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[15:00:05] <samuelig> hi :)
[15:00:20] <Lyude> Hi! I should be ready in just a minute or two
[15:02:21] <mfilion> o/
[15:02:41] <mdnavare> Hi everyone
[15:02:42] <Lyude> Ok-so the agenda for today is: Requiring quoroms on free co-marketing opportunities, X.org/freedesktop.org domain status, XDC2020 sponsors, GSoC/EVoC, XDC2020, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC20201, requesting ledger data, self hosting indico website
[15:03:01] <Lyude> mfilion: do you want to go over the first item?
[15:04:42] <samuelig> Lyude, I can start with XDC 2020 meanwhile
[15:05:10] <anholt> hi!
[15:05:33] <Lyude> samuelig: I mean, I think I'll just start off on the quorum stuff since I had told mfilion we could go over it first
[15:05:33] <mfilion> Lyude sure
[15:05:38] <Lyude> mfilion: oh ok
[15:05:42] <Lyude> go ahead then
[15:06:15] <mfilion> well like I said in my email, we don't look great with gitlab
[15:06:45] <mfilion> this notion of having to vote & needing quorum for a decision on something that doesn't cost us anything and gives us visibility doesn't make sense
[15:07:17] <mfilion> when I initially saw the email, I was ready right away to reply and say yes let's do it, and now I realize that maybe I should have done that lol
[15:07:50] <anholt> mfilion: I do think we need to come to the board for stuff like this, given that we're an actual non-profit and need to be careful what kind of activities we engage in.
[15:08:05] <samuelig> I agree with anholt
[15:08:28] <mdnavare> Yes I agree we shouldnt wait for all votes through emails , may be just message here on irc right then and there and make a decision
[15:08:34] <mfilion> yes 100% agree but I think we can have someone (happy to do it) be in charge of reviewing these as soon as they come in
[15:08:44] <mfilion> and then bring it up to the board in these meetings
[15:08:55] <mfilion> rather than run after email replies because we forgot to vote on it
[15:09:45] <mfilion> i.e. when something finance comes in, we send it to you anholt and you bring it up here for discussion/vote if needed, right?
[15:09:51] <anholt> yeah
[15:10:10] <mfilion> so I'm happy to be the anholt of marketing stuff going forward, so we don't miss any more opportunities
[15:10:18] <mfilion> anholt 2.0
[15:10:19] <mfilion> lol
[15:10:25] <samuelig> we need a responsible of this kind of actions. If you volunteer for that, mfilion, then that's great :)
[15:10:25] <mfilion> :p
[15:10:27] <mdnavare> +1 on that!
[15:10:33] <mfilion> yes happy to do it
[15:10:59] <anholt> +1, but please review 501c3 restrictions.
[15:11:22] <mfilion> yes will do, and I think we can agree that I won't agree to anything without discussing it here first
[15:11:51] <Lyude> I'm +1 on that as well - although I was a little bit surprised I wasn't able to get in contact with folks when that needed to be voted on
[15:11:55] <mfilion> I'll just be the "go-to" person so we at least have someone in charge of replying and keeping people informed
[15:12:06] <samuelig> I think your task is just to follow-up marketing related things and be sure they get the appropriate attention from the board
[15:12:13] <Lyude> but i mean, things are crazy with covid so *shrugs*
[15:12:21] <hwentlan> hi, sorry i'm late
[15:12:27] <mfilion> yes that's exactly what I want samuelig
[15:12:28] <Lyude> hey
[15:13:01] <Lyude> anyway-I guess we're all agreed on that then
[15:13:03] <samuelig> mfilion, I probably need to wait before writing my sentences, you were typing at the same time what I meant :)
[15:13:11] <mfilion> hihi
[15:13:30] <Lyude> mfilion: we ready to move on to the next topic?
[15:13:37] <mfilion> sorry listening to some good music and typing with the same rhythm... haha
[15:13:40] <mfilion> yes absolutely
[15:14:43] <Lyude> cool - so I'll go over my items first, x.org/freedesktop.org domain status: no update yet-I've got the SPI meeting on september 144th on my calendar
[15:14:47] <Lyude> *14th
[15:15:02] <Lyude> going to bring it up there since I haven't had any luck via email or irc
[15:15:37] <Lyude> and also probably going to ask if there's anything we should be doing differently to get in contact with SPI, or otherwise just ask them to generally be more responsive
[15:16:29] <Lyude> As well for ledger data - some work stuff came up so I ended up dropping the ball on that one, I will actually not let myself work on the tempting mst code on my other workspace until i've sent an email out to spi about that and typed up the meeting minutes
[15:16:52] <Lyude> that's it for me, samuelig - want to go over XDC2020 stuff?
[15:16:59] <samuelig> Regarding XDC 2020:
[15:17:04] <samuelig> All the talks are now confirmed :-) Thanks to that, we have published the schedule in the website: https://xdc2020.x.org/event/9/timetable/#20200916.detailed
[15:17:10] <samuelig> I would like to remind that the call for proposals is still open for demos, workshops and lightning talks :)
[15:17:14] <samuelig> We have 67 registered participants at this moment. I would like to encourage people to register for the conference, even if you are speaker, so we have a rough estimation of the number of online attendees.
[15:17:18] <samuelig> Regarding the final setup, it seems we will go with jitsi (for speakers) + youtube (for attendees) + IRC (for chit-chat and QA). There will be the possibility of submitting pre-recorded talks, in order to play that in case of internet connection issues or if the speaker asks so (for timezone reasons, for example). Organizers are working on the final details before publishing the information in the website.
[15:17:41] <samuelig> that's all :)
[15:17:48] <mfilion> nice nice, good work samuelig
[15:17:49] <Lyude> wow, can't believe it never occurred to me I could type my items up ahead of time lol
[15:18:12] <samuelig> Lyude, you can save a lot of time with that :D
[15:18:22] <samuelig> and don't forget anything important ;)
[15:18:36] <Lyude> anyway, thanks for the update samuelig ! want to move onto XDC2021 then?
[15:18:40] <mfilion> samuelig regarding using youtube, will people be allowed to ask questions there, or only on irc?
[15:18:52] <mfilion> because when live streaming on youtube, you also have the option of live chat
[15:18:53] <samuelig> mfilion, AFAIK, IRC.
[15:19:04] <mfilion> seems to me it would be significantly easier to have the questions on youtube too, no?
[15:19:06] <samuelig> I will ask organizers to have a moderator to check Youtube chat as well
[15:19:21] <mfilion> because that means switching btwn youtube and irc to ask questions and then hear the answers?
[15:19:27] <mfilion> ok cool
[15:20:18] <samuelig> If there are no more questions... Lyude, you can move to XDC 2021 :)
[15:20:39] <mfilion> oh one thing about xdc2020
[15:20:54] <mfilion> I assume there will be a board meeting right?
[15:21:01] <Lyude> samuelig: I was going to point at you :P, since you've been handling most of that (there haven't really been any xdc2021 updates since you were gone)
[15:21:19] <samuelig> mfilion, yes, it is scheduled already
[15:21:38] <mfilion> we should (if all are for it) do a video board meeting... would be nice for a change lol
[15:21:56] <Lyude> yeah i'm fine with that, so long as everyone's internet can handle it :)
[15:21:59] <hwentlan> +1 for a video board meeting at XDC
[15:22:05] <mfilion> maybe a bit more of a challenge to keep a record of it I suppose
[15:22:06] <samuelig> mfilion, I think that is the plan, unless the rest of board members prefer to have a normal IRC one.
[15:22:20] <mfilion> haha Lyude I'm upgrading my connection next week to 100mbps :D
[15:22:28] <Lyude> mfilion: no more of a challenge then the normal meeting minutes in the in-person meetings for XDC
[15:22:38] <mfilion> nice nice
[15:22:42] <anholt> fwiw, I would be pretty into trying video meetings, might help with people getting distracted and not replying to votes :)
[15:22:55] <mfilion> hahaha completely agree
[15:23:02] <Lyude> anholt: I think it was just for the xdc2020 meeting but that's a pretty good point actually
[15:23:28] <mfilion> well let's consider xdc2020 a trial and we'll go from there?
[15:23:34] <Lyude> mfilion: yeah was about to suggest that
[15:23:39] <samuelig> +1
[15:23:41] <Lyude> +1
[15:23:45] <hwentlan> sgtm +1
[15:23:57] <Lyude> the motion passes
[15:24:02] <mfilion> yay for quorum
[15:24:04] <mfilion> :p
[15:24:06] <Lyude> hehe
[15:24:24] <Lyude> samuelig: anyway, anything from you on XDC2021 or should we go ahead and just move to the next item?
[15:24:31] <samuelig> Regarding XDC 2021
[15:24:36] <samuelig> we need to open the RFP
[15:24:43] <mfilion> yes that's what I was going to say
[15:24:49] <Lyude> ah right
[15:25:03] <mdnavare> Yes +1
[15:25:08] <samuelig> is somebody volunteering for that? :)
[15:25:12] <mfilion> and update it to state it could possible be virtual again (who knows what 2021 will be like), so need to be ready
[15:25:23] <samuelig> yep, that should be included in the announcement 
[15:25:28] <Lyude> samuelig: I dropped the ball on some of the talk confirmations so I can handle that one
[15:25:44] <hwentlan> i agree virtual needs to be on the table for 2021
[15:25:56] <samuelig> Lyude, ok, cool. Let me know if you need help with that. I'll come back from vacation on September 1st
[15:26:17] <mfilion> thanks Lyude
[15:26:18] <Lyude> samuelig: gotcha. I'll send a draft to the board today and if everyone thinks it looks good I'll send it out
[15:26:18] <samuelig> as of that date, I will have full availability. Before that, just limited and mostly for email.
[15:26:32] <samuelig> ok
[15:26:33] <mfilion> would have offered to be help too but I need to have a chat with hwentlan & hwentlan about a possible proposal lol
[15:26:34] <samuelig> thanks!
[15:26:52] <mfilion> oops meant hwentlan & tlwoerner
[15:27:12] <Lyude> okie dokie, next item then: xdc2019 sponsor invoicing
[15:27:17] <mfilion> omg
[15:27:19] * Lyude starts drum roll
[15:27:23] <Lyude> anholt: has intel paid yet?
[15:27:28] <mdnavare> omg has Intel paid yet?
[15:27:32] * mfilion crossing fingers
[15:28:09] <mfilion> *crickets*
[15:28:10] <Lyude> really building up the suspense here
[15:28:22] <hwentlan> it's moments like these i wish IRC handled GIFs
[15:28:30] <mfilion> haha +1
[15:28:37] <Lyude> they might be afk so we'll go onto the next item for now, feel free to chime in whenever you're ready anholt 
[15:29:03] <Lyude> XDC2020 sponsors: danvet's on vacation so we can skip this one
[15:29:05] <anholt> nope, intel still silent
[15:29:13] <mfilion> boooo
[15:29:16] <samuelig> Lyude, one comment on XDC 2020 sponsors
[15:29:19] <Lyude> *crowd boos and sighs in disappointment*
[15:29:23] <samuelig> what should we do with gitlab?
[15:29:25] <Lyude> samuelig: go ahead
[15:30:02] <Lyude> samuelig: tbh, I'd be willing to let them do their half of the comarketing thing at XDC as a sign of good faith since we kinda dropped the ball there
[15:30:21] <Lyude> if everyone else is OK w/ that
[15:30:25] <samuelig> +1
[15:30:31] <mfilion> +1 for sure
[15:30:37] <hwentlan> +1
[15:30:57] <mfilion> so I can reply to them and go from there?
[15:30:58] <Lyude> alright-motion passes
[15:31:01] <Lyude> mfilion: yeah-sgtm
[15:31:04] <mfilion> alright
[15:31:08] <samuelig> mfilion, yes, please add me on Cc and ask them for the logo
[15:31:16] <Lyude> feel free to let them know we don't anticipate this happening again the future too :)
[15:31:21] <anholt> 2020 to be paid: MS (sounds close), amd (waiting for spi invoice), dorota (stalled for a month)
[15:31:32] <mfilion> samuelig will do
[15:31:33] <mfilion> Lyude yes indeed...
[15:31:53] <mfilion> ohhh also for 2020, spoke to Arm, they're looking at budget
[15:32:04] <mfilion> will follow up with them, who knows
[15:33:12] <Lyude> alright - next item is self hosting the indico website. I think the only thing that we needed to do was have a vote on this?
[15:33:22] <Lyude> (+1 from me)
[15:34:09] <anholt> what's the proposal?
[15:34:30] <samuelig> Lyude, IIRC, it was approved but only if we find sysadmin time to do that
[15:34:42] <samuelig> do we have more news on this regard?
[15:34:46] <Lyude> ah right - not sure why this was on the agenda then
[15:35:13] <mdnavare> +1 on Gitlab comarketing
[15:35:15] <Lyude> anholt: fwiw - basically I noticed that the metadata that sites like twitter use to come up with thumbnails/descriptions for the xdc2020 website shows us as beingh LPC2019
[15:35:34] <Lyude> and supposedly the only real easy way to fix that is if we self host the website
[15:35:38] <Lyude> *only real way
[15:36:07] <Lyude> so we were proposing doing it for 2021 if we have the sysadmin time for it
[15:36:12] <Lyude> erm, *self hosting for 20201
[15:36:14] <samuelig> not only that, the sponsorbox that is in the right side of the website needs to be edited by hand in the server, and we are now relying on another person to do so
[15:36:18] <Lyude> *2021 my typing is bad today
[15:36:35] <samuelig> which produces some funny situations like for some sponsor logo lately :)
[15:37:07] <Lyude> anyway - since we already approved it I think we can move on, pretty sure I left that in the agenda in my notes on accident
[15:37:50] <Lyude> that just leaves cloud hosting for freedesktop.org (mfilion), and then GSoC/EVoC (tlwoerner), mfilion do you want to go first?
[15:38:18] <Lyude> ...also - are you ok w/ handling that should probably be my first question? I remember you weren't sure last meeting
[15:38:34] <mfilion> haha nothing to update, haven't had a chance to sit down with daniels to actually understand our infrastructure needs
[15:38:39] <mfilion> but it's on my list
[15:38:52] <Lyude> gotcha, sgtm
[15:39:02] <Lyude> tlwoerner: you around then?
[15:40:03] <Lyude> i'll give them a couple minutes and if we don't hear back we can end the meeting early
[15:40:24] <mfilion> side note - just sent a follow up to arm for xdc2020
[15:41:11] <mfilion> funny how the only two who haven't renewed yet are them and nvidia... coincidence?...
[15:44:40] <hwentlan> haha
[15:45:04] <anholt> tbf, after last year's experience, I could see liviu not wanting to go through doing a sponsorship again.
[15:45:21] <mfilion> oh? what did I miss?
[15:45:34] <Lyude> mfilion: arm is a company after intel's heart
[15:45:38] <anholt> spent most of a year trying to pay.
[15:46:10] <Lyude> some days i wish we could have a board of shame for these things
[15:46:20] <mfilion> wow ok
[15:46:34] <mfilion> had not realized it had been so complicated with them
[15:46:47] <Lyude> anyway-it's been about 5 minutes so I think tlwoerner is AFK, so we can end the meeting here 
[15:47:09] <samuelig> Lyude, thanks!
[15:47:10] <mfilion> sounds good
[15:47:20] <mfilion> this was a productive meeting :)
[15:48:13] <mfilion> see you in two weeks
[15:58:39] <Lyude> samuelig: you still around? Typing up the meeting minutes and noticed you mentioned "there will be the possibility of submitting pre-recorded talks…" did you mean we've confirmed that, or that it's just likely?
[16:01:11] <mfilion> oh good catch Lyude
[16:06:47] * Lyude searching through emails to find the answer
[16:08:40] <Lyude> ok it seems like it is a guarantee
[16:09:29] <mfilion> nice ok
[16:09:31] <Lyude> also mupuf lol, totally not surprised your house is the one doing the video processing

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