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[15:00:33] <hwentlan> o/
[15:00:54] <Lyude> Hey guys! The agenda for today is: XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, X.org/freedesktop.org domain status, requesting ledger data from SPI, eletions, cloud hosting for freedesktop.org, and GSoC/EVoC. Feel free to let me know if I forgot anything
[15:01:25] <Lyude> I can go ahead and start with the requesting ledger data from SPI topic:
[15:02:01] <Lyude> So I finally got a response from them. "At the SPI board meeting in November there were other dependencies that needed to be worked on first, those being: …
[15:02:32] <Lyude> 0. Improve SPI infrastructure - We are currently finalizing legal details to hire a contractor to work on that.
[15:02:33] <danvet_> xdc20?
[15:03:04] <Lyude> 1. Decide on the move from ledger to beancount - It was decided that beancount was a better tool for SPI purposes, so we have been moving to beancount."
[15:03:12] <Lyude> (danvet_: ack'd)
[15:03:31] <Lyude> "Since Martin has done very good progress on the move from ledger to beancount, SPI board might need to re-evaluate priorities soon, and we are a step closer to provide what you are asking for but it might still take some more time."
[15:03:49] <Lyude> (sorry that took a while to paste - wanted to compress it into as few lines as possible)
[15:04:06] <danvet_> Lyude, oh also treasurer report for 2019 is a bit overdue
[15:04:45] <Lyude> danvet_: i've definitely poked on that already, I can go ahead and do it again. anholt, you around?
[15:04:53] <anholt> here now
[15:05:24] <anholt> yeah, I need to carve out some time and do ledger catchup and report
[15:05:40] <keithp> howdy all!
[15:05:47] <Lyude> hey!
[15:05:52] <danvet_> (not that I've been any better with xdc20 sponsoring hunt, it's kinda interesting times right now)
[15:06:00] <samuelig> \o
[15:06:13] <Lyude> yeah, I don't think anyone will be particularly upset if it takes the treasurer report a little longer to come out
[15:06:33] <Lyude> anholt: so, any updates on xdc2019 sponsors?
[15:06:49] <anholt> arm thought they tried to pay, spi said nothing happened
[15:07:07] <Lyude> ah :\
[15:07:15] <Lyude> no movement with intel then?
[15:07:59] <Lyude> keithp: any update on the x.org/freedesktop.org domain stuff from SPI yet?
[15:08:34] <keithp> Lyude: nope
[15:09:09] <Lyude> sigh :s, I'll give them another poke after the meeting finishes to see if that helps, although I don't think I got anything last time
[15:09:26] <Lyude> danvet_: anything worth mentioning with elections?
[15:09:38] <danvet_> last days to get your vote in for those who havent
[15:09:46] <danvet_> maybe add a reminder to meeting summary
[15:09:56] <Lyude> danvet_: will do
[15:10:00] <danvet_> otherwise this morning we were at 60odd% turnout
[15:10:17] <danvet_> I've sent out a reminder using the website last Sun and this morning (only goes out to those who didn't vote)
[15:10:20] <danvet_> so all looking good
[15:10:24] <samuelig> danvet_, that is normal numbers at this point?
[15:10:46] <danvet_> samuelig, pretty high for just a board election run I think
[15:11:01] <danvet_> those we carpet bomb members with reminders to make sure we reach quorum
[15:11:39] <danvet_> we had maybe slightly less renewals before the deadline, that seems to be the covid19 impact
[15:11:45] <danvet_> turnout itself imo solid
[15:11:59] <danvet_> Lyude, I think that's all
[15:12:07] <Lyude> danvet_: cool
[15:12:09] <tlwoerner> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_turnout#/media/File:Voter_turnout_by_country.png
[15:12:33] <Lyude> daniels: you around for cloud hosting updates?
[15:12:51] <danvet_> I can do some, somewhat following what's going on on freedesktop
[15:13:13] <Lyude> danvet_: sure thing (I haven't been keeping up with the admin meetings so I'd just be reading from the summary anyway)
[15:13:22] <Lyude> erm, s/admin/IT/?
[15:13:35] <danvet_> bentiss has been super busy getting traffic data for nginx and setting that all up, so we now track compute engine network egress too
[15:13:44] <danvet_> Lyude, yeah you can perhaps do the gitlab side
[15:13:55] <Lyude> yeah sure thing, not much to mention there
[15:13:58] <danvet_> also daniels and bentiss have been upgrading nginx and lots of infra to make this happen
[15:14:22] <danvet_> also all the hard work by projects is paying off, network egress is on a good downward trend (not stopped yet)
[15:14:33] <danvet_> current prediction for april is iirc 3.1k USD
[15:14:41] <danvet_> so less than half of what we had in Jan
[15:14:45] <Lyude> \o/ that sounds like a very good number
[15:15:17] <danvet_> still I think with the challenging funding situation due to covid19 (some big sponsors jumped totally) we might need to do more to be on the safe side
[15:15:19] <danvet_> which is happening
[15:15:37] <danvet_> I think huuuuuuuuuge thanks are due to bentiss and daniels, and everyone from projects working on this
[15:16:28] <danvet_> oh also we have grafana instance for both compute egress and cloud download now, so we're fully covered wrt data tracking (with some warts that bentiss plans to polish long term)
[15:16:43] <tlwoerner> is there some concrete way they could be thanked?
[15:16:49] <danvet_> I think that's roughly all from #freedesktop of past weeks
[15:17:06] <danvet_> Lyude, your turn for gitlab side
[15:17:12] <Lyude> sure thing
[15:17:52] <samuelig> at a minimum, they deserve a mention in the classic "State of the X.org" talk at XDC.
[15:18:00] <danvet_> definitely
[15:19:19] <Lyude> So: SPI is apparently checking with their laywers re: the terms of agreement for from Gitlab. We've already signed, but I guess SPI wants to double check whether or not the money coming in from this would be taxable
[15:19:54] <Lyude> I don't actually think it should be, but Martin and Nuritzi will be having a meeting. Of course I will likely join said meeting as well
[15:20:12] <Lyude> (SPI's going to be checking this with their laywers as well)
[15:20:33] <Lyude> anyway-I think that's all I've got from my side
[15:20:53] <Lyude> danvet_: any updates with the xdc2020 sponsors?
[15:23:10] <samuelig> Lyude, while waiting for danvet, let's talk about XDC 2020 org updates.
[15:23:13] <samuelig> Lyude, regarding XDC organization, now the organizers have edition rights to the website and the XDC twitter account login details. They should start update the content on both places at some point.
[15:23:27] <Lyude> samuelig: yeah sure thing
[15:23:28] <danvet_> Lyude, sry, life interferred badly over here, didn't get around to that really :-/
[15:23:33] <Lyude> danvet_: np
[15:23:46] <Lyude> samuelig: cool!
[15:24:09] <Lyude> tlwoerner: GSoC/EVoC?
[15:24:15] <tlwoerner> on May 4th Google will officially announce which students have been accepted, so I don't want to give away any details here
[15:24:24] <tlwoerner> Google has handed out the slot assignments, mentors are evaluating
[15:24:48] <Lyude> gotcha
[15:25:06] <tlwoerner> can i introduce a slightly new topic?
[15:25:12] <Lyude> tlwoerner: go ahead
[15:25:44] <tlwoerner> how crazy of an idea, at a high level, would it be to think about something like switching all XOrg and fd.o documentation to Sphinx?
[15:25:58] <tlwoerner> google has the "Google Season of Docs"
[15:26:22] <tlwoerner> if we apply and get accepted, google pays someone to work on a project's docuemntation
[15:26:48] <tlwoerner> is that something to consider? or just too crazy?
[15:26:57] <Lyude> ooooh, that's not a bad idea. honestly I'm not sure, danvet_/keithp ^ would either of you two have any idea?
[15:27:05] <tlwoerner> i've started a template for the ideas page https://www.x.org/wiki/SeasonOfDocsIdeas/
[15:27:16] <tlwoerner> a good ideas page is a requirement for any hope of getting in
[15:27:26] <tlwoerner> please feel free to take a look, give feedback
[15:27:57] <tlwoerner> i know that sometimes "because the linux kernel is doing it" is a reason *not* to do something... but the linux kernel is switching to Sphinx…
[15:28:14] <Lyude> tbh, our wiki is old
[15:28:31] <Lyude> so i wouldn't really expect much resistance
[15:28:44] <hwentlan> i like the idea of updating the docs
[15:28:54] <hwentlan> is sphinx the right framework for that?
[15:28:57] <danvet_> tlwoerner, linux kernel is fully sphinx, because drm people (more or less)
[15:29:21] <hwentlan> nothing against it and the kernel docs look nice, just curious if it's right for xorg docs
[15:29:21] <danvet_> hwentlan, there's a gitlab issue somewhere to convert the various wikis we have to gitlab CI and something less crappy ...
[15:29:25] <keithp> Lyude: I've looked into it a bit for other projects. I think we'd have to have a really good outline of what we wanted done
[15:29:27] <Lyude> hwentlan: I think inevitably there will be some stuff that's better left as-is
[15:29:50] <tlwoerner> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/freedesktop/freedesktop/issues/76
[15:29:54] <tlwoerner> this one? ^
[15:30:28] <hwentlan> the problem with docs is always maintenance
[15:30:38] <hwentlan> but if we have a framework that makes that easier it might help
[15:30:54] <Lyude> yeah, if we have inline docs like the kernel I'd imagine our docs would be kept up to date a lot more
[15:31:04] <tlwoerner> yes, and there are tools to do autoconversion, they don't work 100%, but they get the bulk done
[15:31:20] <Lyude> I guess we'd need someone to go through some of the projects and figure out what all would need to be done though
[15:31:46] <tlwoerner> i'm volunteering to head this up
[15:31:48] <hwentlan> is there a way to pull inline docs from various projects together (like x, mesa, wayland)? would that even make sense?
[15:32:17] <hwentlan> i like the idea of inline docs but it sounds like some of the docs we have (or want) go beyond project-specific docs
[15:33:27] <Lyude> tlwoerner: maybe send a mail out to the xorg mailing list?
[15:33:42] <tlwoerner> sure
[15:33:48] <tlwoerner> xorg-devel?
[15:33:58] <Lyude> yeah-maybe dri-devel and mesa-devel too
[15:34:07] <tlwoerner> okay
[15:34:12] <Lyude> maybe even wayland-devel
[15:34:43] <Lyude> anyway-that's it for the meeting. thanks for coming everyone!
[15:35:10] <danvet_> cheers!
[15:35:19] <hwentlan> cheers. stay safe
[15:35:30] <tlwoerner> thank you
[15:36:06] <samuelig> thanks!
[15:44:33] <daniels> sorry for having missed it. we have now deployed the docker cleanup changes in an A/B monitored configuration so we can see the impact and further tweak them.
[15:45:11] <daniels> GitLab are supporting us for infrastructural changes to improve caching in the GitLab codebase but nothing concrete yet and no clear path forward
[15:45:44] <daniels> bentiss has put in a heroic effort to help burn down technical debt and give us a great foundation to build on
[15:46:02] <daniels> GSt are working hard on the efficiency of their CI setup and making good progress
[15:46:34] <daniels> hopefully in 2-4 weeks' time we'll be in a place where we can uncripple CI and let people run it more frequently
[15:46:48] <daniels> other services seem fine so far
[15:46:49] <daniels> .
[15:47:35] <daniels> (please come speak to me about issue #76 for docs, I'm really keen to make it happen but have been super hard against a deadline over the past few weeks)
[15:52:13] <tlwoerner> daniels: okay, when would be a good time?
[15:52:47] <daniels> tlwoerner: next week is good, Thurs or Fri, some time amenable to Europe
[15:52:58] <tlwoerner> okay, will do
[15:54:02] <tlwoerner> daniels: the deadline for the summer-of-docs application is may 4, so next week would be perfect, if you have any thoughts on https://www.x.org/wiki/SeasonOfDocsIdeas/ that'd be great!

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