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[15:05:21] <mdnavare_> Hi everyone
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[15:05:54] <Lyude> Ok! Hi, so the agenda for today: X.org/freedesktop.org domain status, XDC2020 sponsors, XDC2020?, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2021, requesting ledger data, GSoC, and HDMI 2.1
[15:07:03] <Lyude> I can start with the x.org/freedesktop.org one: a little while ago I got in contact with tpot and they gave us some instructions to move forward with the domain transfer stuff, last I heard daniels was going to go register an account on gandi
[15:07:35] <keithp> yay!
[15:08:19] <daniels> oh yeah, I thought I'd get into the domain-handling mindset by not replying to that
[15:08:25] <daniels> I don't think I should set up an account on Gandi
[15:08:32] <daniels> more stuff on personal accounts doesn't seem like the way forward
[15:08:43] <Lyude> As for requesting ledger data, we also made a bit of progress with that - last I heard me and mdnavare were in the process of setting up a meeting with another project that tpot pointed us to that also needs similar info
[15:09:07] <daniels> I suggest that we set up an email tied to a role email account (I can trivially set this up, or we could reuse e.g. secretary@) with creds stored in the existing encrypted BoD store
[15:09:17] <Lyude> daniels: is there any specific account you'd want us to use then?-ah
[15:09:23] <mdnavare> Yes I gave my timezzone and availibility info
[15:09:30] <Lyude> yeah I think that's fine with me
[15:09:59] <danvet> daniels, I was thinking of sitewranglers@
[15:10:30] <danvet> Lyude, ^^
[15:10:36] <daniels> danvet: not if it lets you do password reset
[15:10:38] <danvet> I'm not seeing anything the board ever has to do with that account
[15:11:04] <danvet> or I'm not clear why spi wants us to have this account
[15:11:15] <danvet> I've assumed it's just for dns record wrangling and nothing else
[15:11:23] <daniels> well, and also transferring registrar etc
[15:11:27] <danvet> I hope they don't let us move/sell a domain
[15:11:44] <danvet> same way they don't let us move money around on our own
[15:12:05] <daniels> I massively prefer having role accounts because we don't want to get into the same situation as when x.org was owned by someone who might have made sense at the time but went AWOL and was a single point of failure (who later held the organisation hostage)
[15:12:11] <danvet> or am I totally off here?
[15:12:18] <Lyude> danvet: they weren't specific on the next steps other then us creating an account, and then them creating a team for us and moving forward on the technical side
[15:12:19] <daniels> and tbh, at this point, things not controlled by SPI >> things controlled by SPI
[15:12:43] <danvet> oh sure we want some account where we can do stuff
[15:12:55] <danvet> just maybe not the ownership things
[15:13:23] <danvet> I guess secretary@ is fine too
[15:13:24] <daniels> ok, let me follow up by email and let's move on
[15:13:33] <daniels> we don't need to bikeshed names synchronously tbh :)
[15:13:42] <Lyude> sgtm
[15:14:27] <Lyude> I guess the next thing we can go over (not sure if mfilion is here yet) would be XDC2020 sponsors and XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, mdnavare do you have any updates on this?
[15:14:27] <tlwoerner> daniels: is that a bash operator, or a C operator?
[15:14:44] <mfilion> o/
[15:14:58] <mdnavare> Lyude: yes 
[15:15:05] <Lyude> oh hey mfilion! i guess you can go after mdnavare 
[15:15:18] <daniels> tlwoerner: rust?
[15:15:26] <mdnavare> Lyude: So I poked Intel and they have approved the payment and supposed to land in SPI account by 10/21
[15:15:28] <mfilion> no updates from me... (sorry)
[15:15:31] <tlwoerner> daniels: d'oh!
[15:15:46] <mdnavare> so should have recieved that payment as we speak, yayy!
[15:16:12] <Lyude> mdnavare: oh awesome! nice job finally getting that through :)
[15:16:23] * tlwoerner needs to learn rust asap! (as soon as i'm done learning python3 without having to resort to stackoverflow)
[15:16:25] <danvet> mdnavare, is arm invoiced?
[15:17:00] <mfilion> nice work mdnavare!! intel & "payment approved" in the same sentence, wow
[15:17:03] <danvet> mdnavare, btw have you seen that we've tracked pending sponsoring with issues on gitlab?
[15:17:10] <mdnavare> danvet: Nope not yet though I did respond to them and they said they are fine as long as they get the invoice by March
[15:17:11] <danvet> from what I can see those are still assigned to anholt
[15:17:30] <danvet> mdnavare, yeah but let's not do that, because I'd like to start haggling for next sponsoring before that
[15:17:48] <mdnavare> danvet: Yes I have been looking at the gitlab issues to read up on pending sponsorships
[15:18:29] <mdnavare> Also got the git crypt key added and now I am able to read through the invoice formats etc in finances dir pointed by anholt__
[15:19:03] <mdnavare> I will use that format and send that email to spi so that they can send the invoice over to ARM
[15:19:31] <Lyude> mdnavare: alright, so is that all for updates from your end?
[15:19:57] <mdnavare> Also recieved reciepts from Radek (Intel Poland) that needs to be accounted for while invoicing Intel for XDC 2020
[15:21:00] <mdnavare> Lyude: One more thing was that email from Bakul asking us to remove their link to DealsLands from Xorg site
[15:21:14] <Lyude> DealsLand huh
[15:21:32] <Lyude> wow, I had no idea they were ever involved with us lol
[15:21:37] <danvet> mdnavare, I found 4 pending sponsor things, assigned them all to you
[15:21:39] <Lyude> mdnavare: I can go ahead and do that after the meeting
[15:21:49] <mdnavare> Lyude: Cool
[15:22:06] <mdnavare> danvet: Thanks I will get those emails sent out to SPI
[15:23:07] <mdnavare> Lyude: One last thing I had was the email i got from Victor Mireles syats.vm@gmail.com, with recipts of 50$
[15:24:00] <mdnavare> Lyude: not sure how to handle that in sponsoring, it has donations to Software in Public interest, FFmpeg, open MPI etc
[15:24:18] <Lyude> mdnavare: I'm not sure, are you saying it was a donation that you got?
[15:24:50] <mdnavare> Lyude: I have sent that email out to the board M-L
[15:25:17] <Lyude> gotcha, we can probably handle that async since we've got a few other things to go over for this meeting
[15:25:31] <Lyude> alright, so next topic - XDC2020/XDC2021, do we have any updates on these samuelig (or can I maybe remove XDC2020 from the agenda?)
[15:25:52] <samuelig> no news, we don't have any XDC 2021 venue proposal yet
[15:26:04] * samuelig looking at mfilion ;-)
[15:26:23] <Lyude> samuelig: alright, guessing we can remove XDC2020 then?
[15:26:52] <samuelig> one pending thing is to have separate talk recording videos uploaded to YT
[15:26:57] <samuelig> I'll ping organizers again
[15:27:20] <danvet> wasn't there an entire discussion with tlwoerner hwentlan and mfilion last meeting about maybe xdc21?
[15:27:49] <Lyude> I think that might have been what mfilion was referring to
[15:27:49] <hwentlan> there was some discussion and ideas about xdc21 but i don't think there's been any actions on any of these ideas yet
[15:28:01] <mfilion> haha no I was referring to the other things I've been assigned
[15:28:10] <tlwoerner> yes, i'm looking into Halifax as a potential, but haven't poked around yet
[15:28:23] <mfilion> but for xdc21, tlwoerner was looking at possible options
[15:28:24] <mfilion> so we'll see
[15:28:38] <Lyude> mfilion: ah, gotcha
[15:28:45] <mfilion> FYI on some insider info here, but *if* LPC is in person next year
[15:28:50] <mfilion> it will be co-located with ELCE...
[15:28:59] <mfilion> (blah)
[15:28:59] <tlwoerner> ooh
[15:29:14] * tlwoerner no likey
[15:29:19] <mfilion> but that hasn't been announced publicly so... 
[15:29:20] <mfilion> shhh
[15:29:21] <Lyude> ELCE?
[15:29:21] <mfilion> hehe
[15:29:34] <mfilion> Lyude ELCE / Open Source Summit Europe
[15:29:36] <mfilion> LF
[15:29:37] <tlwoerner> ELC is LF, blah!
[15:30:00] <Lyude> ahh
[15:30:09] <mfilion> and in all cases, all three would be in Dublin
[15:30:33] <Lyude> Alright, tlwoerner do you have any GSoC stuff? or are we all done with that for the year
[15:30:45] <tlwoerner> Lyude: lots of stuff for GSoC!
[15:30:51] <Lyude> oh cool, go ahead then :)
[15:30:55] <tlwoerner> on Oct 15 i attended the virtual GSoC mentor summit (first time)
[15:31:01] <tlwoerner> *HUGE* changes coming for GSoC 2021
[15:31:08] <tlwoerner> - duration down to 10 weeks (from 12)
[15:31:15] <tlwoerner> - 2 evaluations (down from 3), the first one is now optional
[15:31:21] <tlwoerner> - tasks expected to be worth 175hrs of student time (down from 350hrs)
[15:31:27] <tlwoerner> - student and org stipends cut in half
[15:32:01] <Lyude> ...oh.
[15:32:04] <tlwoerner> so we (i?) have to do a full overhaul on the "idea" page to make sure the projects are only half what they were
[15:33:07] <tlwoerner> (that's all for now)
[15:33:22] <Lyude> cool, mfilion, anything regarding cloud hosting for freedesktop.org?
[15:35:18] <Lyude> mhh, not sure what happened to them, hwentlan are you around?
[15:35:29] <hwentlan> hi
[15:35:36] <Lyude> Want to go over the HDMI 2.1 stuff?
[15:36:06] <hwentlan> sure, i sent an email earlier but assume most people haven't read it yet
[15:36:48] <hwentlan> in short the HDMI spec is not public anymore and for HDMI 2.1 this is problematic since (at least on AMD HW) a lot of the new HDMI 2.1 features are controlled in SW (i.e. by our kernel drivers)
[15:37:14] <hwentlan> what this basically means is that we can't have an open implementation of HDMI 2.1 features
[15:38:01] <hwentlan> the proposal is to send a request from X.Org to the HDMI Forum outlining the desire and benefits to publicly disclose certain HDMI 2.1 spec information to enable open graphics/display stacks to implement support for them
[15:38:15] <hwentlan> (end of blurb, more info in email)
[15:38:19] <hwentlan> questions? thoughts?
[15:38:24] <Lyude> enormous yikes
[15:38:42] <Lyude> it looks like we haven't dealt with something like this in the past before according to your email?
[15:38:43] <danvet> hwentlan, I think you volunteered yourself quite well for chasing this :-)
[15:38:51] <hwentlan> haha, guess i did
[15:39:14] <hwentlan> i don't mind putting an email to the HDMI forum together for this if the rest of the board things this is the way to go
[15:39:23] <hwentlan> *thinks
[15:39:36] <danvet> I dont think it'll hurt
[15:40:09] <Lyude> hwentlan: yes, I definitely think this would be the way to go. It's probably also worth pointing out to them that we already work with organizations like VESA, so this isn't a new thing for us
[15:40:30] <danvet> I expect if it doesn't, then we're doing to non-hw-vendor engineers r/e-ing the entire thing
[15:40:34] <Lyude> considering most of the drm drivers people care about are all open on linux i'm kinda shocked lol
[15:40:36] <danvet> for the features people care about
[15:41:17] <Lyude> danvet: I mean, I'd hope not, not having specs for things like this can get pretty painful
[15:41:58] <hwentlan> yes, it seems like either (1) the HDMI forum opens up part of the spec or (2) implementation moves to FW (where possible) or (3) Linux never gets support for this
[15:42:45] <hwentlan> so i'll write that email. would we want to review it and vote on going forward with it next meeting?
[15:43:09] <danvet> imo not needed, if we vote on every ping this will take forever
[15:43:11] <Lyude> hwentlan: do we need a vote on this next meeting? I'd be fine with us just voting over email
[15:43:17] <Lyude> like a few acks or whatever
[15:43:45] <hwentlan> we can try voting on the email... we don't always get enough votes that way, but let's try
[15:44:20] <Lyude> i mean-we don't need full approval tbh
[15:44:26] <Lyude> just one or two eyes looking at it is probably fine
[15:44:46] <hwentlan> sounds good to me
[15:44:51] <Lyude> (plus this will probably end up on my doorstep seeing as I work on nouveau, so I've got interest in looking at it :)
[15:45:12] <Lyude> alright, mfilion are you around?
[15:45:26] <Lyude> they've got the last agenda item for today, so we can wait for a few minutes and end early if they don't come back
[15:51:09] <Lyude> alright, I think we can end early. Thanks for coming everyone!
[15:52:37] <samuelig> thanks!

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