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[22:55:09] * danvet didn't screw up the scrip change
[22:55:11] <danvet> yay!
[22:56:28] <mdnavare> Manasi reporting to her first board meeting!
[22:56:40] <danvet> mdnavare, welcome!
[22:56:45] <danvet> 4' early though :-)
[22:56:48] <Lyude> Hey mdnavare! congrats on getting on the board :)
[22:56:55] * danvet just prepping agenda and stuff
[22:57:17] <mdnavare> Lyude: Thanks and Congrats to you too! Looking forward to working with you
[22:57:23] <Lyude> same!
[22:57:23] <mdnavare> danvet: Thanks :)
[23:00:19] <danvet> hi all!
[23:00:37] <tlwoerner> hello
[23:02:16] <danvet> hwentlan, bryce keithp around too?
[23:02:21] <danvet> afaik samuelig said he can't attend
[23:02:33] <danvet> and anholt is at some burning man thing in portland and probably without connection
[23:03:16] <tlwoerner> wow, really? he just started a new job and on holidays already?!
[23:03:30] <hwentlan> hi
[23:05:26] <danvet> cool, I guess we have quorum
[23:05:34] <danvet> Agenda: treasurer report, board transition, gsco/evoc, xdc cfp/page/sponsors,
[23:05:34] <danvet> credentials, fdo merger, extended travel sponsoring
[23:05:36] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:06:05] <Lyude> lgtm
[23:06:13] <danvet> oh and update: next meeting will be 7 pm UTC
[23:06:14] <mdnavare> sounds good
[23:06:27] <danvet> the /topic should be updated with the script now
[23:06:35] <danvet> so treasurer report
[23:06:47] <danvet> I hope everyone read anholt's draft v2 so we can approve it here
[23:07:38] <danvet> or questions, comments?
[23:07:39] <Lyude> I've read it at least
[23:07:44] <Lyude> looked fine to me
[23:08:16] <mdnavare> danvet: Sorry too many things to catch up on after vacation so havent had a chance to read it yet
[23:08:29] <mdnavare> danvet: I can do that today right after the meeting and give inputs
[23:08:44] <danvet> mdnavare, well either now or the thing doesn't go out for another 2 weeks
[23:08:51] <danvet> board needs to approve per vote
[23:08:52] * hwentlan is still reading the report
[23:09:04] <danvet> it's a tradition to read material on in the meeting :-)
[23:09:35] <danvet> mdnavare, "draft treasurer's report for voting" on the board list
[23:10:21] <mdnavare> danvet: Ok will read now, its on the M-L right/
[23:10:22] <mdnavare> ?
[23:10:31] <hwentlan> yup, on the board mailing list
[23:10:38] <mdnavare> got it
[23:12:41] <hwentlan> we might get questions on the "unknown outreach" item but i feel we did our due diligence and explained it in the report
[23:12:49] <hwentlan> so, lgtm
[23:13:00] <danvet> yeah, we're a bit beholden to spi here
[23:13:28] <danvet> and spi is working on improving the situation
[23:13:37] <danvet> or at least throwing ideas around
[23:16:02] <mdnavare> looks good to me, is this draft the right place to talk about the details of basis of travel sponsorship grants?
[23:16:59] <mdnavare> It says 6 sponsorships not sure if it makes sense to give some detail on how these 6 were chosen
[23:17:05] <danvet> mdnavare, what do you mean?
[23:17:13] <danvet> we approved all we got
[23:17:29] <danvet> I mean we could have blown through 20k more and still some change left
[23:17:43] <mdnavare> danvet: Okay so may be that should be stated, that we approved all the requests that we got which was 6 total
[23:17:49] <danvet> that's why we're expanding the travel sponsoring for this year
[23:18:07] <danvet> mdnavare, do we need to make that edit?
[23:18:13] <danvet> 2 week delay and all that ...
[23:18:26] <mdnavare> not that crucial in that case
[23:18:50] <danvet> (we actually approved a lot more travel, but they didn't take it because complicated reasons)
[23:18:56] <danvet> so anyone up for formal voting?
[23:19:05] <danvet> anholt's report approved as-is?
[23:19:11] <Lyude> ay
[23:19:24] <hwentlan> ay
[23:19:26] <mdnavare> Ack
[23:19:34] <danvet> oh new voting style, I better get used to that
[23:19:36] * danvet ay
[23:19:39] <danvet> and done
[23:19:49] <danvet> yay, don't need to rewrite my minutes that I prepped :-)
[23:20:09] <danvet> mdnavare, hwentlan board transition, all done?
[23:20:51] <mdnavare> danvet: Did i have any specific ARs on that?
[23:21:27] <danvet> hwentlan had
[23:21:42] <danvet> mdnavare, and we call them just actions in the minutes here
[23:21:43] <hwentlan> was done by the end of last meeting
[23:21:45] <hwentlan> so, yes
[23:21:51] <danvet> ah cool
[23:22:16] <danvet> mdnavare, https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Duties/ <- I guess you've seen this?
[23:22:35] <danvet> tlwoerner, gsoc/evoc update?
[23:22:45] <mdnavare> danvet: Yes
[23:22:47] <tlwoerner> I have had meetings with all participants, everyone still seems to be involved and staying
[23:22:54] <tlwoerner> Khaled is still in process of getting dragonboard410c, power supply, and serial console
[23:23:02] <tlwoerner> all of which will not be straight-forward, but hopefully the pieces will arrive soon (issues with customs)
[23:23:03] <danvet> do we need to sponsor hw?
[23:23:11] <danvet> or all ok?
[23:23:17] <danvet> (we have in the past)
[23:23:28] <tlwoerner> we told him to buy the stuff and he would be reimbursed
[23:23:38] <tlwoerner> so yes, if we could sponsor that would be great
[23:24:12] <danvet> yeah should be no problem
[23:24:18] <tlwoerner> great, thanks
[23:24:21] <tlwoerner> 2 out of 3 have started blogging (I still need to figure out how to add them to the fd.o planet)
[23:24:27] <danvet> better process is estimate and ask board upfront, but I assume this is not going to break the bank
[23:24:35] <danvet> so just recipe when they have it all
[23:24:45] <tlwoerner> receipt?
[23:24:52] <danvet> yeah
[23:25:32] <mdnavare> danvet: For the duties, do we need to put our names agaianst specific ones or you asisgn them?
[23:25:38] <tlwoerner> okay, he's been keeping us informed on the costs, and it all seems legit. he has a digikey in Egypt so that makes shipping etc sensible
[23:25:41] <danvet> this is a volunteer org
[23:25:53] <tlwoerner> community bonding ends may 27, which is when coding (officially) starts
[23:25:55] <danvet> mdnavare, iirc you said you want to help out with gsco and stuff, so chat with tlwoerner 
[23:26:23] <tlwoerner> is mdnavare on the evoc M-L?
[23:26:30] <anholt_> Hi!  I'm here for a bit now, though I also have baby care and will be distracted
[23:26:59] <tlwoerner> hello anholt_ :-)
[23:27:11] <danvet> anholt_, treasurer report approved as-is
[23:27:15] <danvet> not much else thus far
[23:27:27] <mdnavare> tlwoerner: I have been getting emails about evoc so I guess I am
[23:27:32] <danvet> tlwoerner, https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorgfoundation/blog <- blogs on here or different plan?
[23:27:36] <anholt_> excellent, I can send out on Tuesday unless someone wants to send in my stead
[23:27:38] <tlwoerner> mdnavare: okay
[23:27:51] <danvet> mdnavare, it's different from board@
[23:27:59] <danvet> there's a bunch of evoc mail also on board@
[23:28:07] <Lyude> danvet: who should I talk to in order to get started with the secretary work btw? I'm assuming hwentlan?
[23:28:16] <danvet> anholt_, plenty fast enough on Tue imo
[23:28:29] <tlwoerner> danvet: i'll check with mupuf_, he mentioned the fd.o planet, but i agree moving to gitlab would be good too
[23:28:32] <mdnavare> danvet: tlwoerner: I am getting emails from evoc@foundation.x.org
[23:28:45] <danvet> ok
[23:28:49] <mdnavare> danvet: I would also be interested in XDC organizer
[23:28:58] <tlwoerner> danvet: the students have RSS feeds, so if we can pick those up that would be the easiest
[23:29:05] <tlwoerner> danvet: i'll take an action to investigate
[23:29:13] <danvet> Lyude, I guess we could chat, but it's pretty much just running this meeting here
[23:29:18] <danvet> plus looking officially
[23:29:32] <danvet> that part is the yearly report and occasionaly mail
[23:29:35] <danvet> plus liason with spi
[23:29:55] <danvet> everything else is other stuff that the secretary can wiggle out of
[23:30:02] <Lyude> I figured it would be something like that :), we can talk a bit after
[23:30:15] <Lyude> also I don't mind helping with non-secretary stuff as well wherever I can
[23:30:42] <danvet> yeah just volunteer there's plenty random stuff
[23:31:13] <danvet> tlwoerner, noted
[23:31:19] * danvet chaos in the meeting
[23:31:47] <danvet> mdnavare, so you're also volunteering to help out with evoc/gsoc stuff?
[23:32:22] <danvet> if yes I'll just note that you figure this all out yourself and chat with trevor and add you on the duties wiki page ...
[23:32:59] <mdnavare> danvet: Actually I was thinking this year I will help out with XDC organizer stuff and help with gsoc stuff next year as this summer I am mentoring our local intern so staying pretty busy with that
[23:33:51] <mdnavare> dont want to overcommit and not deliver
[23:35:25] <danvet> mdnavare, gsoc/evoc isn't about mentoring, but coordinating mentors/students
[23:35:35] <danvet> you can do both ofc
[23:36:09] <danvet> on xdc stuff samuelig is helping out already, so if time is lacking you can also just coast :-)
[23:36:12] <mdnavare> danvet: oh okay in that case count me in on both then
[23:36:17] <danvet> cool
[23:36:31] <danvet> no editing of preemptive minutes :-)
[23:36:39] <mdnavare> tlwoerner: Please let me know how can I help out with evoc/gsoc
[23:36:48] <danvet> tlwoerner, mdnavare so all good on evoc/gsoc or anything more?
[23:36:52] <tlwoerner> mdnavare: okay, i'll email you
[23:37:01] <mdnavare> great!
[23:37:01] <tlwoerner> danvet: that's all for today
[23:37:14] <danvet> thx
[23:37:20] <danvet> oh ..
[23:37:38] <danvet> tlwoerner, mdnavare xdc cfp is open, please make sure past interns submit proposals
[23:37:50] <tlwoerner> danvet: okay
[23:37:54] <danvet> half-slot talk or lightning talk is what we usually accept
[23:38:08] <mdnavare> yup
[23:38:19] <danvet> we had 2 outreachy in drm this winter and I think still some interns from summer who didn't attend xdc
[23:38:24] <mdnavare> should I reach to our past outreachy interns to submit proposals as well?
[23:38:35] <tlwoerner> mdnavare: yes please :-)
[23:38:37] <danvet> and pls make it clear that the xdc travel grant is on top of whatever they get from gsoc/outreachy for conferences
[23:39:01] <mdnavare> ok
[23:39:14] <danvet> ok, now xdc cfp/sponsors/page
[23:39:28] <danvet> samuel, mark filion from collabora and me polished that thing quite a bit and it's public now
[23:39:34] <danvet> CFP closes 7th July
[23:39:46] <danvet> will probably be extended, but that's when we make talk selections and stuff
[23:40:01] <tlwoerner> the website looks great!
[23:40:42] <danvet> if you spot typos or anything else that needs improving, pls report
[23:41:02] <danvet> aside from the travel page (which still needs more content, maybe) it should be all good
[23:41:14] <danvet> we also somewhat tested the new review flow, hopefully should work too
[23:44:08] <mdnavare> The site looks excellent
[23:44:30] <danvet> also we're haggling with more sponsors
[23:44:44] <danvet> any questions?
[23:45:20] <tlwoerner> nope
[23:45:59] <danvet> credentials
[23:46:30] <danvet> except samuelig no one replied, so I think we'll just go with the first option I proposed
[23:46:44] <danvet> i.e. git cryp of some text files in Credentials
[23:46:55] <danvet> hwentlan, can you start that and fill in the mailman admin pw?
[23:47:02] <danvet> ^please^
[23:47:12] <hwentlan> will do
[23:47:25] <hwentlan> haven't had time yet but should be able to add that by next meeting
[23:47:46] <danvet> thx
[23:47:53] <danvet> fdo merger
[23:48:13] <danvet> imo just read emails while I type a short summary :-)
[23:48:59] <danvet> most important bit: spi meeting adjourned, next attempt 10th july
[23:49:01] <danvet> Lyude, ^^
[23:49:27] <Lyude> danvet:the one on june 10th right?
[23:49:47] <danvet> uh right
[23:49:53] <Lyude> gotcha
[23:49:53] * danvet fixes minutes
[23:50:06] <danvet> #spi on spi irc server
[23:50:19] <danvet> other bit: sage pinged me in private
[23:50:27] <danvet> they're travelling, so reply will take some time
[23:50:41] <danvet> I think we can discuss the hosting policy draft next meeting?
[23:50:47] <danvet> or anyone feel like?
[23:51:15] <hwentlan> i imagine that could be a longer discussion. might be best to wait until next meeting
[23:51:25] <danvet> yeah
[23:51:30] <danvet> also full board, hopefully
[23:51:35] <hwentlan> there's a lot in there. thanks danvet for throwing that together
[23:51:48] <danvet> also pls comment on board@ if you have time
[23:51:53] <danvet> thx to those who did already
[23:52:32] <tlwoerner> i don't follow what topic "sage pinged me" is for? spi?
[23:52:53] <danvet> I sent them a mail
[23:53:01] <danvet> stuff that happens on board@ around fd.o merger details
[23:53:18] <danvet> I also annoyed jimmy from spi and a few other people last week :-)
[23:53:39] <danvet> tlwoerner, hosting policy draft is on the wiki
[23:53:45] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/XorgFoundation/Policies/Hosting/
[23:53:51] <danvet> if you're _really_ bored :-)
[23:53:55] <tlwoerner> danvet: okay, thanks :-)
[23:54:17] <danvet> it's about as entertaining to read as our bylaws
[23:55:05] <tlwoerner> lol
[23:55:18] <danvet> hm just realized I got the headings wrong
[23:55:32] <danvet> the major ones are small
[23:55:40] <danvet> ok final one: extended travel policy
[23:56:07] <danvet> https://xdc2019.x.org/event/5/page/36-travel-grants <- would be nice to write something spiffy here and make some PR for this
[23:56:22] <danvet> mark filion is pretty cool to work together with for marketing things
[23:56:30] <danvet> someone up for that?
[23:56:55] <mdnavare> I could work with Mark on this
[23:57:06] <danvet> cool
[23:58:38] <danvet> mdnavare, the idea is to try to get new people to xdc so goal would be to make this reach far and wide
[23:59:00] <danvet> and the "you need a talk submitted" part is more a "pls explain why you need to be at xdc in a ligthning talk thing
[23:59:05] <danvet> (my opinion at least)
[23:59:07] <danvet> anything else?
[23:59:12] <danvet> 1' of meeting left
[23:59:22] <tlwoerner> nope
[23:59:27] <mdnavare> nope
[23:59:32] <danvet> Lyude, hwentlan anholt_ ?
[23:59:34] <Lyude> nope
[23:59:59] <hwentlan> nothing
[00:00:05] <danvet> thx everyone for joining, that's it!

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