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[22:59:56] <anholt> hello!
[23:00:38] <danvet> hi all
[23:00:51] <danvet> bryce__, keithp robclark Riastradh hwentlan around too?
[23:00:56] <bryce> heya
[23:01:56] <keithp> yeah
[23:01:58] <danvet> mupuf already said he can't make it
[23:01:59] <robclark> o/
[23:02:42] <hwentlan> hi
[23:02:51] <danvet> Agenda: elections, evoc, gsoc, members.x.org, treasurer, xdc sponsors
[23:02:54] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:04:11] <robclark> falls under gsoc but there was a proposal for libratbag gsoc project, which has a mentor..
[23:05:05] <robclark> (which I think we have some precedent for taking.. anyways, if there is a mentor (and there is) I'm for taking it)
[23:05:09] <danvet> yeah, I think mupuf_ & tlwoerner have that handled already
[23:05:22] <tlwoerner> danvet: first i've heard of it
[23:05:23] <danvet> we've done all kinds of things under xorg past few years
[23:05:29] <danvet> tlwoerner, hm, I'll add you
[23:05:41] <danvet> do we have some gsoc m-l?
[23:05:49] * robclark only mentioning that since mupuf_  was not going to be here..
[23:06:09] <robclark> no, I don't think we have a gsoc@xorg list
[23:06:18] <robclark> email was to board@
[23:06:29] <tlwoerner> we have an evoc mailing list
[23:06:37] <danvet> tlwoerner, need your address, don't seem to have it in my gmail ...
[23:06:44] <tlwoerner> twoerner@gmail.com
[23:06:49] <danvet> I guess let's going with the agende
[23:06:51] <danvet> hwentlan, update?
[23:07:10] <hwentlan> we've seen lots of member signups
[23:07:28] <hwentlan> i'm about to send the email to open the nomination period
[23:07:31] <hwentlan> that's about it
[23:07:34] <bryce> good
[23:07:38] <keithp> sounds great
[23:08:26] <hwentlan> and sent
[23:08:37] <hwentlan> so we're in the 2 week nomination period now
[23:09:14] <danvet> sounds all great
[23:09:54] <danvet> robclark, anything evoc? iirc we had an open whether there's another payment pending ...
[23:10:14] <robclark> yeah, I have an update
[23:10:46] <robclark> I think we are clear for final payment
[23:11:00] <robclark> egl extension landed finally
[23:11:07] <danvet> nice
[23:11:59] <danvet> still feels a bit funky to have an internship that's run a bit like work for hire
[23:12:05] <danvet> robclark, so should we approve that?
[23:12:20] <danvet> the final payement I mean
[23:12:36] <robclark> I guess so.. feedback from mentor is positive, the final remaining extension landed
[23:12:46] <robclark> so I'm +1 for it
[23:12:53] <danvet> +1
[23:13:28] <hwentlan> +1
[23:13:36] <keithp> +1
[23:13:41] <bryce> +1
[23:13:56] * danvet counts, looks good enough :-)
[23:14:09] <danvet> so one issue, we have a bit an awol treasurer ...
[23:14:09] <keithp> we should figure out if we want to let evoc work like this in the future; having it project based rather than time based is 'interesting'
[23:14:10] <anholt> (+1)
[23:14:14] <robclark> (there was a piglit that I'd like to see land.. but I realized it wasn't part of the original proposal, and I don't want to move the goalposts.. and anywaps eric_engestrom wrote something_
[23:14:18] * danvet also stuck on treasurer with xdc sponsors
[23:14:53] <danvet> keithp, I think it was always time based, but somehow turned out different this time around
[23:14:54] <robclark> keithp, I'm in general for it, it opens up the door for more potential candidates
[23:14:58] <danvet> but yeah might be good to clarify
[23:15:10] <robclark> (ie. not being strictly time based)
[23:15:11] <danvet> robclark, part-time is imo good
[23:15:18] <danvet> but still time based
[23:15:26] <danvet> ime internship plans never work out in reality
[23:15:37] <tlwoerner> one of the reasons for evoc was to get around some of the constraints of gsoc. one of which is time/timing
[23:15:48] <robclark> tlwoerner, exactly
[23:15:55] <keithp> danvet: yeah, but it kinda ran project based, which is 'interesting', and not something other orgs do. I think it's worth exploring
[23:15:55] <danvet> (although I do just now have an outreachy who's absolutely awesome, cracking through all the race debug tasks I never expected them to figure out)
[23:15:59] <robclark> probably good idea to formalize this
[23:16:16] <danvet> keithp, yeah part-time-ish definitely has potential
[23:16:31] <keithp> might chat with the conservancy folks doing outreachy and see if they've got ideas too
[23:16:40] <danvet> I think we just need to make sure that unexpected trouble doesn't lead to unpaid interns, which I think is more likely with non-fulltime projects
[23:16:51] <keithp> yup, there are pitfalls
[23:17:14] <danvet> yeah maybe daniels can chat with them in BRU
[23:17:19] <robclark> imo being more flexible on timeline for EVoC is one of the reasons for EVoC to exist.. but defn open to ideas for guidlines
[23:17:29] <keithp> he's chatting with sage et al about CoC help
[23:17:58] <danvet> yeah, that's good people also for outreachy/internship topics, and karen shouldn't be far
[23:18:06] <keithp> she's there :-)
[23:18:19] <keithp> you would have seen her last week if you had bothered to come play in chc
[23:18:42] <keithp> s/bothered/managed
[23:18:49] <danvet> don't pour salt into that fomo wound :-)
[23:18:56] <robclark> I'd say this one worked out because (a) we were flexible with veluri's schedule and (b) veluri stuck with it until it was done
[23:18:58] <keithp> yeah, hence the s/
[23:18:59] * danvet watched talks, but it's just not the same really ...
[23:19:25] <keithp> got some amazing seafood, steak and lamb along the way
[23:19:29] <danvet> robclark, yeah I think the potential is great, and worked out good it seems
[23:20:17] <robclark> I guess main thought is for more flexible timeline is to make sure candidate can stick with it thru the more flexible timeline
[23:20:34] <danvet> yeah that's maybe also a bit a risk
[23:21:09] <robclark> I think it is a risk we could take.. but defn a good thing to clear up up front
[23:21:23] <danvet> should we update the evoc page to make this all clearer?
[23:21:30] <danvet> atm it's talking about 3month fulltime
[23:21:52] <keithp> also need to deal with projects that don't generate code that we want -- we want to allow people to do work that goes in the wrong direction and still get paid
[23:21:53] <danvet> might be good to at least mention the part-time option, and have some notes about the possible pitfalls
[23:21:58] <danvet> could help getting more people in
[23:22:04] <robclark> I'm +1 for updating evoc page to cover more flexibility on timeline..
[23:22:05] <danvet> keithp, yup
[23:22:21] <keithp> I mean, we've all pointed mentees off a cliff more than once
[23:22:21] <danvet> robclark, want to prep a draft diff for board@
[23:22:28] <danvet> oh yeah :-/
[23:22:37] <robclark> keithp, true.. end goal is to bring more dev's into the fold
[23:22:45] * danvet just like last week when I finally realized we're in free fall since months
[23:23:00] <robclark> danvet, yeah, I can try and propose something
[23:23:15] <keithp> yup, all part of the engineering process
[23:23:23] <danvet> robclark, thx
[23:23:35] <keithp> robclark: thanks, we can iterate and get external feedback at the same time
[23:23:46] <robclark> sgtm
[23:23:46] <bryce> danvet, free fall?
[23:24:59] <danvet> blown a few months away for nothing, and took me a while to realize that this really is the wrong direction
[23:25:06] <bryce> ah
[23:25:54] <danvet> ok, I think time for gsoc update, tlwoerner ?
[23:26:16] <tlwoerner> the 2019 application for X.Org has been filled out
[23:26:32] <keithp> now we wait to learn which projects have funding?
[23:26:39] <tlwoerner> there's no "submit" button, one simply waits for the clock to run out
[23:26:50] <tlwoerner> keithp: yes
[23:26:58] <tlwoerner> mupuf_ and myself are listed as admins
[23:27:08] <tlwoerner> if anyone else would like to be an admin i'd be happy to add you
[23:27:24] <tlwoerner> i filled out the application based on a "cheat sheet" mupuf_ provided me from answers for 2018
[23:27:48] <tlwoerner> i don't think there's any way for anyone to review it who isn't an admin, but i could cut&paste it to an email to @bod if anyone wants to take a gander
[23:28:24] <tlwoerner> i sent a v2 draft of the email i'd like to send to a bunch of lists looking for projects/mentors to @bod, haven't heard anything yet
[23:29:06] <danvet> do we already need to start looking for mentors/projects?
[23:29:27] <tlwoerner> danvet: doesn't hurt
[23:29:58] <tlwoerner> feb 6: org application deadline
[23:30:01] <danvet> I mean thus far we didn't get rejected ...
[23:30:06] <tlwoerner> feb 26: organizations announced
[23:30:16] <tlwoerner> danvet: we did once
[23:30:22] <danvet> oh
[23:30:26] * danvet wasn't around
[23:30:30] <tlwoerner> 2012
[23:31:03] <tlwoerner> march 25 - april 9: student application period
[23:31:10] <robclark> I guess it doesn't hurt to keep the mentor/candidate pipeline full.. we do have EVoC as a fallback..
[23:31:39] <robclark> in general, mentor bandwidth seems to me like the biggest limit
[23:31:40] <tlwoerner> so by the end of march students will be looking for gsoc things
[23:32:08] <tlwoerner> i'd like to get in touch with the people hosting XDC2019, it's a university?
[23:32:18] <tlwoerner> maybe there are students there who would be interested?
[23:32:44] <danvet> tlwoerner, ping daniels collabora is organizing
[23:32:52] <tlwoerner> okay
[23:33:01] <danvet> they'll do a xdc mtg at fosdem this w/e in case you're there
[23:33:17] <tlwoerner> unfortunately i'm not
[23:33:26] <danvet> tlwoerner, so all set for gsoc for now between you and mupuf_ ?
[23:33:41] <tlwoerner> yes, just need to drum up mentors
[23:33:47] <tlwoerner> anyone want to review the application?
[23:34:00] <tlwoerner> any thoughts on the v2 draft?
[23:34:36] <danvet> generally everyone is happy if someone takes care of all this ...
[23:34:42] <tlwoerner> lol
[23:34:44] <tlwoerner> okay
[23:35:02] <tlwoerner> that's it for now
[23:35:15] <danvet> thx very much
[23:35:31] <tlwoerner> np
[23:35:41] <danvet> hwentlan, I guess members.x.org is all fine, nothing new (since no mupuf)?
[23:35:58] <hwentlan> nothing new that i'm aware of. i think we're good
[23:36:01] <danvet> aka postpone to next meeting if nothing is on fire
[23:36:04] <danvet> great
[23:36:21] <danvet> next up treasurer ... I think time for yearly report?
[23:36:25] <danvet> Riastradh, around?
[23:37:11] <robclark> tlwoerner, just saw your v2 email.. I guess it wouldn't hurt to garbage collect a few projects on wiki first but otherwise email lgtm
[23:37:18] <bryce__> I had sent him a list of things he needed to start working on, but hadn't heard back on that so far
[23:37:59] <tlwoerner> robclark: ok thanks. though i wouldn't know which ones need collecting
[23:38:20] <bryce__> danvet, maybe would be good for you to drop him an email to check in?
[23:38:40] <danvet> yeah I guess need to check
[23:38:48] <danvet> did ping a few times on irc past weeks
[23:38:59] <danvet> we're also stuck on xdc sponsors
[23:39:06] <danvet> well, I am :-)
[23:39:23] <robclark> tlwoerner, I think we might not have removed the driconf project, for example.. but I need to look at what else to gc..
[23:39:41] <tlwoerner> robclark: sounds good
[23:39:52] <danvet> on the plus, this takes very quick care of the remaining agenda items
[23:39:55] <danvet> anything else?
[23:40:12] <tlwoerner> not from me
[23:40:29] <hwentlan> spi wanted a project update for their annual report
[23:40:39] <hwentlan> did we talk about that yet?
[23:40:46] <bryce__> danvet, also might want to consider using gitlab for tracking of treasurer issues going forward
[23:41:10] <bryce__> danvet, i.e. create a Treasurer subgroup in gitlab under the Board group
[23:41:18] <danvet> bryce__, and use issues?
[23:41:27] <bryce__> then enable Issues for that, maybe set as private
[23:41:28] <robclark> tlwoerner, I'll have a 2nd look tonight/tomorrow and follow up with you.. maybe we could put in some verbage to try and encourage more project proposals?
[23:41:57] <danvet> hwentlan, oh, that's usually my thing
[23:42:05] <danvet> but then I think they generally recycle
[23:42:06] <tlwoerner> robclark: you mean, more verbiage in the email?
[23:42:08] <bryce__> danvet, of course it's up to Riastradh what how he wants to organize tasks, but that's what I had been thinking would make things easier
[23:42:14] <hwentlan> all good if it's taken care of :)
[23:42:26] <robclark> tlwoerner, yeah..
[23:42:34] <danvet> hwentlan, well I didn't do anything, totally forgot tbh
[23:42:41] <tlwoerner> robclark: okay, i'll re-jig the email while you look at the wiki
[23:42:56] <robclark> tlwoerner, anyways I can take a stab at updating wiki and see if I can come up with anythign to add to email tomorrow
[23:43:10] <tlwoerner> robclark: awesome! thanks
[23:48:44] <danvet> ok, I'm typing the summary for spi, meanwhile thanks everyone for joining

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