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[15:02:39] <mfilion> joining in a minute
[15:05:53] <danvet_> need to look at my tarte, brb
[15:12:04] <mupuf> So, livestreaming + 7 people with webcams gives us about ~50% cpu usage on a 4 vCPU instance
[15:13:41] <mupuf> most of it is just the livestreaming (rootless X running chrome and ffmpeg)
[15:14:09] <samuelig> tlwoerner, do you have the link to connect to the jitsi room for the meeting?
[15:14:25] <tlwoerner> yes, just connecting now…
[15:21:42] <samuelig> thanks!
[15:28:38] <danvet_> samuelig, hm did we only get one workshop this year?
[15:28:53] <samuelig> yep, at this moment yes
[15:29:05] <danvet_> should make it easier for the server at least
[15:29:22] <danvet_> or is the plan to have the breakout "room" kinda available all the time for impromptu chats?
[15:33:04] <samuelig> I'll ask mupuf and radek, but having the room for that is definitely a good idea, like the room in the physical conference

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