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[15:02:04] <hwentlan> o/
[15:02:13] <tlwoerner> o/
[15:03:14] <Lyude> Hi! So agenda for today - XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2020 sponsors, X.org/Freedesktop.org domain status, Cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, and GSoC/EVoC
[15:04:16] <mdnavare> Hi everyone 
[15:04:18] <samuelig> hi!
[15:04:35] <samuelig> Lyude, please add XDC 2020 point to the agenda
[15:04:35] <Lyude> so, starting on X.org/freedesktop.org domain status - I need to follow up on this as I haven't heard anything since last meeting, I've been busy with crunchtime at work but that just ended so I can start getting to the things I've been forgetting to do :)
[15:04:43] <Lyude> samuelig: done
[15:05:05] <Lyude> danvet: want to go over xdc2020 sponsors?
[15:06:04] <danvet> Lyude, oops sry, got distracted
[15:06:11] <danvet> crickets again this week :-/
[15:06:45] <danvet> job has become very distracting unfortunately for reasons
[15:07:05] <Lyude> danvet: np, I understand
[15:07:34] <Lyude> anholt: xdc2019 sponsor invoicing? (guessing there's no updates)
[15:07:50] <anholt> Lyude: mdnavare is planning on asking intel again
[15:08:12] <Lyude> anholt: gotcha
[15:08:13] <mdnavare> Lyude: anholt: Just sent an email 
[15:08:18] <Lyude> thanks!
[15:08:34] <mfilion> seriously intel, not impressed...
[15:08:38] <danvet> and yeah I think for repeat offenders of sponsors we need to wait with adding them before we add them
[15:08:43] <danvet> just not worth it
[15:08:58] <Lyude> tlwoerner: ready to go over GSoC/EVoC? (and daniels if you're around, cloud hosting for fdo.org after tlwoerner finishes?)
[15:09:05] <danvet> for others I still think assuming goodwill is best
[15:09:11] <tlwoerner> Lyude: np
[15:09:18] <tlwoerner> our mentor, siqueira, is doing a great job meeting with the student regularly and keeping on top of things
[15:09:18] <mfilion> danvet agreed
[15:09:25] <tlwoerner> our student is doing well, getting lots of work done, blogging regularly https://melissawen.github.io/
[15:09:33] <tlwoerner> we're still in the first coding sprint
[15:09:39] <tlwoerner> first evaluations start June 29
[15:09:57] <tlwoerner> our student's blog has been added to planet.fdo
[15:10:04] <tlwoerner> (that's all for now)
[15:10:57] <Lyude> cool, while we're waiting for daniels to possibly join us do you want to go over XDC2020 samuelig ?
[15:11:14] <samuelig> sure!
[15:11:25] <samuelig> We have 13 people registered in the website. Most of them are open to attend a virtual XDC.
[15:11:31] <daniels> o/
[15:11:41] <samuelig> We only have 2 talk proposals but give the time, the uncertainity of the COVID situation for the conference and such, I think it is normal. I have in the TODO list to send a reminder soon
[15:11:48] <samuelig> In any case, we mentioned in the COVID-19 message
[15:11:51] <samuelig> https://xdc2020.x.org/event/9/page/78-covid-19
[15:11:58] <samuelig> that we will decide if we keep the conference as it is now, we postpone it or we go virtual... before the CFP ends.
[15:12:35] <samuelig> Please start thinking about it, I will ping the organizers and gather information by next board meeting
[15:12:54] <samuelig> yes, we are mid-June already :-(
[15:12:56] <Lyude> samuelig: mhm, fwiw i'm already leaning on just making it virtual
[15:13:29] <hwentlan> i agree with Lyude
[15:13:43] <samuelig> for me, I am between virtual or postpone it, probably going virtual if we find a good infra to provide a nice experience to attendees
[15:14:01] <tlwoerner> lol, use the same one LF is using!! haha lol (not)
[15:14:24] <tlwoerner> (you can only submit slides in pptx format)
[15:14:41] <Lyude> yikes
[15:14:50] <Lyude> wonder how they managed to pull that off, lol
[15:14:53] <anholt> feels on brand for the LF
[15:15:31] <Lyude> Anyway-I think daniels isn't here today so I think we can just cut the meeting short here
[15:15:35] <daniels> ...
[15:15:37] <Lyude> oh
[15:15:39] <daniels> I literally said hi
[15:15:41] <daniels> :(
[15:15:46] <Lyude> whoops
[15:15:47] <daniels> more seriously ...
[15:15:53] <Lyude> sorry lol, completely missed  it. anyway, the floor is yours
[15:16:44] <daniels> cloud hosting: bit of a mixed bag over the past couple of weeks. we're still looking good for baseline usage. git repo usage has suddenly spiked because git v2 loves to give up on partial pulls and just take the entire repo. bentiss has done some great work to get us the base setup for a CI git-cache service hosted on Packet, which I'm working with to try to fix the deployment and have it running somewhere we can properly monitor it.
[15:16:44] <daniels> that storage system will also allow us to run more workloads for Mesa, specifically large and complex traces to enable regression testing, which a lot of vendors are really keen to have. so that would be a great step forward.
[15:16:44] <daniels> having the storage ready and also a Kubernetes system on Packet would also let us think about just moving our service there, rather than constantly firefighting a losing battle against egress, because I don't think we'll ever get our usage down to an acceptable level on GCE.
[15:16:44] <daniels> the fact quite a few vendors are very keen to see trace testing supported should probably tell us that we have the money available for real sponsorship. being able to have some sponsored infrastructure would be super helpful I think, and help us stop burning so much time chasing after things like this. one option would be to pursue Packet and see if they'd be willing to foot the bill to host our entire infrastructure. but of course 
[15:16:44] <daniels> longer-term sponsorship for our whole system from somewhere stable & specifically committed to us, seems like it'd be an improvement.
[15:16:44] <danvet> samuelig, I feel like given uncertainty maybe we just keep the cfp open
[15:16:46] <daniels> .
[15:16:52] <danvet> or reopen
[15:17:41] <samuelig> danvet, yep, we will see one week before how we are, and then decide about extending CFP or any other solution
[15:17:57] <danvet> samuelig, usually you get 50% of all submissions on the last day
[15:18:04] <danvet> so probably boils down to reopening
[15:18:20] <mfilion> if we do go virtual, we need to do better than what the LF is doing with ELCNA & OSSummit, so so complicated.
[15:18:33] <samuelig> also there is the factor people waiting for us to decide if virtual or not.
[15:18:54] <mfilion> yeah I think if it is virtual, we'll get way more talks
[15:19:02] <samuelig> some people are not willing to travel this year to avoid any risk
[15:19:33] <Lyude> samuelig: you know i'm pretty sure we actually have the right number of people here to just vote on this now if you'd like
[15:20:00] <mdnavare> samuelig: Also virtual conference makes it easy for people who need VISA to participate 
[15:20:12] <danvet> daniels, can you throw your wall of text into a mail to board@?
[15:20:20] <danvet> might be better in long form than email
[15:20:33] <samuelig> I would like to talk first with organizers. They were checking if they can provide the required services for a virtual conference (streaming, internet, servers for jitsi or any other open-source tool)
[15:20:34] <danvet> meanwhile I guess I can help mfilion work up some courage on this :-)
[15:20:44] <Lyude> samuelig: sounds reasonable
[15:20:56] <Lyude> anyway-that should be the end of the meeting then. Thanks everyone for coming!
[15:20:57] <mfilion> danvet courage for what?
[15:20:59] <hwentlan> do we feel that we know enough about how to run a virtual conference to make that call right now?
[15:21:13] <danvet> mfilion, volunteering to lead the sponsor hunt for our infra ...
[15:21:23] <danvet> since at least this year I seem to suck a bit at it
[15:21:27] <hwentlan> or are the organizers expected to run it?
[15:21:30] <daniels> danvet: sure
[15:21:42] <daniels> (hopefully it's clear I'm not necessarily speaking for Ben here)
[15:21:54] <danvet> hwentlan, I think it'll be a bit a case of boldly go and see
[15:21:54] <samuelig> hwentlan, that is another risk. At this moment, we are expecting the organizers to do it, but if that fails... we need to think what to do.
[15:21:57] <tlwoerner> https://twitter.com/tpetazzoni/status/1272791099522908160
[15:22:19] <mfilion> haha yep, that's what I meant by complicated
[15:22:22] <danvet> tlwoerner, glorious :-(
[15:22:37] <danvet> already looking forward to all the virtual xrandr jokes
[15:23:26] <mfilion> danvet we can definitely discuss but I don't think I can do it myself, would need some technical knowledge to convince companies to sponsor
[15:23:47] <mfilion> sponsoring an event and sponsoring a foundation, two different things
[15:24:01] <danvet> mfilion, yeah I know
[15:24:09] <danvet> also, I have no clue either :-)
[15:24:23] <danvet> the entire xdc sponsoring thing was pretty much just "let's wing this"
[15:24:37] <danvet> the numbers we came up with was roughly "looks nice"
[15:25:10] <danvet> mfilion, maybe we need to start with what we'll need, and what we'd have ideally or long term
[15:25:15] <Lyude> samuelig: btw, I'm guessing the pptx thing isn't the only part of the LF's virtual conference solution that's painful?
[15:25:27] <mfilion> danvet and we should start doing some research into how other foundations do their sponsorshops
[15:25:31] <mfilion> sponsorships
[15:25:38] <danvet> I mean both for selling to sponsors and for what we want in return
[15:25:55] <danvet> mfilion, yeah daniels haggled me with gnome in the past
[15:26:32] <daniels> heh yeah, but conversely I think whole-of-Foundation sponsorship is an easier sell, because it's not just 100 people in a room, but it's supporting the underlying infrastructure for really critical projects
[15:26:42] <samuelig> Lyude, there are several challenges. One is using open-source tools as much as possible. Other is how to have a reliable streaming for... two hundred people or so?
[15:26:52] <samuelig> another one is how the audience ask questions
[15:27:44] <mfilion> daniels 100% agreed, which is why it needs to be someone way more technical going after these sponsorships
[15:28:20] <samuelig> Lyude, for these, I have a bunch of ideas but I don't know as this is the first time organizing a virtual conference I am involved with.
[15:28:30] <samuelig> Lyude, oh... and we have the hallway track, that I have no idea how to do it :)
[15:29:02] <mfilion> Lyude LF offered to convert everyone's slides to PPT lol... 
[15:29:14] <mfilion> looking forward to seeing a few butchered slide decks haha
[15:29:37] <samuelig> Lyude, replying to your question, I have not checked the LF setup
[15:29:59] <samuelig> so I don't know if it has more drawbacks
[15:30:22] <hwentlan> could we use something like discord for the hallway track?
[15:30:34] <Lyude> or mumble
[15:30:41] <Lyude> since that's open source, but we'd need someone to run a server
[15:30:45] <samuelig> yeah, probably yes, I was thinking more on mumble, for the open-source thing.
[15:31:04] <hwentlan> sure, always in favor of open source alternatives
[15:31:15] <hwentlan> but if we host it will it eat significantly into bandwidth costs?
[15:31:25] <samuelig> but I don't know how to organize it, having dozens of persons talking at the same time could be funny 
[15:31:27] <hwentlan> or we'd need a sponsor to host it
[15:31:56] <Lyude> hwentlan: not sure mumble uses -that- much data, but no idea how true that statement would hold with 200 people...
[15:32:04] <samuelig> hwentlan, that's why I am talking to organizers, if we are lucky enough, we will have some servers from the university
[15:32:20] <hwentlan> samuelig, nice, that'd be perfect
[15:32:59] <hwentlan> Lyude, you're probably right but i have a feeling it's easy to be off by one or two orders of magnitude with bandwidth, which could be costly
[15:33:06] <mfilion> another option is to see what LPC comes up with and leverage that for XDC too. I'm guessing it will be hosted by LWN so maybe we can work something out with them as well.
[15:33:09] <daniels> mfilion: I'm happy to help :)
[15:33:33] <samuelig> mfilion, yeah, this is definitely a good option to take into account.
[15:33:36] <mfilion> @daniels figured you would say that lol
[15:34:20] <mfilion> samuelig they're looking into using BBB I think, and LWN already has an instance set up on their servers to test it out
[15:35:54] <mfilion> yeah ok, BBB https://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/blog/2020/
[15:42:17] <mfilion> crickets again?

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