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[23:00:43] <danvet_> hi all
[23:00:58] <danvet_> mupuf, bryce keithp robclark Riastradh anholt hwentlan around?
[23:01:08] <hwentlan> here
[23:02:09] <mupuf> pong
[23:04:18] <Riastradh> Hi!
[23:04:32] <danvet_> hm, not so much going on ...
[23:04:38] <danvet_> bryce said he might miss ...
[23:04:42] <anholt> here now
[23:04:51] <hwentlan>  just noticed robclark said he might miss as well
[23:04:54] <danvet_> Riastradh, treasurer transition all went well and you're set up?
[23:05:11] <danvet_> ah, I think we have enough to get going at least
[23:05:15] <danvet_> Agenda: elections, evoc, gsoc, members.x.org, xdc sponsor/reimbursements
[23:05:18] <danvet_> anything to add
[23:05:19] <danvet_> ?
[23:05:38] <hwentlan> fd.o bylaw update? not much new there, though
[23:05:45] <Riastradh> danvet_: It is going, setting up.  I missed an email before, processing it now.
[23:06:03] <danvet_> hwentlan, I think that's all in good shape, so dropped it
[23:06:08] <danvet_> waiting for spi to come back
[23:06:13] <hwentlan> sounds good to me
[23:06:20] <danvet_> pinged them already again, but I guess everyone on holidays already
[23:06:46] <danvet_> Riastradh, there's 2 invoices in flight iirc, for AMD and ARM xdc18 sponsoring
[23:06:54] <danvet_> but I guess bryce told you all about those already
[23:07:21] <danvet_> election committee, anything happened already?
[23:07:29] <danvet_> that's for keithp bryce hwentlan and mupuf 
[23:07:39] <danvet_> and robclark 
[23:07:44] <mupuf> not as far as I know
[23:07:51] <hwentlan> nothing on my end
[23:07:54] <danvet_> hm no not robclark 
[23:07:59] * danvet_ can't read his own minutes correctly
[23:08:00] <hwentlan> we should probably sync soon to get something going
[23:08:12] <danvet_> anholt I've forgotten
[23:09:04] <danvet_> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/ <- has all the details
[23:09:23] <danvet_> and you folks need to volunteer a chair I can pester for updates :-)
[23:12:48] <danvet_> I guess no one volunteering?
[23:12:53] * danvet_ table for next mtg
[23:12:54] * anholt was reviewing the roles
[23:12:55] <hwentlan> i can volunteer to get things started.
[23:13:29] * danvet_ can't really decide that
[23:13:35] <danvet_> not on the election committee ...
[23:13:54] <hwentlan> i think it's only mupuf and myself here from the elections committee today
[23:13:58] <hwentlan> so we can't really decide that
[23:14:09] <danvet_> hwentlan, anholt mupuf <- you 3, which would be enough to vote even
[23:14:20] * danvet_ screwed up reading the old minutes at first
[23:14:21] <hwentlan> right
[23:14:26] <anholt> I'm happy with hwentlan running it.
[23:14:45] <danvet_> mupuf, ?
[23:14:47] <mupuf> +1 for me
[23:15:18] <hwentlan> how would i go about updating the elections mailing list?
[23:15:19] <danvet_> hwentlan, thx for volunteering, tag you're it :-)
[23:15:38] <danvet_> hwentlan, you need one of the old ones to give you the passwd
[23:15:42] <danvet_> hence why robclark had that action
[23:15:54] <hwentlan> sounds good. i'll pester him
[23:16:13] <anholt> once we have the passwd, we should probably do a passwd change and store it in our fancy gpg-encrypted git tree.
[23:16:56] <anholt> (if only someone could do the same for the members mailing list)
[23:17:01] <danvet_> election committee is kinda special, since != the full board
[23:17:19] <danvet_> but yeah, I think storing credentials in there would make sense
[23:17:28] <hwentlan> i
[23:17:31] <hwentlan> i'll look into that
[23:17:38] <danvet_> hwentlan, would be good if we can get the member renewal thing started too
[23:18:02] <danvet_> important to send the mail out first, before you renew (after renewing no one is left on members@x.org ....)
[23:18:28] <danvet_> ok, I think that's it for now
[23:18:42] <danvet_> evoc, gsoc: any updates from mupuf tlwoerner ?
[23:18:52] <mupuf> none
[23:18:55] <danvet_> do we have an evoc running right now?
[23:19:04] <tlwoerner> there seems to be some snafu trying to add my gpg key so i can edit the wiki
[23:19:08] <danvet_> I spotted some old phase1 payment from earlier this year when digging through stuff
[23:19:09] * mupuf is not involved with evoc at least
[23:19:34] <danvet_> was from around Oct
[23:19:38] <tlwoerner> i believe there is 1 person doing an evoc, but robclark is handling it (until it's done)
[23:19:46] <danvet_> I'd have expected we'd have more payements to approve by now
[23:19:55] <danvet_> hm ok
[23:20:10] <tlwoerner> since he started and has the momentum
[23:20:27] <danvet_> I think there's one more payment pending, but I have no idea
[23:20:41] <danvet_> I guess as long as there's no furious student on board@ it's probably ok
[23:21:06] <danvet_> mupuf, gsoc for next year all lined up?
[23:21:12] <danvet_> aka do you have someone taking care of that
[23:21:20] <mupuf> yes, I am taking care of it :)
[23:21:23] <mupuf> and we still have time
[23:21:49] <tlwoerner> mid-January is the deadline to apply (?)
[23:21:50] <danvet_> ok, thx
[23:22:21] <mupuf> yeah, we can start applying on the 15th
[23:22:41] <tlwoerner> ah, _start_ mid-january
[23:23:04] <danvet_> mupuf, members.x.org update?
[23:23:24] <mupuf> making good progress, but I still lack the voting system
[23:23:36] <mupuf> I hope this winter vacation will allow me to get this done :)
[23:24:02] <danvet_> for cutover, would we need to do the renewal with the new system already?
[23:24:15] <mupuf> I definitely hope we will not need to do so
[23:24:32] <danvet_> ?
[23:24:51] <danvet_> not following what you mean
[23:25:07] <mupuf> as in, I hope we can just deploy the website in time to not have to renew using the old system
[23:25:59] <mupuf> if it still makes no sense, then I guess I did not get your question
[23:26:31] <hwentlan> \me noticed https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/ lists mupuf's term as ending in 2019
[23:26:48] <danvet_> mupuf, that was my question, you answer just confused me
[23:26:57] <mupuf> ok, sorry about that
[23:27:17] <danvet_> hwentlan, ?
[23:27:30] <hwentlan> sorry, wrong slash.
[23:27:48] <danvet_> mupuf, what I wanted to know is whether we need to switch to the new system with renewals already
[23:27:53] <danvet_> or whether we can do that later on
[23:28:00] <danvet_> iirc transition plan was to do that with renewals
[23:28:01] <hwentlan> anyways, wonder if the terms are listed wrong on the page or we got the committee wrong. and sorry for the slight digression
[23:28:15] <danvet_> hwentlan, mupuf doesn't re-run, hence no conflict of interest for him
[23:28:25] <hwentlan> ah, right, thanks
[23:28:51] <mupuf> hwentlan: the new website is my send away gift to myself :D
[23:28:59] <tlwoerner> mupuf: :-)
[23:29:07] <hwentlan> :)
[23:29:14] <danvet_> mupuf, I kinda don't want to commit to the new system if the voting stuff isn't there, that's why I asked
[23:29:16] <mupuf> or rather, my last contribution as part of the board
[23:29:39] <mupuf> danvet_: ok, let's make the decision at the next meeting, if you don't mind
[23:29:46] <danvet_> yeah, makes sense
[23:30:02] <danvet_> just means that hwentlan can't yet send out the renewal announce mail, since we don't know the details of that yet
[23:30:20] <mupuf> but I thought we always sent this email around mid-january
[23:31:01] <danvet_> usually before new year
[23:31:06] <danvet_> it all takes forever anyway
[23:31:39] <hwentlan> the email template seems to also be based on the election date
[23:31:48] <tlwoerner> this year's renewal was sent out by robclark Feb 1st
[23:31:50] <danvet_> many people renew slowly, before they've renewed we can't really send out more announcements
[23:31:53] <danvet_> since they won't get them
[23:32:00] <danvet_> oh
[23:32:04] <danvet_> oh well :-)
[23:32:22] <mupuf> danvet_: I was planing on working on it over the next week, so I guess we should know before the 31st what is the state
[23:32:25] <mupuf> would that be OK?
[23:32:53] <danvet_> I put an action that next mtg we'll decide whether to commit or not
[23:32:55] <danvet_> so in 2 weeks
[23:33:01] <danvet_> we can delay that more ofc :-)
[23:33:30] <tlwoerner> https://lists.x.org/archives/xorg-devel/2018-February/055745.html
[23:34:10] <mupuf> tlwoerner: yeah, that's what I remembered. But it would be nice to also stop starting the process mid-february
[23:34:26] <danvet_> yeah we can't be a month later every year :-)
[23:34:48] <tlwoerner> the 13-month "yearly" renewal
[23:35:22] <danvet_> Riastradh, btw treasurer report is also going to be fun in Jan ...
[23:36:00] <danvet_> xdc sponsor/reimbursements/tally, or anything else on members.x.org?
[23:36:17] <daniels> anholt: no - what does 'failed' mean?
[23:36:21] <Riastradh> Bryce apprised me of some of the fun.
[23:37:05] <tlwoerner> daniels: anholt: maybe i should try re-generating a gpg key? i don't know why i ended up with two, i only ran the command once, maybe i answered the questions wrong
[23:37:09] <danvet_> on xdc stuff: there's 2 invoices pending afaik, already discussed with Riastradh 
[23:37:19] <danvet_> I think all travel reimbursement is paid out now
[23:37:30] <danvet_> and samuel sent out the tally
[23:37:50] <danvet_> tldr (for those who didn't) all very much within estimates/approved by board
[23:37:53] <daniels> anholt: (that's 'no' as in 'there hasn't been any change, but not that tlwoerner mentions it, gpg is pretty hosed so you rather than searching for any kind of user details, you have to enter the expanded fingerprint id at the search prompt')
[23:38:07] <danvet_> except they got a bunch of subsidies from the local university, hence even cheaper
[23:38:09] <anholt> it went through this time.
[23:39:22] <anholt> daniels: I failed to find the "how to be an fdo admin" pages I thought I remembered, so I thought maybe process had changed.
[23:39:52] <tlwoerner> anholt: sweet! thanks :-)
[23:40:16] <danvet_> (roughly 1k$ cheaper for us)
[23:40:19] <tlwoerner> i followed: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/ooo-build/AccountRequestCheatSheet/
[23:40:41] <danvet_> and to avoid moving money around, igalia just asks for a 773$ credit for the next sponsors to balance things out
[23:40:46] <danvet_> everyone happy with that?
[23:40:54] <hwentlan> i'm happy with that
[23:41:36] <anholt> sounds good
[23:42:50] <danvet_> (iow this means xdc18 cost us 5773USD, which is a lot less than what we approved I think, including all the additions)
[23:42:59] <mupuf> +1
[23:43:09] * danvet_ +1
[23:43:13] <danvet_> Riastradh, ?
[23:43:26] <Riastradh> +1
[23:43:39] <danvet_> cool, I'll reply to samuel
[23:44:06] <danvet_> and I think that's all
[23:44:19] <danvet_> thanks for joining, I'll close in a few ' if no one has anything?
[23:45:53] <daniels> anholt: is there a bug for this somewhere?
[23:45:55] <danvet_> *723 btw
[23:46:11] <anholt> daniels: for which?
[23:46:19] <anholt> (account is added and that bug is closed, now)
[23:46:21] <daniels> anholt: oh, i missed the 'it went through' - cool
[23:46:27] * daniels goes back to being on holiday
[23:48:16] <danvet_> sounds like that's all
[23:48:23] <danvet_> g'night/day/whatever all!

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