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[13:57:54] <bryce> o/
[13:58:00] <Lyude> hey!
[14:00:38] <hwentlan> hi
[14:00:47] <danvet> hi all!
[14:01:31] <Lyude> so agenda for today: VESA status, CoC training status, XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2020 sponsors, sponsored travel receipts for XDC2019, X.org/Freedesktop.org domain status, requesting ledger data from SPI, and elections(?)
[14:01:35] <hwentlan> i'll only be able to join for 30 mins. got another meeting i can't get out of.
[14:02:08] <danvet> Lyude, xdc19 bill
[14:02:09] <Lyude> hwentlan: sure thing. danvet - didn't you have something you wanted samuelig here for to vote on?
[14:02:12] <danvet> need to approve that
[14:02:23] <Lyude> gotcha
[14:02:37] <Lyude> samuelig: are you around?
[14:03:41] <Lyude> I'll start on the other stuff for the time being I guess, but we'll switch over to voting on that once samuelig arrives so hopefully we can get that over with before hwentlan has to leave
[14:04:10] <Lyude> VESA status - poked them last week, haven't heard anything since then but I'm expecting stuff will probably be quiet until the holidays are over
[14:04:36] <Lyude> CoC training status - scheduled another CoC training session, this time for one of the people on the CoC team
[14:05:45] <Lyude> Requesting ledger data from spi - oops, it looks like I was supposed to email someone else according to martin michmayr and missed that :s, I will send them an email right after this meeting to figure out what happened there
[14:07:01] <Lyude> freedesktop.org domain registration - poked them on dec 11th, haven't heard anything yet but I'll poke them again after the holidays are over
[14:07:22] <danvet> Lyude, thx for the domain poking
[14:07:25] <Lyude> danvet: np
[14:07:31] <Lyude> danvet: also - any update on the elections stuff?
[14:07:36] <danvet> I want the fd.o one settled before I ping more stuff
[14:07:39] <danvet> ah yes
[14:07:44] <danvet> set up the election committee + list
[14:07:50] <danvet> and the member admin stuff
[14:08:10] <danvet> now waiting for mupuf to give me the update on how the new members page works wrt election flow
[14:08:15] <danvet> since the wiki wasn't updated
[14:08:25] <danvet> I want to make sure we update that one so no hassle next year
[14:08:37] <danvet> as soon as that's done I think we can start the usual flow
[14:09:00] <danvet> I already updated some links in the wiki page to make it easier to find stuff
[14:09:19] <danvet> since we have no elections aside from board I expect things to run smoothly
[14:09:31] <danvet> meanwhile maybe start to think about who could be volunteered to run
[14:10:15] <Lyude> Alright, sounds good. any updates with XDC2020 sponsor stuff?
[14:10:21] <danvet> igalia is on board!
[14:10:41] <danvet> I pinged anholt to get the invoice started, but I guess we won't get that done this year still as requested by igalia :-/
[14:11:03] <danvet> also helped anholt kick some cans on the xdc19 sponsor invoices, but I think they're still stuck
[14:11:20] <danvet> otherwise for xdc20 sponsors I have a pile of companies who told me to ping them again in Jan
[14:11:26] <danvet> so looking good
[14:11:42] <danvet> just push an update to the board git repo
[14:13:08] <Lyude> Alright, sgtm. That just leaves the sponsored travel receipts for XDC2019 and the XDC2019 bill. danvet, do we want to wait on samuelig to vote to approve that?
[14:13:58] <danvet> I think we should approve this one today if possible
[14:14:05] <danvet> we have enough votes
[14:14:07] <Lyude> yeah, sgtm
[14:14:10] <danvet> so I guess everyone go read it :-)
[14:14:31] <danvet> "Invoice I2560 from Collabora Limited for X.Org Foundation"
[14:14:39] <danvet> the 2nd one
[14:14:50] <danvet> maybe a few things:
[14:15:14] <danvet> collabora also paid for the venue (which was 5k USD equivalent), that's how we upgraded them to Platinum
[14:15:20] <danvet> but that's not on the invoice
[14:15:39] <danvet> social event is on there because the venue screwed up (it was terribly) and people didn't spend
[14:15:54] <danvet> mark filion got a big discount, this is the shortfall that's left on us
[14:17:07] <Lyude> alright, so the second invoice is the final one then?
[14:17:27] <mdnavare> Hi everyone, sorry for joining in late
[14:17:48] <danvet> yeah, the one for 12.5k USD
[14:17:59] <danvet> breakfast matches what we approved
[14:18:22] <Lyude> danvet: so collabora was supposed to be paying for the social event originally?
[14:18:28] <danvet> nah
[14:18:50] <danvet> the plan was that we reserve a spot, but have minimal consumption
[14:19:09] <danvet> they gave us like 1/3rd of what was needed to actually host us, food was imo crap, tons of people left early
[14:19:21] <Lyude> mhm, agreed :s
[14:19:26] <danvet> so we didn't even get close to what we agreed would be minimal spending
[14:19:40] <danvet> iirc mark got us 50% discount on the shortfall
[14:19:50] <danvet> which imo is still hefty, but welp
[14:20:09] <danvet> personally not eager to repeat this, imo breakfast was much more money well spent
[14:20:10] <keithp> yeah, if we can figure out how to do better next year...
[14:20:22] <Lyude> yeah, shame :s
[14:20:23] <keithp> breakfast worked great
[14:20:33] <Lyude> yeah I was pretty happy with the turnout there
[14:20:41] <Lyude> also - +1 for me on the invoice
[14:21:18] <keithp> yeah, other than social event, all looks great. +1
[14:21:33] <anholt_> +1
[14:21:36] <hwentlan> +1
[14:21:48] <Lyude> Approved
[14:22:00] <danvet> the misc cost is a bit more than what we discussed, but that didn't really go well with the estimates only like 1 week ahead
[14:22:02] <danvet> so meh
[14:22:03] <danvet> also +1
[14:22:23] <Lyude> anholt_: I guess that just leaves sponsored travel receipts for XDC2019?
[14:22:25] <danvet> samuelig & me discussed this, we think we need to poke organizers a bit earlier to get this all estimated
[14:22:38] <danvet> anholt_, did you see the igalia invoice request?
[14:22:40] <Lyude> mhm, sounds like a good idea
[14:22:58] <anholt_> danvet: is that a request for 2020?
[14:23:01] <danvet> oh what I noticed too: the liability insurance isn't on there
[14:23:02] <danvet> anholt_, yup
[14:23:08] <anholt_> ok, I can get that started
[14:23:09] <danvet> see thread with samuel on board@
[14:23:12] <danvet> thx
[14:23:22] <anholt_> just making sure I understand it right
[14:23:57] <anholt_> no updates on travel the last 2 weeks, nobody that I pinged has done anything.
[14:24:05] <Lyude> weird :S
[14:24:22] <anholt_> as far as sponsors, arm and intel are still competing on who can have the most byzantine process.
[14:25:20] <Lyude> heh
[14:25:37] <Lyude> alright, I guess that's the meeting then! thanks for coming everyone
[14:25:43] <bryce> thanks all!
[14:25:43] <keithp> ttfn!
[14:25:49] <keithp> see y'all next year
[14:25:55] <tlwoerner> what about gsoc?
[14:26:11] <Lyude> oh! you mentioned that up top but I forgot to add it to the agenda
[14:26:13] <hwentlan> Thanks
[14:26:36] <Lyude> tlwoerner: is there anything to discuss with it?
[14:26:43] <anholt_> also, what's going on with the coc committee?  are they doing anything with the request?
[14:27:10] <tlwoerner> gsoc: do we want to do it? who's going to run it?
[14:27:41] <Lyude> anholt_: me and danvet talked about it a bit in private, we can fill you in via pm if you'd like
[14:27:57] <Lyude> tlwoerner: maybe mdnavare would want to help out with that?
[14:27:59] <anholt_> sounds good
[14:28:14] <danvet> anholt_, are you going to get the collabora invoice into the rt system? <- Lyude not sure we put that down
[14:28:26] <anholt_> yeah, I figured that
[14:28:47] <danvet> cool, just wanted to make sure so I can go disappear into vacations in total bliss :-)
[14:28:49] <tlwoerner> Lyude: okay, let's put it on the agenda for next meeting
[14:28:57] <Lyude> tlwoerner: yeah sure thing, sorry about that
[14:29:29] <tlwoerner> is there going to be a meeting Jan 2?
[14:29:47] <tlwoerner> the next meeting after that would be the jan 16
[14:30:11] <Lyude> yeah I'm planning on running a meeting then
[14:30:18] <tlwoerner> we have until feb 5 to submit an org application
[14:30:34] <tlwoerner> okay, hopefully others are around too
[14:30:49] <tlwoerner> mdnavare: any thoughts on running gsoc this upcoming year?
[14:31:09] <Lyude> mhm, if the meeting doesn't go through we can probably figure out some other time before jan 16 to talk about it
[14:32:07] <mdnavare> tlwoerner: And most of the work for this would start in summer time right?
[14:32:50] <mdnavare> tlwoerner: Because spring is still busy for me with Outreachy
[14:33:03] <tlwoerner> mdnavare: https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline
[14:34:57] <mdnavare> tlwoerner: Let me look at the timeline and will let you know by next meeting
[14:34:59] <tlwoerner> mdnavare: most of the admin work is in the Spring, the Summer is when the students and mentors get to work
[14:36:24] <mdnavare> tlwoerner: I am having second thoughts because spring I am going to be overwhelmed with Outreachy work outside of the office work
[14:37:30] <keithp> mdnavare: I think that's a reasonable concern
[14:37:39] <tlwoerner> okay, i can offer to admin if Xorg wants to have a gsoc in 2020 and nobody else is interested

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