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[15:00:04] <Lyude> Role call, who's all here? anholt bryce hwentlan samuelig keithp danvet_ 
[15:00:19] * danvet_ waves
[15:00:36] <samuelig> hi!
[15:01:37] <hwentlan> hi
[15:01:59] <anholt> here
[15:02:04] <Lyude> We have a couple of topics on the agenda today. VESA membership, Mark Filion's question about covering the costs for the company that works with XDC2020's conferencing center in order to do video recordings, GSoC/EVoC, XDC2020 sponsors, and CoC training
[15:02:21] <Lyude> Anything else I'm missing?
[15:02:58] <Lyude> In the mean time, I can just start on the VESA stuff since I was the one handling that:
[15:03:52] <Lyude> I contacted Bill Lempesis from VESA about inquiring for a free non-profit membership for VESA, and they're going to discuss the membership during their board meeting (which should be today)
[15:05:54] <Lyude> So that's pretty much all for the VESA membership for now, will let you guys know when I hear back more. anholt, danvet_, status on payment for sponsors for XDC?
[15:06:14] <anholt> collected from almost everyone.
[15:06:21] <anholt> google's unblocked.  arm should be making progress.
[15:06:28] <Lyude> (leaving GSoC talk for the end of the meeting, since mdnavare avare will have a better chance of making it around then)
[15:07:33] <danvet_> yeah spi admin seems to have taken some summer break I think, it's moving all again
[15:07:43] <danvet_> big thanks to anholt
[15:07:59] <anholt> I *think* I'm caught up on treasurer stuff.
[15:08:03] <anholt> (swapping to phone irc while we go to lunch)
[15:08:55] <Lyude> Alright, sounds good. I guess the next thing on the agenda would be the expenses for the video recording team @ the venue for XDC2020
[15:09:05] <Lyude> Has everyone had a chance to review the relevant emails?
[15:09:28] <danvet_> pls note that the number increased by 3x, the quote was for one day
[15:09:38] <danvet_> afaik reasonable rate for commercial renting
[15:10:04] <Lyude> yeah, +1 from me. danvet_, assuming +1 for you too then?
[15:10:04] <danvet_> in the past we got this for cheap to nothing, but that was always through collaboration with the university or someone else local
[15:10:10] <danvet_> yeah
[15:10:12] <samuelig> it is for XDC2019 :) I checked a bit, the price is reasonable for that kind of recording.
[15:10:43] <samuelig> so +1 for me too.
[15:10:56] <Lyude> samuelig: cool. anholt, hwentlan?
[15:10:58] <hwentlan> it's a lot more than we usually paid but looks reasonable
[15:11:25] <hwentlan> is it (1000*3) + 500 or (1000+500)*3 ?
[15:11:30] <hwentlan> i.e. 3500? or 4500?
[15:11:45] <samuelig> 3500
[15:11:54] <hwentlan> +1
[15:12:15] <hwentlan> sounded like it was intended to be the latter but then mark calculated it as $3500
[15:12:31] <danvet_> hwentlan, yeah usually we had a collaboration with the venue, this year it's a pure business transaction and we're just renting the place
[15:12:41] <samuelig> just for the record, we had similar prices last year in Coruña but the University assumed the cost.
[15:12:52] <hwentlan> makes sense
[15:13:15] <Lyude> Alright, approved then
[15:13:56] <Lyude> mdnavare: any chance you're around to talk about GSoC?
[15:14:35] <Lyude> While we wait for them, I can talk about the CoC training from Monday
[15:14:38] <tlwoerner> Lyude: gsoc is done! t-shirts are in the mail ;-)
[15:14:50] <Lyude> tlwoerner: oh cool! awesome :)
[15:15:01] * Lyude marks that off the agenda then
[15:17:25] <Lyude> So, CoC training: We had a four hour session that I, daniels, and mdnavare attended on Monday. IMO, it was really beneficial and shed a lot of light on just dealing with CoC reports and reported folks. I'm not sure conflict of interest was actually covered, but I still think it's a good idea to have the rest of the CoC folks attend as well
[15:18:27] <danvet_> as an idea: should we consider offering this to xorg project leaders in general?
[15:18:34] <danvet_> since they do first level handling of all these things
[15:18:47] <Lyude> danvet_: if we're able to afford the costs, I don't see why not
[15:19:34] <Lyude> anholt: if you're around, any thoughts on this^ ?
[15:19:42] <danvet_> I don't think we'll have enormous amounts of people interesting, so maybe could send out mail after xdc to collect who's interested and then decide
[15:19:52] <danvet_> maybe chat with a few folks at xdc
[15:20:27] <Lyude> mhm, sounds good to me
[15:21:09] <Lyude> So, that's everything on the agenda for today. danvet_, guessing I should mention something about sending out an email after XDC in the meeting minutes?
[15:22:06] <danvet_> if you feel like, imo a "board considers offering training to more members of x.org" is good enough
[15:22:17] <Lyude> sure thing
[15:22:26] * danvet_ very lazy minutes writer :-)
[15:22:30] <Lyude> Alright
[15:22:37] * Lyude hits gaffle
[15:22:40] <Lyude> meeting adjourned
[15:23:10] <hwentlan> thanks everyone. very efficient today :)
[15:23:26] <Lyude> yeah I think I'm starting to get the hang of this!
[15:23:26] <samuelig> thanks!
[15:24:23] <tlwoerner> fwiw the risc-v community is also currently working through implementing a coc: https://groups.google.com/a/groups.riscv.org/forum/#!topic/sw-dev/OcNyKVHFuaE
[15:24:48] <danvet_> Lyude, thanks very much for running the show
[15:25:05] <Lyude> np
[15:28:44] <mdnavare> mdnavare joining now since I had another meeting before this
[15:29:01] <mdnavare> oh wait are we done already?
[15:29:11] <tlwoerner> yep
[15:30:33] <Lyude> yeah, just getting the minutes report out now (might take a moment, script hit a hiccup I am retroactively fixing)
[15:31:00] <anholt> (back now)
[15:31:21] <anholt> Lyude: yeah, I would be in favor if previous participants found it useful.

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