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[21:00:24] <hwentlan> here
[21:00:36] <Lyude> here
[21:01:15] <mdnavare_> here
[21:01:45] <samuelig> here
[21:02:25] <keithp> here
[21:02:32] <danvet_> hi all
[21:02:54] <danvet_> Agenda: gsoc/evoc, xdc2020 sponsors, coc training, vesa, domains, break&breaks,
[21:02:55] <danvet_> evening event
[21:02:59] <danvet_> anything to add?
[21:03:17] <danvet_> bryce, anholt around too?
[21:03:20] <danvet_> tlwoerner, mfilion ?
[21:03:41] <mfilion> here
[21:03:51] <bryyce> I'm here
[21:03:58] <danvet_> oh and that should be "breakfast & coffee breaks" ofc
[21:04:31] <danvet_> Agenda += rfp.md update on board@ list
[21:04:45] <anholt> here
[21:04:56] <danvet_> cool, let's get started
[21:05:20] <danvet_> I guess let's pull the breakfast&coffee break thing first and evening event and then mfilion can go back doing useful stuff
[21:06:04] <mfilion> lol
[21:06:33] <mfilion> I literally just returned from the venue :)
[21:06:41] <danvet_> mfilion, samuelig can you summarize what's already been discussed pls?
[21:07:16] <samuelig> yes, we are going to discuss two different topics. Let's start with the evening event as it is going to be fast
[21:07:42] <danvet_> ok makes sense
[21:07:53] <mfilion> indeed
[21:07:59] <mfilion> samuelig, are you explaining or am I?
[21:08:25] <samuelig> there will be a social event that Collabora will sponsor
[21:08:58] <samuelig> they asked us to sponsor the first round on drinks (which will include nice non-alcoholic drinks too!)
[21:09:19] <samuelig> for an estimated cost of $1k for us.
[21:10:03] <danvet_> for details "XDC 2019 - Updates" from 23rd sept on board@
[21:10:13] <samuelig> any opinion/question before starting voting?
[21:10:20] <danvet_> note that there's 2 social events plan, one oct 1 fully sponsored by collabora
[21:10:41] <danvet_> 2nd on oct2 essentially on attendees just a meet-up, but to get the room we need to spend 3k
[21:10:47] <danvet_> so first round/1k is to get the people there
[21:10:51] <mfilion> exactly
[21:11:28] <danvet_> I dropped some long-term comments about this on board@ already, tldr; imo sounds reasonable
[21:11:50] <keithp> yeah, looked reasonable to me too
[21:11:56] <hwentlan> sounds good to me
[21:11:56] <samuelig> yes, I think this is something reasonable to do to. Explicit +1
[21:12:12] <Lyude> +1
[21:12:12] <anholt> +1
[21:12:28] <bryyce> +1
[21:12:29] <keithp> +1
[21:12:32] <danvet_> +1
[21:12:37] <hwentlan> +1
[21:12:46] <mdnavare_> +1
[21:12:58] <samuelig> ok, this is approved then
[21:13:07] <danvet_> wow meeting with everyone present and ready!!
[21:13:11] <danvet_> yup
[21:13:26] <mfilion> great, had just received an email from the venue asking to confirm, nice timing
[21:13:34] <samuelig> then let's talk about the second item: coffee breaks & breakfast.
[21:14:14] <samuelig> As described in the sponsoring wiki page https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/SponsorshipLevels/
[21:14:38] <danvet_> mfilion, btw you plan some drink coupons or so to make sure first round isn't just for the early ones?
[21:15:01] <samuelig> X.Org Foundation use part of the sponsor funds for conference amenities like coffee breaks
[21:15:17] <mfilion> @danvet_yes, already had plan with venue for that, hostesses give a coupon or something as people arrive
[21:15:28] <danvet_> mfilion, sounds all great
[21:15:34] <samuelig> In the past years, we always funded coffee breaks at XDC and this year is no an exception :)
[21:16:12] <samuelig> mfilion sent a proposal this week that covered both coffee breaks (morning and afternoon) and a breakfast for each day
[21:16:35] <samuelig> See "XDC 2019 Catering for approval" thread at board@
[21:17:13] <mdnavare_> yea 25$ per person for 3 days looks pretty good for all breakfast, coffee/snacks
[21:17:35] <samuelig> before approving it, we need to discuss first if we want to fund breakfast together with the coffee breaks, we traditionally funded the latter only.
[21:17:51] <hwentlan> don't hotels usually offer free breakfast?
[21:17:57] <bryyce> I agree with what danvet said about better ways to spend money than on breakfast, and it's well said that a cash flow squeeze should be given consideration with the variety of increased costs
[21:18:09] <hwentlan> i assume most attendees will already be find for breakfast
[21:18:13] <hwentlan> *fine
[21:18:21] <Lyude> not all hotels
[21:18:29] <mfilion> alot of people in Airbnbs too
[21:18:32] <Lyude> actually most of the hotels I've stayed in for XDC did not, because red hat is cheap :(
[21:18:59] <mfilion> I can simplify the breakfasts too, like bagels & fruit or something like that, to lower costs
[21:19:14] * hwentlan realizes that amd has reasonable hotel policies
[21:19:22] <mfilion> I just need an idea of budget X.Org is willing to allocate for catering
[21:19:58] <mfilion> Right now total cost including service & taxes for 3 days comes to about $70 per person, for 3 breakfasts, 6 breaks
[21:19:59] <danvet_> hwentlan, red hat's cheapness is the source of countless stories
[21:21:08] <danvet_> so on board@ I said I'm not seeing the case much for breakfast, but I guess we could try it out as an experiment for this year also and see what happens
[21:21:31] <danvet_> if we get empty breakfast reception because people don't get up we know it's not what attendees look for
[21:21:43] <Lyude> stm
[21:21:46] <Lyude> *sgtm
[21:22:13] <samuelig> I agree with danvet_ here.
[21:22:35] <danvet_> maybe we could also do something like breakfast on first day while everyone gets registered or so going forward
[21:22:42] <danvet_> with 150 people this isn't a 5' thing anymore :-)
[21:22:43] <mfilion> I'm not sure if I mentioned, but I've made some calls and any extra/leftover will be given to a local homeless shelter daily
[21:22:50] <hwentlan> sure. i'm still on the fence about breakfast but doesn't hurt to try it
[21:23:08] <samuelig> mfilion, regarding registration, are you going to have a registration table on the welcome event on Tue?
[21:23:14] <hwentlan> i like the sustainable aspect to the break & breakfast proposal
[21:23:42] <mfilion> @samuelig yes absolutely, asked a few Collaborans to help out & welcome you all
[21:23:43] <danvet_> hwentlan, yeah I guess worst case we'll feel even better about showing up late :-)
[21:23:57] <samuelig> the idea is to avoid having long queues at the reception are on Wed.
[21:24:01] <samuelig> mfilion, ok great!
[21:24:19] <danvet_> samuelig, should we add this as a recommendation to the RFP.md page?
[21:24:29] <samuelig> danvet_, yes, I will add it later
[21:24:39] <samuelig> let's vote about the breakfast
[21:24:43] <danvet_> thx
[21:24:49] <samuelig> +1 as experiment for this year.
[21:25:22] <anholt> +1
[21:25:24] <danvet_> samuelig, took a note that you'll update RFP.md
[21:25:24] <keithp> +1 for montreal (I think it depends on local custom for hotel breakfast offerings to some degree)
[21:25:34] <samuelig> danvet_, ok
[21:25:44] <mdnavare_> +1 for atleast a simple version of breakfast like bagel and fruits
[21:25:55] <danvet_> +1 also as an experiment, we should ask attendees when we gather feedback after xdc is over what they thought
[21:26:25] <hwentlan> +1
[21:26:43] <danvet_> ok, breakfast as an experiment seems approved
[21:26:54] <danvet_> now we also need to bikeshed/approve the budget number
[21:27:01] <samuelig> yes
[21:27:05] <samuelig> first a couple of things
[21:27:18] <samuelig> mfilion, I have replied in the thread with a couple of suggestions
[21:27:22] <danvet_> "XDC 2019 Catering for approval" on board@ for mfilion's proposal
[21:27:38] <samuelig> like having vegan options for all the breaks
[21:28:00] <samuelig> and also about the type of snack depending on when it is going to happen
[21:28:25] <samuelig> let me know if you have any question on them.
[21:29:24] <mfilion> @samuelig I think I replied? Thank you for mentioning the vegan options, had slipped my radar! And adjusting the snacks, the ones I sent were just examples, right now I have different things each day, and adjusted to the timing during the day too.
[21:29:42] <samuelig> ok, great!
[21:29:49] <mfilion> the main question is about budget, as once I know how much X.Org approves, I can work with that number to adjust everything accordingly
[21:30:09] <mfilion> as mentioned earlier, right now all I'm working with is "as long as it doesn't break the bank" lol
[21:30:44] <samuelig> ok, I think that with the proposal you made, and taking into account that already includes the breakfast, something in that range is more or less OK
[21:31:10] <samuelig> to summarize, the proposal is 2 coffee breaks + breakfast per day for $10,500
[21:31:43] <samuelig> before voting, anybody wants to comment about it, wants to change anything of the proposal?
[21:32:42] <danvet_> 10.5k is total for the entire conf ofc
[21:32:47] <daniels> from the peanut gallery, one reason I would go for breakfast is that it might encourage people to arrive and congregate earlier
[21:33:12] <samuelig> yes, it is in total for the entire conference :)
[21:33:48] <danvet_> lgtm given discussion and all that
[21:33:53] <samuelig> ok, no comments. Then let's start voting then:
[21:34:00] <samuelig> +1
[21:34:04] <Lyude> +1
[21:34:06] <hwentlan> +1
[21:34:11] <danvet_> also roughly in line for what we bikeshedded for the vienna proposal for xdc20 (adjusting the attendee estimates to match)
[21:34:12] <danvet_> +1
[21:34:18] <keithp> +1
[21:34:25] <mdnavare_> +1
[21:34:32] <danvet_> cool, approved
[21:34:39] <samuelig> thanks everybody
[21:34:42] <danvet_> mfilion, anything else?
[21:34:46] <mfilion> awesome, thank you!
[21:35:19] <mfilion> I'm putting together the "misc" expenses, but waiting for sign printing cost to send the email
[21:35:33] <mfilion> but right now the other "misc" costs are $600 USD
[21:35:35] <mfilion> so minimal
[21:36:10] <mfilion> the main one being $150 per day for wifi
[21:36:14] <danvet_> yeah sounds like within expectations and all
[21:36:46] <danvet_> so next agenda item:
[21:36:57] <danvet_> rfp.md update from me on board@
[21:37:18] <danvet_> clarifying that board is supposed to approve budget items and stuff like that
[21:37:36] <danvet_> any concerns or can we just approve that?
[21:38:02] <Lyude> +1 from me, curious what prompted this though (can talk about it after the meeting)
[21:38:06] <danvet_> samuelig, and hwentlan already +1
[21:38:43] <mdnavare_> sounds good to me
[21:38:51] <bryyce> +1, I would think this goes without saying though?
[21:39:11] <danvet_> ok, approved
[21:39:19] <danvet_> (my script might have already pushed this ...)
[21:40:19] <danvet_> still no tlwoerner around for gsoc update?
[21:41:07] <danvet_> I guess nope
[21:41:11] <danvet_> mdnavare_, anything on evoc?
[21:41:23] <mdnavare_> no nothing from me
[21:42:12] <danvet_> hm I have xdc2020 sponsors on the agenda, I guess that was for xdc19
[21:42:27] <danvet_> anholt, can I close this as done, or do we still have someone pending?
[21:43:19] <anholt> still have arm (liviu supposed to send invoice within arm) and intel (weirdest process, won't accept an invoice until spi goes through their vendor web interface but only one person at spi can do that and they haven't finished it)
[21:43:53] <danvet_> uh
[21:43:58] <danvet_> ok, I'll keep it as a note
[21:44:14] <danvet_> aside: I think after xdc is done I'll start hunting for xdc20 sponsors
[21:44:45] <danvet_> unchanged sponsor plan&levels, I think it worked well this year, and the (massive) adjustement didn't result in anyone quitting
[21:44:57] <danvet_> except if someone else wants to run this show ofc
[21:45:57] * anholt feels plenty busy enough just handling the sponsors danvet scrounges up
[21:46:09] <danvet_> yeah, huge thanks for taking care of all that
[21:46:29] <danvet_> I guess there'll be lots of fun post-xdc about reimbursing travel grants
[21:46:39] <danvet_> but that should at least be reasonable process
[21:47:15] <danvet_> quick update on coc training: keithp figure out a date that works, I just asked spi to book that
[21:47:43] <keithp> looking forward to that
[21:48:03] <danvet_> yeah and I think we can discuss next actions on this after xdc
[21:48:12] <keithp> otter tech rotates between asia, europe and us time zones :-)
[21:48:44] <danvet_> yeah the schedule is both good and bad (if you just missed the last slot in your tz)
[21:48:50] <danvet_> Lyude, any updates on vesa
[21:48:57] <mdnavare_> mfilion:  Is Uber or Lyft easily available in Montreal, to and from airport etc?
[21:49:05] <Lyude> danvet_: I still need to reply to them about the concerns they had
[21:49:24] <Lyude> probably will open that can of worms during some spare time at xdc
[21:49:40] <Lyude> nothing else from me
[21:50:40] <mfilion> @mdnavare_ I'm going to send out an email to all attendees with details like this, but for the Airport there's Uber, taxis & a shuttle. Lyft hasn't arrived yet in Montreal!
[21:50:48] <danvet_> Lyude, ok I'll type some notes
[21:51:01] <danvet_> final item: domains
[21:51:10] <danvet_> keithp brought up the idea to transfer fd.o to spi
[21:51:23] <danvet_> I just kicked that thread with spi again right before the meeting
[21:51:28] <keithp> it's coming up for renewal in a few weeks; seems like a fine time to do the transfer
[21:51:40] <keithp> right now, I'm holding that domain myself, and that doesn't seem like a good plan
[21:52:10] <danvet_> Lyude, btw was that mail cc'ed to baord@ with vesa's concerns?
[21:52:15] * danvet_ not remembering anything
[21:52:26] <mfilion> @danvet_ regarding 2020, Khronos are already interested in adding it "officially" to their budget next year, will follow up with them next week
[21:52:30] <Lyude> danvet_: I had thought it was, but one of the cc's might have gotten dropped
[21:52:40] <Lyude> i'll go check and forward it if nessecary
[21:52:42] <mdnavare_> Lyude: danvet_: Yes it was, i rem seeing it
[21:52:46] <Lyude> ah, alright
[21:52:47] <danvet_> ah ok
[21:52:51] <danvet_> too much traffic
[21:52:53] <danvet_> mfilion, awesoe
[21:53:05] <danvet_> I'll definitely chat with Neil about this at xdc
[21:53:27] <bryyce> moving the domain to spi for ownership is a good idea.  can keep the technical contact as an x.org/fdo person for record management
[21:53:31] <mfilion> we could maybe push them to silver
[21:54:02] <danvet_> yeah they look ripe for an upgrade :-)
[21:54:11] * danvet_ agreeing on the domain thing
[21:54:23] <mfilion> and Neil is super keen on being closer to the community
[21:54:35] <bryyce> keithp, do you have a contact at spi to work with on the transfer?  guess that would be the next step?
[21:54:51] <keithp> no, i don't
[21:54:56] <danvet_> bryyce, there's a thread I just kicked
[21:55:02] <keithp> expiration date is 1 nov
[21:55:03] <danvet_> we're waiting on some answers from spi
[21:55:13] <bryyce> danvet_, perfect
[21:55:22] <keithp> if we get stuck, I'll renew again, of course
[21:56:12] <danvet_> anything else?
[21:56:21] <danvet_> or did we actually manage to get through the entire agenda?
[21:56:28] <mfilion> danvet_ not sure I mentioned, but Neil is going to do his AMA with someone from Intel (not you hihi)
[21:56:56] <danvet_> well I know nothing about mesa or gl really :-)
[21:57:14] <mfilion> Ian Romanik, but I don't know him
[21:57:22] <mfilion> neil calls him his "main partner in crime"
[21:57:34] <danvet_> sounds like ian
[21:57:43] <mdnavare_> mfilion: Yea Ian is here in Oregon with me
[21:59:18] <mfilion> ah nice
[21:59:42] <danvet_> ok, I think that's it
[21:59:47] <danvet_> thx everyone for joining

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