Notes from X.Org BoD telecon August 22, 2006


Stuart Anderson (SA)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Leon Shiman (LS)
Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Egbert Eich (EE)


1. Bylaw discussion and Election Schedule

1. Bylaw discussion and Election Schedule
   The results from the call from the previous week were rehashed
   together with the proposed schedule. It was made clear that
   the membership registration process will be opened before the
   nominations for board members start so that people interested
   in nominating a candidate or running can apply for membership.

   The bylaw discussion will open to everyone - if presently member
   or not.
   The secretary will prepare a public announcement as soon as 
   possible as we have already lost a week since this procedure
   was agreed upon.