If you are a contributor to the X Window System technology as shipped by X.Org (developer, documentation writer etc) you may apply for membership in the X.Org Foundation. Membership entitles you to

  • Vote in elections for the X.Org Foundation Board.
  • Vote on changes to the By-Laws and the Membership Agreement.
  • Vote on other topics as required by the By-Laws or Membership Agreement.
  • Chair X.Org Foundation Committees.
  • Host X.Org related events.

Furthermore Membership may be required to access certain copyrighted material which the X.Org Foundation is not allowed to distribute publicly.

The Foundation Bylaws state that “In order to qualify as a Member, a person must, at the time of their application and during the tenure of their membership: (i) be actively involved in the activities relating to the technologies of X.Org, as set forth in the Membership Agreement, and, who, in the consideration of the Board, supports the objects, purposes, aims and objectives of X.Org; and (ii) maintain current and accurate contact information as may be needed for delivery of Notices.”

Membership is aimed at people with a more than casual involvement in X.Org's work. It is not required in order to participate in X.Org's ongoing activities, to access our source code repositories or to subscribe to our mailing lists. Neither does membership provide you with additional information about X.Org's activities and ways you may want to get involved. If you are new to X.Org you probably just want to find out how you can participate. Visit XorgMailingLists and join one of the mailing lists, or go to XorgIRC to find out about the available IRC channels, for more information.

To apply for membership, or to update or edit your membership record, please visit