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[22:01:05] <danvet> mupuf, bryce keithp robclark__ Riastradh hwentlan ^^
[22:01:13] * danvet entirely not prepared ...
[22:01:31] <robclark__> o/
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[22:01:42] * robclark on time for once :-P
[22:02:13] <danvet> I guess mupuf will miss like me ...
[22:02:25] <danvet> bryce, keithp around too?
[22:02:42] <danvet> Agenda: elections, gsoc, members.x.org, treasurer, xdc sponsors
[22:02:46] <danvet> anything to add here meanwhile?
[22:05:47] <danvet> hwentlan, I guess we can start with elections?
[22:06:33] <hwentlan> i sent out the list of nominees (somewhat late) and totally forgot to mention the bylaw change
[22:06:57] <hwentlan> i remedied that somewhat today but will call it out again when i send the email to open the election period
[22:08:22] <danvet> I think a new mail with a clear "bylaw changes vote" subject would be good
[22:08:27] <hwentlan> do we think this warrants extending the election or moving the start date out by a week?
[22:08:40] <danvet> last few years there was always some folks with their heads in sand who totally missed that part of the vote
[22:09:09] <danvet> imo good reason, but up to election committee
[22:09:22] <danvet> good reason to delay
[22:09:34] <robclark> hwentlan, given that election period only just started, we perhaps don't absolutely *need* to delay.. but I think no harm to push it back a reason
[22:10:07] <robclark> s/reason/week/
[22:10:19] <hwentlan> anholt, thoughts?
[22:10:36] <robclark> I think if in doubt, it is fine to err on side of delay
[22:10:38] <hwentlan> not sure if anyone else here from the elections committee (or not up for re election)
[22:10:52] <anholt> delay by a week seems fine but not mandatory to me
[22:11:56] <tlwoerner> the election is already pretty late this year (don't we aim for the first of the new year?)
[22:12:03] <hwentlan> i'd rather err on the side of delay election start by a week to give everyone a chance to process it
[22:12:07] <bryce_> hi all
[22:12:18] <danvet> bryce_, hi
[22:12:24] <hwentlan> tlwoerner, last year was later https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/2018/
[22:12:36] <danvet> tlwoerner, we're good at being late
[22:12:48] <danvet> I think we're perfectly average, pretty smooth election thus far
[22:13:30] <bryce_> a delay can't hurt, and if it increases vote turnout that can save some trouble of having to revote later
[22:13:58] <hwentlan> do we need a vote? i think it's only anholt, bryce_, and myself from the elections committee here today
[22:14:23] <hwentlan> if so that one week delay gets a +1 from me
[22:14:36] <bryce_> +1 I'm good with it too
[22:14:40] <danvet> I think bylaws say something like "committee constitute themselves", so entirely up to you
[22:14:59] <anholt> +1
[22:15:06] <robclark> +1
[22:15:19] <hwentlan> we'll delay then
[22:15:25] <danvet> thankfully this matches the minutes I've typed already :-)
[22:15:33] <hwentlan> i'll send an email to highlight the bylaw change and another one to highlight the delay
[22:15:40] <danvet> this too
[22:15:42] <hwentlan> thanks
[22:15:42] <danvet> hwentlan, thx
[22:16:05] <danvet> anything else from elections I should type up?
[22:16:08] <robclark> tlwoerner, the board members get bonus of 200% of their board salary (ie. $0.00) if election finishes on schedule :-P </joke>
[22:16:14] <danvet> already mentioned the 6 candiates and bylaw changes
[22:16:19] <tlwoerner> robclark: lol
[22:16:43] <danvet> we'd all delay it intentionally to save x.org some monies
[22:16:50] <robclark> heheh
[22:17:09] <danvet> I guess time for gsoc from tlwoerner ?
[22:17:56] <tlwoerner> not much to report, i was away for most of last week at SCaLE (i gave 2 talks, one of which was unexpected, and organized a mini-conference)
[22:18:30] <tlwoerner> i was also trying (successfully) to hit a work milestone before leaving for SCaLE
[22:18:42] <bryce_> tlwoerner, ah I was at SCaLE too - mostly hanging out in the Inkscape booth.
[22:18:50] <tlwoerner> but now that that's all behind, i can focus on GSoC a bit more
[22:19:03] <tlwoerner> i was in the basement of "the other building" the whole week :-)
[22:19:13] <tlwoerner> too bad we couldn't connect for lunch or something, next time
[22:19:30] <bryce_> tlwoerner, ah yeah I missed most of the talks.  Yeah lunch would be great :-)
[22:19:43] <tlwoerner> the next big date for gsoc is march 25th, that's when students start to apply
[22:20:32] <tlwoerner> i assigned https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/freedesktop/freedesktop/issues/76 to myself and want to fix up the various wiki pages soon
[22:20:54] <tlwoerner> i also want to get in touch with the people organizing the xdc in montreal
[22:21:18] <tlwoerner> i believe the next xdc is at a university? it would be great if i could get some of the professors/students there interested
[22:22:06] <tlwoerner> that's all for now
[22:22:12] <danvet> tlwoerner, mark fillion is organizing it (from collabora)
[22:22:20] <danvet> if you want to ping
[22:22:23] <danvet> or ping daniels
[22:22:31] <danvet> tlwoerner, thx
[22:22:59] <tlwoerner> ah, Filion
[22:23:07] <tlwoerner> Fillion is an actor :-)
[22:23:24] * danvet mumbles excuse about it being late here ...
[22:23:49] <tlwoerner> https://www.linkedin.com/in/markfilion/?originalSubdomain=ca
[22:26:27] <danvet> mark.filion@collabora.com <- that one
[22:26:39] <danvet> anholt, treasurer updates?
[22:26:42] <tlwoerner> danvet: thanks :-)
[22:26:54] <danvet> and treasurer report ...
[22:26:58] <anholt> followed up on a spi request, currently looking at the treasurer report
[22:27:28] <anholt> our 2017 doesn't quite match up with spi's 2017 (off by $200ish)
[22:28:26] <anholt> and our 2018 summary so far is missing a bunch of donations according to spi's ledger.
[22:28:59] <anholt> (arm, for example)
[22:29:56] <danvet> the 200 doesn't happen to be the bofa check we've been looking for?
[22:30:05] <bryce_> curious what the $200 is
[22:30:43] <bryce_> danvet, that'd be a surprise.
[22:31:04] <danvet> yeah :-)
[22:31:11] <anholt> spi has more income in 2017/12 than we do by $200
[22:31:40] <anholt> but our ledger has a quote of their report for that month without that $200.  so they back-fixed something?
[22:31:50] <bryce_> could be
[22:32:38] <bryce_> when I did the 2016 -> 2017 reconcile, there were some backfixes there.  I recall needing to go back and redo 2016 from scratch to figure out the difference
[22:32:42] <anholt> so, one of the issues as a new treasurer is that tracking down last year's records will be tricky.  we should maybe have treasurer be a ML, or something, if the new treasurer is to report on last year.
[22:32:54] <bryce_> anholt, you'll maybe see some notes I left in there where I had trouble
[22:35:07] <anholt> yeah.  anyway, sorting it out, it at least seems like a system that once we reconcile leaves us with good information to cross-check with SPI.
[22:35:16] <danvet> so anything for me to type as an action?
[22:35:39] <anholt> don't think so, I'm working on the report and will try to finish soon.
[22:35:53] <danvet> I guess if we every once-in-a-while need to adjust the books with a correction booking, that's not too horrible
[22:36:10] <danvet> as long as we have a solid enough idea of how exactly we do spend the money in more detail than what spi reports
[22:36:18] <danvet> *detail relevant to what we do
[22:37:40] <danvet> ok quick xdc sponsors update: I enjoyed vacations, so nothing new yet
[22:38:09] <danvet> I also added "xdc19 website" to the agenda since mark filion pinged
[22:38:21] <danvet> chatted with mupuf, he's still up for helping out
[22:38:27] <danvet> I guess we can discuss next mtg
[22:38:37] <danvet> would be really nice to have that for a more structure cfp
[22:39:28] <danvet> anything else to discuss?
[22:40:11] <bryce_> danvet, there was the question on website sponsors.  Dunno if you want to go over that?
[22:40:18] <danvet> oh right
[22:40:29] <danvet> someone wants to add a weblink for money
[22:41:16] <danvet> given that we seem to be able to fairly easily get a lot more money through xdc sponsors than what we strictly need, I don't think this is worth the bother really
[22:41:52] <danvet> except if someone is enthusiastic about relieving some semi-shady link optimizer people off their money :-)
[22:42:35] <danvet> (I read up a bit on this and since the effect is hard to measure it seems to be a lump sum budget item with a lot of companies that just goes out there)
[22:45:12] <danvet> I guess nothing to add then
[22:45:16] <bryce_> yeah, I've also felt that with as much as gets raised through xdc, more than we're able to spend, the seo sponsors are superfluous
[22:45:23] <danvet> thx everyone for joining
[22:45:25] <danvet> yeah

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