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[20:54:16] * bryce waves
[20:56:38] <Lyude> hi!
[20:58:20] <danvet_> apricot pie fresh from oven vs. bod meeting
[20:58:25] * danvet_ facing a tough choice
[20:59:58] <tlwoerner> danvet_: with irc you can do both, nobody will ever know!
[21:00:56] * hwentlan wishes he had an apricot pie
[21:01:20] <danvet_> hi all!
[21:01:32] <danvet_> who's all around?
[21:01:48] * tlwoerner is here
[21:01:55] <Lyude> same
[21:02:10] <danvet_> samuelig, mdnavare keithp anholt around?
[21:02:21] <danvet_> I'm counting hwentlan and bryce already in
[21:02:39] <mdnavare> Yes joining
[21:04:28] <samuelig> joining!
[21:04:49] <anholt> here!
[21:04:56] <danvet_> Agenda: gsoc/evoc, travel request, credentials, fd.o merger, xdc cfp/sponsors,
[21:04:56] <danvet_> extended travel policy, xdc20
[21:05:01] <danvet_> cool, let's get started
[21:05:08] <danvet_> anything to add ^^ ?
[21:05:10] <danvet_> it's a bit a list
[21:05:30] <danvet_> otherwise tlwoerner with gsoc?
[21:05:43] <tlwoerner> okay
[21:06:02] <tlwoerner> as you've probably seen in the emails...
[21:06:09] <tlwoerner> we're having an issue with one of the students: sebastian (weston color management) has gone missing
[21:06:15] <tlwoerner> nobody has heard from him since around may 24
[21:06:25] <tlwoerner> several attempts to contact him (irc, email, and even on the phone) have not succeeded
[21:06:35] <tlwoerner> considering he had already started actively working on this project since well before gsoc, i don't think it's gsoc-related
[21:07:18] <danvet_> worrisome, but not really anything we can do :-/
[21:07:29] <danvet_> sounds like you've tried all channels for contact already?
[21:07:45] <tlwoerner> other than contacting authorities local to him
[21:08:02] <danvet_> yeah that's maybe a bit too much, plus usually you need to be a relative anyway or no answer
[21:08:04] <bryce> :-/
[21:08:07] <danvet_> *close relative
[21:08:31] <tlwoerner> in any case, the other students are doing well and work is progressing
[21:08:35] <danvet_> for the record, 26th is the cutoff where have to fail sebastian?
[21:08:42] <danvet_> tlwoerner, 2 other students, right?
[21:08:44] <bryce> does gsoc have procedures for this situation?
[21:08:46] * danvet_ typing mtgs
[21:08:59] <tlwoerner> danvet_: yes, 2 other students
[21:09:05] <Lyude> yes, iirc there's a timeline for how long a student has to respond before they're out of the program
[21:09:18] <tlwoerner> bryce: the procedure, unfortunately, is to fail the non-responding student
[21:09:27] <tlwoerner> Lyude: yes, first evaluations
[21:09:31] <tlwoerner> which are coming up: June 24
[21:09:35] <danvet_> yeah there's not much we can do really
[21:09:50] <danvet_> after all we had very similar situation with taylor cambell beginning this year
[21:10:01] <danvet_> if someone drops off the internet you just dont know :-(
[21:10:11] <Lyude> it happens, I remember some of the Xorg students from the same year I was in GSoC went off the radar
[21:10:24] <tlwoerner> first evaluations start june 24 and last until june 28.
[21:11:19] <tlwoerner> i'm still waiting on all the receipts from the one student (dragonboard-410c) before submitting them to the board for reimbursement
[21:12:05] <tlwoerner> that's all i have for now (i think)
[21:12:36] <danvet_> tlwoerner, ok thx, I'll also put the first evaluation date into minutes
[21:12:44] * danvet_ too much occupied with that pie ...
[21:12:46] <danvet_> mdnavare, evoc?
[21:13:49] <danvet_> or did that handoever not yet happen?
[21:13:50] <mdnavare> danvet_: I havent got a chance to look much at the evoc emails yet, but its on my todo list
[21:14:00] <danvet_> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Duties/ <- pls also update here
[21:14:09] * tlwoerner reaches for a piece of strawberry-rhubarb... "strawbarb" as it's know around here
[21:14:22] <danvet_> tlwoerner, uuuuhhhhh. want :-)
[21:14:35] <danvet_> had rhubard pie last week ...
[21:14:41] <mdnavare> danvet_: So I need to work with tlwoerner for the handover correct?
[21:14:43] <danvet_> mdnavare, nothing urgent from evoc?
[21:14:48] <danvet_> I think so ...
[21:15:36] <danvet_> mdnavare, I guess we'll move on until next meeting for evoc, ok?
[21:16:02] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yes for evoc I was following emails where one of the students didnt have a mentor
[21:16:41] <danvet_> mdnavare, some of them sounded a bit much like looking for a fishing expedition, for evoc we generally rely a lot on self-driven students
[21:16:47] <mdnavare> danvet_: And robclark said thats a possiblity that noone is available to mentor but I need to follow up with robclark on that
[21:16:53] <danvet_> usually it's "I have my mentor and project already" style internship
[21:17:07] <danvet_> ok sounds all good
[21:17:16] <danvet_> hwentlan, credentials? or was that bryce
[21:17:28] <hwentlan> that was me
[21:17:47] <hwentlan> i moved the board admin credentials to git-crypt
[21:17:55] <hwentlan> take a look at Credentials/board-list
[21:18:09] <hwentlan> really easy and serves as an example to add other credentials
[21:18:17] <danvet_> impressive, even silly me can read this now
[21:18:20] <danvet_> :-)
[21:18:27] <hwentlan> basically now the entire Credentials folder is placed under git-crypt encryption, just like Finances
[21:18:40] <hwentlan> yeah, much better than messing about with gpg
[21:18:44] <danvet_> I guess if we ever have a rogue director we're a bit screwed
[21:19:05] <danvet_> but I guess for that scenario re-encrypting the bod repo is going to be the least problem :-/
[21:19:16] <anholt> yep.
[21:19:27] <danvet_> hwentlan, thx, I'll drop that from the agenda then
[21:19:33] <hwentlan> yeah, no easy way to mitigate for that and i think the chances of that happening are fairly slim
[21:20:08] <danvet_> well looking at other foundations it can happen
[21:20:17] <danvet_> but the mess is then also rather serious
[21:20:31] <danvet_> anyway, I guess fd.o merger:
[21:20:42] <danvet_> Lyude, and me attended the spi board mtg, got approved without questions
[21:20:43] <hwentlan> does anyone want to volunteer to help moderate the board list? there's a fair bit of spam and other emails from outside the list often get caught in the filter. sometimes it takes me a while to get to them
[21:21:25] <danvet_> hwentlan, if you whitelist common senders like mark fillion it's imo ok if it takes a while
[21:21:37] <danvet_> I mean the video recording people for 10k/day ... well no :-)
[21:22:08] <mdnavare> danvet_: Ah yes saw that advertising spam email
[21:22:10] <hwentlan> sure, i usually whitelist people i recognize
[21:22:35] <hwentlan> sorry about that... i think it looked kind of legit and i didn't take a close look
[21:22:53] <anholt> it was vaguely on topic, seemed reasonable to pass through.
[21:22:59] <danvet_> well it is kinda legit, just not aimed at a mostly still volunteer run conf like xdc
[21:23:08] <danvet_> so I think that was fine
[21:23:17] <danvet_> I get sillier stuff to secretary@ :-)
[21:23:45] <danvet_> some wine tasting house somewhere in the champagne for xdc for 40k/day or so ...
[21:24:10] <Lyude> phew
[21:24:45] <danvet_> anyway for fdo merger I chatted a bit with daniels and I think next think we need to do for the entire "install formal governance" is approve all current admins/coc committee people and regulations
[21:24:57] <danvet_> I didn't get around to type that in a mail yet, will try to have that ready next week
[21:25:51] <danvet_> other bit: no reply yet from sage, anyone want to ping them maybe?
[21:26:24] <danvet_> reply to my mail or so, I guess they're a bit burried in stuff
[21:26:32] <Lyude> danvet_: I can do it
[21:26:39] <danvet_> Lyude, cool thx
[21:27:17] <danvet_> anything else on fd.o merger or questions or suggestions?
[21:27:44] <danvet_> I guess we'll also be looking for coc committee volunteers, 1-2 of the current ones might want to hand that over I've heard
[21:28:37] <mdnavare> danvet_: I volunteered for code of conduct last year for XDC, I can do for this year too
[21:28:59] <danvet_> mdnavare, this would be fd.o coc, so on-going entire year
[21:29:08] <danvet_> also actually more assholes to deal with
[21:29:16] <danvet_> just so you know
[21:29:31] <mdnavare> danvet_: What would be the responsibilities?
[21:29:51] <danvet_> https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeOfConduct/ <- enforcing this
[21:30:25] <danvet_> but largely you'll rely on project maintainers handling things, fd.o coc only handles the escalations or when a maintainer doesn't do anything, or for fd.o wide bans
[21:30:42] <danvet_> mdnavare, maybe chat with daniels or keithp, they've been doing this thus far
[21:31:14] <mdnavare> danvet_: ok, I iwll chat with them first before i take this over
[21:31:31] <danvet_> also not yet pressing, just figured I throw this out there for people to consider
[21:32:11] <mdnavare> sounds good
[21:32:22] <danvet_> btw doesn't need to be someone from the board, if you think someone specific would do a great job
[21:32:44] <danvet_> ok, next one: I just noticed I jumped one item
[21:32:57] <danvet_> travel request from kevin brace, see board@ mail for details
[21:33:20] <danvet_> 2 talk proposals around openchrome, that part seemed good enough to me
[21:33:36] <danvet_> but 500$ extra so we sponsor his city trip to chicago too seemed a bit much
[21:33:54] <anholt> yeah, I didn't get that part.  was there some justification for it?
[21:33:59] <danvet_> if people agree then I think we'll just wait for him to revise the request and vote next meeting
[21:34:09] <Lyude> I was going to say, there's a lot of stuff there and no clear indication what all of it is for
[21:34:17] <danvet_> anholt, not that I've seen, I copied the entire travel request
[21:34:35] <danvet_> but looked like 1-2 weeks for extra time in chicago or something like that
[21:34:48] <anholt> ok, so it was just that email.  that was a "no, come back with a reasonable request" from me.
[21:35:25] <danvet_> yeah haven't seen a reply yet, but also was only yesterday I looked at the new talk proposals for new travel requests
[21:35:51] <tlwoerner> lol, maybe he thinks chicago is near montreal?
[21:36:04] <danvet_> dunno
[21:36:23] <danvet_> I was kinda suprised about how far montreal<->san francisco actually is
[21:36:27] <danvet_> this continent is big!
[21:36:33] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yea and in that case for his personal trip to ORD, he can pay the difference
[21:36:43] <danvet_> oh just realized there's another travel request just now, I'll prep that for next board meeting
[21:36:51] <danvet_> it lacks a few details ...
[21:37:03] <danvet_> mdnavare, well it gets complicated with the ticket and reimbursement
[21:37:12] <danvet_> anyway, I think all agree?
[21:37:24] * hwentlan agrees
[21:37:26] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yep
[21:37:29] <mdnavare> agree
[21:37:29] <samuelig> yep
[21:37:48] <bryce> sure
[21:38:02] <Lyude> agree
[21:38:16] <danvet_> ok, hopefully more travel requests to approve next mtg
[21:38:43] <danvet_> xdc sponsors: we have a new one, thanks anholt for getting the paperwork started
[21:38:54] <danvet_> I think 2 inofficially on board, plus 4 or so getting worked on
[21:39:20] <danvet_> looking good imo, if anyway wants to contact someone pls ping me/mark filion so we can coordinate (Mark does some of the haggling)
[21:39:31] <danvet_> other bit: need to get xdc paper committee going
[21:39:38] <danvet_> any volunteers from the board?
[21:39:49] <danvet_> I already pinged mark about who will help out from collabora
[21:40:00] <samuelig> I volunteer for the XDC paper committee
[21:40:23] <mdnavare> danvet_: qq on that, if I am planning on submitting a paper, can I still volunteer to be on paper committee?
[21:40:46] <mdnavare> mdnavare: Or does that violate any of the policies?
[21:40:54] <danvet_> mdnavare, sure, just don't vote on your own
[21:40:59] <danvet_> :-)
[21:41:24] <hwentlan> i volunteer for paper committee as well... not sure how many people we need/want
[21:41:25] <danvet_> ok, so we'd have 2, I think for continuity would be good if keithp or me are also in (but I'm happy to hand that over)
[21:41:31] <mdnavare> danvet_: Ok then you could count me in as well
[21:41:31] <danvet_> since quite a bit of paperwork
[21:41:53] <danvet_> hwentlan, past it was 3, that's usually enough to get reasonable opionion on talks
[21:42:11] <danvet_> it's also quite a pile of work
[21:42:29] <hwentlan> sounds good, will leave it to existing volunteers then if you or keithp volunteer
[21:43:01] <mdnavare> danvet_: Yes if you need more people, you can count me in
[21:43:02] <danvet_> I think you can join if you want
[21:43:27] <danvet_> like I said I'm tooooootally fine with ramping up all new people this year and then handing that all over
[21:43:34] <danvet_> I got that job from mupuf ...
[21:43:52] <danvet_> hopefully it's a lot easier with indigo
[21:43:54] <hwentlan> what's the paper work (other than reading proposals)?
[21:44:10] <danvet_> someone needs to chair, aka make sure everyone else looks at stuff
[21:44:20] <danvet_> and that there's some reasonable decision making process
[21:44:38] <danvet_> plus the edgecases tend to result in quite a bit of discussion
[21:44:48] <danvet_> if we get those, who knows
[21:44:48] <hwentlan> makes sense
[21:45:16] <hwentlan> i'm good either way... count me in if you need an extra guy or not if we're good :)
[21:45:22] <danvet_> anyway one of you three will get volunteered for chairing this :-)
[21:45:56] <danvet_> oh related to xdc19: mdnavare did you look into typing up something for the extended travel policy page?
[21:46:11] <danvet_> iirc you volunteered ...
[21:46:29] <danvet_> https://xdc2019.x.org/event/5/page/36-travel-grants <- this one, but more fanfares
[21:47:08] <mdnavare> danvet_: No I havent typed up on the XDC page, but I did mention that in all my emails that is ent to prior Outreachy interns
[21:48:09] <danvet_> yeah I think the possibility here is to do some public PR and get new people to attend maybe
[21:48:21] <danvet_> mdnavare, still want to chase that?
[21:48:59] <mdnavare> danvet_: So the public PR would be on just this XDC page or also on social media like twitter etc?
[21:49:28] <danvet_> mdnavare, I'd go with everywhere, but first have some good PR copy on the main page that we can link to from social media and everywhere with fanfares
[21:50:01] <mdnavare> danvet_: okay I can still chase it and get in touch with Mark Fillon to get that added
[21:50:32] <danvet_> ok I'll keep it on the agenda for next week
[21:50:41] <danvet_> final item (we got thru, yay)!
[21:50:42] <mdnavare> sounds good
[21:50:49] <danvet_> xdc20, first proposal is in
[21:50:59] <danvet_> pls everyone take a look and ask questions anywhere you have concerns
[21:51:12] <danvet_> if all goes well we'll have a 2nd offer
[21:51:12] <mdnavare> danvet_: Did we get a new catering quote with just coffee?
[21:51:20] <danvet_> mdnavare, not yet
[21:51:38] <danvet_> but the deadline we set for ourselves to decide is end of July
[21:51:51] <danvet_> that full month is to clear up any such questions, so plenty of time
[21:51:57] <danvet_> just need to get them all asked
[21:52:36] <danvet_> with xdc18 we had a bit an embarressment where no one really read the full proposal until we started voting
[21:52:47] <samuelig> good to know :)
[21:54:18] <hwentlan> looks like there are lots of food options within walking distance to the university, both cheap and (really) expensive
[21:55:54] <danvet_> hwentlan, the entire thing, not just what I replied on :-)
[21:56:35] <samuelig> I will reply asking for the video recording quality and so on
[21:56:44] <samuelig> because it is not specified in the proposal
[21:56:49] <hwentlan> For sure. Read it but haven't thought of further questions yet
[21:57:41] <danvet_> ok anything else I should record or otherwise?
[21:58:24] <danvet_> samuelig, I'm also expecting that there'll bee 500-1k of "various" that is probably not yet all included in the estimate
[21:58:31] <danvet_> it seems a bit optimistic in that regard
[21:59:24] <samuelig> agreed, I shared to them the estimated vs execution costs from xdc 2018, that should help them to improve the estimate
[21:59:50] <samuelig> that is another question to ask.
[22:00:10] <danvet_> ok, church bell ringing, time's up
[22:00:16] <danvet_> thanks everyone for hanging out
[22:00:22] <danvet_> samuelig, I guess you'll reply with that one?
[22:00:37] <samuelig> danvet_, yes
[22:00:40] <bryce> thanks, cya!
[22:01:32] <danvet_> cool, thanks everyone

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