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[14:58:48] <tlwoerner> hello
[15:00:14] <Lyude> Hi! So our agenda for today is: X.org/freedesktop.org domain status, XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2020 sponsors, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, GSoC/EVoC, and XDC2020
[15:00:29] <mfilion> o/
[15:00:46] <Lyude> While we're waiting for folks to join, I'll cover the domain status stuff: still haven't gotten any response despite having sent an email, going to file another ticket this  week with spi to see what happenes
[15:01:11] <Lyude> anholt__: you around for sponsor invoicing?
[15:01:17] <hwentlan> o/
[15:01:17] <danvet> hi all
[15:02:08] <Lyude> danvet: want to go over XDC2020 sponsors in the mean time?
[15:03:45] <danvet> sure
[15:03:58] <danvet> so found some spoons, sent out mails again
[15:04:10] <danvet> some hopeful feedback maybe, plus google found 10k
[15:04:16] <danvet> need to follow up with the others
[15:04:30] <danvet> also big thanks to anholt__ for kicking the invoicing can down the road
[15:04:40] <mfilion> good work danvet!
[15:04:47] <danvet> we had a few sponsors in limbo state that I think are now all on track to get paid
[15:04:57] <Lyude> danvet: for 2019 or 2020?
[15:05:01] <danvet> 2020
[15:05:04] <Lyude> gotcha
[15:05:14] <danvet> I was kinda not poking people since with corona everything a bit up in the air
[15:05:56] <Lyude> makes sense
[15:06:19] <Lyude> tlwoerner: you around for GSoC/EVoC stuff?
[15:06:22] <tlwoerner> sure
[15:06:28] <keithp> Lyude: thanks for poking
[15:06:37] <tlwoerner> I sent out emails to some recent GSoC students looking to see if they'll submit talks for XDC2020.
[15:06:43] <tlwoerner> One got back to say that it wouldn't be possible.
[15:06:50] <tlwoerner> One said they would, and have submitted a proposal.
[15:06:56] <tlwoerner> No feedback from the rest.
[15:07:23] <tlwoerner> I was crunching some numbers wrt GSoC recently, so far:
[15:07:30] <tlwoerner> 42 successful GSoC students
[15:07:37] <tlwoerner> ~43% (depends on parameters) contribute at least once after GSoC is over
[15:07:38] <keithp> woot
[15:08:02] <tlwoerner> lots of "familiar names" in the list of past GSoC students :-D
[15:08:36] <tlwoerner> (that's all)
[15:09:02] <Lyude> tlwoerner: thanks! daniels, you around for the cloud hosting stuff for freedesktop.org
[15:09:26] <samuelig> tlwoerner, wow! thanks for the stats!
[15:11:04] <Lyude> hm, samuelig  - want to go over xdc2020 stuff in the mean time then?
[15:11:11] <samuelig> yeah, no prob
[15:11:15] <samuelig> At this moment, we have 6 full-slot talks, 8 half-slot, 2 lightning talks, 0 demos and 0 workshops. CfP deadline is this Sunday.
[15:11:20] <samuelig> If we don't have enough talks by Monday, we have a couple of alternatives to discuss here. Please suggest more, in case I'm missing something.
[15:11:25] <samuelig> 1) Keep CfP open until two weeks before the conference or until we fill all the slots, whatever happens before. However, the CfP committee will need to review the proposals still, and only accept those that makes sense.
[15:11:28] <mdnavare> mdnavare joining
[15:11:30] <samuelig> 2) Accept current ones and have a smaller event, like only afternoons one, or two days or so (to be defined depending on the number of submissions we have at the end).
[15:11:45] <samuelig> Which proposal do you like most? Do you know any other alternative?
[15:11:57] <Lyude> 1, that's what we've done in the past iirc for situations like this
[15:12:13] <daniels> Lyude: sorry not available as I didn't realise it was on, but no update beyond that same email from last time
[15:12:21] <Lyude> daniels: np
[15:13:00] <Lyude> mdnavare, danvet, hwentlan, keithp, mfilion  - what are your thoughts?
[15:13:26] <hwentlan> i'd vote for option 1
[15:13:41] <keithp> yeah, keep the cfp open for aother couple weeks
[15:13:52] <mdnavare> Lyude: Yea even i think 1 is better because people usually tend to submit more later especially because now lot of sites are going through a lot of churn
[15:14:34] <Lyude> alright - that's 4 people so option 1 it is
[15:14:44] <samuelig> ok, thanks!
[15:15:14] <tlwoerner> it's a 3-day conference with 6 full slots per day?
[15:15:14] <danvet> yeah keep it open imo
[15:15:22] <mfilion> Yeah I vote keep it open too
[15:15:27] <danvet> btw one thing I realized that maybe we want to ask speakers for preferred tz or so
[15:15:32] <mfilion> No reason to rush it, it's all online anyway
[15:15:43] <Lyude> danvet: totally agree
[15:15:44] <danvet> so as not to schedule NA speakers in the european morning or so :-)
[15:16:01] <samuelig> :)
[15:16:22] <mfilion> very very good idea danvet
[15:16:26] <danvet> although there's a few night owls that just stay up until mid-day for me, so maybe those prefer mornings :-)
[15:16:53] <mfilion> we'll also need to figure out start times, LPC is going to start *really* early for people in NA
[15:16:58] <mdnavare> how about the demos, got some questions from intel folks as to how would a demo be in online conference?
[15:17:01] <danvet> gaps in the schedule helps with making that all happen
[15:17:28] <danvet> mdnavare, probably only for people who have access to a fairly professional video setup
[15:17:37] <Lyude> mdnavare: worst case scenario (and, maybe this is a better idea anyway) we could probably just send videos of the demos
[15:17:47] <samuelig> I'm going to be on holiday in August, is there somebody willing to take a look at the CfP thing for some weeks that month? I guess checking the proposal numbers in order to avoid accepting more than we can schedule :)
[15:17:52] <danvet> if they can't run it on the same machine as the presentation
[15:17:57] <danvet> hm yeah that could work too
[15:18:09] <Lyude> then everyone's demos will finally work on time :)
[15:18:13] <mdnavare> Lyude: So have a demo ready prior to conference and then just show a video?
[15:18:31] <danvet> mdnavare, oh you can do it live, but like stream it from the phone camera or so
[15:18:39] <Lyude> mdnavare: that's my suggestion at least if other folks are ok with that, assuming we don't have some fancy presenting system so that people can stream
[15:18:48] <danvet> or hold it up to your webcam, but that might be too much potato quality
[15:18:56] <hwentlan> i think either ways can work, stream from a phone camera, or pre-record the demo
[15:19:00] <Lyude> if we're going to stream it live though I think maybe we should have folks still submit a demo tape anyway, just in case things don't work well
[15:19:16] <mdnavare> ok cool gotcha
[15:19:42] <hwentlan> but pre-recording eliminates the fun moments where things don't work live
[15:19:48] <Lyude> hwentlan: hehe
[15:20:00] <mfilion> what, you have issues with presentations not working at XDC?
[15:20:04] <mfilion> never heard of that before
[15:20:07] <mfilion> lol
[15:20:14] <samuelig> yeah, no more blue screen of death when presenting the os :-(
[15:20:30] <mdnavare> mfilion: oh yea black screen display connection issues
[15:20:44] <Lyude> anyway - I guess that's it for the meeting today, assuming that anholt__ isn't here
[15:20:47] <mfilion> haha yep I remember last year
[15:21:14] <mdnavare> mfilion: The funniest was my talk at Fosdem on how to avoid black screens and there i started with DP black screen issue
[15:21:15] <mfilion> alright then
[15:21:22] <mfilion> hahaha niiice
[15:21:43] <Lyude> i personally remember trying to get panfrost boards to work, and muttering "come on come on you can do it..."
[15:21:50] <danvet> and xdc without xrandr live debugging would be rather novel indeed
[15:22:13] <Lyude> lol
[15:22:28] <mfilion> and not having to worry about 100 different slide file formats
[15:22:42] <samuelig> danvet, Lyude do you want to take a look at CfP proposals in August? I'll be on vacation that month :)
[15:23:05] <Lyude> samuelig: sgtm, if you have a particular date we'd start on let me know so I can add it to my calendar
[15:23:29] <samuelig> ok, thanks. We will follow-up via email
[15:24:13] <danvet> yeah can do
[15:24:27] <danvet> I do hope most will come in before though :-)
[15:24:42] <samuelig> sure, it is just to check we don't have more talks than the ones we can schedule :)
[15:24:44] <danvet> Lyude, oh just realized, xdc21?
[15:24:48] <danvet> for agenda material
[15:25:09] <danvet> or want to nag everyone for the board thread for another round?
[15:25:30] <mfilion> I was just going to ask about that (xdc21)
[15:25:48] <Lyude> danvet: ah good point - secretary is still here so we can go over it now if folks are still around ( samuelig , mdnavare , hwentlan )
[15:25:56] <mdnavare> Lyude: Yes
[15:25:59] <samuelig> yep
[15:26:00] <hwentlan> sure
[15:26:31] <Lyude> So I guess we've just got the vote for hosting in poland to go over?
[15:27:32] <samuelig> +1
[15:27:40] <mfilion> should the vote be just about poland, or about intel as well?
[15:27:59] <mfilion> would still like to discuss that part
[15:28:27] <Lyude> mfilion: yeah I think we can do both with different votes, although obv we kinda have to go with intel for 2021 if we're hosting in poland...
[15:28:45] <mfilion> hmm
[15:28:49] <samuelig> mmm, wait, I think both are tied together right? we don't have any other proposal in poland
[15:29:09] <mfilion> well poland is a much much bigger gamble now for lgbtq, now that the president has won a second term
[15:29:16] <samuelig> actually, the organizer usually need to put a significant amount of money beforehand, and ask for a reimbursement to the board
[15:29:18] <Lyude> mhhhhhhhhhh
[15:29:55] <danvet> mfilion, yeah for the sponsoring I'm not super worried
[15:30:17] <samuelig> yeah, so the sponsoring is not a problem in that case.
[15:30:21] <danvet> we might want to not announce them as platinum before that arrived, but otherwise we feature organizers for free at gold for the pain
[15:30:39] <danvet> plus I'm not even sure intel is committed to another 10k already
[15:31:05] <mfilion> yeah but even if they don't sponsor, they can still advertise it as being hosted by them, no?
[15:31:20] <danvet> yeah organizer gets Gold for nothing
[15:31:25] <samuelig> they get gold sponsor for free
[15:31:31] <danvet> remember you raged about that 2 years ago or so :-)
[15:31:35] <mfilion> ok so back to my question
[15:31:35] <danvet> "free"
[15:31:43] <samuelig> well yeah, "free"
[15:31:51] <mfilion> why let them organize if they can't be bothered to pay for sponsoring in the first place?
[15:32:06] <danvet> I wouldn't tie these together
[15:32:18] <danvet> the other thing is also that for xdc21 somewhere else we're kinda really late
[15:32:25] <danvet> or at least I didn't go hunt for leads anywhere
[15:33:04] <samuelig> and we would need to decide if EU or NA as well.
[15:33:44] <danvet> I'm also not sure how great the travel situation really is going to be next year
[15:33:52] <danvet> could go either way imo
[15:34:26] <mfilion> yes indeed, who knows
[15:35:14] <Lyude> so - are we ready for a vote then?
[15:35:24] <danvet> imo yes
[15:35:40] <danvet> it's a all around suck situation, but well
[15:35:55] <mfilion> so why go ahead with it lol
[15:36:07] <danvet> mfilion, no xdc21 doesn't feel better
[15:36:52] <danvet> plus I'm not really seeing great substantial better options
[15:37:01] <mfilion> look, I'll throw a curve ball here and say I'm happy to host it in Montreal again in 2021, or even in Toronto with hwentlan
[15:37:06] <danvet> gdansk is at least not in the real sucky part of poland
[15:37:19] <tlwoerner> mfilion: and me!!!!
[15:37:28] <mfilion> there lol
[15:37:38] * tlwoerner is in toronto, or at least as close to it as hwentlan ;-)
[15:37:44] <danvet> mfilion, well if we want that, then I think full cfp
[15:37:54] <danvet> not "board hands it out to their own"
[15:38:02] <danvet> purely for process reasons and all that
[15:38:07] <mfilion> let's do that then, instead of voting for a "all around suck situation"
[15:38:12] <samuelig> agree with danvet.
[15:38:13] <Lyude> honestly, if we have other options maybe we should consider them. i don't think we need to do a pr announcement going into details until after the fact as well
[15:38:49] <Lyude> but, i also think if we go ahead with looking at other options we should probably come up with a more concrete set of guidelines to handle situations like this in the future
[15:39:11] <Lyude> I think a lot of the criticisms we received on how we handled this last year were pretty valid, all things considered
[15:40:27] <danvet> so we have a decision now whether we should do a full cfp for xdc21?
[15:40:45] <Lyude> danvet: assuming full cfp opens up alternatives for venues, it's a +1 from me
[15:40:59] <danvet> also whether it's going to be NA or also europe
[15:41:16] <Lyude> yeah, +1 as well
[15:41:38] <mfilion> in theory, 2021 was to be NA anyway :p
[15:41:47] <danvet> also would need someone to volunteer to run that show, it's slightly more than hitting send on the frp email :-)
[15:42:00] <danvet> *rfp
[15:44:29] <mfilion> *crickets*
[15:44:35] <Lyude> mfilion: would you maybe be up for that?
[15:44:51] <mfilion> not if I'm submitting a proposal lol
[15:44:58] <Lyude> ah, good point
[15:45:03] <mfilion> that would be kinda awkward haha
[15:45:27] <Lyude> wait - so which board members do we have submitting proposals right noqw?
[15:45:45] <mfilion> lol
[15:46:12] <Lyude> we can also just figure this out next meeting
[15:46:25] <mfilion> right
[15:46:50] <tlwoerner> have we found a platform for XDC2020?
[15:47:50] <Lyude> samuelig: ^ ?
[15:48:01] <Lyude> anyway-I think I'm going to call the end of the meeting, we'll have the formal vote on this next time
[15:48:56] <mfilion> alright
[15:49:16] <samuelig> tlwoerner, the organizers are going to test some, I need to poke them again. AFAIK, they plan to use open-source ones, I don't know jitsi or bigbluebutton + streaming to youtube or so. I will gather that info by next board meeting
[15:49:57] <tlwoerner> samuelig: have you been taking part in the LPC tests for BBB?
[15:50:04] <mfilion> with all the work/testing being done by LPC on BBB, might end up being really solid
[15:50:18] <samuelig> tlwoerner, unfortunately not
[15:51:00] <samuelig> mfilion, was it a good experience?
[15:52:07] <samuelig> oh, I watching the recorded stream, it seems fine.
[15:52:08] <mfilion> yeah its been working quite well. still some issues to work out, but so far so good
[15:52:16] <samuelig> I'm*
[15:52:25] <mfilion> big test will be how many people it can actually support at once
[15:52:41] <mfilion> registration is almost sold out for LPC, so there will be tons of people connected at once
[15:53:38] <tlwoerner> LPC town hall test of BBB system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG5KcSFFaDs
[15:54:18] <mfilion> they had the Kernel Weather report too today, as another test
[15:54:33] <tlwoerner> weather report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJNNQgJPY3M
[15:56:19] * hwentlan got interrupted for a sec, but wouldn't mind helping host XDC in Toronto again sometime
[15:57:03] <mfilion> hwentlan thought you would say that :)
[15:58:30] <hwentlan> partly because i'm hoping it might bring out bridgman to some of the after-hours events

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