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[23:00:39] <tlwoerner> hello
[23:00:45] <bryce> o/
[23:00:49] <hwentlan> hi everyone
[23:01:21] <danvet> hi all!
[23:01:23] <mupuf> hi :)
[23:04:34] <danvet> keithp, anholt around too?
[23:04:49] <danvet> Agenda: elections, evoc, gsoc, members.x.org, treasurer, xdc sponsors
[23:04:53] <danvet> ^^ anything to add?
[23:05:24] <keithp> yup, I'm here
[23:06:22] <danvet> ok, I guess we'll start
[23:06:27] <danvet> hwentlan, elections?
[23:06:46] <hwentlan> we got 6 nominees, 3 with the same affiliation
[23:07:08] <danvet> sounds like a proper election!
[23:07:32] <hwentlan> i'll send confirmations of the nominations after this meeting, as well as a reminder that the membership signup period closes next thursday
[23:07:54] <hwentlan> i'll also create a proper 2019 elections page on the wiki which i probably should've done weeks ago
[23:08:08] <mupuf> hwentlan: make sure all admins on the membership website stop accepting people after that then ;)
[23:08:24] <hwentlan> will send a reminder
[23:08:46] <danvet> hwentlan, link isn't updated yet?
[23:08:49] <hwentlan> is there a way to stop new registrations after that date?
[23:08:51] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/ <- here
[23:08:52] <robclark> hi.. sorry a bit late
[23:09:10] <hwentlan> nope
[23:09:21] <mupuf> hwentlan: there is no such feature, danvet said it was a human problem
[23:09:34] <hwentlan> cool. human problem works for me
[23:09:36] <danvet> yeah we solved that with humans being really lazy in the past :-)
[23:09:40] <bryce> hah
[23:09:48] <danvet> just remember to be extra lazy while elections are on
[23:09:59] <keithp> I think most of us can comply with that
[23:10:06] <danvet> (usually I get the reminders I think, at least with the old thing)
[23:10:15] <danvet> yeah that's a process xorg can get behind
[23:10:20] <mupuf> yeah, but we need to be reminded, now that more than 1 person are doing it
[23:10:50] <danvet> hwentlan, so where is that famous election page?
[23:10:52] * danvet can't find it
[23:11:01] * mupuf had the same problem
[23:11:33] <hwentlan> danvet, there is none yet
[23:11:45] <hwentlan> i neglected to create one and will remedy that by this weekend
[23:12:15] <hwentlan> current election points currently to the 2018 page
[23:12:42] <danvet> ah ok
[23:12:46] <danvet> yeah got confused
[23:12:59] <danvet> anything else on elections?
[23:13:43] <hwentlan> nope, that's basically it
[23:14:02] <hwentlan> the names will be announced next week
[23:14:24] <hwentlan> the entire elections committee should already have received the nominations and should be aware of the names
[23:14:37] <hwentlan> if there are any objections let me know
[23:14:49] <keithp> thanks for your work so far
[23:15:21] <danvet> sounds all good then
[23:15:36] <bryce> yes, thank you and mupuf, it's seems to be going smoothly
[23:15:49] <danvet> we had some note about evoc, but that was just about confirmation letters
[23:15:56] <mupuf> bryce: don't thank me yet, the website has not been doing much yet!
[23:15:58] <danvet> anything else?
[23:16:55] <hwentlan> bryce, didn't see you sign-up for membership again... is that a requirement for members of the board?
[23:17:02] <robclark> I don't really have update on EVoC.. I think I still have an action item to update the wiki about 'part time' EVoC projects, but I've not had a chance to do that yet
[23:17:17] <mupuf> hwentlan: yes, it is
[23:18:04] <danvet> robclark, ok I'll drop it from the agenda then until something comes up
[23:18:25] <robclark> ok, feel free to carry over the action item from last mtgs minutes
[23:18:30] <bryce> hwentlan, ah sorry I will do that; been preoccupied lately must have missed the notice
[23:18:47] <danvet> robclark, I didn't even have that one on there yet
[23:18:59] <danvet> I tend to age items a bit to declutter the agenda :-)
[23:19:00] <hwentlan> bryce, no worries, should be really simple thanks to mupuf's work
[23:19:01] <robclark> oh, heh, ok..
[23:19:02] <mupuf> bryce: no worries, you can do it now. It is pretty fast
[23:19:10] <danvet> also, I'm not terribly good at keeping track of things
[23:19:23] <danvet> tlwoerner, mupuf gsoc?
[23:19:36] <mupuf> danvet: tlwoerner has been doing everything so far
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<mupuf> but if he is not here, I am happy to report
<tlwoerner> as you've all probably seen by now, x.org has been accepted into google's 2019 gsoc
<danvet> oops, closed wrong window
<danvet> :-)
<danvet> now I get to patch the logs afterwards :-/
<tlwoerner> https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/organizations/
<tlwoerner> i need to update and send out the mentor email to the various relevant mailing lists looking for projects/mentors
<danvet> tlwoerner, nice, thanks for doing this all
<tlwoerner> i noticed this in the bugzilla [https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/freedesktop/freedesktop/issues/76] and thought it could be relevant
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<danvet> yeah we're not great at this ...
<bryce> mupuf, do I need to sign up new, or should I already be in the system?  members.x.org doesn't recognize my email address, wondering if it's my old address
<mupuf> bryce: no, you need to sign up again
<mupuf> I did not import the old database
<tlwoerner> i might end up assigning that issue to myself and poking it along somewhat
<bryce> aha!  ok thanks
<danvet> we made the thing more gdpr compliant by not remembering anything :-)
<danvet> tlwoerner, sounds great
<tlwoerner> that's all for now. i'm planning on sending out the email by next week
<danvet> mupuf, members.x.org running smoothly?
<mupuf> danvet: pretty much, yeah
<mupuf> will need to do some development tasks, but that's minor
<danvet> mupuf, should I keep it on the agenda, or close enough to done?
<mupuf> danvet: yeah, no need to discuss anything
<mupuf> I made sure the website was ready before we voted on it
<mupuf> so... should be good!
<mupuf> and if not, the gitlab issue tracker is a better place
<danvet> awesome, really great work
<danvet> yeah
<danvet> I'll laud you appropriately in the minutes and drop it
* danvet does a rare "Status: Done" update
<keithp> whoa. don't get over excited
<danvet> it's late, I have excuses
<mupuf> keithp: +1 :D The tool has not been demonstrated when used by a lot of users ;)
<mupuf> they always find way of screwing things up :p
<danvet> anholt, around for treasurer update?
<anholt_> got distracted by baby
<anholt_> haven't had a response from spi yet about the handoff, not sure they unmoderated my email
<bryce> they do tend to be slow about things
<danvet> yeah ping again after a week or so ...
<anholt_> followed the arm sponsorship email chain. sounds like that's probably sorted out but spi asked arm for verification.
<bryce> anholt_, did you get the handoff email I'd written up last year?  I can dig it up and resend it
<anholt_> Bryce: haven't seen it, but may have it somewhere.
<danvet> anholt_, I also got a mail to close the amd one, so I think all xdc18 sponsors are closed now
<anholt_> excellent
<danvet> one thing martin pinged me about is that the final check from bofa->spi is still lost
<danvet> and martin can't get hold of stuart
<danvet> I pinged alanc for updated contact info if he has it
<danvet> iirc it's ~250USD, maybe just time to write it off?
<danvet> iirc bryce has already tried to get hold of this one for over a year
<anholt> bryce: I see the dec 2 handoff email.
<bryce> anholt ok great
<anholt> I'm inclined to write off at this point, but could follow up if we want
<danvet> anholt, added you on that rt ticket (but I'm not sure whether cc: works with that)
<bryce> ah there was another on dec 6th I'll send, that is more detailed
<danvet> anholt, I'll wait for alanc, but yeah if we don't find anything then I'd write it off next meeting
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<danvet> I guess back to wrangling the baby
<keithp> or napping
<keithp> agree that we can't wait forever
<anholt> any other things that should be on my radar for treasuring?
<danvet> or irc is funny
<bryce> anholt, yeah there's a list in the email I'm forwarding
<anholt> great
<danvet> anholt, I still haven't gotten around to poking xdc19 sponsors, been dragging my feet a bit
<danvet> and treasurer report is up (if you have all the data from spi for 2018)
<danvet> bryce, https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Duties/ <- do we have all the standing tasks here?
<danvet> xdc sponsor update I already mentioned above, google is a bit hard to get hold off, but marcheu promised to chase that up and help fix the confusion I created
<danvet> anything else?
<bryce> danvet, yep looks like it covers the basics.  learning ledger and the reimbursement/invoice process I suppose could be documented, but just something I guess you learn by doing
<anholt> yeah, I had a personal todo of trying out ledge
<anholt> r
<bryce> I don't know if spi's 2018 data has posted yet.  I probably wouldn't bug them much until late March
<anholt> I saw they're sorting out their own behind-on-treasuring stuff.
<danvet> yeah they have plans to hire a part time admin for this stuff
<keithp> I've been using ledger for a couple of months
<bryce> yeah, perennial problem I guess
<keithp> turns out volunteers are terrible at accounting
<danvet> since spi seems to have grown to the point where that's a good thing to keep the show running
<bryce> the ledger file is plain text btw, and a super simple format.  I have generally just hand added records there, and use the CLI just for report generation.  For xorg purposes I think that should be just fine.
<danvet> ok, looks like that's all
<keithp> I've used the emacs mode with some success too
<danvet> thanks everyone for joining
<bryce> there's also a python ledger module, not very well documented but I've been experimenting with it and it seems better than hand hacking bash scripts for report generation.  YMMV.
<danvet> assuming the ledger discussion here isn't really for the minutes ...
<bryce> sorry
<danvet> don't worry, just want to make sure it's ok if I hit send