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[21:01:01] <tlwoerner> hello :-)
[21:01:06] <samuelig> hi!
[21:01:47] <Lyude> hi
[21:01:47] <tlwoerner> hwentlan: awesome! last year east coast, this year west... ;-)
[21:02:15] <danvet_> hi all
[21:02:50] <danvet_> bryce, anholt around too?
[21:02:53] <anholt> yep
[21:03:04] <danvet_> keithp, hwentlan manasi all noted their absense already
[21:04:19] <danvet_> hm I guess we can get started with gsoc already
[21:04:21] <danvet_> tlwoerner, ?
[21:04:24] <danvet_> oh
[21:04:28] <danvet_> Agenda: gsoc/evoc, travel request, fd.o CC nomination, xdc cfp/sponsors,
[21:04:29] <danvet_> extended travel policy, xdc20, fd.o admins
[21:04:33] <tlwoerner> okay
[21:04:35] * danvet_ totally forgot proper order ..
[21:04:39] <danvet_> anything to add to the agenda?
[21:05:08] <tlwoerner> nothing from me
[21:06:00] <danvet_> tlwoerner, I think you can start, sorry for the interruption
[21:06:06] <tlwoerner> okay, np
[21:06:23] <tlwoerner> so, unfortunately, Sebastian (Wayland Color Management) is official done with gsoc, he failed out
[21:06:43] <tlwoerner> on danvet_'s suggestion i emailed him asking if he would be interested in switching to evoc
[21:06:48] <tlwoerner> never heard anything back from him
[21:06:56] <tlwoerner> (that was weeks and weeks ago)
[21:07:19] <tlwoerner> it's actually good for the org to fail someone once in a while, otherwise it starts to look suspicious
[21:07:30] <tlwoerner> we're still moving ahead with the other 2 projects
[21:07:45] <tlwoerner> Waypipe (Emanual) has been getting a lot of attention, lots of interesting blog posts!
[21:07:55] <tlwoerner> - https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Waypipe-Wayland-Proxy
[21:07:59] <danvet_> tlwoerner, that evaluation was 24th June, right?
[21:08:03] * danvet_ checking old minutes
[21:08:27] <tlwoerner> danvet_: yes, june 24th
[21:08:39] <tlwoerner> - https://www.freshports.org/net/waypipe/
[21:08:49] <tlwoerner> - https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/c72u9t/waypipe_network_transparency_for_wayland/
[21:09:11] <tlwoerner> as far as i know things are going well with the two remaining projects
[21:09:36] <tlwoerner> i'm still waiting on receipts for hardware reimbursement
[21:09:44] <tlwoerner> July 22 is the next evaluations
[21:10:05] <tlwoerner> that's all
[21:10:35] <danvet_> tlwoerner, thx
[21:10:42] <danvet_> I think evoc we'll skip because manasi is out?
[21:10:56] <tlwoerner> sounds good
[21:11:22] <danvet_> ok next up travel request
[21:11:38] <danvet_> we have the 3rd&final set of travel requests from the cfp in
[21:11:49] <danvet_> details in bod.git/Sponsors/travel-2019.txt as usual
[21:11:57] <danvet_> I looked at them, seems all reasonable
[21:12:12] <danvet_> quite some variance in lodging, but all good on average I think
[21:12:25] <danvet_> maybe for next year we need to have some recommendations for this
[21:12:49] <danvet_> so 5 new requests, 7k$ total, all 5 international (from europe), 1x outreachy 4x other talks
[21:13:17] <danvet_> one of these is a maybe (see board@ list for details&reasons), but figured to approved that too now, preemptively
[21:13:31] <anholt> they look reasonable to me
[21:13:42] <danvet_> all together we have 16k$ travel (or just shy of 15k$ if the last one isn't needed)
[21:13:42] <samuelig> they look good to me
[21:13:45] <Lyude> agreed
[21:13:54] <Lyude> it seems like most of the lodging stuff got worked out
[21:14:12] <danvet_> for 12 requests
[21:14:34] <danvet_> aka we're getting better at spending money for xdc I think \o/
[21:14:41] <Lyude> \o/
[21:15:04] <danvet_> we just about have quorum, so formal vote while I type minutes?
[21:15:07] <danvet_> if no other questions
[21:15:35] <bryce> hi I'm here
[21:15:40] <danvet_> bryce, hi
[21:16:56] <danvet_> I guess wasn't formal enough: all in favor of this final batch of travel requests? pls vote
[21:17:14] <Lyude> Ay
[21:17:15] <samuelig> +1
[21:17:38] <anholt> +1
[21:17:56] <danvet_> +1
[21:18:00] <danvet_> bryce, ?
[21:18:00] <bryce> +1
[21:18:04] <danvet_> cool, done
[21:18:54] <danvet_> next up fd.o CoC committee nomination
[21:19:21] <danvet_> daniels send a mail nominating manasi, our job is to approve/reject
[21:19:34] <danvet_> any opinions/discussions or should we go right ahead?
[21:19:48] <Lyude> nothing from me
[21:20:15] <danvet_> all in favour of approving Manasi's nomination? pls vote
[21:20:28] <samuelig> +1
[21:20:30] <Lyude> +1
[21:21:32] <anholt> +1
[21:21:51] <danvet_> +1
[21:21:54] <danvet_> bryce, ?
[21:23:57] <danvet_> hm, have we lost bryce ?
[21:24:07] <danvet_> I guess I'll throw in my secretary cast and approved
[21:24:17] <danvet_> samuelig, quick xdc cfp update?
[21:24:31] <samuelig> yes
[21:25:19] <samuelig> we have finished first round voting the talks. We are right now in the middle of the second round where the idea is to finish the talk selection
[21:25:53] <samuelig> we are still pending for confirmation about the number of talk slots available, so the number of approved talks will vary depending on that
[21:26:35] <danvet_> samuelig, so looking good to send accept/reject mails out next week as we planned?
[21:26:56] <samuelig> I think so, at least for the ones that we have a decision already made.
[21:27:07] <danvet_> sounds great
[21:27:12] <danvet_> x.org delivers ... on time!
[21:27:37] <samuelig> hehe, too soon to say that :-P
[21:27:55] <danvet_> samuelig, kudos anyway for herding the paper comittee!
[21:28:04] <danvet_> samuelig, anything else?
[21:28:13] <samuelig> no, that's all
[21:28:22] <samuelig> thanks!
[21:29:56] <danvet_> ok quick update from me on sponsors: 3 more since last meeting 4 weeks ago
[21:30:05] <danvet_> https://xdc2019.x.org/event/5/page/37-sponsors <- starting to look good
[21:30:12] <danvet_> and I'm keeping anholt busy :-)
[21:30:35] <tlwoerner> nice!
[21:31:03] <danvet_> I have one more I think should be doable
[21:31:10] <samuelig> yep, the sponsor roster looks impressive! Good job!
[21:31:14] <danvet_> and daniels / mark filion promised some more maybe
[21:31:25] <danvet_> yeah we're already at 8
[21:31:43] <danvet_> and I think with the adjusted levels we're covering the landscape quite well
[21:32:02] <danvet_> plus no one really freaked out about the 2x price bump for gold :-)
[21:32:58] <danvet_> so I guess extended travel policy is for next year, maybe can discuss that next meeting when manasi is back
[21:33:10] <danvet_> samuelig, xdc20, wanna do a quick recap of where we are?
[21:33:20] <danvet_> (without specifics of the proposals)
[21:33:43] <danvet_> I think we need to decide whether to decide now or next week
[21:33:47] <danvet_> or whether we need to know more
[21:34:23] <samuelig> we have now two proposals. However one of them could be withdrawn, we are waiting for more info
[21:34:45] <samuelig> In any case, both proposals look fine, so I am sure we will have a great XDC 2020 conference
[21:35:12] <Lyude> +1 from me for voting on proposals today, I read through both proposals
[21:35:28] <danvet_> samuelig, do we have answers on all our questions
[21:35:53] <samuelig> yes, both proposals have answered all our questions
[21:36:04] <samuelig> we just need to vote
[21:37:06] <samuelig> we told them we will vote at the end of July
[21:37:13] <danvet_> samuelig, hm to prep this (since first time the choice is non-obvious)
[21:37:26] <danvet_> want to summarize them for next meeting with a mail to board@
[21:37:30] <samuelig> so we are not in a hurry. 
[21:37:48] <danvet_> so that next meeting we can vote on proposal A / proposal B and maybe even discuss some last details here without leaking?
[21:37:53] <danvet_> yeah
[21:37:59] <samuelig> ok, cool. I'll do it.
[21:38:01] <danvet_> I'd like to have a more solid quorum for this
[21:38:17] <samuelig> sure, I was about to say that
[21:38:21] <danvet_> Lyude, ok for you, or have different suggestions
[21:38:27] <tlwoerner> a solid quorum in the summer?
[21:38:33] <Lyude> danvet_: fine with me
[21:39:10] <danvet_> tlwoerner, hey we just managed a perfect cfp process
[21:39:25] <danvet_> maybe more than one wonder in stock this year :-)
[21:39:40] <tlwoerner> lol :-)
[21:40:24] <bryce> sorry, in and out busy with work stuff
[21:40:48] <danvet_> bryce, nw, we squeaked by
[21:42:00] <danvet_> ok final topic
[21:42:11] <danvet_> fd.o admins, i.e. 2nd part of daniels' mail
[21:42:24] <danvet_> I replied just right before the meeting with my thoughts
[21:42:39] <danvet_> I guess this needs discussions (and then volunteers perhaps)
[21:42:40] <danvet_> thoughts?
[21:43:26] <Lyude> Is this regarding having someone be a dedicated fulltime sysadmin?
[21:43:59] <danvet_> yeah
[21:44:14] <danvet_> well I think there's the fulltime (or at least paid time) admin question
[21:44:26] <danvet_> but also the other parts about shameless sponsor drive for all this
[21:44:55] <danvet_> if I'm right gitlab.fd.o is burning down 30k$/year in google cloud credits
[21:45:11] <danvet_> and pretty big piles of lent machine time for CI
[21:45:39] <danvet_> so if we don't collect fd.o sponsors for this then the xdc surplus wont pay for it, not even close
[21:46:45] <anholt> confirmed that that's about right in cloud costs
[21:47:04] <anholt> I don't have a good handle on what the mix is for CI vs gitlab.
[21:47:16] <danvet_> I don't think it's hard to get all that (plus paid admin time)
[21:47:29] <danvet_> anholt, I think CI is mostly dedicated hw sponsored by companies directly
[21:47:40] <danvet_> with just some tiny backup on gcd
[21:47:46] <anholt> I think we have only one GCE runner.
[21:47:48] <danvet_> *fallback
[21:47:51] <danvet_> yeah
[21:48:33] <danvet_> I guesstimate that all this fdo begging will take about as much time as I spend on nagging sponsors for xdc
[21:49:32] <Lyude> Do you think you'll have any luck with trying to convince intel to help out more with this?
[21:50:14] <danvet_> yeah
[21:50:27] <danvet_> probably takes another few months, but will happen
[21:50:30] <anholt> I'm enthusiastic about us having a paid part-time admin.  Finding a good one seems like the hard part.
[21:50:34] <danvet_> but obviously will be focused on our problems
[21:50:45] <danvet_> so I think we need a bit more
[21:51:10] <danvet_> because HR/consulting sucks it's probably easier to get various interested companies to pitch in
[21:52:17] <danvet_> *pitch in with paid time I mean, instead of money and we need to pick someone and deal with the fallout
[21:54:35] <danvet_> samuelig, bryce thoughts?
[21:58:00] <bryce> danvet_, it's a good point of having an interested company provide paid time support.  And good point that the hiring overhead might stretch the board manpower too much
[21:58:12] <samuelig> I'll forward the sysadmin time request internally. Howeverm, we are a bit low on sysadmin time right now but I will ping to see if it could be possible.
[21:58:46] <samuelig> but I agree with bryce, it could be great if we can find a interested company
[21:58:50] <Lyude> as will I, but red hat is extremely cheap so I'm not expecting much.
[21:58:58] <danvet_> bryce, yeah I'm especially worried about the firing overhead, in case we pick the wrong consultant
[21:59:00] <danvet_> it happens
[21:59:23] <bryce> regarding cloud costs, in other projects I've worked in they've even been donated or more on the <$100 range annually, so it's hard to wrap my head around the $30k figure.
[21:59:48] <danvet_> bryce, suboptimal setup is one I think
[22:00:01] <danvet_> we haven't switched to a auto-scaling gitlab setup
[22:00:13] <danvet_> so 99% we have a huge machine idling for nothing, just in case, for the spikes
[22:00:27] <danvet_> 99% out of thin air ofc :-)
[22:00:52] * anholt needs to head out
[22:01:10] <danvet_> good thing is that the suboptimal setup is also blocking kernel migration, which is intel's top problem, so as soon as I have that it'll get address (I hope)
[22:01:21] <danvet_> anholt, yeah I'm closing, I guess we'll discuss more
[22:01:29] <danvet_> thx everyone for joining!

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