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[23:00:25] <danvet> hi all
[23:00:52] <keithp> howdy y'all
[23:01:18] <danvet> anholt, mupuf around too?
[23:01:24] <bryce__> heya keithp 
[23:01:37] <robclark> o/
[23:01:41] <keithp> anholt is home with family
[23:01:47] <keithp> so will be missing the meeting
[23:01:49] * keithp has pics
[23:02:10] <danvet> keithp, oh ... all well?
[23:02:49] <bryce__> hope he's ok
[23:02:55] <keithp> he's fine; new child
[23:03:16] <keithp> sorry for the lack of clarity :-)
[23:03:19] <danvet> sweet
[23:03:33] <bryce__> oh nice!  congrats to him then :-)
[23:03:38] <danvet> keithp, might have been lost in translation on my part
[23:03:51] <danvet> from de->en I mean
[23:04:18] <danvet> Agenda: xdc travel, extending travel policy, xdc lunch, xdc talks/workshop track, gsoc, evoc, xdc19, fd.o
[23:04:41] <danvet> full agenda today ... anything I missed?
[23:04:52] <danvet> mupuf probably stuck in traffic somewhere again
[23:05:11] <danvet> or still visiting friends like last week
[23:07:19] <danvet> I guess we can get started
[23:07:30] <danvet> xdc travel, I tried to collect them all
[23:07:36] <danvet> it's 5.5k usd total
[23:08:02] <danvet> only unusual thing is that rodrigo also asked for food, which I think we never reimbursed in the past
[23:08:40] <tlwoerner> do you mean past xdc, or future xdc?
[23:09:04] <danvet> tlwoerner, this is travel sponsoring requests
[23:09:14] <danvet> 6people
[23:09:35] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/XorgFoundation/Policies/Reimbursement/ <- here we include food
[23:10:08] <danvet> all 6 speakers, Mauro Rossi's talk is now in
[23:10:25] <keithp> that all seems reasonable to me
[23:10:31] <robclark> danvet, food listed under 'out of policy'..
[23:10:34] <tlwoerner> that page says food is out-of-policy
[23:10:35] * robclark would consider reimbursing food only if xdc was at a location where food is unnaturally expensive and it would otherwise be a hardship
[23:10:41] <bryce__> yeah food is an option.  Are we doing a daily stipend, or collect-receipts and itemize?
[23:11:00] <danvet> robclark, grep for meals
[23:11:12] <danvet> bryce__, we've never done it before
[23:11:23] <keithp> it's a lot of hassle with receipts
[23:11:24] <robclark> oh, synonyms defeat me
[23:11:25] <Riastradh> Per diem can make everyone's job a lot easier.
[23:11:26] <tlwoerner> as long as the meals don't include food...
[23:11:27] <danvet> which is why I brought it up
[23:11:31] <danvet> keithp, yeah ...
[23:11:31] <Riastradh> (per diem stipend)
[23:11:37] <bryce__> robclark, room charges for food, but "Meals and incidentals" is listed under in-policy
[23:11:42] <keithp> danvet: per diem sounds good to me
[23:11:48] <robclark> yeah, I see that now
[23:11:54] <Riastradh> IRS rules explicitly allow a reasonable per diem stipend to be counted as not-income so you don't have to worry about reporting it.
[23:12:07] <Riastradh> ([citation needed], &c.)
[23:12:52] <danvet> he's asking for 5+12+14
[23:12:54] <bryce__> totally agreed re: per diem.  Receipts are a PITA.
[23:13:10] <bryce__> danvet, I guess you'll have to give me an action item to check with SPI on this.
[23:13:11] <danvet> bryce__, yeah if we approve then definitely not receipts
[23:13:25] <danvet> bryce__, yeah probably best
[23:13:41] <danvet> so I'd propose we approve except for the meals, so people can start booking and everything
[23:14:01] <bryce__> sounds good
[23:14:11] <robclark> +1
[23:14:32] <tlwoerner> no LWN?
[23:15:11] <danvet> already approved
[23:15:16] <danvet> these are the speakers
[23:15:23] <tlwoerner> ah, thanks
[23:15:37] <bryce__> danvet, also give me an action item to update the policy so it uses consistent meal/food verbage, in case of future grepping ;_0
[23:15:45] <Riastradh> At TNF we have a conference committee to (among other things) give board an estimate of what reasonable per diem expenses are for the locale -- local transit, meals, &c.
[23:16:23] <danvet> bryce__, sounds good
[23:16:24] <bryce__> Riastradh, yeah I'll check if SPI has such a policy.
[23:16:33] * danvet votes +1 on the entire pile ex. meals too
[23:16:43] <bryce__> ditto +1
[23:17:11] <keithp> yeah, +1
[23:17:43] <danvet> Riastradh, ?
[23:18:00] <danvet> (your vote pls I mean)
[23:18:22] <danvet> and yes should probably add this to the XDC RFP for organizers, if we reimburse this with per diem
[23:18:27] <Riastradh> Which exactly is the question here right now?
[23:18:56] <danvet> approve the entire pile of travel requests, ex. the meal stuff, ~5.5k for 6 people
[23:19:00] <danvet> details in the board@ mail
[23:20:01] <Riastradh> +1
[23:20:30] <danvet> and approved
[23:20:45] <danvet> I'll also send out mails to everyone, together with remaining talk things
[23:20:50] <keithp> tnx
[23:20:56] <danvet> next up: extended travel policy
[23:21:23] <danvet> the small extension to include all who proposed a talk (not just accepted), with the wildcard to let us reject as we see fit
[23:21:40] <danvet> was a bit of discussion already, didn't hear any objections
[23:21:41] <keithp> I think that's a good change
[23:22:18] <Riastradh> danvet: I am a big fan of enabling people of modest means to attend conferences.
[23:22:46] <danvet> should probably remember to include that in the cfp next year, but I don't think we'll remember this long :-)
[23:22:50] <Riastradh> It is helpful to do more than just provide the option, though, because often people are embarrassed to ask for it.
[23:22:58] * robclark reading thread
[23:23:56] <tlwoerner> is there some sort of proviso that the talk has to be somehow on-topic for the conference?
[23:24:17] <robclark> yeah, for people who submit talks but not accepted, case by case (ie. esp if there is value for hallway discussion or we would have accepted talk schedule permitting) sgtm..
[23:24:18] <danvet> tlwoerner, includes a "at the board's discretion" or similar lingo
[23:24:25] <danvet> and also "relevant to stuff we do"
[23:24:39] <tlwoerner> sounds good
[23:24:45] <Riastradh> Board discretion is good.
[23:25:14] <bryce__> yeah the wording sounded good, inviting but not committing.  case by case basis, etc.
[23:25:16] <Riastradh> We might also specifically ask _speakers_ if their employers are willing to fund travel so we can use the funds for other people who are not as well off.
[23:25:17] <danvet> we need to approve everything anyway, so we always have discretion to reject
[23:25:29] <robclark> (and semi related, I'd be open to accepting more than one reporter.. but ofc that should come down to BoD vote to approve)
[23:25:58] <danvet> robclark, yeah we can fix that when it's a problem
[23:26:10] <tlwoerner> robclark: who else would report on xdc?
[23:26:17] <bryce__> Riastradh, yeah although I think there is already a strong culture of doing that already
[23:26:27] <danvet> so sounds like all in favour, I'll push the diff with the meeting minutes then
[23:26:37] <keithp> cool
[23:26:52] <bryce__> tlwoerner, last year there was a german publication iirc that was interested
[23:27:06] <tlwoerner> bryce__: nice!
[23:27:31] <danvet> bryce__, I thought that was a talk or so ...
[23:27:52] <danvet> I think we can move to the next thing:
[23:28:01] <robclark> (iirc it was both)
[23:28:08] <danvet> igalia asking about xdc lunch and break buffets
[23:28:48] <danvet> Subject: XDC 2018 organization: some news
[23:28:52] <danvet> from samuel
[23:29:01] <danvet> (great subject to find the mail again I know)
[23:29:49] <danvet> there's two options/things samuel asks
[23:30:08] <danvet> - coffee breaks: ~2000k eur for all three days
[23:30:33] <danvet> (no k there, silly me, it's ~2000EUR)
[23:30:52] <danvet> - lunch break: ~2700EUR for what sounds very much like budget lunch
[23:30:52] <tlwoerner> haha
[23:31:03] <danvet> lunch could be upped
[23:31:54] <robclark> hmm, thread I found is about sponsoring tues evening evnet?  or am I looking at wrong thing?
[23:32:03] <danvet> robclark, that's already done&approved
[23:32:19] <robclark> oh, multiple parts to email..
[23:32:20] <danvet> Message-ID: <6091424.4PmiLIE0sL@fourier>
[23:32:37] <danvet> yeah somehow we managed to not deal with the entire thing :-)
[23:33:12] <robclark> yeah, generally, assuming there are food options nearby, covering coffee break but not lunch sounds reasonable
[23:33:39] <danvet> imo lunch breaks sounds good, personally not massively in favour of uni canteen food
[23:33:40] <keithp> lunch offsite means we need to allow transit time
[23:33:55] <danvet> keithp, program should have enough slack
[23:34:14] <robclark> well, I mean transit time tends to double as hallway discussion time too..
[23:34:21] <robclark> so not a complete waste..
[23:34:42] <danvet> keithp, I think the canteen would still be there I assumed?
[23:34:45] <robclark> but I mean different if food is 5km away vs <=1km away
[23:38:50] <robclark> anyways, not against sponsoring food I guess (but if we do I'd ask that we make sure there are vegetarian options :-P)
[23:39:05] <robclark> but I consider coffee the essentials and anything beyond that nice-to-have
[23:39:57] <danvet> so if I dont get this wrong the uni food court with bazillion of restaurants is 1.5 km away
[23:40:01] <danvet> and lots of choice
[23:40:04] <danvet> it seems
[23:40:13] <keithp> sounds like we'll be fine then
[23:40:18] <robclark> yeah
[23:40:58] <danvet> https://www.google.de/maps/@43.3411528,-8.405314,18.25z
[23:41:16] <danvet> maybe someone double-check my map-fu, it's late here :-)
[23:43:19] <danvet> I think there's also closer stuff even
[23:43:50] <danvet> so coffee breaks approved, and I double check with samuel that there's indeed lots of options around for variety?
[23:44:27] <robclark> hmm, the picture for the pizza place has pizza with ham and eggs..  spain might be tough for veggies
[23:44:58] <tlwoerner> robclark: lol, noticed that too!
[23:45:22] <tlwoerner> at least they're not green
[23:45:52] <robclark> but they do have a bacon cheeseburger pizza.. https://www.telepizza.es/productos/pizzas
[23:46:21] * tlwoerner books flight...
[23:46:36] <robclark> ok, 4 quesos pizza.. so I guess I have at least one option :-P
[23:46:48] <danvet> pizza all week
[23:47:35] <tlwoerner> gluten free even
[23:48:13] <danvet> more discussion or more voting?
[23:48:55] <keithp> I think we don't fund a lunch and let people find their own food
[23:49:06] <robclark> yeah, +1 for coffee and food court seems fine for meals
[23:49:10] <keithp> we've got time in the schedule for that to work, and we'll get fewer complaints from those with odd food requirements
[23:50:06] <danvet> last year was a bit special because of google campus security sponsored lunch was really the only way to make it work
[23:50:15] <danvet> bryce__, Riastradh ?
[23:50:23] * danvet +1 too fwiw
[23:50:33] <Riastradh> +1 coffee, abstain lunch
[23:50:55] <bryce__> no strong opinion from me, I won't be there so I'm fine with whatever you guys are.  :-)
[23:51:23] <Riastradh> (Would rather it be tea, but I don't yet know whether I'll come, so!)
[23:51:46] <danvet> Riastradh, good coffee breaks has more than just coffee and tea I hope
[23:51:54] <Riastradh> For 2000 EUR it had better!
[23:51:57] <danvet> ok, that's taken care of too
[23:52:08] <danvet> well it's 3 days and 150 people
[23:53:14] <danvet> xdc talks, a question from me: we got piles of talk proposals, but no proposals for the BOF room really
[23:53:24] <danvet> well, jason included it I think, need to confirm
[23:53:47] <danvet> should we ask for more and extend the CFP for that format, or just leave the 2nd room to ad-hoc scheduling, wiki-assisted?
[23:54:07] <danvet> imo would be good to channel all the rejected topics somewhere
[23:54:46] <danvet> otoh BOF sesssions that end up being more talks isn't much worth it
[23:54:58] <robclark> I think first check w/ jason, and then when we have an idea how much time the room will be free for, send around a reminder to members list, etc, and ask people to make proposals/requests for some time in the BoF room so we can loosely schedule things?
[23:55:11] <robclark> so it isn't total on-the-ground chaos
[23:55:14] <danvet> the room is free for 3 days
[23:55:24] <danvet> atm
[23:55:35] <keithp> napping space
[23:55:36] <robclark> it sounded like Jason expected his talk to prompt some follow-on discussion, iirc..
[23:55:41] <robclark> heheh
[23:55:49] <keithp> don't dis napping
[23:56:16] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/PapersCommittee/ <- formally we did ask for workshop track proposal, just didnt get any
[23:56:21] <danvet> napping is awesome
[23:56:47] <danvet> I just totally fail at napping upright or sitting :-/
[23:56:59] <keithp> danvet: just takes practice
[23:57:57] <danvet> ok, sounds like not much discussions, I'll do what robclark suggested
[23:58:00] <danvet> or any other takes?
[23:58:46] <danvet> (and with that we need to stop this meeting because I'm totally silly today with all the mail typing I'm self-volunteering here right now)
[23:58:53] <danvet> also time's up :-)
[23:59:28] <tlwoerner> ok, until next time
[23:59:58] <bryce__> hah, yeah get some sleep :-)
[00:00:40] <bryce__> I'm going to try to do another pass through sponsors this afternoon, I think at this point we're only needing to tidy up one last one (amd) but will update the file in git with where we're at.
[00:00:48] <danvet> hm xdc19... I'll kick that can too while at it
[00:00:58] <danvet> bryce__, oh right ...
[00:01:03] <danvet> I'll add it to agenda
[00:01:11] <danvet> but I also think we've wrapped them all up
[00:01:23] <danvet> oh the insurance policy thing and arm is another one ...
[00:01:59] <danvet> more stuff for next meeting
[00:02:05] <danvet> anyway, let's wrap up
[00:02:10] <danvet> thx everyone for joining
[00:02:15] <keithp> thx for all the hard work

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