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[23:04:15] <danvet> hi all
[23:04:18] <bryce_> hi
[23:04:34] <danvet> mupuf_, bryce_ keithp robclark Riastradh anholt hwentlan around?
[23:04:39] * danvet bit late with everything ...
[23:04:45] <anholt> hi
[23:04:45] <hwentlan> hi
[23:04:50] <robclark> o/
[23:04:55] <keithp>  howdy
[23:05:08] <robclark> (for once I'm here for the start of a mtg..)
[23:05:46] <danvet> Riastradh, around too?
[23:05:58] <danvet> Agenda: elections, evoc, gsoc, members.x.org, treasurer <- any additions?
[23:07:09] <danvet> xdc18 sponsors probably
[23:07:26] <danvet> I guess we can get started ...
[23:07:38] <danvet> tlwoerner, around too for gsoc/evoc?
[23:08:02] <danvet> hwentlan, elections update?
[23:08:32] <hwentlan> we need to decide on the members site to get the ball rolling
[23:09:14] <hwentlan> i haven't started to conversation for the timeline yet, either, so that's the other AI that needs to happen and then we can send out the email reminding people to sign up again
[23:09:26] <hwentlan> so, nothing changed from last meeting
[23:09:29] <mupuf_> sorry, I did not see the time :)
[23:09:57] <mupuf_> hwentlan: something changed https://members2.x.org/
[23:09:58] <hwentlan> i haven't started that thread yet :)
[23:10:02] <danvet> hwentlan, probably best we handle members.x.org first
[23:10:22] <danvet> mupuf_, noice
[23:10:57] <anholt> fwiw: https://members2.x.org/accounts/login/ fails with third party account login
[23:11:00] <mupuf_> I am fixing the github/gitlab subscribtion, but that should be pretty trivial
[23:11:09] <mupuf_> anholt: yep, working on it :)
[23:11:31] <mupuf_> 2 levels of redirection is a little too much :p
[23:11:33] <danvet> mupuf_, is the plan to make this members.x.org as soon as we've sent out the expire notice to all current members?
[23:11:45] <danvet> need to make sure there's no way members can renew with the wrong site by accident
[23:11:50] <mupuf_> danvet: if we agree to use the website, then yes
[23:12:00] <mupuf_> if not, then it will stay there until next year when we are ready
[23:12:20] <danvet> makes sense
[23:13:03] <danvet> ok, so I looked at this, seems to have all the necessary bits to run the election
[23:13:20] <danvet> aside from a small todo to record the number of members at the time of voting
[23:13:38] <danvet> so that we don't have the recurring fun of reconstructing that number anymore (old system doesn't track that)
[23:13:44] <robclark> I guess "not worse" than the old site is, for me, an acceptable bar to set.. even if there are further possible enhancements
[23:13:46] <keithp> awesome
[23:13:59] <mupuf_> danvet: I already fixed the biggest issue: if people get approved after the closing of the ballot, they are not counted in the total of potnetial participants
[23:14:07] <danvet> robclark, it's confusing since the new site computes turnout and stuff like that
[23:14:19] <danvet> mupuf_, ah cool, so should be ok now
[23:14:36] <danvet> and apparently other people with some django clue reviewed the site code
[23:14:39] <mupuf_> yeah, I'll just need to make sure we can archive results
[23:14:50] <danvet> so imo looks ready, ready enough for trial by fire at least
[23:14:52] <mupuf_> well, reviewed is pushing it a bit
[23:15:01] <bryce_> the new site looked good to me too.  I couldn't figure out how to view the results of an election, but I assume there must be a place showing that.
[23:15:07] <mupuf_> but I am quite confident in my use of django here, nothing fancy
[23:15:12] <mupuf_> and I wrote a shitton of tests
[23:15:23] <danvet> bryce_, voting list is on the todo, atm you just need to know the link
[23:15:36] <mupuf_> bryce_: you needed to click on the (admin) link in the first page
[23:15:48] <mupuf_> but I'll add a page listing all the ballots in the admin
[23:16:00] <mupuf_> that will take care of the problem ;)
[23:16:05] <bryce_> I wasn't sure if there should be a way to change your vote once you cast it, or to be able to review what your votes were for a given ballot, but perhaps that's by design?
[23:16:21] <mupuf_> no changes in your votes possible
[23:16:48] <mupuf_> I could maybe make a view to show what you voted for, that's not a bad idea
[23:17:08] <danvet> old page didn't have that either
[23:17:15] <danvet> you voted, the button is gone
[23:17:45] <robclark> yeah, confirm page would be nice.. but not showstopper for this year
[23:18:09] <anholt> also, seriously impressed with https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorgfoundation/xorg_membership setup instructions.
[23:19:18] <mupuf_> anholt: the goal is to have the website auto-deploy itself when pushed to
[23:19:20] <anholt> (we'll probably want some notes somewhere about managing the prod instance once it exists)
[23:19:25] <anholt> well, that would be great :)
[23:19:52] <danvet> even better: integrate with the gitlab ci autodeploy so we can autodeploy merge requests for review/testing :-)
[23:20:02] <danvet> in case someone is bored ...
[23:20:10] <danvet> so everyone happy, should we proceed to vote?
[23:20:21] <bryce_> sure
[23:20:23] <mupuf_> danvet: I guess you mean have a separate instance for testing merge requests?
[23:20:28] <mupuf_> sounds like a great idea
[23:20:58] <danvet> mupuf_, gitlab ci has a feature where it can auto-deploy merge requests instances to a kubernetes cluster and give you a link for it
[23:21:01] <mupuf_> The goal here is 0 technical debt, to encourage collaboration on it
[23:21:08] <danvet> so you can test the new code for real
[23:21:08] <tlwoerner> i'm here, sorry i'm late
[23:21:25] <mupuf_> danvet: ok!
[23:21:26] <danvet> iirc the call it continuous deployement or something like that
[23:21:38] <danvet> it sounds pretty neat
[23:21:56] <danvet> ok so +1 from me for using the new members for the upcoming election
[23:22:09] <bryce_> +1
[23:22:10] <mupuf_> +1 from me (I think I am being objective)
[23:22:22] <hwentlan> +1
[23:22:24] <robclark> +1
[23:22:31] <keithp> +1
[23:22:46] <anholt> +1
[23:23:03] <danvet> nice
[23:23:36] <mupuf_> \o/
[23:23:56] <danvet> hwentlan, back to you
[23:24:05] <mupuf_> it was more efforts than expected... but I have been bugged by this website for years, so it was about time!
[23:24:35] <hwentlan> once the site is live as members.x.org i'll prep an email asking members to sign up
[23:24:46] <bryce_> thanks for taking the task on, it will be a big step forward
[23:25:02] <danvet> hwentlan, need to make sure the old members@ alias still works for that
[23:25:17] <danvet> while http is already served with the new one
[23:25:54] <keithp> thanks for getting this working; we all feared the old voting system
[23:25:54] <hwentlan> how would i make sure of that?
[23:25:55] <mupuf_> danvet: yeah, I guess we'll need to ask daniels to freeze the list before the update
[23:26:24] <hwentlan> right
[23:28:14] <hwentlan> do these dates based on the election process sound about right or should i stretch them some more:
[23:28:14] <hwentlan> Jan 24 - ask for renewal
[23:28:14] <hwentlan> Jan 31 - nomination period begins
[23:28:14] <hwentlan> Feb 14 - nomintation period ends
[23:28:14] <hwentlan> Feb 21 - publish candidates
[23:28:16] <hwentlan> Feb 28 - election period begins
[23:28:16] <hwentlan> Mar 14 - election period ends
[23:28:42] <danvet> hwentlan, gave you an AI to figure this out for next board mtg, that ok?
[23:28:49] <daniels> danvet, anholt: i definitely want auto-deploy to k8s, but that's a _lot_ of security scope to deal with, that i don't currently have time for. right now it's just on an arbitrary vm.
[23:28:50] <hwentlan> sounds good
[23:29:20] <danvet> or you can just move ahead with a quick vote in the election committee, this isn't somethig the full board needs to decide anyway
[23:29:24] <danvet> I'm just keeping records
[23:30:25] <mupuf_> maybe we can vote here already
[23:30:31] <danvet> up to you really
[23:30:46] <danvet> hwentlan runs that show :-)
[23:30:56] <mupuf_> +1 for the proposal from me
[23:31:37] <bryce_> +1 from me too, assuming it gives mupuf adequate time for anything needing finished in the app
[23:32:10] <hwentlan> mupuf, do you think one week is enough? if not i'll push it all out another week
[23:33:09] <hwentlan> btw, is a simple majority enough for elections committee votes? (i should know that)
[23:33:50] <anholt> +1 to timeline
[23:34:36] <hwentlan> +1 from me
[23:34:44] <hwentlan> that settles it, will send that email next week
[23:35:01] <danvet> hwentlan, pls also update the wiki page and create the 2019 election page
[23:35:06] <bryce_> as small as the committee is, I'd hope we can reach consensus for most things...
[23:35:06] <danvet> gave you that as an AI :-)
[23:35:36] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/ <- hwentlan 
[23:35:47] <robclark> +1 for timeline..  but also ok to push it by a week (but at least the relative dates fit the formula ;-))
[23:35:53] <danvet> hwentlan, if you scroll down enough there's the list of older elections
[23:35:54] <hwentlan> thanks, will do
[23:36:05] <danvet> pls move the 2018 one there too
[23:36:07] <danvet> hwentlan, thx
[23:36:35] <danvet> hwentlan, anything else for elections?
[23:36:45] <hwentlan> 2018 is on there
[23:36:49] <hwentlan> nope, that's it from me
[23:38:04] <danvet> thx
[23:38:09] <danvet> robclark, evoc?
[23:38:13] <robclark> sure
[23:38:19] <hwentlan> i guess i'll also post the proposed bylaws on the 2019 elections page
[23:38:24] <danvet> iirc there was some confusion about evoc status in the last bod meeting before holidays
[23:38:40] <danvet> hwentlan, definitely, plus change the title to include that
[23:38:58] <danvet> lots of examples to copy there, we had a few bylaw/membership votes recently :-)
[23:39:00] <robclark> student has patchset to add egl extension that adriconf needs.. as of ~1wk ago it had gone through a bunch of rounds of revision and seemed like it was getting close, but I didn't have time to look at the updates in the last week..
[23:39:36] <danvet> robclark, one question I had iirc is next payment
[23:39:44] <danvet> iirc we approved the first one months ago, but nothing since
[23:39:52] <danvet> is this a part-time evoc?
[23:40:14] <danvet> or am I just confused
[23:40:37] <robclark> it had stretched out a bit.. iirc getting the egl extension stuff (which apparently already works w/ adriconf) should be pretty close to the end (2nd payment) but I need to double check that w/ proposed milestones
[23:42:04] <keithp> do we need to officially grant an extension?
[23:42:37] <danvet> I think we can just make it part time
[23:42:48] <danvet> I'm more worried about just not paying them, and them not daring to ask
[23:43:05] <keithp> a reasonable concern
[23:43:17] <danvet> evoc/gsoc/outreachy isn't work for hire, it's an internship
[23:43:37] <danvet> if the result is that the patches aren't ready, mea culpa, hopefully they still learned something and might stick around
[23:43:39] <robclark> yeah, I guess we can call it part-time if that helps..  (for the record, I am kinda in favor of being more flexibile with schedule to accomodate different school schedules)
[23:43:48] <danvet> oh definitely
[23:44:00] <robclark> but he has been sticking with it and adressing review comments, so I am happy
[23:44:12] <danvet> anyway, if you're all on top of this that's good
[23:44:20] <danvet> just looked liked we've fumbled the next payment
[23:44:31] * danvet not keeping track of this stuff at all
[23:45:03] <robclark> I'll double check the proposed milestones, and I'll let you know when it is payment time..
[23:45:28] <danvet> ok
[23:46:13] <danvet> anything else from evoc?
[23:46:19] <robclark> nothing from me
[23:46:25] <danvet> tlwoerner, mupuf_ gsoc?
[23:46:38] <danvet> mdnavare, ^^ fyi, iirc you had interest too
[23:47:04] <mupuf_> we can now apply to google
[23:47:15] * mupuf_ has been busy with the website though
[23:47:20] <danvet> yeah seen that fly by
[23:47:34] <mupuf_> we have until the 6th of Feb
[23:47:52] <mupuf_> So let's make sure we have it done by the next meeting
[23:47:53] <tlwoerner> my next task is to revise and send out the "looking for mentors" email, which I hope to do soon (this week)
[23:48:47] <mdnavare> danvet: Are you refering to mentoring gsoc interns?
[23:48:53] <danvet> tlwoerner, mupuf_ singed you two up for this
[23:48:57] <danvet> mdnavare, yeah
[23:49:11] <danvet> not sure anymore what you asked about wrt board work ...
[23:49:25] <danvet> or was it outreachy
[23:49:37] <mdnavare> danvet: I am already involved in outreachy
[23:49:43] <tlwoerner> mupuf_: i'd like to coordinate sending the application with you, ideally i'd like to send it (so i know the process)
[23:49:47] <danvet> yeah that I know :-)
[23:49:55] <mupuf_> tlwoerner: would be great :)
[23:50:05] <danvet> sounds we're all set on gsoc?
[23:50:18] <tlwoerner> sounds good
[23:50:43] <mdnavare> danvet: Yes I will be interested in co mentoring gsoc interns too since outreachy will end by then correct?
[23:51:18] <danvet> mdnavare, there's also a summer outreachy
[23:51:28] <danvet> ok, next one treasurer transition
[23:51:38] <danvet> Riastradh seems not around, so not much to update I guess
[23:51:48] <danvet> bryce_, I thought we're using the treasurer@ alias?
[23:54:16] <danvet> and I guess also no updates on whether we've tied up all the loose xdc18 ends (sponsoring payements and booking)
[23:54:27] <danvet> btw kicked the can for xdc19 sponsors just earlier
[23:56:22] <danvet> anything else? otherwise I'll close and time to ^Z
[23:56:43] <hwentlan> Nothing else from me
[23:56:56] <robclark> nothing here
[23:59:00] <bryce_> danvet, we aren't?
[00:00:16] <danvet> bryce_, I think we're using it for secretary@ at least wrt spi
[00:00:24] <danvet> but yeah honestly no idea
[00:00:36] <danvet> maybe they added the name, not the function to their contact list :-/
[00:00:46] <danvet> anyway, let's figure this out next meeting
[00:00:59] <danvet> thanks everyone for joining and have a good day/night/whatever!

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