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[23:00:35] <Riastradh> Hi!
[23:00:40] <anholt_> hi!
[23:00:50] <danvet> hi all
[23:00:54] <keithp>  o/
[23:01:13] <hwentlan> here, but have to multi-task
[23:01:51] <mupuf> Sailor mupuf, reporting on deck
[23:02:41] <danvet> Agenda: elect officers, gsoc mentor summit reimbursement, x.org yearl report,
[23:02:41] <danvet> evoc, members.x.org, fd.o bylaw change
[23:02:44] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:02:52] <danvet> bryce, around too?
[23:03:59] <anholt_> nothing to add from me
[23:05:41] <danvet> ok, I guess let's start
[23:05:50] <danvet> first officers
[23:06:07] <danvet> I think usually we've done that as part of the xdc meeting, but tbh I'm not sure
[23:06:26] <anholt_> that sounds right
[23:06:48] <danvet> anyway I figured confirmation for another 1y term can't hurt
[23:06:58] <danvet> I'd volunteer another round of typing minutes
[23:07:18] <danvet> if no one else wants to
[23:07:42] <Riastradh> I think danvet does an excellent job of preparing minutes.
[23:07:53] <anholt_> agreed.
[23:08:13] <keithp> +1
[23:08:23] <mupuf> +1
[23:08:40] <danvet> sounds good
[23:09:00] <danvet> for the treasurer vote let's wait until bryce shows up, if he does, otherwise we postpone
[23:09:21] <anholt_> yeah
[23:09:21] <danvet> hwentlan, ^^ ack too
[23:10:20] <hwentlan> +1
[23:10:22] <danvet> next up: gustavo padonvan asks for 640USD reimbursement for having attended the gsoc mentor summit
[23:10:27] <danvet> details on board@
[23:10:44] <danvet> he also highly recommends we send people there "best conference ever for me"
[23:11:10] <mupuf> Wow, that is a crazy thing to say
[23:11:30] <danvet> mupuf, ?
[23:11:55] <mupuf> After fosdem, and xdc, that means a lot :o!
[23:12:17] <danvet> I guess it's an uncoference for community folks
[23:12:26] <danvet> those can be great if done right and good people there
[23:12:41] <anholt> oh, comes out of gsoc funds marked for this?  sounds like we should definitely say yes.
[23:12:42] <mupuf> I can believe that
[23:13:06] <mupuf> anholt: yes, we got 2k for that IIRC
[23:13:19] <danvet> anholt, yeah
[23:13:25] <Riastradh> Google's donation to organizations is not _restricted_ to being used for travel to mentor summit -- it's just an unrestricted lump $2200 or whatever.
[23:13:33] <danvet> and looked all reasonable
[23:13:48] <Riastradh> But they suggest using it for that.
[23:13:52] <danvet> definitely has my +1
[23:14:13] <Riastradh> +1
[23:14:20] <keithp> +1
[23:14:22] <mupuf> +1
[23:14:23] <anholt> Riastradh: yeah, even if it's not technically restricted, +1 for being its intent.
[23:14:43] <Riastradh> anholt: Yep, just wanted to clarify when you said `gsoc funds marked for this'.
[23:15:10] <danvet> hwentlan, ^^
[23:15:27] <hwentlan> +1
[23:15:44] <danvet> lots of voting today, next one: yearly report
[23:15:58] <danvet> since I'm lazy I delivered it at XDC as a presentation, like last few years
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[23:16:12] <danvet> I think bylaws says this needs to be approved too
[23:16:13] <robclark> o/
[23:16:15] <danvet> robclark, hi
[23:17:12] <danvet> it's also pushed to the xorg-bod git repo
[23:17:53] <danvet> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorgfoundation/bod-archive/blob/master/BoD/yearly-reports/xorg-report-2018.odp
[23:19:42] <danvet> any takes on this?
[23:19:53] <anholt> presentation looks good, haven't watched video
[23:20:19] <danvet> I didn't really say more than what was in there I think
[23:22:29] <danvet> voting?
[23:22:39] <danvet> or should I just assume it's all fine?
[23:23:20] * robclark just had quick skim of slides..
[23:23:23] <robclark> looks fine
[23:23:56] <hwentlan> looks fine to me
[23:23:57] <danvet> keithp, Riastradh, hwentlan ?
[23:24:39] <keithp> same as anholt; presentation seems fine, haven't watched the video
[23:26:43] <danvet> I guess I'll count that "slides approved" :-)
[23:26:48] <danvet> robclark, evoc?
[23:26:57] <Riastradh> I'm having trouble getting at it, but don't let me hold that up.
[23:27:12] <danvet> Riastradh, you should have full access to that gitlab repo
[23:27:28] <danvet> Riastradh, might need to activate your gitlab account first, if you haven't yet
[23:27:33] <robclark> danvet, nothing new this week..  the payment for phase 1 approved last week is still in-progress
[23:27:34] <Riastradh> Haven't done that, how do I do that?
[23:28:14] <mupuf> Type your fdo username then click on lost password
[23:28:15] <robclark> Riastradh, https://xdc2018.x.org/slides/xorg-report-2018.pdf
[23:28:16] <danvet> Riastradh, do password recover for your account, which is riastradh
[23:28:22] <Riastradh> Thanks.
[23:28:26] <danvet> that should work
[23:28:37] <danvet> if it doesn't, ask fd.o admins for help on #freedesktop
[23:28:52] <danvet> robclark, btw I realized that the first payement was the initial 500$
[23:28:58] <danvet> did we forget to get that out?
[23:29:00] * danvet didnt' find anything
[23:29:11] <danvet> we approved the 2250$ last meeting
[23:29:12] <robclark> we did get that out.. this is actually 2nd payment
[23:29:13] <Riastradh> OK, slides LGTM.
[23:29:17] <Riastradh> +1
[23:29:22] <danvet> robclark, you're sure?
[23:29:31] <mupuf> +1
[23:31:16] <danvet> robclark, quick mail scan didn't show anything, also no payment instructions from bryce (he usually forwards them to me too for double-checking)
[23:31:27] <robclark> danvet, 99% sure..
[23:31:43] <robclark> I'll dig thru my emails and fwd to you
[23:31:47] <danvet> robclark, can you pls double-check?
[23:31:48] <danvet> thx
[23:32:05] <danvet> mupuf, members.x.org?
[23:33:30] <mupuf> Can we moved it further in the meeting?
[23:33:56] <mupuf> Still away from my main pc for 10 minutes
[23:34:04] <robclark> danvet, fwd'd it to you
[23:34:06] <danvet> mupuf, well there's one item left with nothing to discuss really, then we're done
[23:34:35] <mupuf> Ok, then let's do it by phone.
[23:35:07] <danvet> robclark, dunno why, but this is the first time I've seen this
[23:35:13] <danvet> searching again didn't yield anything
[23:35:20] <mupuf> New wevsite is being developped, django-based. Emphasis on testing and maintainability has been made
[23:35:23] <danvet> robclark, thx for double-checking
[23:35:49] <robclark> np
[23:36:03] <mupuf> An instance can be found on my server, link in 2 minutes
[23:36:21] <danvet> mupuf, I guess I shouldn't add that one to the minutes?
[23:36:30] <mupuf> Auth is done through fd.o's gitlab, github
[23:36:32] <danvet> maybe send the link just to board@ as a follow-up?
[23:36:59] <mupuf> I'm fine with people trying it
[23:37:10] <mupuf> No worries
[23:37:24] <mupuf> Home!
[23:37:55] <robclark> as long as it is all dummy data and not an import of real members db, I guess it is ok for others to play with
[23:37:56] <mupuf> http://xorgmembership.mupuf.org/
[23:38:01] <mupuf> oh, ues
[23:38:04] <mupuf> it is just me
[23:38:10] <mupuf> I'm the only member
[23:38:17] <mupuf> and I can make you an admin on demand
[23:38:21] <mupuf> so you see everything
[23:38:29] <mupuf> and you can play with it
[23:38:44] <mupuf> what's missing is the voting system now. I plan to have it done in the coming month
[23:38:45] <danvet> ok, I'll put it into the minutes
[23:38:52] <danvet> thx a lot
[23:38:54] <robclark> ok, cool
[23:39:06] <keithp> thanks for working to replace the php horror show :-)
[23:39:09] <robclark> yeah, vote admin is what I wanted to play w/ ;-)
[23:39:14] <mupuf> current home is: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mupuf/xorg_membership
[23:39:23] <robclark> +1 for replacing php horror show :-P
[23:39:29] <mupuf> robclark: oyu can play with membership acceptance
[23:39:34] <danvet> probably want to move it to xorgfoundation eventually
[23:39:43] <mupuf> and creating new membership periods with different membership agreements
[23:39:48] <mupuf> danvet: absolutely
[23:40:00] <mupuf> I have admin rights, right?
[23:40:14] <anholt_> mupuf: I am so thankful you're working on this.
[23:40:18] <danvet> yeah, all board members have Owner rights
[23:40:38] <mupuf> danvet: should I make a new branch for members.x.org, or make a new repo?
[23:41:13] <anholt_> new repo seems good to me 
[23:41:19] <mupuf> anholt_: the php code is not too horrible, could have been worse. But it is definitely 90s code, full of potential sql injections
[23:41:57] <mupuf> anholt_: suggestion for the name?
[23:42:04] <mupuf> members.x.org-ng?
[23:42:14] <mupuf> or -django?
[23:43:09] <danvet> whatever you feel like
[23:43:14] <danvet> xorgmembership?
[23:43:19] <mupuf> works for me
[23:43:26] <danvet> jsut give it a meaningful description
[23:43:30] <mupuf> in any case, I am trying to keep the workflow of the previous website... but clearer and more automated
[23:43:43] <mupuf> for instance, I want automatic reminders
[23:43:55] <anholt_> or just "members"
[23:43:57] <mupuf> and one would just set all the necessary dates, and the tool would take care of all the emails
[23:44:04] <anholt_> not picky, though.
[23:44:09] <robclark> auto reminders would be nice
[23:44:35] <mupuf> same for membership. You program a new membership period to start at a certain date, and it should send the right email at the right time
[23:44:46] <mupuf> the process is in the code, no need to teach much
[23:45:17] <mupuf> and the documentation for the website can be written as gitlab markdown inside the repo
[23:46:15] <mupuf> I managed to get Arek (fd.o patchwork maintainer) interested in helping me out
[23:46:26] <mupuf> but definitely welcome more help there.
[23:46:47] <mupuf> At least, the current code is 100% tested, even the templates are checked a bit
[23:47:14] <mupuf> and the thing does not allow me to push is coverage goes under 100%
[23:48:03] <mupuf> anyway, feel free to poke at it!
[23:48:36] <danvet> thx a lot
[23:48:43] <danvet> so final topic: fd.o bylaw changes
[23:48:56] <danvet> there was some comments by whot and daniels, I replied
[23:49:13] <danvet> daniels said that's good enough for him, haven't managed to get hold of whot yet
[23:49:45] <danvet> I guess if nothing else comes up we can approve that and then submit it to spi for approval too?
[23:49:59] <danvet> anything else we'd need to do here?
[23:49:59] <mupuf> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorgfoundation/xorg_membership <-- new home for the project
[23:50:03] <danvet> hwentlan, ^^
[23:50:45] <danvet> mupuf, it's fully public, we're ok with that?
[23:50:51] <danvet> i.e. is the code that good :-)
[23:50:55] <hwentlan> danvet: agree with your email
[23:51:17] <hwentlan> although it might make sense to write down some guidelines like daniels mentioned
[23:51:22] <hwentlan> just not in the bylaw
[23:51:33] <mupuf> danvet: yes, all of it can be public. There is no DB or credentials in there
[23:52:00] <danvet> hwentlan, yeah I fully agree on that, we'll have lots of policies to approve after the merger :-)
[23:53:07] <danvet> if there's nothing else I'll close
[23:53:08] <danvet> anyone?
[23:53:47] <keithp> thanks for participating
[23:55:54] <hwentlan> thanks and apologizing for having only a single eye on this today
[00:00:22] <danvet> thx for hanging out

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