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[23:00:32] <danvet> hi all!
[23:00:40] <hwentlan> hello
[23:01:58] <keithp> good day all
[23:03:27] <danvet> hwentlan, I'm not around in 2 weeks, care to run the meeting for once?
[23:03:57] <danvet> there's a script in bod.git/scripts/xorg-bod with a few env variables at the top to set
[23:04:02] <danvet> or roll it by hand ...
[23:04:17] <tlwoerner> o/
[23:04:31] <hwentlan> i'm really rushed today but wouldn't mind setting up to run next meeting
[23:06:50] <hwentlan> looks like i need to setup mutt
[23:06:53] <hwentlan> or i can format by hand
[23:08:30] <danvet> probably could change the last line of the script that sends out the mail
[23:08:36] <danvet> really just needs an mta
[23:08:44] <danvet> or we could use git send-email, that usually works :-)
[23:09:03] <danvet> bryce, robclark_ anholt around?
[23:09:12] <bryce> danvet, yep
[23:09:14] <robclark_> yeah
[23:09:16] <danvet> mupuf, probably asleep ...
[23:09:22] robclark_ is now known as robclark
[23:09:30] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, evoc, credential management, treasurer questions, fd.o
[23:09:32] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:10:18] <danvet> hwentlan, either way, upfront kudos :-)
[23:10:36] <robclark> nothing to add here..
[23:10:46] <hwentlan> danvet, will be ready to run next one. gotta start pulling my weight. thanks :)
[23:10:59] <hwentlan> it looks like that covers it from what i can see
[23:11:08] <danvet> ok gsoc update from mupuf: he's jetlagged :-)
[23:11:11] <tlwoerner> any xdc planning?
[23:11:13] <danvet> robclark, anything from evoc?
[23:11:19] <danvet> tlwoerner, what do we need to plan?
[23:11:28] <tlwoerner> i don't know, is it all ready to go?
[23:11:39] <tlwoerner> sponsorship(s)?
[23:11:55] <danvet> igalia is organizing
[23:11:59] <robclark> nothing really, been kinda busy, I got the evoc@ list setup before last week, but haven't had a chance to update wiki pages, etc
[23:12:07] <danvet> and the sponsoring stuff is already on the agenda under "treasurer questions"
[23:12:12] <tlwoerner> danvet: okay
[23:12:56] <danvet> robclark, btw evoc@what?
[23:13:24] <danvet> ah found it, @foundation.x.org
[23:13:26] <robclark> evoc@foundation
[23:13:28] <robclark> yeah
[23:13:49] <danvet> ok
[23:13:59] <danvet> I'll note that you still need to grep over the wiki :-)
[23:14:08] <danvet> credential management
[23:14:16] <danvet> I noticed the thread, didn't see any conclusions?
[23:14:18] <robclark> and the project ideas page probably needs a cleanup
[23:14:25] <danvet> probably ...
[23:14:32] <danvet> I thought we've shared that one with gsoc?
[23:14:36] <robclark> oh, yeah, I guess the thread kinda fizzled out..
[23:14:36] <danvet> or was that also not cleaned up?
[23:14:42] <robclark> yeah, shared page
[23:14:54] <bryce> anyone have more input on credentials?
[23:15:05] <danvet> yeah maybe get that cleaned up with mupuf, once he's back among the living
[23:15:22] <bryce> if you'd like I could set something up to start tire kicking on
[23:15:31] <danvet> bryce, imo as long as someone else takes care of it and people agree I'm happy
[23:15:56] <robclark> bryce, on credentials, I guess we kinda have the same problem w/ git-crypt tree in general, don't we?  Ie. old board members should probably not continue to have access?
[23:16:13] * robclark probably needs to actually play w/ git-crypt so I understand it better..
[23:16:37] <danvet> do we need to encrypt all the creds?
[23:16:53] * danvet terribly bad at gpg
[23:16:55] <bryce> I think rob and I got consensus that git-crypt probably isn't adequate, but I don't think anyone had major objections to the #2 approach of gpg signed credentials files in git
[23:17:02] <danvet> but maybe I'm alone on that ...
[23:17:14] <bryce> I think all I need to do that is to know what git repo to put it in
[23:17:23] <robclark> I think most lists should be visible to all members, but members php stuff and election list should only be accessible to election committee..
[23:17:37] <danvet> bod.git seems like a good place imo
[23:17:43] <tlwoerner> do i need to be on the board to edit https://www.x.org/wiki/XorgEVoC/? because i could take a crack at updating simple things there
[23:18:01] <robclark> (I mean, I guess we haven't really had a problem w/ honor system so far, but if we are going to do something more formal then perhaps worth doing it right)
[23:18:07] <danvet> tlwoerner, chat with robclark, no need to be on the board I think
[23:18:10] <robclark> tlwoerner, I don't think so
[23:18:16] <danvet> except when it's policy stuff we need to approve
[23:18:23] <bryce> danvet, I have a pretty easy paint-by-numbers howto
[23:18:37] <danvet> bryce, I'll try again ...
[23:18:56] <danvet> ok I guess for creds bryce will try out and we'll see next time around?
[23:19:05] <bryce> sounds good
[23:19:37] <robclark> sure..  and I guess I should try to carve out some time to play w/ git-crypt over the 3day weekend to understand it better
[23:19:51] <danvet> mkay
[23:20:05] <bryce> for some reason I had it in the back of my mind that it might be better to have the credentials separate from the bod archive, but at the moment I can't remember why I thought that
[23:20:11] <danvet> next up: questions for spi treasurers
[23:20:41] <danvet> bryce, imo if you break into the server most of those creds aren't too useful, and we need to ask fd.o admins to clean up the mess anyway :-/
[23:20:46] <bryce> in any case, would be trivial to move if we wanted later
[23:21:02] <danvet> maybe if we put stuff like g+ or twitter in there too
[23:21:12] <bryce> danvet, you probably saw but I reping'd stuart about the missing assets check
[23:21:16] <danvet> yup
[23:21:28] <danvet> and I pinged spi about the xdc sponsoring, no answer yet :-(
[23:22:19] <bryce> yeah
[23:22:42] <danvet> I'll note that we'll need to keep nagging
[23:22:56] <danvet> btw on that, I keep getting semi-regular SEO requests
[23:23:14] <bryce> regarding the potential web sponsor that keeps bugging you, given it's a coupon site it's obviously more an SEO than X-related sponsor
[23:23:17] <danvet> keithp also brought up in private that other projects just take the money, for around 5k/year or so
[23:23:28] <danvet> yeah there's more of those SEO folks
[23:23:47] <danvet> I guess we could sell out some prime single-letter domain links :-)
[23:24:05] <bryce> yeah I had been thinking earlier of raising the rate to $5k myself
[23:24:08] <danvet> the problem I'm seeing is that spi treasurer will make this painful, at least until spi has fixed their ledger woes
[23:24:36] <danvet> otherwise we could do a very simple SEO sponsoring policy: simple link for 5k/year, nothing else
[23:24:40] <danvet> all in the same place
[23:24:55] <bryce> I'm surprised our adding nofollow didn't tamp down on the interest
[23:25:02] <danvet> but I'm kinda vary of overloading sponsoring if we can't even handle the xdc sponsor payements well
[23:25:09] <danvet> maybe they haven't noticed yet
[23:25:18] <bryce> yeah maybe
[23:25:26] <danvet> or maybe SEO has too much money :-)
[23:25:28] <bryce> I also read somewhere that even nofollow links have some SEO utility
[23:26:08] <bryce> I suppose the bigger question is if we take the money do we feel we can do good with it?
[23:26:19] <keithp> exactly
[23:26:32] <keithp> some sfc projects are doing this
[23:26:36] <danvet> I think worst case we can just throw it at outreachy or something like that
[23:26:46] <danvet> (the money, not the seo people)
[23:27:38] <hwentlan> do we have any SEO sponsors currently or is this something completely new for us?
[23:27:57] <bryce> hwentlan, we've got two
[23:28:05] <bryce> https://www.x.org/wiki/SponsorshipPage/
[23:28:20] <hwentlan> thanks
[23:28:45] <danvet> we still link to Sun!
[23:28:52] <robclark> we initially didn't realize what they were until doing some research.. that is when we threw the brakes on it..
[23:29:12] <bryce> I can do a bit of a cleanup of the Our Sponsors section
[23:29:40] <danvet> I think portland state is still providing bandwidth and hosting
[23:29:44] <danvet> *U
[23:29:48] <bryce> ok
[23:30:05] <danvet> not sure about where current fd.o servers are from .. keithp?
[23:30:07] <keithp> and will continue to do so for some parts of our environment (especially email)
[23:30:14] <keithp> danvet: purchased with monies donated to us
[23:30:26] <keithp> so fd.o "owns" them outright
[23:31:18] <bryce> I notice that https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/ already mentions the server hosts.  Would it make more sense for us to thank freedesktop.org as a services sponsor?
[23:31:32] <danvet> anyway, I'm leaning towards tabling this for now, until the spi treasurer stuff is working better
[23:31:49] <bryce> that's fine with me
[23:32:07] <robclark> yeah, I agree with that
[23:32:11] <hwentlan> sure
[23:32:51] <danvet> bryce, can't hurt mentioning them more than once
[23:33:49] <danvet> segue to fd.o topic?
[23:33:56] <danvet> I think we had a good discussion on the board@ list
[23:34:31] <robclark> I guess next step is more or less someone take a stab at a patch for the bylaws?
[23:34:32] <danvet> probably time for someone to volunteer and start typing with a draft bylaw change that captures the merger + other topics we discussed around it?
[23:34:42] <robclark> yeah
[23:35:09] <danvet> so ... a volunteer?
[23:35:20] <robclark> if someone wants to do that now, go for it.. otherwise I think I'll have a bit more free time after next mtg
[23:38:52] <danvet> anyone?
[23:39:22] <hwentlan> i wouldn't mind taking a crack at it...
[23:39:23] <tlwoerner> we could give it to someone who isn't present ;-)
[23:39:47] <hwentlan> not entirely sure how to do it exactly, but i can ask questions, i guess
[23:40:32] <danvet> robclark can perhaps help, he's done a bunch of the previous bylaw editing
[23:40:41] <robclark> hwentlan, it is basically a git tree w/ document in LaTeX..
[23:40:42] <hwentlan> we talking about some sort of update to the bylaws that outlines that X.org covers freedesktop.org and what that entails?
[23:40:44] <danvet> and thx once more for volunteering!
[23:40:58] <hwentlan> is that in x-bod or a separate tree?
[23:41:04] <robclark> https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/foundation/bylaws/log/
[23:41:05] <danvet> hwentlan, yeah, getting fd.o merged into x.org and how that org should look like
[23:41:37] <danvet> since fd.o isn't a normal project like mesa, due to fd.o admins and the coc questions we've discussed
[23:41:41] <robclark> I can help w/ the .tex bits if you haven't dealt w/ LaTeX before..
[23:41:46] <hwentlan> sure, i'll start from the current bylaws and work through them from the email discussions
[23:41:55] <robclark> (there is a makefile tho ;-))
[23:42:07] <hwentlan> i've touched latex but am not terribly proficient... it'll be a learning experience :)
[23:42:13] <hwentlan> robclark, i'll ping you if i need
[23:42:19] <robclark> sure, sounds good
[23:43:20] <robclark> anyways, since the document src is text in git, patches to board list work nicely for review
[23:43:59] <danvet> ok, I think that's all then
[23:44:04] <robclark> (and then what we've done for last few rounds of updates is push branch w/ patches to git tree when ready to open it up to members to review the proposed changes)
[23:44:05] <danvet> thx everyone for joining
[23:44:07] <hwentlan> should be good and nicer than word document reviews as done in large corporations
[23:44:12] <hwentlan> thanks
[23:44:18] <robclark> np

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