Notes from X.Org BoD telecon October 10, 2006


Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Stuart Anderson (SA)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Jim Gettys (JG)
Leon Shiman (LS)
Egbert Eich (EE)


1. By-Laws/Membership Agreement final version

1. By-Laws/Membership Agreement final version
   The Membership Agreement has not received any public review, therefore
   it is urgent to get this out to the voters. The subcommittee has met
   again and incorporated the results of the public discussions into the
   By-Laws and completed the rewrite of the Membership Agreement 
   incorporating the results from legal review and sentiments expressed
   during the By-Law public review.
   Some minor issues were noted by Board Members:
   1. Minor grammar glitches were noted in the By-Laws.
   2. Grammer in section 2 of the Membership Agreement needs to be improved.
   3. The Membership Agreement doesn't mention explicitely that Members
      are allowed to chair committees (as it is expressed in the By-Laws).
      This will be added.
   4. Section 5a was unclear to some Board Members. It was decided to
      take it to the lawyer for a rewording. Also it was expressed that
      the second sentence should probably be removed as the first one
      only refers to X.Org related activeties and does not touch other
      contractual relationships between Members.
   Since time is short it was agreed to fix points 1-3 and publish this
   version for review noting that it is still preliminary and section
   5a is still under review.

2. Incorporation Issues
   LS reported that he is still waiting for the accounting data from
   our treasurer. EE has agreed to work with the treasurer to help
   converting it into the right format.
   Furthermore it was pointed out that former Board Members need to
   return their Membership Certificates. A discussion came up around
   the meaning of this certificate and how it should be stored.
   It was pointed out that this certificate is comparable to a share
   as it certifies that one is the owner of part of the organization.
   It was agreed upon that after all paperwork about registration
   is done it needs to be investigated how to record this ownership
   in a way that doesn't require such documents.