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[22:45:31] <Riastradh> Hi!
[22:59:36] <tlwoerner> meeting?
[22:59:46] <danvet> 1 minute :-)
[23:00:14] <hwentlan> Hi
[23:01:24] <tlwoerner> o/
[23:01:25] <danvet> hi all!
[23:02:07] <danvet> mupuf, bryce_ keithp anholt around too?
[23:02:11] <keithp> yup
[23:02:28] <keithp> not enough tea on board, but otherwise...
[23:04:00] <anholt_> here
[23:04:06] <mupuf> hey you :)
[23:04:43] <danvet> Agenda: elect treasurer, evoc, members.x.org, fd.o bylaw change
[23:04:45] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:08:20] <mupuf> danvet: sounds good
[23:08:22] <mdnavare> Hi
[23:08:26] <Riastradh> Nothing else from me.
[23:08:51] <danvet> yeah sry just had a mixup
[23:09:00] <danvet> maybe lets go in reverse, in case bryce_ still shows up
[23:09:07] <danvet> hwentlan, fd.o bylaws?
[23:09:21] robclark_ is now known as robclark
[23:09:25] <danvet> did we decide whether to do a v2 or not?
[23:09:28] <danvet> robclark, hi
[23:09:46] <robclark> o/
[23:09:56] <hwentlan> i think we should do a v2
[23:10:14] <hwentlan> don't know if everyone followed the discussion
[23:10:35] <danvet> well I forgot it all
[23:11:02] <hwentlan> you suggested something like this
[23:11:06] <hwentlan>     \item Support free and open source projects through the freedesktop.org
[23:11:06] <hwentlan>     infrastructure. This includes, but is not limited to:
[23:11:06] <hwentlan> Administering and providing
[23:11:06] <hwentlan>     project hosting services.
[23:11:25] <danvet> ah right
[23:11:45] <danvet> no one seems to have piped up about it
[23:11:52] <danvet> maybe ping daniels for an ack and spin v2?
[23:11:59] <danvet> he's going on sabbatical in 2 weeks
[23:12:07] <hwentlan> sounds good. gotta get on that then
[23:12:33] <anholt__> so, I may have been confused by the thread, but it though there was some idea that we didn't necessarily need a bylaws change?
[23:13:09] <danvet> anholt__, I do think we need some minimal bylaw changes
[23:13:14] <danvet> but not as much as whot thought
[23:13:30] <danvet> bylaws give us (=board) all the those to fill out those details
[23:13:44] <hwentlan> anholt__, i think that came up but can't find it now
[23:14:04] <danvet> tldr was: whot "we should be more explicit with something as important as fd.o" me "xdc is also not mentioned with a single word in bylaws"
[23:14:27] <anholt__> that's why I hadn't chimed in, at least.  the minimal change sounds good 
[23:14:30] <danvet> we have an overall mission + the tools to figure it all out
[23:15:32] <danvet> hwentlan, so ok if I sign you up to respin v2 with the minimal edit?
[23:15:51] <hwentlan> will do that over the next couple of days and get daniels ack for it
[23:16:14] <danvet> thx
[23:16:31] <danvet> mupuf, members.x.org status?
[23:16:43] <danvet> (assuming that's all on bylaws)
[23:16:53] <mupuf> danvet: been working lightly on it. Making progress on the voting system
[23:18:15] <danvet> anything special? should we take a look?
[23:18:32] <mupuf> danvet: not yet
[23:18:45] <mupuf> I will try to get something up and running by next meeting
[23:18:46] <danvet> btw on software, I'll chat with lpc organizers next week to talk about conference (especially cfp) solutions
[23:19:01] <mupuf> sounds good, we need help on this front
[23:19:11] <danvet> freeriding is my goal :-)
[23:19:15] <mupuf> there is barf from fosdem
[23:19:23] <mupuf> not amazing, but does the job!
[23:19:38] <danvet> is it redoployable, or just for fosdem?
[23:19:47] <mupuf> no idea
[23:19:47] <daniels> hwentlan, danvet: ack
[23:19:53] <danvet> daniels, thx
[23:20:11] <hwentlan> daniels: thx
[23:20:15] <daniels> np :)
[23:21:07] <danvet> mupuf, evoc?
[23:21:19] <danvet> I've seen the payment go out I think, is that confirmed?
[23:21:21] * mupuf has not done anything for the evoc in the past 4 years
[23:21:29] <robclark> yeah, payment confirmed
[23:21:30] <danvet> robclark, ^^
[23:21:40] <danvet> tlwoerner, ^^
[23:22:01] <danvet> anything on evoc?
[23:22:13] <robclark> other than that, not much comment.. probably review comments about egl extension useful (esp anyone more familiar / opinionated about egl)
[23:23:34] <robclark> it does sound like we should remove weston projects from project ideas page, since it sounds like they are short on bandwidth for anyone who could mentor.. I guess it is work asking around about gnome-shell/kwin/etc potential wayland projects since I guess that is where most of the wayland action is these days
[23:23:35] <danvet> not me :-)
[23:23:58] <danvet> robclark, yeah maybe ping pq and then drop them
[23:24:00] <robclark> but I've been kinda pre-occupied w/ other things
[23:24:07] <mupuf> +1
[23:24:07] <danvet> or tlwoerner 
[23:24:47] <tlwoerner> sure, i could do that
[23:25:42] <danvet> ok, sounds all good
[23:26:01] <danvet> final item: bryce decided to step down as treasurer, so we need a new one
[23:26:01] <mdnavare> Any updates on FOSDEM 2019?
[23:26:01] <robclark> thx
[23:26:03] <tlwoerner> at some point i'll need to "sit down" with robclark and mupuf and get more involved with these activities
[23:26:17] <danvet> mdnavare, what would you want to have?
[23:26:17] <mupuf> tlwoerner: the more the merrier
[23:26:33] <tlwoerner> are either of you at plumbers next week?
[23:26:47] <robclark> not I
[23:26:49] <tlwoerner> otherwise we can do something after plumbers
[23:26:53] <robclark> unfortunately
[23:26:56] <danvet> mdnavare, we don't organize the devroom, only thing we've done in the past is travel grants ...
[23:27:02] <robclark> yeah, I guess just sync up on IRC after lpc
[23:27:03] <danvet> tlwoerner, I'll be there
[23:27:10] * anholt__ wonders how much time commitment treasurer has been
[23:27:12] <danvet> keithp maybe too?
[23:27:25] <tlwoerner> danvet: yes, keithp is giving a talk
[23:27:26] <danvet> anholt__, it's been quite a bit of chasing loose ends, bryce has been awesome
[23:27:30] <tlwoerner> (first day, first slot)
[23:27:33] <mdnavare> danvet: Ah ok I was gonna ask about graphics devroom cfp announcements since hanvent heard anything yet and its about time
[23:27:47] <danvet> mdnavare, yeah we're not doing that
[23:27:53] <danvet> I thought ivyl is involved ...
[23:28:00] <keithp> danvet: yup, I'll be there
[23:28:49] <mdnavare> danvet: ivyl had no idea about devroom either
[23:29:40] <danvet> huh, I thought I discussed it with him at the helsinki f2f
[23:29:53] <danvet> anholt__, you're pondering volunteering?
[23:30:02] <danvet> Riastradh, has offered as a fallback
[23:30:42] <mupuf> danvet: ivyl is not involved
[23:30:48] <anholt__> danvet: yeah.  just wondered if I was wildly off in how much of a time commitment it is
[23:30:52] <mupuf> so far, the only word we have is from luc that this will happen
[23:31:04] <mupuf> I guess he needs to be pinged again to show interest
[23:31:18] <danvet> anholt__, the beaurocratics with dealing with spi isn't terribly efficient
[23:31:25] <danvet> but they're trying to improve things
[23:31:37] <Riastradh> I'm guessing it can't be much more than an hour a week or so on average, with some several-hour tasks every now and then, and lots of queued asynchronous activity with SPI.
[23:32:02] <danvet> let me try to get some numbers, I think bryce copied secretary@ on everything
[23:32:07] <Riastradh> bryce_ isn't here, right?
[23:32:15] <danvet> yeah unfortunately
[23:32:25] <danvet> I guess we can also postpone
[23:32:29] <mupuf> I think the work is mostly concentrated around the XDC
[23:32:36] <danvet> if folks one more data to consider
[23:32:45] <danvet> for XDC really
[23:32:55] <danvet> getting the sponsors sorted stretched out for long
[23:33:02] <danvet> but now we mostly know what they want I think
[23:33:14] <mupuf> ohm good point! I was thinking only about reimbursments
[23:33:57] <danvet> so roughly 30 mail threads this year it seems
[23:34:05] <anholt__> yeah, I think I'll officially nominate myself.
[23:34:13] <keithp> anholt__: thanks much
[23:34:15] <danvet> anholt__, thx
[23:34:57] <danvet> Riastradh, want to run too or fine with anholt__ volunteering?
[23:35:14] <Riastradh> Sure, I'll throw my hat in, why not.
[23:35:19] <Riastradh> Make it a contested election!
[23:35:59] <danvet> in the board git under Sponsors/xdc-2018.txt is all the money handling for xdc
[23:36:06] <danvet> both sponsors and travel grants
[23:36:37] <danvet> so ... I think this is first
[23:36:38] <danvet> for me at least
[23:36:43] <danvet> how do we organize this?
[23:36:51] <anholt__> Riastradh: I'm happy for someone else to be treasurer, I was just assuming nobody else would. :)
[23:36:55] <danvet> never had to volunteers for an officer :-)
[23:37:01] <danvet> *two
[23:37:04] <Riastradh> Heh.
[23:37:35] <Riastradh> I don't actually have a preference here but it might be healthy for the group to have a procedure for a contested election!
[23:37:48] <tlwoerner> what about Taylor R Campbell
[23:37:49] <tlwoerner> ?
[23:37:53] <Riastradh> tlwoerner: That's me.
[23:38:10] <tlwoerner> Riastradh: ah!! sorry :-S
[23:40:15] <danvet> so now we need to figure out who wants more than the other and someone step down?
[23:40:21] <danvet> or some complicated voting scheme
[23:40:28] <danvet> ?
[23:40:32] <Riastradh> So, obvious options: (a) nonsecret ballot, (b) one vaguely disinterested person (e.g., chair) collects ballots and promises to keep them secret, (c) we ask cryptography or SPI for help.
[23:41:10] <keithp> it's a board vote, which isn't usually secret
[23:41:12] <Riastradh> Another option: treasurer and assistant treasurer, if that doesn't violate the bylaws.
[23:41:13] <tlwoerner> as a non-member of the board, i could be the vaguely disinterested person
[23:42:10] <danvet> we can make new officier positions as we feel like
[23:42:28] <danvet> but treasurer is really a bit of book-keeping/tracking stuff
[23:42:35] <danvet> 2 is probably not going to work well
[23:42:39] <anholt__> yeah, not worth two
[23:42:54] <danvet> and yeah vote is here
[23:43:27] <Riastradh> OK.  If nobody's keen to figure out how the board decides on contested positions (though I think that would be a good procedure to have in general), I'll just step back.
[23:43:29] <danvet> well, board meeting
[23:44:31] <anholt__> Riastradh: it sounds like keithp and danvet are thinking it would be no secret ballot here, if I'm not misinterpreting.  it does feel like what we've done in the past.
[23:44:50] <keithp> same as for secretary
[23:44:52] <danvet> yeah, we generally just elected officer here or at xdc
[23:45:02] <danvet> but I've never been involved in a vote with more than 1 candidate
[23:46:14] <keithp> so, how about we let Riastradh and anholt__ chat offline and decide who wants to go first and who will take up the role in a year or so?
[23:46:25] <keithp> it's not like we won't need a treasurer later on too
[23:46:36] <danvet> yeah, that sounds good to me
[23:46:39] <robclark> yeah, sounds good
[23:46:40] <danvet> some pondering time
[23:46:43] <hwentlan> keithp, sounds good
[23:46:48] <robclark> not like it's a thing you do for the glamor :-P
[23:46:54] <Riastradh> Sounds fine to me.
[23:47:51] <anholt__> and I'll go through history to validate my guess at the workload.
[23:48:11] <danvet> anholt__, treasurer@ doesn't go to board
[23:48:36] <anholt__> ah, so there *is* more I haven't seen!
[23:48:53] <danvet> yeah the 30 mails was treasurer herding stuff
[23:49:08] <danvet> like handling expenses (making sure people file them correctly, then fwd to spi)
[23:49:21] <danvet> and chasing sponsor's procurement departments
[23:49:35] <danvet> plus bryce did a bunch of git pushes to the bod repo
[23:49:51] <danvet> I'd say it's probably as much as I do overall
[23:50:10] <keithp> at least there's no actual bank account to deal with anymore
[23:50:24] * keithp still has an x.org checkbook
[23:50:24] <danvet> nor IRS
[23:50:36] <keithp> oh, we just failed on that regularly
[23:50:38] <tlwoerner> but there are the reports and the software to deal with
[23:50:52] <keithp> yup
[23:51:11] <danvet> I think the expense/sponsor handling is more
[23:51:18] <tlwoerner> keithp: nice piece of memorabilia 
[23:51:29] <danvet> the report is "run ledger" plus write a few sentences
[23:51:40] <keithp> tlwoerner: I have an entire office full of x.org memorabilia, including a sparcstation...
[23:52:06] <tlwoerner> we'll need a museum ;-)
[23:52:39] <danvet> anholt__, Riastradh I'll ask bryce_ to send a workload estimate to board@
[23:52:46] <Riastradh> danvet: Sounds good!
[23:52:59] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Duties/ <- also some notes here, but maybe not complete
[23:54:29] <danvet> anything else?
[23:54:38] <danvet> treasurer or other topics
[23:55:56] <danvet> I guess not
[23:56:01] <danvet> thanks everyone for hanging out
[23:56:12] <danvet> and big thanks to anholt__ and Riastradh for volunteering
[23:56:13] <tlwoerner> np

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