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[15:05:33] <Lyude> Hey folks! So our agenda for today: X.org/freedesktop.org domain status, XDC2020 sponsors, GSoC/EVoC, XDC2020, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2021, XDC and gitlab commit opportunities, requesting ledger data, and self hosting indico website
[15:06:36] <Lyude> X.org/freedesktop.org status: -still- no response, sent them an email yesterday but am going to start poking other spi folks if I don't hear back since this is taking way too long :\
[15:07:16] <Lyude> danvet_: want to do updates on XDC2020 sponsors?
[15:09:01] <danvet_> not really much, I think anholt has done some successful invoicing
[15:09:09] <danvet_> I've done some not so successful poking
[15:09:39] <danvet_> I think I need to chat with mfilion whether we should outright sell xdc sponsors as "hey this pays for gitlab infrastructure this year" as a trial
[15:09:46] <danvet_> kinda done that already with one sponsor
[15:10:09] <danvet_> I think that's all
[15:10:30] <Lyude> Alright- tlwoerner, want to go over GSoC/EVoC next?
[15:10:33] <tlwoerner> sure
[15:10:35] <tlwoerner> we are in the "2nd evaluations" phase
[15:10:41] <tlwoerner> all evaluations are complete, our student is doing very well
[15:10:46] <tlwoerner> starting next week we enter the 3rd (and last) work period which finishes at the end of August
[15:11:01] <tlwoerner> (nothing EVoC-related)
[15:11:25] <tlwoerner> at vXDC2020 our current student will be giving a talk (thanks to the papers committee for accepting it!)
[15:11:44] <tlwoerner> that's all
[15:12:10] <Lyude> thanks! next is XDC2020, anything to go over samuelig ?
[15:12:34] <samuelig> We have filled all the slots of the schedule, I am waiting for talk confirmations from the speakers
[15:13:04] <samuelig> we are also discussing with organizers about how the platform would look like
[15:13:50] <samuelig> Regarding CfP, it is still open just in case some speakers cannot give their respective talk at the end. Also I would like to encourage people to submit workshops and demo proposals
[15:13:56] <samuelig> and lightning talks as well.
[15:14:39] <samuelig> next week I will be on holidays, so I need a volunteer to gather confirmations and check the submitted proposals
[15:14:50] <samuelig> while I am on vacation.
[15:16:17] <Lyude> Would anyone be up for that?
[15:16:17] <samuelig> and that's all. I don't think I am missing anything.
[15:17:36] <samuelig> I guess I can do it if nobody volunteers, but I have limited internet access  so I may delay things.
[15:17:48] <Lyude> samuelig: if no one else volunteers I can handle it as well
[15:17:55] <samuelig> it is better if somebody else can take over this task for some weeks.
[15:18:09] <samuelig> Lyude, ok!
[15:18:20] <samuelig> I'll let you know privately what is pending to do.
[15:18:24] <Lyude> alright
[15:18:33] <Lyude> anyone else who wants to help feel free to mention that btw :)
[15:18:46] <Lyude> anyway-next item is cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, danvet_ you said you'd be able to handle that?
[15:19:11] <danvet_> yeah we had meeting with packet
[15:19:15] <danvet_> mfilion was also there
[15:19:23] <danvet_> some unfortunatel lolz with zoom technology
[15:19:52] <danvet_> but aside from that packet is happy to provide machines for us, they just want to stay in touch and expect us to have a chat first before we increase our usage
[15:20:03] <danvet_> but they're also happy if we migrate the entire gitlab frontend over to them
[15:20:16] <danvet_> so I think fd.o admins are now looking into what that would entail, and all that
[15:20:38] <danvet_> so that would stop our cloud hosting bleeding, and maybe open the doors to make new cool stuff happen
[15:20:58] <danvet_> so yeah, packet are awesome
[15:21:08] <danvet_> *packet.com even
[15:21:37] <danvet_> I think there's also a more detailed mail from daniels on board@
[15:23:11] <Lyude> danvet_: alright, thanks for the update! anholt, any updates on XDC2019 sponsor invoicing?
[15:23:32] <anholt> after some absolutely absurd requirements, spi got to post their invoice
[15:24:02] <anholt> so intel may finally be almost done?
[15:24:26] <anholt> 3 2020 sponsor invoice things in progress, none blocked on me
[15:26:26] * anholt heads out to nap the kiddo
[15:26:59] <Lyude> thanks for the update!
[15:27:10] * tlwoerner could use a nap too!
[15:27:50] <Lyude> so the next item is XDC2021. mfilion / hwentlan, either of you around since you mentioned alternate hosting usggestions?
[15:29:33] <Lyude> mh, if they don't show up are we still sure we want to have the vote on this now
[15:31:10] <Lyude> samuelig: any take on this?
[15:33:28] <samuelig> I think that if we want to open the possibility of having other venues, we need to open the the call for proposals as usual
[15:33:44] <Lyude> i'm fine with that imo
[15:34:21] <Lyude> anholt, danvet_: are you guys alright with that?
[15:34:31] <samuelig> and it is better if we can do it soon, sending proposals take some time + we discussing about them + delays everywhere :) = 3 months minimum to make a decision
[15:34:34] <Lyude> oh hold on, they are out handling their kid
[15:34:41] <samuelig> so I prefer if we start soon the process.
[15:35:07] <Lyude> yeah-I had thought there was more folks in the meeting but now I don't even think we actually have quorom to vote on this anyway
[15:36:04] <Lyude> samuelig: i think we're going to have to push this to next meeting :\, unless hwentlan or mfilion appear
[15:36:26] <samuelig> I think last meeting we almost had an agreement on this, so we can probably discuss via ML
[15:36:39] <Lyude> yeah-was in the middle of typing a suggestion along those lines hehe
[15:36:47] <danvet_> I'm still hear
[15:37:01] <danvet_> I think a heads up to gdansk folks would be good, just to avoid them being annoyed
[15:37:08] <Lyude> yeah i'm fine with that
[15:37:13] <danvet_> also tbh I'm not sure where this covid thing is going
[15:37:25] <Lyude> yeah I don't think anyone is
[15:37:27] <danvet_> at least here' they're already cancelling stuff in Q1 2021
[15:37:46] <danvet_> like the big carnevals in spring are now already under discussion
[15:38:11] <Lyude> yeah, anyway-we've gotta move onto the next agenda item since we're running out of time
[15:38:13] <hwentlan> i think it was mainly mfilion that suggested maybe hosting in montreal or toronto. if it's in toronto i might be able to help out
[15:38:18] <Lyude> oh hey there's quorom
[15:38:33] <hwentlan> but yeah, i have nothing even remotely like a plan
[15:39:06] <Lyude> hwentlan: would you be +1 with re-opening proposals?
[15:40:14] <hwentlan> remind me, do we have any proposal for 2021 already?
[15:40:16] <samuelig> danvet_, yes, we need to talk with gdansk people too. I think we should be open to EU or NA XDC 2021 conf.
[15:40:23] <samuelig> hwentlan, nope :)
[15:40:44] <hwentlan> +1 from me then :)
[15:40:54] <Lyude> that's a +1 from me, danvet?
[15:43:03] <Lyude> danvet_?
[15:44:02] <Lyude> we're running out of time so i'm going to move on to the next agenda item for now
[15:44:36] <Lyude> XDC and gitlab commit opportunities, not sure we can actually vote on this one
[15:45:18] <samuelig> I think we can move it for next meeting, I need to review the proposal.
[15:45:23] <Lyude> if danvet_ gets back we can, but I think I'm going to have to table that till next meeting as well.
[15:46:08] <Lyude> yeah-requesting ledger data, so danvet_ mentioned that we should send another formal inquiry to SPI that we really want to keep track of everything that's going on
[15:46:53] <Lyude> I don't mind just sending them an email today or tommorrow explaining that we would like that and are willing to help with costs and such (assuming I'm reading https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorgfoundation/bod-archive/-/issues/16#note_575108 right) 
[15:47:01] <danvet_> yeah I mean if someone runs the show I'm ok with doing that
[15:47:26] * danvet_ distracted sry
[15:47:34] <Lyude> danvet_: alright-I guess we've got quorom on that decision, we'll move the xdc/gitlab stuff to next meeting anyway since samuelig wants to review that
[15:47:35] <Lyude> danvet_: np
[15:47:49] <Lyude> that just leaves self hosting the indico website
[15:48:19] <Lyude> the main reason we brought this up is because I noticed that on the XDC website, there's actually meta html tags that tell applications that XDC2020 is actually LPC 2019 in disguise
[15:48:27] <samuelig> I see several advantages on self-hosting: mainly we don't depend on somebody else, we can do local modifications at will and we can update metadata :D
[15:48:45] <samuelig> cons: hosting expenses, maintenance cost
[15:49:18] <samuelig> and we don't have too much sysadmin workforce either.
[15:49:40] <Lyude> hm, maybe we should try figuring out whether we can ask for xdc sponsorships that help with hosting costs first
[15:50:21] <Lyude> we could probably figure out as well later down the line if we figure that out whether or not there'd be volunteers that might be willing to help with that
[15:50:35] <samuelig> Lyude, I think we can use part of the sponsorship funds for that without any issue, it is at the end needed to run the conference.
[15:50:36] <danvet_> Lyude, it's the admins I think
[15:50:42] <danvet_> money we have I think
[15:50:51] <Lyude> ah, I see
[15:51:15] <samuelig> However, I think we should self-host it next year. So +1 for me.
[15:51:17] <Lyude> we could send out some pokes on the ML to see if anyone would be interested. I was a bit surprised at the responses we got the last time we asked for volunteer admins
[15:51:37] <samuelig> if we find sysadmins. If not, better to keep current status quo.
[15:52:06] <Lyude> yeah-I'm fine with self hosting being the end goal here, +1 from me. danvet_ / hwentlan ? (it's about the end of the meeting, this isn't time sensitive so we can just table it till next time if needed)
[15:53:04] <hwentlan> +1 if we can get volunteers to admin
[15:56:47] <Lyude> alright-I think it's fine if we just table this since we don't have voting quorom quite yet. thanks for the meeting everyone!
[15:57:38] <hwentlan> Thanks, Lyude for running it
[15:59:19] <samuelig> thanks!
[16:05:11] <Lyude>  btw samuelig would you mind letting the gdansk folks know about the decision to reopen proposals?
[16:26:13] <danvet_> oh yeah I mean I'm obviously ok with self-hosting, if we can make it happen
[16:26:17] <danvet_> aka needs a volunteer
[16:26:28] <danvet_> voting with no one volunteering to do it kinda feels silly to me

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