Notes form X.Org BoD telecon March 07, 2006

Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Stuart Anderson (SA)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Jim Gettys (JG)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Leon Shiman (LS)
Egbert Eich (EE)

1. Approval of minutes and notes of previous meeting
2. Discussion on first draft of the rewrite of the bylaws

1. Minutes and notes approval
   Board agreed to ratify the notes and minutes from the previous
   meeting unless objections are raised within 24 hours after the

2. Bylaw discussions
   The board received the initial draft of the bylaws from the bylaw
   committee including a schedule for the ratification process.
   This schedule includes period for public review and discussion.
   The ratification will be concluded by a vote of the members.
   The bylaw committee explained the changes made and collected the
   initial feedback from board members.
   It was noted that the current draft is not yet complete pending
   the rewrite of one section and feedback from legal counsel on
   specific questions.