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[14:59:34] <anholt> hi!
[14:59:41] <keithp>  o/
[14:59:45] <Lyude> Hey guys! So agenda for today: XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2020 sponsors, X.org/Freedesktop.org domain status, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, and gsoc/evoc
[14:59:46] <samuelig> o/
[15:00:01] <Lyude> and treasurer's report (just putting that here for the record, feel free to cp what you said before anholt )
[15:00:57] <Lyude> So I can start with the x.org/freedesktop.org domain status update: not sure what's going on, but I poked SPI's irc and they're getting in contact tpot who supposedly should be able to help: 13:56 <luca> tpot is looking at migrating existing domains from mythic-beasts to gandi; not sure if he's looking at the migration new domain but would make sense
[15:01:18] <mfilion> o/
[15:01:27] <keithp> great!
[15:01:55] <Lyude> anholt: any update on XDC2019 sponsor invoicing w/ intel?
[15:02:28] * danvet waves
[15:02:50] <hwentlan> hi
[15:03:02] <anholt> Lyude: nope.
[15:03:07] <Lyude> gotcha :\
[15:03:20] <anholt> would love intel folks on the board pushing on this.  we're at a loss.
[15:03:27] <Lyude> danvet: any updates with XDC2020 sponsors?
[15:04:10] <mfilion> anholt agreed. can the intel folks here help out?
[15:04:18] <danvet> chatted with one, looks good for Bronze, thx to anholt for already helping out there
[15:04:54] <danvet> aside from that still struggling with getting this all sorted, past few months world had a bit a habit of going to shit everytime I thought I had my act together and some time for this :-/
[15:05:19] <Lyude> understandable
[15:05:41] <Lyude> mdnavare: btw ^ if you're able to help with poking intel as well, we still haven't received any payment from them for XDC2019
[15:05:46] <danvet> I'll try again this w/e and see
[15:06:04] <danvet> I think that's all for xdc20 sponsors
[15:06:18] <mdnavare> Lyude: Yes me too, I have poked our VP multiple times already but will follow up again
[15:06:26] <Lyude> cool, thanks!
[15:06:37] <mfilion> thanks mdnavare :)
[15:06:43] <Lyude> daniels (or danvet maybe?) either of you available to go over the status of cloud hosting for fdo.org?
[15:07:01] <danvet> got some nice sponsoring in the bank from gitlab
[15:07:39] <danvet> I think there's still bunch of discussion going on about where exactly our git pull related bw evaporates and why
[15:08:00] <danvet> otherwise 2x long w/e here in europe and I was offline, so was a bit out of the loop ...
[15:08:41] <Lyude> iirc the git bandwidth thing might have something to do with repo sharing being off?
[15:09:02] <Lyude> I remembr because I asked when I was seeing >1+ GB of pull data every time I updated my git repos
[15:09:35] <Lyude> anyway-thanks, tlwoerner - you here to go over GSoC/EVoC?
[15:09:35] <danvet> that seems to be one, the other is that apparently git protocol v2 has a bug where it decides to give up looking for common ancestor and downloads the entire thing, resulting in a few GB of downloads
[15:09:50] <danvet> upstream git has disabled protocol v2, I think daniels is looking into disabling is server side
[15:10:11] <danvet> this bug happens especially with big&active repos like kernel or mesa ...
[15:11:42] <Lyude> [i'll give tlwoerner a couple minutes to join, but we can cut the meeting early if they aren't here in ~5-10m or so]
[15:11:44] <danvet> this is super new, I guess they'll ping gitlab/nuritzi if they're stuck on this
[15:12:16] <danvet> Lyude, keithp I guess fd.o domain status is still "stuck"?
[15:12:28] <Lyude> danvet: scroll up, I did actually get a response over irc
[15:12:30] <keithp> danvet: sounds like tpot is doing work inthis area
[15:12:54] <danvet> ah cool, overlooked that somehow
[15:13:15] <keithp> been stuck for so long, seems reasoanble to assume stasis...
[15:13:57] <danvet> yeah, but would be great if we can get this sorted and then maybe start looking at our 2025 problem
[15:23:56] <mfilion> so is that it for the meeting?
[15:27:08] <anholt> got to head out shortly.  my other update is that I finished off the ledger and started typing up treasurer's report.  will try to finish and send draft around.
[15:31:47] <danvet> Lyude, we're done?
[15:31:55] <Lyude> jcristau: ah yes-sorry!
[15:32:01] * danvet kinda busy assembling a tarte
[15:32:05] <Lyude> meeting's finished :) (i've been multitasking a lot)
[15:32:13] <danvet> same
[15:32:36] <keithp> danvet: what's in the tarte today?
[15:35:04] <danvet> nectarines
[15:36:07] <danvet> I have a wild experiment for the w/e planned, rhubarb with black chocolate chips and hot peppers
[15:36:18] <danvet> I might report that one on twitter :-)
[15:37:36] <mfilion> wow
[15:37:45] <mfilion> looking forward to seeing that one lol

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