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[20:57:37] <anholt> here
[20:58:26] <Lyude> here
[20:58:37] <samuelig> here
[20:59:03] <samuelig> I almost forgot the meeting :)
[20:59:09] <tlwoerner> hello
[21:00:23] <danvet_> hi all!
[21:01:35] <hwentlan> Here
[21:02:04] <danvet_> mdnavare, keithp bryce around too?
[21:02:13] <danvet_> Agenda: gsoc/evoc, travel request,  xdc20, xdc cfp/sponsors, fd.o admins
[21:02:15] <danvet_> anything to add?
[21:03:49] <bryce> hi
[21:04:25] <danvet_> let's start then
[21:04:28] <danvet_> tlwoerner, gsoc?
[21:04:34] <tlwoerner> sure
[21:04:41] <tlwoerner> 2/2 students have successfully passed their 2nd evaluations
[21:04:56] <tlwoerner> both projects are in good shape and things are going well
[21:05:12] <tlwoerner> receipts submitted for Khaled, waiting for confirmation from Khaled
[21:05:24] <tlwoerner> (in reply to danvet_'s query)
[21:05:33] <danvet_> ah right, I think we can just approve what I presumed?
[21:05:34] <tlwoerner> no mentors appear interested in google's mentor summit
[21:05:37] <danvet_> to avoid another 2 weeks of delay
[21:06:02] <tlwoerner> sure, sounds good, we can always do another payment if we're badly short
[21:06:15] <danvet_> well we'll wait with paying for confirmation ofc
[21:06:27] <tlwoerner> okay
[21:06:38] <danvet_> so 150 usd for hw for a gsoc student?
[21:07:01] <danvet_> see board@ for details and recipes (import dues are like 1/3rd, but that's kinda normal)
[21:08:03] <danvet_> can I have some votes pls, or more discussions?
[21:08:30] <anholt> +1 on hw for gsoc
[21:08:36] <Lyude> +1
[21:08:37] <danvet_> +1
[21:08:39] <hwentlan> +1
[21:08:51] <samuelig> +1
[21:08:53] <danvet_> bryce, ?
[21:09:35] <danvet_> I guess approved
[21:09:52] <danvet_> tlwoerner, anholt can you pls sort the reimbursement once it's clear this is the amount?
[21:09:56] <danvet_> tlwoerner, anything else from gsoc?
[21:10:06] <tlwoerner> no, that's all for this meeting
[21:10:11] <danvet_> tlwoerner, thx
[21:10:12] <bryce> sorry, haven't read the proposal, no objections in general though
[21:10:35] <danvet_> bryce, shipping to egypt aint cheap, otherwise all good imo
[21:10:36] <anholt> yeah
[21:10:39] <danvet_> thx
[21:10:43] <danvet_> so travel request
[21:11:04] <danvet_> one amended request, I thought it was a pile more but now that I checked we've gone for the high range with the original request
[21:11:11] <danvet_> and the updated one is just 80$ more
[21:11:32] <danvet_> now includes visa + meal, and the flight is 100 or so cheaper
[21:11:46] <bryce> +1 sounds fine
[21:11:50] <samuelig> +1
[21:11:54] <danvet_> +1 for formality
[21:11:55] <Lyude> read through the proposal already, +1
[21:12:13] <danvet_> cool, thx
[21:12:16] <hwentlan> +1
[21:12:32] <danvet_> samuelig, xdc20 probably next most important topic?
[21:12:59] <anholt> (+1)
[21:13:12] <samuelig> we only have one proposal right now, the other one was withdrawn at the end.
[21:14:03] <samuelig> the remaining proposal is quite strong in my opinion, so I think that, unless somebody has any doubt or question, we can vote now
[21:14:29] <samuelig> they have already replied to all our questions, by the way
[21:15:44] <samuelig> As nobody said anything for a couple of minutes :) Let's vote now for GdaƄsk, Poland as venue for XDC 2020
[21:16:04] <danvet_> samuelig, oh now phoronix knows it :-)
[21:16:07] <danvet_> +1
[21:16:13] <samuelig> +1
[21:16:14] <anholt> +1
[21:16:18] <hwentlan> +1
[21:16:24] <bryce> +1
[21:16:47] <Lyude> +1
[21:16:51] <tlwoerner> which user is phoronix? or do they just read the logs afterwards?
[21:16:57] <danvet_> yeah we upload them
[21:16:58] <tlwoerner> is it possible to say who dropped out?
[21:17:25] <danvet_> not sure, since then the question is why they dropped out, which maybe we shouldn't gossip in public
[21:17:44] <tlwoerner> okay, no prob
[21:17:47] <danvet_> samuelig, can you do the honors of sending the congrats mail to the winners and all that?
[21:17:54] <samuelig> yes, of course :)
[21:18:00] <danvet_> thx
[21:18:05] <danvet_> anything else on xdc20?
[21:19:27] <samuelig> no, nothing else
[21:19:45] <danvet_> samuelig, xdc19 cfp?
[21:19:47] <mdnavare> Manasi joining sorry previous meeting ran over
[21:20:08] <danvet_> mdnavare, hi
[21:20:32] <samuelig> about XDC 2019 CFP, we have defined the program of the conference for the main track
[21:21:25] <samuelig> the program will be published soon once we coordinate it with the organizers and we make some minor decisions.
[21:21:45] <samuelig> thanks everybody who participated in the process
[21:21:47] <danvet_> samuelig, what minor decisions still open?
[21:21:56] <danvet_> samuelig, huge thanks to you for running the show
[21:22:19] <mdnavare> samuelig: Yes amazing job for systematic selection process
[21:22:21] <bryce> agreed, thanks
[21:22:42] <samuelig> minor decision was how to show the lightning talk track in the program and similar stuff
[21:22:53] <samuelig> as I said, minor decisions, mostly cosmetic
[21:23:21] <samuelig> we are mainly waiting for the organizers now for publishing it.
[21:23:36] <samuelig> all the submitters have been notified about the status of their respective talk submissions
[21:23:59] <samuelig> we are pending two talk confirmations but we will have an answer in the coming weeks
[21:24:47] <samuelig> (running the CFP selection during holidays has some drawbacks :D)
[21:24:55] <danvet_> :-)
[21:25:03] <danvet_> samuelig, I added to the minutes that indico seems to be ok solution
[21:25:14] <danvet_> and that we're now reopened workshop cfp
[21:25:15] <danvet_> ok?
[21:25:24] <danvet_> aside from what you said already
[21:25:34] <samuelig> oh right, we have re-opened workshop/demo CFP
[21:25:56] <samuelig> thanks, I forgot about it :)
[21:26:19] <samuelig> and that's all.
[21:26:27] <danvet_> samuelig, thx
[21:26:36] <mdnavare> samuelig: Sagar from Mesa team had reached out to me regarding Visa invitation, did he reach out to the board? I had asked him to
[21:26:49] <danvet_> ok quick updates on sponsors: got one contract singed and formality solved
[21:26:54] <danvet_> mdnavare, you need to direct them at collabora
[21:26:58] <danvet_> we don't do visa invites
[21:27:11] <mdnavare> danvet_: Ok will ask him to email Mark
[21:27:40] <samuelig> yes, this is organizer's duty, probably need to coordinate with some local administration (traditionally University and such)
[21:28:05] <danvet_> hm, it's not anywhere on the conference page how to get visa invitation letters
[21:28:13] <danvet_> mdnavare, can you pls also ask mark to fix that?
[21:28:21] <danvet_> probably new chapter here https://xdc2019.x.org/event/5/page/35-attending-xdc-2019
[21:29:16] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yes will do, I still also have to edit the travel grants page also for next year
[21:29:39] <danvet_> mdnavare, thx
[21:29:45] <danvet_> mdnavare, yeah I dropped that from the agenda
[21:29:52] <samuelig> He can probably reuse some content from last year's conference https://xdc2018.x.org/ (just above venue part of the web).
[21:29:53] <danvet_> but we can still do it now if you feel like
[21:30:31] <mdnavare> samuelig: Great I will send him ana email with the pointers
[21:30:44] <danvet_> anholt, I think arm is now ready to be invoiced, might want to ping nashpa to make sure the invoice is correct (since we had some fun with that last year too)
[21:31:42] <danvet_> do we have anything else for xdc19?
[21:32:11] <samuelig> nope, at least from my side.
[21:32:15] <anholt> danvet_: noted
[21:32:32] <danvet_> mdnavare, anything on evoc?
[21:32:49] <danvet_> now that you're here
[21:35:16] <mdnavare> danvet_: Nothing so far through the emails that I have been able to catch up, but I got an email from Bryce regarding a favor he needs I am guesisng might be wrt evoc
[21:35:33] <mdnavare> Bryce Harrington
[21:35:42] <danvet_> mdnavare, there's been some spam lately, samuelig got something too
[21:35:57] <danvet_> might want to check first it's really our bryce and not an imposter
[21:36:03] <samuelig> mdnavare, I got same email, it is scam
[21:36:08] <samuelig> just ignore it :)
[21:36:19] <mdnavare> samuelig: Ah ok :)
[21:36:33] <Lyude> probably sent by bryce's lesser known evil twin
[21:37:57] <danvet_> ok final topic is fd.o admins
[21:38:04] <mdnavare> danvet_: Also on the similar lines, I got an approval request for an email from kbrown@msh-paris.fr to post to the  coc fdo list
[21:38:11] <danvet_> we didn't really get around to much discussing last meeting
[21:38:28] <danvet_> mdnavare, well that's for coc team, so chat with daniels ?
[21:38:41] <mdnavare> danvet_: yes ok
[21:39:08] <daniels> mdnavare: please approve the post if legitimate
[21:39:57] <danvet_> daniels, if you're here ... want to refresh the board's memory of the fd.o admin mail you sent out a few weeks ago?
[21:41:01] <mdnavare> danvet_: Subject line is some 100000 Dollar Spende fur Sie,  IMO not legitimate 
[21:41:18] <danvet_> yeah that's german, and not legit
[21:41:18] <mdnavare> daniels: Sorry for Daniel
[21:42:20] <mdnavare> daniels: Also the moderator pwd for this is same as the fdo password?
[21:42:43] <danvet_> mdnavare, but you can look at the entire mail with some link iirc
[21:43:12] <bryce> mdnavare, yeah seems a spammer scraped our website for our emails and hoaxed an email to everyone from "me".  Guessing I was just first in the list alphabetically or something
[21:43:48] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yes just looked at the entire email and its all in German
[21:44:04] <danvet_> so no takers/comments on the fd.o topic?
[21:44:17] <samuelig> danvet_, regarding this
[21:44:27] <danvet_> "CoC ctte appointment proposal: Manasi Navare" <- it's burried at the bottom of that mail
[21:44:43] <samuelig> I asked internally, Igalia cannot provide sysadmin time for the foreseeable future :(
[21:44:50] <Lyude> yeah, it was the same for me 
[21:45:49] <samuelig> One thing regarding board@ ML spam, it blocked some legit email for some weeks that it was a bit late once I found out it was there. Lately, I have been moderating the mailing list to avoid similar cases, like talk confirmations for example. I can keep doing it from time to time, I don't know if somebody else wants to check every now and then if there are emails pending to moderate, just to avoid this situation.
[21:46:03] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yes I see that now (fd.o administration part) at the end of the CoC email
[21:48:39] <mdnavare> daniels: Can you help me set up the list moderator pwd so that I can reject the mail request for this not legit german email
[21:52:40] <danvet_> ok I guess that's it?
[21:52:42] <danvet_> anything else?
[21:55:15] <mdnavare> danvet_: Nope I guess I will work with daniels offline to get the coc moderator aunthentications etup

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