[2018-06-07 17:00:19] <hwentlan> here and think i got xorg-bod working
[2018-06-07 17:02:00] <hwentlan> i believe daniel said he was absent today
[2018-06-07 17:02:19] <hwentlan> and i volunteered to run the meeting this time... we'll see how that goes
[2018-06-07 17:03:34] <hwentlan> still waiting for bryce_, keithp, Riastradh, and Rob
[2018-06-07 17:03:40] <Riastradh> Hi!
[2018-06-07 17:03:44] <bryce_> I'm here
[2018-06-07 17:03:58] <bryce_> thanks for running the meeting
[2018-06-07 17:04:36] <hwentlan> anyone know if robclark is joining or is otherwise occupied?
[2018-06-07 17:05:34] <hwentlan> and keithp? i guess we can wait for another few minutes
[2018-06-07 17:08:02] <keithp> sorry, busy in ftf meeting today; probably not going to be very available here
[2018-06-07 17:08:30] <hwentlan> looks like we got everyone but Rob and Daniel
[2018-06-07 17:08:35] <hwentlan> let's start
[2018-06-07 17:08:43] <hwentlan> Agenda: gsoc, evoc, credential management, treasurer questions, fd.o 
[2018-06-07 17:09:00] <hwentlan> is there anything else to add to this?
[2018-06-07 17:10:19] <hwentlan> mupuf, do you have any updates on gsoc?
[2018-06-07 17:10:38] <mupuf> not much to say: the first evaluation period is on the 11th
[2018-06-07 17:10:45] <mupuf> and so far, both students have been doing great
[2018-06-07 17:11:15] <mupuf> I wanted to write an article about what they are doing, and get them on the planet, but one of the student is taking forever to write his blog post.
[2018-06-07 17:11:56] <mupuf> I had to ask twice already, and I think I will send a firmer email today, because they agreed to blog weekly and this is a condition for him to pass
[2018-06-07 17:12:21] <mupuf> that's all
[2018-06-07 17:14:02] → robclark joined (~robclark@2601:184:4780:7861:5010:5849:d76d:b714)
[2018-06-07 17:14:08] <hwentlan> hi robclark
[2018-06-07 17:14:21] <robclark> o/
[2018-06-07 17:14:47] <hwentlan> we started the meeting with Agenda: gsoc, evoc, credential management, treasurer questions, fd.o
[2018-06-07 17:15:05] <hwentlan> mupuf just finished talking about gsoc
[2018-06-07 17:15:05] <robclark> ok.. sorry I'm running a bit late
[2018-06-07 17:15:20] <hwentlan> no worries
[2018-06-07 17:15:42] <hwentlan> want the copy-paste update on gsoc or should we move on to evoc?
[2018-06-07 17:15:57] <robclark> we can move on, I'll read the logs when posted
[2018-06-07 17:16:33] <hwentlan> robclark, did you get around to updating the evoc wikis?
[2018-06-07 17:16:40] <robclark> I updated SummerOfCode projects page.. also pinged dcbacker about any mesa build related projects..
[2018-06-07 17:16:57] <robclark> since it seems projects that don't require any particular hw are popular..
[2018-06-07 17:17:19] <robclark> (which I guess makes sense.. although it would be nice getting some students who wanted to do some work on nouveau, etc)
[2018-06-07 17:18:23] <robclark> I didn't check yet whether dcbaker added anything yet.. but it seemed like he had some potential ideas
[2018-06-07 17:18:36] <hwentlan> do we have any ideas how to entice students to do work requiring HW?
[2018-06-07 17:19:03] <robclark> not sure.. I think we could afford sponsoring hw for projects..
[2018-06-07 17:19:18] <robclark> although, I suppose a bit of chicken/egg problem..
[2018-06-07 17:19:28] <hwentlan> true
[2018-06-07 17:19:37] <robclark> we probably want to see student do some work before purchasing them a pile of hw
[2018-06-07 17:19:38] <anholt> I suspect it's more of a perceived difficulty than lack of hardware.
[2018-06-07 17:19:53] <anholt> the people asking to do driconf replacements presumably have *some* sort of DRI driver already.
[2018-06-07 17:20:04] <robclark> stuff involving real hw probably does have a bigger ramp-up
[2018-06-07 17:21:10] <robclark> anyways, maybe there is room to setup some sort of hw sponsorship mechanism (not necessarily tied to EVoC) for people who want to do more work on hw..
[2018-06-07 17:21:31] <robclark> I haven't really thought about it too much, but that could possibly be a good use of some of the funds we have
[2018-06-07 17:21:40] <bryce_> robclark, yeah
[2018-06-07 17:22:26] <bryce_> robclark, if you know anyone that *has* been interested in doing that type of work, might want to ask their opinions/advice?
[2018-06-07 17:23:20] <robclark> mupuf, any feel for how useful hw sponsorship would be to nouveau community?
[2018-06-07 17:23:52] <mupuf> well, seriously, don't we give $500 immeditately?
[2018-06-07 17:23:59] <mupuf> that should be sufficient to get a GPU
[2018-06-07 17:24:10] <mupuf> at least, this is google's way of handling this problem
[2018-06-07 17:24:27] <robclark> true, I suppose that is probably fine for EVoC..
[2018-06-07 17:24:42] <anholt> agreed
[2018-06-07 17:25:02] <robclark> I'm more wondering if there are folks who do some work on the hw they have already, but could do more work (not even necessarily in context of EVoC/GSoC) if we just sent them another GPU?
[2018-06-07 17:25:23] <mupuf> hmm, that could happen, but it would take more than a month
[2018-06-07 17:25:46] <mupuf> and remote access also can happen
[2018-06-07 17:25:56] <mupuf> (at least for Nouveau, I do give access to all my GPUs)
[2018-06-07 17:25:58] <mupuf> root access
[2018-06-07 17:26:08] <anholt> that was the case for me at a young age, but people willing to send video cards to students are readily available in my experience.
[2018-06-07 17:27:27] <hwentlan> anyone think it makes sense for someone to go and flesh out what a HW sponsorship could look like or should we leave it at that?
[2018-06-07 17:27:49] <hwentlan> looks like we're not too sure whether HW availability is a real problem or not
[2018-06-07 17:27:52] <mupuf> hwentlan: I think we should foregoe it entirely
[2018-06-07 17:27:59] <hwentlan> k
[2018-06-07 17:28:02] <mupuf> and just say that the initial payment should be for HW
[2018-06-07 17:28:06] <mupuf> if needed
[2018-06-07 17:28:21] <robclark> I guess we can leave it and if someone comes across a case where hw sponsorship would be useful, they should go ahead and bring it up to the board
[2018-06-07 17:28:27] <anholt> agreed
[2018-06-07 17:28:32] <mupuf> but generally, people should not start an EVoC without easy access to one piece of HW anyway
[2018-06-07 17:28:44] <robclark> if it becomes a more frequent thing, we can formalize it then
[2018-06-07 17:29:04] <mupuf> robclark: that would need to cost a substancial amount of money in order for us to need to do that, but fair-enough
[2018-06-07 17:29:44] <robclark> yeah, I think most GPUs are closer to pocket change, and there shouldn't really be a need for a super high-end GPU, I guess
[2018-06-07 17:29:53] <mupuf> exactly
[2018-06-07 17:30:18] <mupuf> and high-end features should not be the goal of a GSoC anyway
[2018-06-07 17:30:21] <mupuf> or EVoC
[2018-06-07 17:30:30] <hwentlan> any actions for the evoc item then?  waiting for response about mesa build projects?
[2018-06-07 17:31:12] <mupuf> Nouveau has a HW donation page, but I guess it is is geared towards proven contributors
[2018-06-07 17:31:41] <hwentlan> i think that makes sense
[2018-06-07 17:31:44] <robclark> hwentlan, yeah, I'll follow up again w/ dcbaker in a day or two.. I think I have one or two emails to answer that I didn't get ot yet today
[2018-06-07 17:32:19] <robclark> anyone have any ideas about wayland related projects? (just have someone pinging me on freenode now)
[2018-06-07 17:32:47] <robclark> (I figure that might be a 'ping daniels on #wayland' thing)
[2018-06-07 17:33:33] <hwentlan> anyone want to take that action item?
[2018-06-07 17:34:02] — robclark just asking here due to timing
[2018-06-07 17:34:28] <hwentlan> cool, we'll just leave that then and move on to credential management
[2018-06-07 17:34:36] <robclark> I can steer the student towards the right irc channel ;-)
[2018-06-07 17:35:37] <hwentlan> bryce_ sent a patch. has anyone had a chance to take a look?
[2018-06-07 17:36:54] <bryce_> if it's ok with folks I can land it this afternoon
[2018-06-07 17:38:00] <anholt> bryce_: I took a look and liked it
[2018-06-07 17:38:14] <anholt> didn't run the scripts or anything, but it seemed pretty sensible
[2018-06-07 17:38:53] <bryce_> I'm also happy to add people's gpg keys in myself, though the way it's set up everyone will be able to manage their own
[2018-06-07 17:40:53] <robclark> sorry, I missed the patch earlier.. just had a real quick look, and seems reasonable..
[2018-06-07 17:41:49] <bryce_> anyone have questions/concerns?  If not, should I go ahead and set it up?
[2018-06-07 17:42:24] <hwentlan> just looking at it now and knowing very little about gpg. seems alright, though, from what i can tell
[2018-06-07 17:42:30] <robclark> I guess I'm not entirely sure what the plan is for removing access..
[2018-06-07 17:42:45] <robclark> but I suppose the answer there involves generating new passwords as the first step
[2018-06-07 17:43:02] <anholt> yeah, new passwords seems like how that would have to work
[2018-06-07 17:43:21] <robclark> maybe we should made the date as part of the path for a credential file, ie. 2018/Twitter.gpg
[2018-06-07 17:43:48] <Riastradh> Doesn't Twitter support role accounts for an organizational @-handle?
[2018-06-07 17:43:58] <Riastradh> (Never used it, just thought I'd heard of it.)
[2018-06-07 17:44:24] <robclark> (maybe twitter was a bad example.. I know the list admin pages have no such fancyness ;-))
[2018-06-07 17:45:12] <bryce_> yes, if someone needs removed, you'd reset the password and regenerate the encrypted file excluding their key
[2018-06-07 17:45:42] <bryce_> basically same process as adding someone, or for editing credentials
[2018-06-07 17:45:58] <robclark> yeah, sounds sane.. I guess we could just git rm the old file (as alternative to directory subdirectories).. maybe kinda a bikeshed point
[2018-06-07 17:46:28] <robclark> (but probably should spell out the process for that.. although could just as well be a later patch too)
[2018-06-07 17:46:49] <bryce_> I doubt there'd be much need for old credentials, but they'll of course be there in git history if someone wanted the old stuff for some reason
[2018-06-07 17:47:27] <anholt> I don't see any need for subdirectories.  you just replace the credential file with the new credential.
[2018-06-07 17:47:45] <robclark> yeah, maybe I was over-thinking that
[2018-06-07 17:48:13] <robclark> anyways, I guess I can beta-test the process and add evoc list admin password
[2018-06-07 17:48:42] <bryce_> Riastradh, yeah services where they have proper organization roles and individual members that have separate accounts, really wouldn't need to be managed by this.  Not sure on twitter but Facebook pages are an example.
[2018-06-07 17:49:03] <mupuf> robclark: thanks :)
[2018-06-07 17:49:32] <bryce_> brb
[2018-06-07 17:49:42] <hwentlan> it sounds like we have an agreement to go ahead with bryce's patch
[2018-06-07 17:49:53] <robclark> +1
[2018-06-07 17:49:58] <hwentlan> +1
[2018-06-07 17:50:26] <anholt> +1
[2018-06-07 17:50:35] <mupuf> +1
[2018-06-07 17:51:31] <hwentlan> does this change this item to 'done' or do we want a follow-up to make sure we cover all credentials?
[2018-06-07 17:51:48] <bryce_> +1
[2018-06-07 17:51:49] <anholt> let's follow up next time
[2018-06-07 17:51:57] <hwentlan> sounds good
[2018-06-07 17:52:01] <bryce_> sorry, kids just got home, had to let them in
[2018-06-07 17:52:13] <robclark> I guess next week follow up on what credentials are remaining to be added
[2018-06-07 17:52:23] <bryce_> thanks, will hopefully get that done today or tomorrow
[2018-06-07 17:52:49] <hwentlan> thanks bryce_
[2018-06-07 17:53:07] <hwentlan> second-to-last item then is "treasurer questions"
[2018-06-07 17:53:31] <bryce_> the treasurer questions topic is going to be unfortunately short.  I haven't heard back from Stuart about the missing assets check, he's been pinged within the past week so will wait.
[2018-06-07 17:54:02] <bryce_> on the question of XDC sponsors, SPI says they have no records of the donations arriving on their end, except for Intel who we did an invoice for some months ago
[2018-06-07 17:54:29] <bryce_> I think next action there is for daniel to touch base with the sponsors and then we can get invoices out to them.
[2018-06-07 17:54:52] <bryce_> I think that's it on that topic.
[2018-06-07 17:55:26] <hwentlan> thanks
[2018-06-07 17:55:37] <hwentlan> next is the fd.o merge
[2018-06-07 17:56:44] <hwentlan> not much of an update, but i've started reading through the bylaws and trying to find ways to fit in fdo
[2018-06-07 17:57:11] <hwentlan> i'll expect to send a first draft by next meeting
[2018-06-07 17:57:33] <hwentlan> i imagine we'll have SPI lawyers review the final draft?
[2018-06-07 18:00:09] <hwentlan> these are all of the agenda items
[2018-06-07 18:00:20] <hwentlan> and the hour is over
[2018-06-07 18:00:31] <robclark> good question.. although I guess we didn't realy have lawyers to review when we updated the bylaws to join SPI..
[2018-06-07 18:00:51] <robclark> anyways, I guess we can cross that bridge a bit later
[2018-06-07 18:00:59] <hwentlan> sounds good
[2018-06-07 18:01:42] <hwentlan> if there's nothing else should we adjourn the meeting?
[2018-06-07 18:01:47] <anholt> adjourn!
[2018-06-07 18:02:48] <hwentlan> sounds good. i'll send the notes in a few minutes
[2018-06-07 18:02:50] <bryce_> if we're doing updates to the bylaws, would be nice to improve the wiki page they're shown on, it's just a boring list of past proposals.  but anyway, something to think about later maybe