other X related developers lists not directly part of the X.Org Foundation.

Other Lists

  • The xorg-europe mailing list is to announce and discuss events and meetings in Europe.


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