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[20:48:15] <danvet_> samuelig, Lyude bryce keithp anholt hwentlan bod mtg in 10' ...
[20:48:20] * danvet_ totally not prepared today
[20:56:11] <danvet_> oh right we might not have many today ...
[20:56:12] <danvet_> oh well
[20:57:18] <danvet_> if can at least get enough to approve travel requests
[20:57:21] * danvet_ hoping
[21:00:08] <tlwoerner> hello
[21:01:01] <danvet_> woohooooooo, not the loneliest board meeting ever!
[21:01:04] * danvet_ waves at tlwoerner 
[21:01:27] <tlwoerner> one board member, one member from the peanut gallery
[21:01:32] <hwentlan> hi
[21:01:45] <danvet_> ah right, the canadian :-)
[21:01:55] * tlwoerner clears his throat
[21:01:56] <samuelig> Hello!
[21:02:03] <hwentlan> yup, we had our july holiday on the 1st
[21:02:04] <tlwoerner> *the* canadian?
[21:02:13] <danvet_> tlwoerner, oh that's why you're here too?
[21:02:16] * danvet_ didn't know
[21:02:21] <tlwoerner> danvet_: :-D
[21:02:36] <hwentlan> yeah, apparently we even live within 30 mins of each other
[21:02:53] <danvet_> flight time or walking?
[21:03:13] <hwentlan> haha... driving
[21:03:25] <tlwoerner> canada is in north-america after all...
[21:03:25] <danvet_> I mean an icbm goes halfway round the globe in 30' ...
[21:04:32] <hwentlan> i guess the rest of the board is american so we won't have quorum today
[21:04:41] <danvet_> let's wait a bit more, for at least 1
[21:05:01] <danvet_> I think most topics best to adjourn, but I'd like to at least rubber-stampe the travel requests that piled up
[21:05:08] <hwentlan> agreed
[21:05:40] <danvet_> 6 that look ready for approving
[21:06:18] <danvet_> $6800 total
[21:08:12] <danvet_> hwentlan, samuelig to make this easier, can you check them out and approve here already?
[21:08:20] <danvet_> I'll collect the one more vote over mail on board@ then
[21:08:36] <danvet_> I summarized all the ones that imo look ok in bod.git/Sponsors/travel-2019.txt
[21:08:49] <samuelig> ok, let me take a look
[21:08:57] <danvet_> it's 2x outreachy 1x evoc 2x talks 1x reporter
[21:09:11] <danvet_> 3x intercontinental, 3x NA
[21:09:33] <hwentlan> thanks for summarizing
[21:09:36] <danvet_> the one I just found from Roman Gilg not yet included, it's missing the details
[21:10:27] <hwentlan> shayenne's lodging estimates seem pretty low
[21:10:48] <hwentlan> otherwise i'm good to go ahead for all
[21:11:01] <danvet_> yeah they might be a bit off
[21:11:11] <danvet_> jake is probably too expensive
[21:11:23] <danvet_> I did make sure the flights are all fairly accurate and reasonable
[21:11:33] <danvet_> lodging should even out over all of them I think
[21:12:35] <tlwoerner> we could pay jake by the story :-)
[21:12:43] <samuelig> I think they are all good proposals, I don't see anything weird 
[21:13:13] <danvet_> hwentlan, samuelig so +1 from you on this?
[21:13:23] <samuelig> simon does not have any lodging, is that right?
[21:13:23] <danvet_> I'll nag the US board people by mail
[21:13:37] <danvet_> samuelig, we pay what people request, assuming they just request what they need
[21:13:49] <danvet_> not everyone asks for meals or visa expensive either
[21:14:14] <samuelig> right, I'm asking just in case it was missing, probably he has a friend in town or something else
[21:14:21] <samuelig> danvet_, +1
[21:14:23] <danvet_> if I get a feeling someone isn't requesting as much as they should (e.g. students) I point out that we could offer more
[21:14:49] <danvet_> usually if no lodging they'll pay themselves or share or friends
[21:14:55] <danvet_> it's more visa or meals and stuff like that
[21:15:23] <danvet_> tlwoerner, ok if we postpone gsoc for next board meeting?
[21:15:35] <tlwoerner> danvet_: sounds good
[21:15:39] <danvet_> ok
[21:15:45] <danvet_> anyone with anything else for the minutes?
[21:15:53] <hwentlan> nothing from me
[21:16:06] <tlwoerner> i'm good
[21:16:31] <samuelig> nothing from me
[21:16:32] <danvet_> cool, quick meeting, thanks for showing up!

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