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[14:00:04] <Lyude> Hey guys! So agenda for today: Requesting ledger data from SPI, VESA membership status, X.org/Freedesktop.org domain status, sponsored travel receipts, XDC2019 sponsor invoicing, XDC2020 sponsors, CoC training for members. Feel free to add items if I'm missing anything
[14:00:17] <hwentlan> Hi
[14:00:24] <Lyude> hey!
[14:02:07] <danvet> hi all
[14:02:36] <Lyude> while people are joining, I can start on the VESA membership status. I let the email asking for VESA memberships sit for a little while and we've got about 6 people who are interested along with 1 person who's interested but I believe let their X.org membership lapse that I'm waiting to hear back from on. We got a couple of people who asked for VESA memberships who aren't actually Xorg members,
[14:02:37] <Lyude> so I dropped those from the list and notified said people. So I sent out the list to the VESA board last Friday and am now waiting to hear back
[14:04:04] <Lyude> As for CoC training for members, I've gotten one session scheduled for december and paid for by SPI and am waiting to hear back from Sage to see when their slots will be opening next year
[14:05:13] <Lyude> anholt, bryce, mdnavare, any of you guy here? (keithp said they'd miss a bit of the start of the meeting, so they should arrive at some point)
[14:05:18] <Lyude> *guys
[14:06:14] <hwentlan> i wonder whether other parts of the planet had their time change since the last meeting
[14:06:19] <anholt> here now
[14:06:45] <Lyude> hwentlan: maybe, I remembered to update the Xorg meeting event on my calendar to UTC at least :)
[14:07:04] <danvet> hwentlan, same time for me like last time
[14:07:24] <Lyude> anholt:hey
[14:07:42] <Lyude> danvet: I guess in the mean time, do you want to go over XDC2019 sponsor invoicing and XDC2020 sponsors?
[14:08:01] <danvet> I think xdc19 invoicing is for anholt
[14:08:07] <Lyude> oh whoops-correct :)
[14:08:09] <danvet> not much for xdc20 sponsors really
[14:08:26] <danvet> we're early, so most cases I'm just figuring out when I need to ping them for real
[14:08:40] <danvet> I think I need to send out a few more pokes next week or so
[14:09:22] <Lyude> Alright, anholt: sponsored travel receipts and XDC2019 sponsor invoicing updates?
[14:10:19] <anholt> still need to do that poll of who hasn't asked me about it and send them the spi link
[14:11:15] <anholt> sponsorship is at the same state: they tried again two weeks ago and couldn't log in through intel's portal.  arm still has the invoice from spi outstanding
[14:11:55] <Lyude> Curious, is invoicing usually like this?
[14:13:10] <danvet> I think it's generally a drag with big companies
[14:14:04] <danvet> also spi is backlogged with travel expense requests because conference season, so also not moving at the briskest pace over there
[14:14:18] <danvet> they have a full week f2f now in NY to fix that
[14:14:36] <Lyude> Ah, yeah I noticed that. they got back on the CoC training pretty quickly at least
[14:15:04] <Lyude> So, requesting a direct feed of ledger data for SPI, is this something we need to vote on danvet?
[14:15:40] <danvet> oh right I forgot that
[14:15:44] <anholt> I've asked them for it before I feel like
[14:16:17] <danvet> I think we only chatted with martin michlmayr, not the board
[14:16:48] <danvet> Lyude, I think just formal request that we also use ledger and would like to get a as-direct-as-possible feed would be good
[14:17:04] <danvet> martin and anholt can then figure out the details or so
[14:17:33] <Lyude> danvet: alright, so I should just go send them an email sometime today? or will anholt be handling that
[14:19:47] <danvet> Lyude, you're the boss
[14:19:49] <anholt> if you've got time to draft that that would be great.
[14:19:54] <Lyude> yeah np then
[14:20:05] <danvet> at least in the past I as secretary did the official spi inquiries and stuff
[14:20:13] <Lyude> gotcha
[14:21:04] <Lyude> Alright, that just leaves the update on getting X.org/freedesktop.org transferred to SPI; keithp any chance you're here yet?
[14:21:28] <keithp> just made it 
[14:21:38] <keithp> looks like spi has a plan; there's an active email thread
[14:21:38] <Lyude> great timing
[14:21:39] <danvet> mail from spi sounds good
[14:21:53] <Lyude> keithp: awesome! good to hear.
[14:21:53] <danvet> I think we should ask them whether that delegation can be just dns stuff, for the admins
[14:22:09] <danvet> less rope to hang ourselves, which is probably good once we get x.org transferred
[14:22:35] <keithp> I'm asking to just transfer the domain to a registrar of their choosing, then adjusting the various contact info and ownership
[14:22:46] <keithp> we can continue to run the DNS servers
[14:23:12] <danvet> yeah, with dns stuff I meant the dns delegation records in the registry
[14:23:42] <danvet> if they can set it up so that fdo admins can update that without any forwarding, that might be useful
[14:24:16] <danvet> and everything else still under spi's control
[14:24:53] <keithp> that's the 'usual plan'; letting someone else run DNS servers is generally a huge pain
[14:25:45] <danvet> should I type the reply, or does someone else want to?
[14:26:14] <keithp> I've sent them mail back with that; it's pending waiting for someone to let it onto hte list
[14:27:05] <Lyude> Alright, I guess that's the meeting then! Thanks for coming everyone
[14:27:26] <keithp> thanks, as always
[14:27:46] <danvet> keithp, hm I'm cc'ed on the thread, but didn't see anything
[14:28:13] <danvet> ah I've seen it
[14:28:24] <danvet> stephen also replied already
[14:29:14] <danvet> Lyude, oh last minute: in that mail stephen asks whether that way (using gandi registrar) is ok for us since it costs a bit
[14:29:25] <danvet> I guess that needs an official ack
[14:29:40] <Lyude> ahhh, well +1 from me
[14:29:43] <keithp> we're using nsi today; that costs a larger pile
[14:29:46] <danvet> +1
[14:29:56] <Lyude> keithp, hwentlan, anholt?
[14:30:00] <keithp> +1
[14:30:04] <danvet> keithp, yeah it's going to get lost in all the stuff flowing around
[14:30:10] <anholt> +1
[14:30:19] <hwentlan> +1
[14:30:29] <Lyude> alright, approved
[14:30:49] <Lyude> thanks for the bonus round meeting everyone!

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