Notes from X.Org BoD telecon October 17, 2006

Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Stuart Anderson (SA)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Jim Gettys (JG)
Leon Shiman (LS)
Egbert Eich (EE)

1. Missed Nominee for BoD Meeting.
2. Status of Membership and By-Laws Document
3. Copyright/License Consolidation
4. Financial Reporting

1. Nominee Missed
   The Election Committee has checked log files and archives but was
   not able to find any indication of a nomination of Christophe Suter
   by Paul Schenker. The investigations will continue and the committee
   will work with Paul Schenker to resolve the issue. It was further
   noted that Christope Suter is not yet a member. Should this nomination
   have been lost, the candidate will be given the opportunity to
   EE  replied to the notification on the members mailing list asking
   for more details however no answer has been received, yet.

2. Status of Membership and By-Laws Document
   The public review of the By-Laws have been completed and the text
   has been amended. Public review of the Membership document is
   still under way. Some clauses raised questions. Since SA is currently
   involved with election preparation EE has contacted the legal counsel
   about these.
   The results will be posted directly to the bylaws mailing list.

3. Copyright/License Consolidation
   Questions have come up among the board about the skope of this.
   It was made clear that there is no intention to change any
   Copyrights which wuld not be possible.
   The intention is to consolidate the different MIT license texts
   that are contained in one single source file into one worded
   vendor neutrally. JG has made a proposal for this.

4. EE has reviewed the books. Since these are done in Gnucash it is
   a rather tedious undertaking to generate reports. LS needs to
   clearify what information is required for the incorporation.
   He will communicate with EE in private.