Notes from X.Org BoD telecon August 29, 2006


Stuart Anderson (SA)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Jim Gettys (JG)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Leon Shiman (LS)
Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Egbert Eich (EE)


1. Official Financial Statement for IRS/Incorporation Filings
2. Trademark issues
3. Public By-Law Draft Discussion Announcement
4. Membership Management Infrastructure
5. Membership Application Review
6. Nomination Statements
7. Electronic Election Infrastructure
8. Administrative Issues: Mailinglist Infrastrucutre

1. Official Financial Statement for IRS/Incorporation Filings
   The board approved USD 2500 for an official financial statement
   required for IRS and Incorporation filings. Our legal advisor
   has (SFLC) has recommended a company to us which will provide
   these services for a favorable rate. The amount is below of what
   had been budgeted.

2. Trademark issues
   The letter 'X' and the term 'X11' is used in numerous contexts in
   the IT world. The board needs to schedule a meeting with out legal
   advisors so that we can discuss any legal implications on us.

3. Public By-Law Draft Discussion Announcement
   LS reported that the announcement for the bylaw discussion has been
   sent to (via Daniel Stone) as well as to the
   members, the board and the sponsors. Only a few email addresses
   of members were not available and bounced.

4. Membership Management Infrastructure
   SA reported that his work on the membership management infrastructure
   is making progress. Some pieces are in place already and have been
   made available to the board members for testing.

5. Membership Application Review
   The new board will have to extablish procedures for membership
   application review. A possible solution would be to have a membership
   review WG that doesn't consist of board people only but of members
   who are not on the board also.
   Since there is not enough time to establish this group in time before
   the upcoming election the board will serve as an application review
   board until the new board has constituted istself.

6. Nomination Statements
   The election subcommittee will work out the details and send out
   make an announcement on Sept. 4th. This will be published to xorg@,
   the the members and the board.

7. Electronic Election Infrastrucutre
   Likewise the election subcommittee will research software for an
   electronic interface. It will report its findings to the board.
   LS had prepared the frist electronic election and was involved in
   the preparation of the election last year. He will recollect issues
   that came up and note down his experience and publish this information
   to the election subcommittee.

8. Administrative Issues: Mailinglist Infrastructure
   The issues mailman had with the security list are not related to
   a lack of administration but to a bug in mailman. The issues will
   be reported to the mailman maintainers.