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[15:07:16] <Lyude> OK, hi everyone! So our agenda for today is XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2020 sponsors, X.org/freedesktop.org domain status, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, GSoC/EVoC, and XDC2020
[15:07:29] <Lyude> if I missed anything feel free to let me know and I'll add it to the agenda
[15:07:51] <rszwicht> Wyould you mind re-ordering agenda to start with xdc2020 topics?
[15:07:58] <Lyude> rszwicht: sounds fine to me
[15:08:04] <rszwicht> thanks
[15:08:13] <Lyude> rszwicht, samuelig: I'm guessing one of you would like to start then?
[15:08:20] <samuelig> yeah
[15:08:40] <mfilion> I can not wait to see xdc 2019 sponsoring off the agenda lol
[15:08:46] <Lyude> mfilion: same lol
[15:09:03] <danvet> btw should we start adding xdc21 to the agenda?
[15:09:06] <danvet> maybe for samuelig 
[15:09:11] <samuelig> quick summary, we have 4 talk proposals (2 full slot, 2 half-slot) + some lightning talks. Not so much but I guess people will submit the last day 
[15:09:24] <danvet> samuelig, how much time is left?
[15:09:27] <samuelig> and/or waiting for the decision in this meeting :)
[15:09:49] <tlwoerner> oop! i'm here
[15:09:50] <samuelig> CFP deadline is this Sunday at midnight, we will need to extend it for sure
[15:09:56] <Lyude> hey tlwoerner 
[15:10:07] <danvet> samuelig, yeah generally you get half of them on last day
[15:10:18] <samuelig> I expect we need to extend it anyway
[15:10:22] <danvet> yeah
[15:10:29] <danvet> and probably more PR once we made a final decision
[15:10:41] <samuelig> yep
[15:10:47] <samuelig> well, let's start with the big XDC 2020 topic of this meeting
[15:10:58] <rszwicht> I think one more issue could be travel arrangements people are looking to make if the conference is not going to be virtual
[15:11:30] <samuelig> we need to make a decision about what to do with the conference. This has a lot implications like rszwicht just said
[15:11:51] <samuelig> so, we have 3 possibilities in my opinion
[15:12:12] <danvet> yeah so at least here in .ch 2nd wave is already happing, starting really low, but still
[15:12:13] <samuelig> 1) do it physically 2) going virtual 3) postpone it for next year
[15:12:22] <danvet> so I don't think I'll travel at all
[15:12:35] <Lyude> i'm stuck here :3
[15:12:35] <danvet> plus US people can't travel to europe
[15:12:36] <samuelig> most experts expect a second (or third) wave by September/October
[15:12:39] <samuelig> in Europe.
[15:12:42] <Lyude> (help)
[15:12:53] <rszwicht> In Poland sadly the number of new cases is constant
[15:12:57] <danvet> Lyude, :-/
[15:13:17] <tlwoerner> having it in sep/oct there will be lots of "prior art"
[15:13:23] <samuelig> We don't know if the will close borders again, lockdowns will be normal again or what. So there are a lot of uncertainty
[15:13:24] <danvet> I think we should try virtual, lpc seems to be going ahead ok with that
[15:13:24] <mfilion> I would just go virtual, OSSummit was pretty good this week, 4,000+ attendees
[15:13:25] <tlwoerner> (to go virtual)
[15:13:26] <danvet> tlwoerner, yup
[15:13:37] <mdnavare> virtual me too
[15:13:38] <rszwicht> it is low (compared to other countries) but doesnt look like its going anywhere
[15:13:39] <samuelig> so I think 1) is discarded
[15:13:48] <samuelig> then we have going virtual 2) and postpone it 3)
[15:14:00] <samuelig> and here, rszwicht, I need you help :)
[15:14:03] <Lyude> i think we should go virtual over postponing it
[15:14:06] <rszwicht> My team will be ready to handle it virtually
[15:14:11] <danvet> I think going virtual and trying to do xdc physically in gdansk next year would be nice
[15:14:13] <samuelig> I don't know how do you see each possibility from organization point of view.
[15:14:17] <danvet> if intel is up for that
[15:14:22] <danvet> rszwicht, did we ever check that?
[15:14:26] <rszwicht> I do like danvet proposal and I already checked it
[15:14:31] <rszwicht> We would like to do it
[15:14:32] <Lyude> danvet: when do we need to start asking intel about that by the way?
[15:14:47] <rszwicht> Lyude, I did already (I am from Intel)
[15:14:49] <danvet> Lyude, already happened it seems, answer is yes ...
[15:15:02] <Lyude> hm
[15:15:13] <danvet> Lyude, yeah I guess for the minutes, rszwicht = Radek from Intel Gdansk as guest today
[15:15:41] <samuelig> rszwicht, is Radek, our main contact in the organization, sorry for not presenting him before
[15:16:13] <rszwicht> :) my fault! I joined to early and introduced myself before anyone paid attention ;)
[15:16:21] <rszwicht> now when everyone is guilty..
[15:16:51] <samuelig> rszwicht, so you mention that your team should be ready to handle a virtual event, right?
[15:16:52] <danvet> trying another time for xdc in gdansk next year also avoids the entire "we haven't really poked for organizers for 21 in north america yet" problem :-)
[15:17:01] <rszwicht> samuelig, yes
[15:17:07] <samuelig> ok, cool
[15:17:16] <danvet> past years I started nagging some volunteers way ahead, as in autumn/winter 1.5+ years before
[15:18:02] <samuelig> yes, danvet is right. I think that from the organization point of view, going virtual is not the same for marketing, visibility and such. I think we should offer Intel Poland the possibility of organizing XDC2021 in Poland if they want, of course.
[15:18:32] <rszwicht> We do :)
[15:19:04] <samuelig> but first, let's vote about virtual XDC or not. If you vote +1, it means virtual. -1 means postpone it :)
[15:19:11] <samuelig> +1
[15:19:16] <mfilion> +1
[15:19:34] <mdnavare> +1
[15:19:38] <Lyude> +2
[15:19:40] <Lyude> oops
[15:19:42] <Lyude> *+1
[15:19:42] <mfilion> lol
[15:19:54] <mfilion> Lyude really really wants to go virtual
[15:20:20] <Lyude> motion reached quorom and passes 4/0
[15:20:22] <rszwicht> Lyude, we can organize one additional session just for you
[15:20:26] <Lyude> hehehe
[15:20:29] <mfilion> haha!
[15:20:36] <samuelig> Lyude, ok, cool
[15:21:15] <samuelig> then second motion of the day :) Do you agree on allowing Intel Poland to organize XDC 2021?
[15:21:22] <mfilion> +1
[15:21:25] <samuelig> +1
[15:21:55] <Lyude> i think i'd like to see a bit more discussion around the second motion
[15:22:25] <samuelig> ok, fair enough. We are not in a hurry, so we can vote next meeting or so.
[15:22:34] <danvet> oh +1 on going virtual, sorry for late
[15:22:51] <danvet> yeah I think maybe we can decide that next mtg
[15:23:13] <danvet> rszwicht, do we have formal mail from intel for "yeah we'd like to run this 2021" already on board@?
[15:23:22] <danvet> just for the record and completeness and all
[15:23:36] <rszwicht> What do you mean by formal email?
[15:23:51] <danvet> kinda like the bid last year, but with the year updated to read 2021 :-)
[15:24:00] <rszwicht> I can prepare and send one
[15:24:09] <samuelig> I will start a discussion in the board ML just in case. rszwicht I would like to have an email from you indicating that you want to organize XDC 2021 as well.
[15:24:14] <danvet> I'm just totally lost in mail threads and everything past few weeks :-(
[15:24:34] <danvet> rszwicht, so just new thread with xdc 2021 might be good, makes it easier to find ...
[15:24:39] <rszwicht> danvet, I just managed to talk about that yesterday
[15:25:00] <rszwicht> and I am OOO so nothing written as of today
[15:25:19] <danvet> rszwicht, ah ok, I think then good if we delay this a bit until all t are crossed and i dotted
[15:25:50] <samuelig> danvet, what about extending CFP 2 weeks more now that we know we are going virtual?
[15:26:18] <rszwicht> Our team at intel is actively supporting OpenSource and Open Graphics and we intend to continue doing so :)
[15:26:50] <danvet> samuelig, yeah sounds like a reasonable idea
[15:26:55] <samuelig> as a recap, XDC 2020 will be virtual, CFP will be extended, and we will start discussions on XDC 2021 organization.
[15:27:04] <samuelig> Lyude, I think this is all from my side
[15:27:06] <tlwoerner> sounds good
[15:27:16] <Lyude> alight, samuelig motions to extend CFP by 2 weeks
[15:27:21] <Lyude> +1 from me
[15:27:23] <samuelig> +1
[15:27:25] <danvet> +1
[15:27:28] <mfilion> +1
[15:27:31] <Lyude> the motion passes, 5/0
[15:27:53] <samuelig> I count 4 :)
[15:27:57] <rszwicht> If there are no questions to me I will drop
[15:27:57] <tlwoerner> i count 4
[15:28:06] <Lyude> ok, next item on the agenda: x.org/freedesktop.org domain status
[15:28:10] <Lyude> also you're right 
[15:28:11] <rszwicht> or topics I am needed for
[15:28:12] <Lyude> 4/0
[15:28:20] <Lyude> (still quorum though :)
[15:28:23] <samuelig> rszwicht, we will continue talking via email like how do you plan to do it and such
[15:28:25] <Lyude> rszwicht: yeah we should be good I think
[15:28:27] <mfilion> thanks for coming rszwicht :)
[15:28:32] <Lyude> rszwicht: wait
[15:28:37] <Lyude> real quick, what's your name for the record?
[15:28:41] <rszwicht> I am back to the office on Monday
[15:28:52] <rszwicht> Radek Szwichtenberg
[15:28:57] <Lyude> cool! that's all, thank you :)
[15:29:09] <rszwicht> so will get back to speed on all threads, had quite intense 6 weeks :)
[15:29:22] <samuelig> rszwicht, thanks! And try to sleep ;-)
[15:29:33] <rszwicht> oh I do my best
[15:29:38] <anholt> ok, here for a few minutes at least.  I'm also a +1 on virtual XDC.
[15:29:48] <rszwicht> thanks all, enjoy your weekend
[15:30:12] <Lyude> thanks, you too! alright-so x.org/freedesktop.org domain status: sent an email to tpot today and cc'd the board, the last I heard they were in the process of moving domains from mythic beasts to gandi so I've asked them for a status update
[15:30:31] <Lyude> hopefully I'll hear something back but if not i can try again sometime next week
[15:31:00] <Lyude> ok, daniels are you here for fdo.org cloud hosting?
[15:31:46] <daniels> yes but no update from me. everything I have to say is in the email that was requested in the last meeting, but so far no reply from anyone but danvet.
[15:31:59] <Lyude> daniels: gotcha, thanks!
[15:32:10] <Lyude> ok, tlwoerner - want to go over GSoC/EVoC?
[15:32:11] <daniels> I went sponsorship chasing anyway but that's currently semi-on-hold due to work + personal issues
[15:32:19] <tlwoerner> Lyude: ok
[15:32:36] <tlwoerner> this week is 1st evaluations
[15:32:43] <tlwoerner> our student is doing great
[15:32:58] <tlwoerner> (that's all)
[15:33:00] <mfilion> daniels reply coming
[15:33:05] <daniels> thanks :)
[15:33:37] <danvet> yeah I guess only update is that packet.com has poked us
[15:33:54] <danvet> anholt, some questions from me for in-flight xdc20 invoices
[15:34:04] <danvet> but totally fine also later
[15:34:04] <anholt> going through email to try to update things
[15:34:09] <danvet> thx
[15:34:25] <danvet> I think I did assign all the issues to you that are pending invoices
[15:34:33] <anholt> are we at vote quorum for posting treasurer report?
[15:34:37] <danvet> I'm also going through them a bit and pinging sponsors
[15:34:48] <Lyude> anholt: I believe so, it only requires 50% right?
[15:34:51] <danvet> anholt, I think so, if we go with the secretary decides
[15:34:56] <danvet> Lyude, yeah if you agree as secretary
[15:35:07] <Lyude> Yep, I approve as secretary
[15:35:33] <Lyude> so: motion to approve treasurer report
[15:35:38] <Lyude> +1 from me
[15:35:51] <mfilion> +1
[15:35:54] <samuelig> +1
[15:36:18] <anholt> (btw, did it format well in people's emails?  first time posting this kind of stuff from gmail)
[15:36:40] <Lyude> danvet, mdnavare?
[15:36:53] <samuelig> anholt, yes, at least in Evolution :)
[15:38:32] <danvet> Lyude, well I approved on the m-l already
[15:38:40] <Lyude> ah right, forgot about that!
[15:38:40] <danvet> plus busy furiously typing sponsor mails
[15:38:47] <Lyude> alright, motion passers
[15:38:48] <Lyude> *passes
[15:38:57] <danvet> with the "we go virtual" decision maybe that's now the push to get me going again ...
[15:39:10] <Lyude> ok, anholt - any update on XDC2019 debt collection?
[15:39:35] <anholt> Lyude: SPI can log into intel's portal finally (Jun 23).  Then they stopped replying?
[15:39:53] <Lyude> so close :(
[15:40:01] <Lyude> but, it is some sort of progress at least!
[15:40:15] <Lyude> anholt: is it SPI or Intel that stopped replying btw?
[15:40:22] <anholt> Lyude: spi, sorry
[15:40:27] <Lyude> np
[15:40:47] <Lyude> alright then-that concludes our meeting for today. thanks everyone!
[15:41:24] <mfilion> Alright, thanks all
[15:41:47] <samuelig> thanks!
[15:45:50] <anholt> danvet: did you mean 2021 in khronos xdc2020 followup email?
[15:47:18] <danvet> uh
[15:48:07] <danvet> anholt, thx for spotting
[15:51:40] <Lyude> btw - who should we have handle the PR for XDC, should it be me or samuelig?
[15:51:56] <danvet> pr?
[15:52:27] <samuelig> Lyude, I am going to draft something and send it to board@, I am not a native speaker so probably will have lots of errors. Lyude, we can iterate over it and then one of us can publish it
[15:54:13] <keithp> argh. network failure; sorry to haved missed the meeting
[15:57:31] <Lyude> samuelig: sgtm, and yeah I'd be fine w/ helping
[15:57:33] <Lyude> keithp: np

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