Summary of board telecon Jan 17, 2006.

Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Stuart Anderson (SA)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Leon Shiman (LS) (joined later)
Egbert Eich (EE)

- Publication of conference summary
- Board meeting with sponsors
- How to deal with travel funding requests
- Conferences:
- BoD travel expenses

1. Conference Summaries
   + The board decided to publish the summary of the Jan 10, 2006
     confcall as prepared by EE on the wiki.
   + Page needs to be write protected. SA created the BoD group to
     be able to restrict write access to the board.
   + BoD minutes can be linked to

2. Board sponsor meeting.
   + The XDevConf2006 in California provides a good opportunity to meet
     with the sponsors.
   + The board will have a face to face meeting on Tuesday, Feb 7, 2006
     in San Jose, California.
   + It was decided to hold the Sponsors-BoD meeting on Thursday, Feb 9, 2006
     from 7:30 - (apporximately) 10:00 AM.
   + SK will organize a meeting room in the building where the conference
     will take place.
   + The first talk on this day will be scheduled for 10:00 AM to give
     the sponsors and BoD members the opportunity to attend all talks.

3. Funding Request
   + The board has received a request for travel funding to XDevConf
     from Dave Airlie. Dave will give a presentation at the conference.
   + Funding this in full would require us to spend 1/5 of our budget
     set aside for this purpose.
   + LS will communicating with Airlie regarding air fare and other costs
   + LS reported that a group of X contributors at the GPLv3 meetings
     confirmed that a strong policy providing travel support for meeting
     participation was important.

   + LS will look for an inexpensive flight opportunity.
   + SK will look for an opportunity to get additional funding
     from SUN.
   + SK will look for inexpensive accomodation.

4. Conferences
   + SK will investigate opportunities to get local people involved in
     providing a better infrastructure for conference attendees.
   + Information about the FOSDEM meeting were exchanged.
     SK is interested in attending.

5. BoD Travel Expenses
   + LS requires funding for travel to attend the BoD meeting.
   + It was confirmed that BoD members who don't have other sources
     of funding can request support from the budget set aside for this.