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[22:53:18] <danvet_> mupuf, bryce_ keithp robclark anholt hwentlan bod meeting in 5'
[22:53:21] * danvet_ late ...
[22:54:41] <anholt> here
[23:00:02] * mupuf is here
[23:01:18] * twoerner is here, meeting?
[23:01:22] <danvet_> yeah
[23:01:24] <danvet_> I think so
[23:01:27] * hwentlan is here
[23:02:04] <danvet_> keithp, bryce_ robclark around too?
[23:02:10] <danvet_> Agenda: elections, gsoc, treasurer report, xdc sponsors, (extended) travel policy
[23:02:12] <danvet_> anything to add?
[23:02:43] * twoerner has nothing
[23:06:07] <danvet_> hwentlan, start with elections?
[23:06:15] <hwentlan> sure
[23:06:35] <hwentlan> the 2 round of voting is well underway
[23:06:44] <hwentlan> Turnout: 61.9% (52 / 84) 
[23:07:04] <hwentlan> i'll send another reminder tomorrow and next week
[23:07:23] <danvet_> I wouldn't overdo it, we don't need a huge quorum
[23:07:31] <robclark> o/
[23:07:37] <robclark> (sorry a few late)
[23:07:39] <hwentlan> sounds good. maybe just one or two more then before the end
[23:07:40] <danvet_> just need to make sure people don't miss the vote completely, which seems to not be the case
[23:07:42] <danvet_> imo
[23:08:11] <hwentlan> we jumped from 33 to 52 since sending yesterday's reminder
[23:08:15] <hwentlan> so it seems to work
[23:08:36] <danvet_> nice
[23:09:20] <danvet_> hwentlan, you'll do the intro for all the new board members I guess?
[23:09:39] <danvet_> mtg time and stuff like https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Duties/ I mean
[23:10:10] <hwentlan> i can do that, yes
[23:10:21] <danvet_> thx
[23:10:33] <danvet_> I guess that's all ... tlwoerner gsoc?
[23:10:42] <danvet_> hm, fdo merger we need to add to the agenda I guess
[23:11:19] <hwentlan> right, i'm not entirely sure what exactly this means in detail... we might need to talk about that at some point
[23:12:00] <danvet_> hwentlan, fdo merger or board elections?
[23:12:13] <danvet_> I guess we can do that now, tlwoerner seems to have dropped somehow
[23:12:21] <hwentlan> fdo merger
[23:13:07] <danvet_> so I pinged spi, jimmy is going to get it voted on the next spi board meeting
[23:13:18] * danvet_ checks date
[23:13:26] <danvet_> 8th May
[23:14:35] <danvet_> other bit is the thread I started about an fd.o hosting policy
[23:14:41] * tlwoerner is here :-) don't know why my laptop keeps dropping the oftc connection (freenode connection is always fine)
[23:14:48] <danvet_> would be good if people can comment on that
[23:14:51] <danvet_> daniels has already
[23:15:01] <danvet_> tlwoerner, we switched to fdo merger gossip meanwhile :-)
[23:15:08] <tlwoerner> np
[23:15:49] * hwentlan needs to catch up on his xorg mail
[23:15:53] <danvet_> if I'm sufficiently bored I'll draft up something with the ideas floating around
[23:16:09] <danvet_> and I guess once spi approves the merger anholt gets to figure out how to merge the books
[23:16:23] <danvet_> (there's probably not much of books I think ...)
[23:16:40] <anholt> yeah, I'm assuming it'll be "xorg got a big one-time income"
[23:17:15] <danvet_> yeah, and maybe some obligations, but daniels said the only real thing is a pile of google cloud credits + corresponding expenses to burn that on gitlab
[23:17:25] <danvet_> the portland uni hosting seems to be free or something
[23:17:31] * danvet_ no idea
[23:17:58] <danvet_> anything else we should do for the merger?
[23:18:24] <robclark> hopefully PSU situation isn't like the old sun machine we had at MIT but no one knew were it physically was :-P
[23:18:34] <danvet_> it's virtual boxes
[23:18:43] <danvet_> :-)
[23:18:53] <danvet_> but yeah, hopefully not that bad
[23:18:55] <robclark> lost in the cloud.. :-P
[23:19:08] <danvet_> we do apparently have a bit a busfactor-of-one problem on all these services
[23:19:27] <danvet_> with mithrandir knowing psu and daniels gcd
[23:19:36] <danvet_> so 2x single point of failure or something like that
[23:20:48] <danvet_> tlwoerner, stable irc for gsoc update?
[23:20:59] <tlwoerner> danvet_: yes, back on desktop
[23:21:08] <tlwoerner> as was pointed out earlier, these meetings are recorded, so i won't go into detail
[23:21:16] <tlwoerner> but google has updated us on the number of slots we've been awarded
[23:21:32] <tlwoerner> they caution: "Do not tell students that they have been accepted into the program before the public announcement on May 6 after 18:00 UTC"
[23:22:07] <danvet_> do we have mentors for all of them?
[23:22:10] <tlwoerner> the admins now need to assign slots to the proposals we want
[23:22:13] <tlwoerner> almost
[23:22:17] <danvet_> hm, so should I not list the number of slots we have?
[23:22:20] <danvet_> iirc we've usually done that
[23:22:33] <tlwoerner> of the 3 proposals, we have solid mentors for 2 of them
[23:23:06] <tlwoerner> I think Pekka is almost there for mentoring the 3rd
[23:23:50] <tlwoerner> there's some confusion around how much work is involved and what i'm looking for Pekka to do
[23:24:21] <tlwoerner> there's no reason a student can't have multiple mentors, so i think that's the way to go to get Pekka on board
[23:24:49] <tlwoerner> i'm rather sure i can take on the parts of the mentoring that Pekka doesn't seem interested in
[23:25:28] <danvet_> sounds good
[23:25:33] <tlwoerner> we have until May 6th
[23:25:39] <tlwoerner> that's all for gsoc
[23:25:45] <tlwoerner> oh..!
[23:25:47] * mupuf could also help
[23:26:00] <tlwoerner> i would like a dedicated X.org gsoc mailing list
[23:26:09] <tlwoerner> (separate from evoc)
[23:26:15] <tlwoerner> if possible
[23:27:12] <mupuf> tlwoerner: what for?
[23:27:46] <tlwoerner> mupuf: i'd like to hold weekly "meetings" with the students
[23:27:53] <danvet_> irc?
[23:28:00] <mupuf> yeah, I have been using irc
[23:28:04] <danvet_> or the mailing list to coordinate the irc meeeting?
[23:28:28] <robclark> I guess if there are students across many timezones a mailing list is useful..
[23:28:37] <tlwoerner> i'd like regular reports from them, which i think would work better in email
[23:28:46] <tlwoerner> (in addition to their blogs)
[23:28:56] <mupuf> oh my, good luck :D
[23:29:09] <mupuf> getting them to blog weekly is alrready a challenge
[23:29:15] <tlwoerner> the mailing list will be my nag channel
[23:29:34] * mupuf has been sending emails to each of them
[23:29:47] <danvet_> yeah can't we just spam them with cc?
[23:29:51] <danvet_> seems easier ...
[23:29:55] <mupuf> since everyone is in a different situation... but mailing list could create a competion betsween them
[23:30:02] <mupuf> agreed
[23:30:39] <tlwoerner> okay, no problem
[23:30:54] <danvet_> mailing also means we'd need to update it
[23:31:02] <danvet_> we already struggle to get that done for board elections :-)
[23:32:53] <danvet_> hm all for gsoc I guess?
[23:33:03] <tlwoerner> yes
[23:33:24] <danvet_> anholt, treasurer report?
[23:35:14] <anholt> spent a day on it this week, made a lot of progress.  still some big unknown transactions (in our favor, overall).
[23:35:28] <danvet_> hm
[23:35:30] <anholt> I've asked SPI if we can get per-transaction data, no reply
[23:35:37] <danvet_> :-/
[23:35:38] <anholt> yet
[23:35:44] <danvet_> yeah they're overloaded
[23:36:06] <anholt> so, I could make up a report acknowledging our limitations, and maybe that should be the next step.
[23:36:30] <danvet_> how much is still unreconciled?
[23:36:32] <danvet_> in usd I mean
[23:37:04] <anholt> just a sec
[23:38:12] <anholt> our report has 38k out of SPI's 42k in income, 13k/12k in expenses.
[23:38:37] <danvet_> close enough for government work?
[23:38:45] <tlwoerner> your report has more in expenses than theirs?
[23:39:08] <anholt> tlwoerner: slightly different counting, SPI's 5% is our expenses but not theirs
[23:39:35] <tlwoerner> ah yes, true
[23:39:52] <danvet_> I'd say a preliminary report sounds like a good idea
[23:41:12] <anholt> agree.  I've been blocking on getting fully matching data, but I think just getting close and reporting where we're at and the limitations of our data would be best at this point.
[23:41:26] <danvet_> yeah
[23:41:40] <anholt> I'll try to come up with a proposed report to run by the list.
[23:41:44] <danvet_> we're not going to get this fixed quickly, spi needs to get that direct interface they've been talking about going
[23:44:01] <danvet_> quick update on xdc sponsors from me
[23:44:03] <tlwoerner> maybe mupuf can code it up for them?
[23:44:05] * tlwoerner ducks
[23:44:15] <mupuf> :D
[23:44:21] <danvet_> good news: people started replying to my mails, we have 20k more committed sponsoring than last mtg
[23:44:32] <danvet_> bad news: anholt gets to start invoicing :-)
[23:44:41] <mupuf> danvet_: \o/
[23:44:48] <danvet_> I guess ask bryce_ how that works, and I think there's some notes from last year
[23:45:00] <anholt> danvet_: I already started the invoicing process with intel
[23:45:05] <anholt> I've got records of how bryce handled it
[23:45:08] <mupuf> still no money moving to fd.o's machinery? :D
[23:45:31] <danvet_> usually process companies want seems to be to get an invoice from spi (with the right date/address/whatever they want)
[23:45:38] <danvet_> anholt, thx
[23:46:18] <danvet_> I think this also means sponsoring looks like a regular thing and we can announce the extended travel policy with big fanfares
[23:46:33] <danvet_> anyone wants to make some pr?
[23:46:59] <mupuf> danvet_: wha'ts the difference?
[23:47:14] <danvet_> anyone who asks gets
[23:47:20] <danvet_> before you needed an accepted talk
[23:47:26] <danvet_> board discretion still applies
[23:48:06] <danvet_> I think we could use this to get more students/newbies in and do some general outreach
[23:48:44] <danvet_> we can easily afford to burn another 5k on travel, or maybe more
[23:48:47] * anholt hopes we can bring in some of the lima/panfrost folks to xdc.
[23:49:35] <danvet_> yeah
[23:49:44] <robclark> we maybe want *some* restrictions, like if we sponsor board members (or maybe even people who work for companies represented on the board), it should be limited to accepted talks?
[23:49:45] * tlwoerner doesn't see why alyssa wouldn't attend
[23:50:02] <robclark> but opening it up to community member when we can seems like a good idea
[23:51:07] <danvet_> robclark, imo we can fix those gaps once someone tries to abuse it
[23:51:11] <danvet_> also, money is available
[23:51:35] <robclark> yeah, that is more about avoiding appearance of using foundation as a slush fund
[23:51:37] <danvet_> with these travel programs the issue is that the folks who really need it don't dare
[23:51:49] <danvet_> so if it's full of restrictions, it's probably ineffective
[23:51:54] <robclark> I guarantee that libv will bring it up otherwise ;-)
[23:51:59] <danvet_> yeah
[23:52:03] <danvet_> I don't care really
[23:52:03] <anholt> libv will bring it up period, even with your amendment
[23:52:08] <danvet_> exactly
[23:52:16] <anholt> because obviously the board members, who control the accepted talks, would submit talks
[23:52:21] <danvet_> if xorg ends up with a fully corrupt board, we have bigger problems
[23:52:36] <danvet_> well that too ofc
[23:52:42] <hwentlan> one check of power is also the board election
[23:54:19] <danvet_> so anyone, someone wants to have some fun?
[23:54:31] <robclark> IMO limiting people who work for companies represented by someone on board to "accepted talk or we would have accepted if enough slots" compared to more permissive policy for random community members shouldn't really be a problem
[23:54:33] <danvet_> or should I ask mark to do something on the new website
[23:55:02] <danvet_> well we can't reimburse people from companies who sponsor us anyway
[23:55:07] <danvet_> because $complicated_reasons
[23:55:25] <danvet_> some put this outright into the sponsoring agreement spi signed for us
[23:55:26] <robclark> right, that actually seems like a common sense rule..
[23:55:42] * anholt needs to take off
[23:55:49] <danvet_> that already excludes half the board
[23:56:07] <danvet_> anholt, yeah I think I'll close, and just ask mark whether he's up for this
[23:56:16] <danvet_> anything else to add to the minutes?
[23:57:49] <tlwoerner> how is the planning coming for XDC2019?
[23:58:06] <tlwoerner> do we have a reduced rate at a hotel nearby?
[23:58:08] <danvet_> website should go live next month or so
[23:58:14] * danvet_ no idea
[23:58:16] <tlwoerner> okay
[23:58:57] <danvet_> we don't really do much more than pick organizers and let them run the show
[23:59:10] <danvet_> well, approve all the expenses we cover ofc
[23:59:23] <danvet_> bit of paper committee duties (jointly with organizers)
[23:59:39] <tlwoerner> do we have a paper committee?
[23:59:44] <danvet_> not yet
[00:00:00] <danvet_> usually a question of who loses in the straw draw :-)
[00:00:13] * danvet_ closes minutes
[00:00:20] <danvet_> thx everyone for joining

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