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[23:00:11] <danvet> hi all!
[23:00:53] <danvet> bryce, keithp Riastradh anholt hwentlan around?
[23:00:57] <hwentlan> hi
[23:01:04] <anholt> hi!
[23:02:19] <danvet> mupuf already said he can't make it
[23:04:24] <robclark> o/
[23:04:53] <danvet> we're still missing bryce keithp and Riastradh 
[23:04:59] <danvet> Agenda: elections, evoc, gsoc, members.x.org, treasurer, xdc sponsors
[23:05:03] <danvet> anything to add meanwhile?
[23:05:28] <danvet> tlwoerner, around too?
[23:05:30] <hwentlan> x trademarks?
[23:05:35] <danvet> oh right
[23:05:52] <danvet> hwentlan, thx for reminding the lossiest brain on this board :-)
[23:06:18] * hwentlan would challenge that assertion most days
[23:06:58] <danvet> well just 10 minutes ago I looked at my agenda template and went "hm I think I'm missing something ..."
[23:07:12] <danvet> I guess let's get started ..
[23:07:15] <danvet> hwentlan, elections?
[23:07:46] <hwentlan> nominations period ends (ended?) today
[23:07:56] <hwentlan> we got four nominations
[23:08:01] <danvet> uh
[23:08:15] <danvet> I guess we should extend, more nagging needed?
[23:08:43] <hwentlan> yeah, how did we historically proceed when we have the bare minimum?
[23:09:09] <danvet> last few times I've been a royal pain nagging people
[23:09:12] <hwentlan> i should've sent out a few more reminders, but i'd suggest extending this by two weeks and pushing other dates out accordingly
[23:09:23] <danvet> probably responsible for 2 nominations this year too (aside from myself)
[23:10:08] <danvet> real elections would also help to get people to realize they should vote about fd.o merger
[23:10:08] <anholt> bumping the date for getting more nominations feels traditional to me.
[23:10:13] <danvet> yeah
[23:10:20] * hwentlan needs to learn how to be a royal pain
[23:10:46] <robclark> I can run again if we are short nominees, but I've been having less time for board work these days, so would rather get in some fresh blood...  but at any rate, I think having at least a couple more nominees than positions is good and schedule slips on elections aren't unheard of ;-)
[23:11:06] <danvet> the 2 people I volunteered are more kernel background
[23:11:14] <danvet> more mesa/x/wayland might be good
[23:11:54] <danvet> but maybe not like 2 years ago where the elections was essentially "which intel person do you not want" due to our exclusion rules :-/
[23:12:29] <robclark> heheh
[23:13:18] <danvet> anyone asked any igalians?
[23:13:42] <danvet> just as an idea
[23:14:11] <hwentlan> yeah, i think igalia and/or collabora guys might make good candidates
[23:14:50] <danvet> so election committee decides to extend, hwentlan volunteers to nag a bunch of people?
[23:15:00] <hwentlan> sure
[23:15:00] <anholt> +1
[23:15:01] <danvet> chema/samuel probably good starting points for igalia
[23:15:07] <hwentlan> send me suggestions on ppl to nag
[23:15:49] <danvet> bootlin/pengutronix folks?
[23:16:03] <danvet> a bit more arm can't hurt
[23:16:38] <danvet> hwentlan, btw apparently members.x.org is down
[23:17:03] <danvet> hwentlan, anholt good enough, given that the other 3 from the election committee are absent?
[23:17:44] <hwentlan> good enough, if we want i can send an email to try to confirm with the rest of the committee but not sure ppl will respond
[23:17:54] <danvet> hm is robclark on it? iirc only mupuf said he won't rerun
[23:18:27] <danvet> hwentlan, yeah generally doesn't work
[23:18:52] <danvet> robclark, evoc?
[23:19:03] <robclark> danvet, I'm currently thinking to not re-run unless there is a shortage of candidates.. would be good to be replaced by someone with more time :-)
[23:19:32] <robclark> danvet, nothing really to report about evoc.. other than mentioning the request for some sort of certifciate of completion..
[23:20:05] <robclark> tlwoerner sent a link to some project that open src'd what htey were using to generate GSoC certificates
[23:20:27] <robclark> which is probably worth looking at, but I haven't had time yet and it is somewhere buried in my inbox
[23:20:43] <robclark> but I believe at least final payment was sorted out
[23:21:13] <danvet> yeah I've seen that fly by
[23:22:07] <danvet> I guess if someone wants to get the certificate/t-shirt/whatever business going I can track that in the agenda/minutes
[23:22:11] <danvet> tlwoerner, ?
[23:22:25] <danvet> otherwise I'll call it done
[23:22:46] <danvet> interns can ask mentors for recommendation letters, that should be good enough
[23:24:11] <danvet> I guess not tlwoerner around for gsoc?
[23:24:38] <robclark> might not be a bad idea to have somewhere on the wiki or elsewhere a page that lists interns and there projects (and maybe links to related upstream commits, etc)
[23:24:45] <robclark> that is something students could link to
[23:25:00] <danvet> given how good we are at keeping track of things ...
[23:25:09] <robclark> (certifciate also might be a nice guesture if we can come up with a reasonable way to do it)
[23:25:19] <robclark> yeah, sigh..
[23:26:00] <robclark> or students could just ask mentor to write a recommendation on linked-in :-P
[23:26:08] <danvet> anyway if someone wants to do this, great, otherwise sigh as usual
[23:27:24] <danvet> next up: treasurer
[23:27:46] <danvet> we kinda don't have one right now, at least I couldn't contact taylor past few months by now
[23:28:09] <danvet> googled more contact points in netbsd, also nothing
[23:28:37] <danvet> hwentlan, I guess he didn't in a nomination either?
[23:28:43] <danvet> *send in
[23:28:44] <hwentlan> nope
[23:29:21] <danvet> I'd propose we elect a new treasurer
[23:29:33] <hwentlan> he did update his affiliation to brave software, wonder if you'd have any luck there
[23:29:33] <anholt> I'm still willing to do it.
[23:29:36] <danvet> with 4 votes just about enough ...
[23:29:43] <danvet> anholt, was just about to ask, thx a lot
[23:29:54] <danvet> hwentlan, hm, didn't notice that
[23:30:03] <hwentlan> just saw it today
[23:30:25] <danvet> that was before last contact
[23:30:35] <danvet> iirc Nov or so he last joined a board meeting
[23:31:38] <hwentlan> i think electing a new treasurer is a good idea, though
[23:32:34] <danvet> so anholt for tresurer?
[23:32:39] * danvet +1
[23:32:44] <hwentlan> +1
[23:32:48] <robclark> +1
[23:32:49] <anholt> +1 (do I count? :) )
[23:33:03] <danvet> anholt, need your vote :-)
[23:34:01] <danvet> anholt, congrats!
[23:34:12] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Duties/ <- has some notes on where/what
[23:34:47] <danvet> probably best if you ping bryce (and pls update the wiki if there's anything missing)
[23:35:04] * danvet just spotted one
[23:35:57] <danvet> they have a mail based request tracker thing
[23:36:41] <danvet> anholt, ok if I start poking possible xdc sponsors right away? will generate some invoice needs ...
[23:36:54] <anholt> I'll try to catch up quickly, but yeah.
[23:37:01] <danvet> (I hope at least ...)
[23:37:03] <danvet> great, thx
[23:37:22] <danvet> I think we're also delayed on the yearly report unfortunately :-/
[23:38:29] <danvet> I guess last one is trademarks
[23:38:37] <danvet> spi asked whether we have any ... do we?
[23:38:47] <danvet> or is that the same murky story like the x.org domain?
[23:39:13] <danvet> or better we discuss this next week when keithp is around
[23:39:43] <keithp> sounds good; sorry I've been afk until now
[23:39:44] <hwentlan> would be good to have his insight for this unless anyone else has any idea
[23:39:55] <keithp> afaik, we have no trademarks
[23:40:08] <danvet> could be something to look into after fd.o merger maybe
[23:40:11] <anholt> keithp: the one relevant trademark, we don't control, right?
[23:40:20] <danvet> also about all the various domain names that run our servers ...
[23:40:26] <keithp> although, it sounds like tog holds a trademark on 'the X window system'?
[23:40:42] <keithp> and we could probably extract that from them
[23:40:59] <keithp> fortunately we do control freedesktop.org still :-)
[23:41:00] <danvet> we have kinda defended our unregistered mark on X.org
[23:41:10] <keithp> when people ask, sure
[23:41:12] <danvet> by rejecting people who asked to use it for stuff
[23:41:15] <danvet> yeah :-)
[23:41:40] <keithp> dunno if we care enough to spend a pile of money getting trademarks for X.org and the logo though
[23:41:59] <danvet> i'll reply to martin asking why he's asking
[23:44:52] <danvet> ok I think that's all
[23:44:54] <danvet> anything else?
[23:45:47] <keithp> glad I jumped in on the ferry today
[23:48:20] <danvet> ok, I guess that's it, thanks everyone for joining!
[23:48:43] <keithp> ttyl

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