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[14:04:45] <bryce_> aha there we go
[14:04:56] <bryce_> ok, so... agenda
[14:05:16] <keithp> hey ho!
[14:05:44] <bryce_> Agenda: gsoc, treasurer's report, election, sponsoring
[14:05:57] <bryce_> that's last time's agenda.  anything we should add or drop?
[14:06:41] <mupuf> pong
[14:06:57] * robclark has nothing to add
[14:06:58] <bryce_> === gsoc ===
[14:07:24] * mupuf sent an email to remind people that we need projects/mentors, and reminding students to apply
[14:07:31] <mupuf> nothing else to reply
[14:07:47] <bryce_> ok.
[14:07:58] <bryce_> still fairly early in the process
[14:08:12] <bryce_> == Treasurer's Report ==
[14:08:31] <bryce_> unfortunately there's been no word from SPI since last meeting
[14:08:55] <bryce_> I can ping them again, but I think time has come to either vote on delaying it, or just put out a non-numerical report
[14:08:59] <bryce_> opinions?
[14:10:00] <robclark> how valuable would non-numerical report be, if it is just to satisfy a check-box, then maybe delay.. if useful on it's own then issue it and follow-up report later?
[14:10:56] <agd5f> Is it just for bylaws compliance or do we need it for something else?
[14:11:05] <bryce_> just bylaw compliance really
[14:12:09] <bryce_> maybe for event budgeting, but sounds like we're going to be well within our finances so no biggie
[14:14:29] <robclark> I do wonder what sort of useful information could be in a treasurer's report without having #'s..
[14:15:29] <agd5f> I guess we could to an estimated report and say that we are waiting on final numbers
[14:15:35] <agd5f> *do
[14:15:36] <robclark> anyways, going forward it might make sense to maintain our own unofficial copy of the books, I guess the one thing we might be missing are incoming donations, but that should just mean our own copy will be slightly pessemistic until sync'd up w/ new data from spi's copy??
[14:15:47] <robclark> yeah
[14:16:47] <bryce_> ok
[14:17:26] <bryce_> alright, then if nothing else on that next item
[14:17:32] <bryce_> == Election ==
[14:18:58] <robclark> so as of now we have 4 candidates..  I talked w/ danvet before he went on vacation about extending the nomination period (although I just realized I didn't update wiki or send out email)
[14:19:08] <robclark> it would be nice to have more candidates than seats ;-)
[14:19:31] <robclark> the idea was to extend 2 more weeks (ie. until end of week from tomorrow)
[14:19:47] <robclark> in hopes of picking up one or two more candidates
[14:20:11] <bryce_> sounds good
[14:20:17] <agd5f> no objections here
[14:20:21] <bryce_> 4 candidates for 3 seats?
[14:20:33] <robclark> there should be 4 seats
[14:20:38] <bryce_> oho
[14:20:54] <bryce_> well, 4 for 4 would certainly make the election process easy ;-)
[14:21:14] <bryce_> but yeah +1 on extending 2 more weeks
[14:21:19] <robclark> slightly boring ;-)
[14:21:31] <agd5f> +1
[14:21:34] <robclark> ok, I'll update wiki and send email now before I forget again
[14:22:00] <bryce_> ok great
[14:22:24] <bryce_> anything else on elections?
[14:22:36] <bryce_> just one more agenda item, may be a short meeting today
[14:23:35] <bryce_> == Sponsoring ==
[14:24:00] <bryce_> unfortunately I haven't had a chance to work on this, so need to punt to next meeting.
[14:24:34] <bryce_> other actions are daniels, so will have to wait anyway
[14:24:39] <bryce_> == Other Business ==
[14:24:45] <bryce_> any other items we missed?
[14:28:01] <robclark> nothing here
[14:28:06] <robclark> (ok, wiki updated)
[14:28:18] <bryce_> ok thanks all, I'll finish up the minutes and send 'em out.
[14:28:22] <bryce_> == EOM ==
[14:31:49] <robclark> thx, gn

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