<egbert> hi!
<egbert> so, it looks like we won't have much of a meeting today.
<robclark_> o/
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<robclark> hmm, ok, so seems from scrollback like we are down 3?
<egbert> robclark: currently, yes.
<agd5f> hi
<egbert> ok, now we are 4
<egbert> hi agd5f!
<agd5f> sorry I'm late
<egbert> np, we were just discussing if we wanted to call off the meeting.
<robclark> I'm not entirely sure what we can do w/ half a board.. I can give update on elections (which should be ending in a couple hrs)...
<agd5f> we got mupuf's update on gsoc.  Not sure what else we need to cover
<robclark> I guess if we don't call off, someone should do minutes?
<agd5f> I guess I can, although I don't quite remember how I uploaded them last time
<robclark> I guess if you did it before, that puts you at an advantage over the rest of us ;-)
<robclark> from my end it is basically: due to some technical difficulties w/ members list and notifications about elections not reaching a handful of members, I extended voting for 1wk, ending tonight
<robclark> if you didn't follow the discussion last week, my msgs to members@ were not getting thru, and there were a handful of renewed members (see board@ list) not subscribed to one of the cc'd lists
<robclark> (but everyone who was previously a member would have gotten automated "please renew" email)
<robclark> so to make sure everyone had a chance to vote, after daniels fixed list issue I extended the voting period so everyone had at least > 1wk to vote
<egbert> robclark: are you sure that all those who were troubled by these issues were notified?
<robclark> egbert, the email I sent after list issues was fixed should have reached everybody
<egbert> ok.
<egbert> so, i guess this is fine.
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<robclark> I *guess* could probably check if everyone on the effected list (there were ~12 or so, iirc) voted.. not quite sure how to do that
<egbert> robclark: thanks for your work and the time you stuck into this!
<robclark> but I made sure to send the email about extending the voting period after issue was fixed
<egbert> well, even people who sign up or renew may not vote.
<robclark> true
<egbert> so i think what you did was perfectly sufficient.
<egbert> also there's the web page that informed about the dates.
<robclark> unfortunate that I didn't realize the problem sooner.. but I think extending voting period and resending notifc to list was the best we could do
<egbert> robclark: yes. and do not worry too much.
<egbert> we had hickups before - nobody really has practice in doing this as the team naturally changes every year.
* robclark probably being too paranoid about getting everything perfect ;-)
<egbert> sure, i know how this feels ;)
<robclark> anyways, I'll send out final results, probably tomorrow unless I am up late tonight
<agd5f> I think you are technically supposed to certify the results with the board before sending out the results
<agd5f> I usually just send the email to the board first and wait for enough people to ack
<egbert> this was how it was in the past.
<egbert> i guess that's fine.
<robclark> ok, I send to board@ list first and get ack's on list
<egbert> thx!
* robclark will anyhow double check the wiki page about procedure first..
<robclark> I guess other update, from scrollback, is:
<robclark> <mupuf> My GSoC report: we requested 2 slots and got 2. One student was already accepted by another org, but the student is willing to do it with us. We are working with the student to resolve this!
<robclark> not sure what else was on the agenda.. danvet mentioned bryce's report, but not sure we have enough to vote?
<agd5f> is 4 of us plus danvet's vote earlier enough or do we need quorum in the meeting in general?
<egbert> agd5f: 5 should be enough
<Riastradh> Is the report that danvet is referring to the `Draft of Treasurer's Report', 2018-03-16, Message-ID: <20180316184346.GA24438@bryceharrington.org>?
* robclark checks list
<egbert> Riastradh: yes, i suppose it is.
<Riastradh> (I don't see a `secretary report'.)
<egbert> i don't have anything else in my email
<Riastradh> Umm...  The numbers don't add up.
<Riastradh> Are the numbers fit to be quoted in IRC or should this be kept private until we approve the report?
<robclark> I guess let's handle it on list (although without secretary bot not sure if irc is archived?)
<robclark> either way, I guess it has taken this long, we can discuss and vote on list?
<egbert> right.
<egbert> let's do this
<robclark> sgtm
<robclark> Riastradh, could you reply on board@ list?
<Riastradh> Done.
<robclark> thx
<Riastradh> Bah, I read too fast.  Some of the discrepancy is explained at the bottom, and this was supposed to be an estimate anyway -- Bryce said there would be a final amended report when he got some records from SPI.
<robclark> ahh, ok.. actually I'm not seeing your reply anyways but could just be too impatient about mail servers
<robclark> hmm, now I see your reply to the reply.. anyways afaiu the final #'s should be coming sometime this month?  But let's let Bryce reply when he is back online since he in the one tracking it
<Riastradh> What's the gabe.fd.o host key (fingerprint) supposed to be?
<robclark> same as members.x.org?
<robclark> hmm, now I see your earlier reply
<Riastradh> Don't think I have that one handy either.
<agd5f> did the git url for the wiki change?
<Riastradh> Can't seem to log in to gabe.  Doesn't like my ssh key.  Was going to try to poke around the financial records check the numbers myself.
<agd5f> I can't seem to access it at the moment
<agd5f> xorg wiki seems generally hosed up at the moment
<agd5f> at least the board meeting notes and irc logs