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[22:56:53] <danvet> secretary, howdy
[22:56:53] <secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
[23:00:35] <danvet> mupuf, agd5f bryce egbert keithp Riastradh around for the mtg?
[23:00:43] <agd5f> hi
[23:00:54] <danvet> hi
[23:01:41] <egbert> hi guys!
[23:06:21] <danvet> hm, not much yet ....
[23:06:28] <danvet> I guess we'll wait for a bit more
[23:06:41] <danvet> otherwise I get to tell a few folks that we'll delay decisions once more :-
[23:06:46] <danvet> :-/
[23:07:14] <egbert> hrm, everybody seems to be on Easter vacation already.
[23:07:35] <egbert> not sure - is tomorrow off in the US? don't remember...
[23:07:54] <tlwoerner> egbert: yes
[23:08:09] <egbert> tlwoerner: this explains things.
[23:08:41] <egbert> too long that i've been in the us on goodfriday
[23:08:45] <danvet> well tomorrow is also off in .ch
[23:09:09] <egbert> danvet: i expected this. but - your are from .ch.
[23:09:19] <egbert> this explains why you are here ;)
[23:09:42] <egbert> here it is off as well, of course.
[23:09:45] <agd5f> I have to work tomorrow
[23:09:50] <tlwoerner> in NA "good friday" is usually a holiday for all, monday is a holiday for banks, government, but a regular workday for most
[23:09:56] <egbert> agd5f: oh? 
[23:10:07] <keithp> meeting?
[23:10:14] <egbert> here it is an official holiday. 
[23:10:16] <agd5f> good friday isn't commonly given in the US.  too religious
[23:10:19] <egbert> keithp: hey!
[23:10:34] <egbert> agd5f: i thought so.
[23:10:42] <danvet> keithp, mtg
[23:11:04] <danvet> we're 4 people, with my secretary powers we could even vote!
[23:11:14] <Riastradh> Hi!
[23:11:15] <danvet> but maybe wait a bit more
[23:11:19] <danvet> oh 5
[23:11:20] <egbert> sure, let's go ahead
[23:11:30] <danvet> Agenda: outreachy expense, sponsoring policies, gsoc, voting
[23:11:33] <tlwoerner> robclark said he's be late, but coming
[23:11:33] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:11:39] <danvet> ok
[23:12:19] <danvet> so outreachy expense: we (seanpaul and me) had a dri-devel outreachy intern this winter, and she bought a rpi + panel for that
[23:12:33] <danvet> completed successfully, got the stuff even merged through the bikesheds
[23:12:42] <egbert> good!
[23:12:52] <danvet> we figured she could ask the x.org board to get the hw reimbursed (outreachy itself doesn't have that included)
[23:12:59] <danvet> it's 148$ all together
[23:13:11] <egbert> +1 from my side!
[23:13:13] <Riastradh> +1
[23:13:18] <agd5f> +1
[23:13:22] <danvet> iirc we have in the past sponsored student hw for internships and stuff
[23:13:36] <danvet> +1 from me too ofc :-)
[23:13:38] <danvet> keithp, ?
[23:14:17] <egbert> i believe this is fine. and the amount is not big. so this seems to be very well spent.
[23:14:55] <danvet> ok, I guess that carries
[23:14:57] <danvet> thx all
[23:15:03] <danvet> I'll ping bryce to reimburse
[23:15:35] <tlwoerner> danvet: that's US$ i assume?
[23:15:43] <danvet> ah yes, I converted
[23:15:49] <danvet> mtg minutes state 148 USD
[23:16:12] <danvet> shipping the stuff to india was somewhat of an adventure, had to find local suppliers :-)
[23:16:30] <keithp> sorry, distracted by irc. +1 from me as well :-)
[23:16:37] <danvet> keithp, thx
[23:16:59] <danvet> next up: sponsoring clarification for organizers
[23:17:08] <danvet> we discussed it last mtg, but didn't get around to voting
[23:17:57] <danvet> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/8bEzmKQj3HwxXH40s8cUkg current diff
[23:18:06] <danvet> robclark, hi
[23:18:12] <robclark> o/
[23:19:48] <danvet> robclark, https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/8bEzmKQj3HwxXH40s8cUkg talking about the sponsoring clarification from last meeting
[23:19:58] * robclark looks
[23:20:04] <danvet> iirc we went through it all, would be good if we can decide
[23:20:28] <keithp> I suspect we'll revisit it after this XDC, but it looks good enough for now
[23:20:49] <danvet> hm, minutes says inconclusive, but not why
[23:20:54] <danvet> I guess I was lazy with typing
[23:21:04] <danvet> keithp, yeah, we'll respin this a few more times I think
[23:21:09] <keithp> https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/SponsorshipLevels/
[23:21:18] <keithp> there's the original in case others want to see how the patch works
[23:21:56] <agd5f> yeah, looks ok to me
[23:21:59] <Riastradh> keithp: The patch does not appear to apply to that?  Context mismatch?
[23:22:10] <robclark> minor bikeshed perhaps, "Monetary contributions by local sponsors".. maybe something like "Monetary or in-kind" or "Monetary or goods.." or something like that, but basically looks good
[23:22:15] <Riastradh> (I don't see `All sponsors will also receive perks per the' in <https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/SponsorshipLevels/>.)
[23:22:39] <keithp> Riastradh: hrm. afraid I don't know where the pre-patch version might be then?
[23:22:48] <danvet> robclark, ok I can fix that
[23:23:02] <danvet> oh, the diff is against an older version, there was some other cleanup
[23:23:15] <danvet> the rebased version is on another machine
[23:23:18] <keithp> heh
[23:23:24] * danvet in the Swiss Alps enjoying the long w/e
[23:23:26] <keithp> my mesa patches get like that
[23:23:33] <Riastradh> No worries, I have no objection either way.
[23:23:38] <keithp> danvet: you live in the swiss alps...
[23:23:43] <keithp> (or at least proximal)
[23:23:46] <danvet> no
[23:23:51] <danvet> well, by US standards maybe
[23:23:58] <robclark> closer than I do ;-)
[23:24:06] <danvet> there's like cities and lowlands and another mountain ridge in between
[23:24:10] <danvet> yeah
[23:24:31] <Riastradh> `To a European, a hundred kilometers is a long distance.  To an American, a hundred years is a long time.'
[23:24:35] <danvet> ok, so with robclarks "or in-kind" addition, everyone agrees with the text?
[23:24:41] <egbert> i'm still trying to understand the first sentence fully...
[23:25:06] <robclark> danvet, +1 from me
[23:25:10] <keithp> yeah, I think it will work for this year. +1 from me
[23:25:31] <danvet> egbert, it works better with German commas :-)
[23:25:32] <egbert> 'perk's refers to recognition?
[23:25:56] <egbert> sorry, but this word doesn't belong to my standard vocab
[23:26:29] <danvet> egbert, Verg├╝tung
[23:26:35] <danvet> so yeah
[23:26:46] <danvet> what you get in return for shovelling money at us
[23:26:55] <keithp> https://www.google.com/search?&q=perquisite
[23:27:00] <keithp> is the origin of 'perk', iirc
[23:27:02] <egbert> Verg├╝tung doesn't make sense in connection with the rest
[23:27:18] <danvet> TIL
[23:27:38] <Riastradh> Maybe `benefit' would be clearer?
[23:27:47] <danvet> yeah, that's probably clearer
[23:27:54] <danvet> so s/perk/benefit/
[23:27:56] <keithp> and more accurate
[23:28:15] <egbert> the 'perks' for the platinum, gold ... sponsors are listed explicitely.
[23:28:32] <egbert> ... in the full document.
[23:28:55] <danvet> yes they're above the new hunk
[23:29:40] <egbert> right. so the platinum, gold and ... whatever sponsors receive mostly recocnigiton.
[23:30:37] <mupuf> Sorry guys, was in the sauna and did not hear the alarm!
[23:30:38] <egbert> is this also the case for the conference organizers - or do the also receive monetary compenstation.
[23:30:44] <egbert> ?
[23:30:58] <egbert> it would make sense for expenses they have.
[23:31:08] <danvet> egbert, that's what this text tries to clarify
[23:31:26] <danvet> we reimburse expenses, but not the labour that goes into organizing
[23:32:00] <egbert> i guess i don't understand what the term 'discount' means in this context.
[23:32:04] <danvet> for that part, they get the discount on sponsoring (which is 5kUSD = Gold level)
[23:32:15] <danvet> they pay less for sponsoring
[23:32:27] <danvet> it's all in the full doc
[23:32:30] <robclark> (fwiw, using word "reimburse" rather than "compensate" might be better.. at least in english I think "compensate" could imply being paid, ie. for labor)
[23:32:35] <danvet> keithp had the link somewhere
[23:32:46] <danvet> robclark, good point
[23:32:51] <danvet> I'll add another edit
[23:33:06] <danvet> s/paid/reimbursed/
[23:33:12] <Riastradh> egbert: From the current state on the wiki: `To recognize all the work that goes into organizing an XDC the hosts and organizers will get the Gold level for free, and the Platinum level at a steep discount.'
[23:33:31] <Riastradh> (https://www.x.org/wiki/Events/SponsorshipLevels/)
[23:33:48] <egbert> Riastradh: i don't read this in there sorry.
[23:34:40] <danvet> egbert, it's there ...?
[23:34:54] <Riastradh> It's near the top, last paragraph under `Principles'.
[23:36:03] <danvet> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/TiscWK2SJ9lmpmIAHZaaew
[23:36:06] <danvet> full source code
[23:36:17] <danvet> only thing we're adding is the Details section at the bottom
[23:36:23] <egbert> ok, now i get it.
[23:36:26] <danvet> everything else is unchanged
[23:36:56] <danvet> robclark, pls double check I didn't miss an edit, it's w/e here :-)
[23:37:11] <egbert> i guess, it is fine with me.
[23:37:30] <robclark> technically, it is w/e here too.. only just barely
[23:37:36] <egbert> this is something that may have to be revisited after having more experience.
[23:37:42] <danvet> yup
[23:37:55] <egbert> so, from me +1
[23:38:05] <danvet> robclark, keithp still +1 after the small edits?
[23:38:20] * robclark reading full src
[23:38:40] <danvet> mupuf, agd5f Riastradh 
[23:38:49] <Riastradh> +1
[23:38:52] <mupuf> I'm still checking it
[23:38:59] <robclark> danvet, hmm, paste link to last version of patch again?
[23:39:14] <agd5f> +1
[23:39:17] <danvet> https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/L4rCLviwpkaJMPSkusHfug
[23:39:23] <robclark> thx
[23:39:26] <danvet> should contain all the edits we discussed here
[23:39:51] <robclark> danvet, lgtm
[23:39:54] <robclark> +1
[23:39:57] <mupuf> +1
[23:40:48] <agd5f> +1
[23:41:01] <danvet> agd5f, you don't have 2 votes :-)
[23:41:16] <keithp> +1 
[23:41:44] <danvet> ok, I think we have all
[23:41:46] <danvet> mupuf, gsoc?
[23:42:13] <mupuf> So, we got 4 applicants
[23:42:59] <mupuf> 2 goods, 2 terrible ones
[23:43:23] <danvet> not enough PR, or gfx is uncool?
[23:43:40] <mupuf> But the good ones, are amazing
[23:44:10] <mupuf> Both, i guess!
[23:44:58] <danvet> what's next?
[23:45:13] <mupuf> Just allocate slots
[23:45:19] <mupuf> Already asked for 2
[23:45:47] <keithp> seems straightforward to me?
[23:46:22] <mupuf> The two students who are good already have patches upstream
[23:46:28] <mupuf> So, all good!!
[23:46:28] <danvet> mupuf, btw xdc page should go out soon, need to get last year's round invited
[23:46:35] <danvet> plus the winter outreachy intern
[23:46:49] <danvet> ok I guess that's it for gsoc?
[23:47:01] <mupuf> Yeah, sorry for being slow
[23:47:07] <mupuf> Typing on my phone...
[23:47:20] <danvet> np
[23:47:29] <danvet> robclark, voting is happening, I guess that's it?
[23:47:41] <danvet> I'll put the deadline in the minutes, as reminder
[23:47:48] <robclark> yup
[23:48:03] <robclark> seemed to work for me, and no one has complained to me yet about it being broken
[23:48:08] <danvet> yeah same here
[23:48:11] <robclark> (I assume at least some of you have voted by now ;-))
[23:48:38] <robclark> not sure if there is a way to check how many have voted yet.. I was at linaro last week and busy catching up this week
[23:48:53] <danvet> vote closes next Thu, iirc we need to make sure we close it on time
[23:48:55] <robclark> so haven't even thought about it since last thurs when I sent out the mail and cast my votes ;-)
[23:48:59] <robclark> yup
[23:49:10] <robclark> nice thing is the voting system is automated that way
[23:49:12] <danvet> iirc whot made a page to check that
[23:49:23] <danvet> and send out nag mails to those who haven't voted yet
[23:49:35] <danvet> but we only use the Soviet methods when we vote on bylaw changes :-)
[23:49:55] <robclark> there is a tally-votes page, not sure if there was something else.. I guess I can look at the php and see what else there is
[23:49:57] <danvet> robclark, oh it autocloses?
[23:50:01] <robclark> yeah
[23:50:08] <danvet> cool, we can slack
[23:50:09] <robclark> you give it a start and end date+time
[23:50:17] <danvet> probably should still check it out on Fri morning
[23:51:03] <danvet> ok, I think that's it
[23:51:05] <danvet> anything else?
[23:51:31] <robclark> I think that is it
[23:51:59] <robclark> I should probably send a reminder ping tonight since this is the half-way point of the election
[23:52:09] <robclark> I'll do that after the mtg
[23:55:11] <danvet> yeah, good idea
[23:55:49] <danvet> ok, thanks everyone for joining

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