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[22:38:24] <danvet> egbert, keithp agd5f bryce mupuf mtg in 20' or so
[22:39:27] <keithp> check
[22:53:51] <mupuf> danvet: I'll be there a tad late, but I'll be there
[22:59:56] <egbert> hi!
[23:00:03] <robclark> o/
[23:00:36] <agd5f> hi
[23:01:08] <danvet> hi all!
[23:01:29] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, treasurer's report, election, sponsoring
[23:02:05] <danvet> and a quick reminder: all here is public, let's not yet discuss the latest board@ thread here just yet :-)
[23:02:46] <danvet> anything to add to the agenda?
[23:03:40] <robclark> nothing else here
[23:04:00] <danvet> aside: I won't be around in 2 weeks, someone else needs to run the show
[23:04:09] <danvet> bryce, ^^ ?
[23:04:54] <danvet> ok, since keithp and mupuf should be around too I think we can get started ...
[23:05:01] <keithp> yup, I'm still here
[23:05:01] <danvet> robclark, elections progress?
[23:05:03] <mupuf> danvet: I'm here
[23:05:05] <bryce> danvet, I think I can.  I've got some things coming up next month but don't think it interferes
[23:05:36] <robclark> danvet, sent out requests for nominations last friday..  although haven't seen anything yet..
[23:05:43] <danvet> bryce, thx a lot
[23:05:58] <robclark> probably I should mentioned, anyone up for election who plans to run again should nominate themselves
[23:06:11] <robclark> and I also should probably send out a reminder next week..
[23:06:11] <danvet> robclark, did you send it to members@ too?
[23:06:17] * danvet didn't see any mails ...
[23:06:23] <robclark> yes
[23:06:28] <danvet> hm
[23:06:31] <keithp> I didn't receive anything...
[23:06:46] <keithp> oh, from robdclark@gmail.com
[23:06:58] <robclark> members, xorg, xorg-devel, mesa-dev, and wayland-devel
[23:07:11] <robclark> (basically copied list of lists from agd5f last time around)
[23:07:14] <keithp> danvet: id:CAF6AEGtsjs3-XRonJOWTtZsRBbxrT_Z3eOEx92BaVkoCoTezyQ@mail.gmail.com
[23:08:26] <danvet> not showing up anywhere here ...
[23:08:33] <robclark> hmm..
[23:08:57] <danvet> ah, I was blind
[23:08:58] <danvet> :-)
[23:09:21] <robclark> ahh, well some problem w/ email not getting thru would explain lack of nominations so far..
[23:09:22] <keithp> danvet: it's almost like email is hard to use these days or something
[23:09:31] <keithp> robclark: sent my nomination along
[23:09:52] <robclark> ahh, good.. I even got it, so elections@ list is working :-)
[23:10:03] <danvet> keithp, more like snowboarding and vacations is distracting :-)
[23:10:31] <robclark> cool, agd5f, egbert, bryce, reminder that you need to renominate yourselves too if you want to run again
[23:10:43] <bryce> robclark, ok, how do we do that again?
[23:10:52] <robclark> I guess I should ping robertfoss too, iirc he expressed some interest in running
[23:11:16] <keithp> bryce: mail to elections at x.org according to the email
[23:11:44] <robclark> bryce, basically send email to elections list saying "I'd like to nominate myself".. you can also include an updated statement if you want (otherwise I'll just copy/paste your old one)
[23:11:48] <danvet> robclark, fwd already to him
[23:11:57] <robclark> danvet, k, thx
[23:12:13] <agd5f> if we don't have enough candidates I'll run again, but if we get enough, I'll probably sit out
[23:12:15] <danvet> also checked our list of active members, we're at 82, so I guess they all renewed more or less
[23:12:20] <bryce> robclark, ok thanks
[23:12:34] <danvet> agd5f, motivation to find volunteers :-)
[23:12:42] <danvet> *new volunteers
[23:12:47] <robclark> yeah, I had been checking members.x.org to approve renewals..
[23:12:54] <danvet> robclark, thx
[23:13:07] <robclark> haven't seen anything last few days, but maybe danvet started approving them faster than I could if there were any stragglers
[23:13:25] <danvet> I checked just today, nothing left to approve
[23:13:34] <robclark> yeah, same
[23:14:19] <robclark> anyways, I'll send out a 1wk reminder ping tomorrow.. other than that, I think we are on track
[23:14:29] <danvet> sounds all good
[23:14:42] <robclark> (well, one day slip since I sent out call for nominations fri last week instead of thurs, but wtvr)
[23:14:54] <danvet> bryce, any news from the spi treasurer situation?
[23:15:05] <danvet> robclark, I expect well slip more than that, trying to find volunteers
[23:15:37] <bryce> danvet, I got a hopeful sounding email from them that they're making progress.
[23:16:19] <bryce> sounds like the main holdup is that the transactions for last year hadn't been entered, so they need to get caught up
[23:16:31] <bryce> anyway, aside from that no news, still awaiting data.
[23:16:41] <danvet> bryce, thx for the update, noted
[23:16:46] <danvet> I'll keep it on the agenda
[23:17:19] <danvet> mupuf, already around now?
[23:17:20] <bryce> danvet, I'll reply to SPI post-meeting, and thank them for keeping us updated
[23:17:24] <mupuf> danvet: yes
[23:17:34] <danvet> ah great
[23:17:41] <danvet> we got into gsoc it seems?
[23:17:46] <mupuf> yes!
[23:17:53] <mupuf> It will be advertising time, I guess
[23:18:04] <mupuf> for projects and students
[23:18:32] * mupuf should hurry up open sourcing his projects :)
[23:19:05] <danvet> so we have mentors already volunteered?
[23:19:17] <mupuf> I started pushing people already this summer
[23:19:30] <mupuf> crazy how top mesa contributors could still have imposter syndrome
[23:20:07] <danvet> mupuf, can you send mails, nag phoronix, workg G+ and poke alanc for twitter?
[23:20:14] <mupuf> danvet: will do
[23:20:22] <danvet> thx
[23:21:05] <danvet> anything else for gsoc?
[23:21:26] <mupuf> spi asked us if they wanted to take care of getting the money from google, I said yes
[23:21:28] <mupuf> that's it
[23:21:46] <danvet> ah right
[23:21:48] * danvet notes
[23:22:10] <danvet> I guess last item, sponsoring stuff
[23:22:25] <bryce> hi
[23:22:30] <danvet> I typed a draft for the event organizer rebate clarification, but it's on the wrong machine
[23:22:33] <bryce> I added    the recent sponsor to the website with the nofollow
[23:22:41] <bryce> no issues there
[23:22:45] <danvet> I'll send that out next week once I'm back home
[23:22:49] <bryce> I marked the web sponsorship program as    disabled, as we decided last meeting
[23:22:59] <bryce> I drafted a new policy and posted it.  danvet thanks for the +1 on it
[23:22:59] <danvet> bryce, sponsor is happy with nofollow?
[23:23:10] <bryce> danvet, no complaints so far
[23:23:41] <danvet> I've noticed 2 more inquiries for linking on x.org in my inbox
[23:23:56] <danvet> which I dutifully ignored since vacation :-)
[23:24:59] <bryce> I wonder if we should perhaps add some definition of what we require of sponsors
[23:25:17] <bryce> I'll rough something up to propose
[23:25:37] <robclark> seems funny to have sponsors that aren't users of or contributors to xorg related technologies..
[23:25:43] <bryce> danvet, the new inquiries are also SEO ones?
[23:25:55] <danvet> so should I send the 2 inquiries a reply that we're reworking all this right now, and that I'll get back to them?
[23:26:07] <danvet> bryce, 5s glanced smelled like SEO
[23:26:07] <bryce> danvet, sure
[23:26:16] <robclark> danvet, yes, +1
[23:26:24] <danvet> ok, I'll do that next week
[23:26:29] <bryce> I'll look up if there's ways we can check and validate companies
[23:26:37] <danvet> and we can figure out the new policy without too much rushing
[23:26:48] <bryce> yeah
[23:27:23] <danvet> bryce, imo the current wording with "board needs to approve" is fine with me, we can figure out (and document) guidelines as we go
[23:27:36] <bryce> probably worth also having a template email you can send to future inquiries
[23:27:39] <danvet> current in your proposal I mean
[23:27:48] <bryce> danvet, yeah sounds good
[23:28:00] <danvet> I can just reply with a link to the policy, ideally
[23:28:41] <bryce> on the event sponsors, I believe invoices are out to those that need them
[23:29:38] <bryce> danvet, it would be useful to have a table of prospective/pending/registered xdc18 sponsors so I can tell who needs what a bit easier
[23:30:25] <bryce> danvet, think that's it for sponsoring from my end
[23:30:51] <danvet> bryce, something in the bod.git?
[23:30:59] <danvet> probably not good to make it public ...
[23:31:17] <bryce> danvet, right
[23:31:34] <danvet> ok, I'll try to type a plaintext thing next week
[23:31:39] <bryce> ok sounds good
[23:33:28] <danvet> bryce, for the web sponsoring policy, you plan to respin with what we expect of sponsors?
[23:34:00] <bryce> danvet, I was thinking maybe it'd be separate, since it could be used for event sponsors too
[23:34:18] <bryce> but can do either way
[23:34:41] <danvet> like I said, I think the current one is fine, giving us leeway
[23:34:55] <danvet> we can clarify as we go ...
[23:37:10] <danvet> any opinion on this from others?
[23:37:22] <danvet> mupuf, agd5f egbert keithp robclark ^^
[23:37:56] <mupuf> sorry, none, I could check it out more in details
[23:37:56] <robclark> sgtm
[23:38:01] <danvet> robclark, I'm not clear on what you +1 voted ...
[23:38:16] <robclark> <danvet> so should I send the 2 inquiries a reply that we're reworking all this right now, and that I'll get back to them?
[23:38:19] <danvet> we can also vote next meeting, it has my +1 already
[23:39:32] <keithp> danvet: seems reasonable to me
[23:39:47] <robclark> for '[PATCH] policies: Streamline General Fund Sponsorship policy'.. I'll have a look and reply w/ any comments and/or +1 on list..
[23:39:58] <robclark> (sorry, I overlooked it earlier)
[23:40:07] <danvet> ok, sounds like we'll discuss on-list and vote next mtg then
[23:40:08] <agd5f> just reading it over now.  Looks good to me
[23:40:14] <danvet> everyone pls check it out
[23:40:19] * danvet wants to sleep :-)
[23:40:25] <egbert> danvet: reading it ...
[23:40:39] <agd5f> danvet, sounds good
[23:40:49] <danvet> anything else before I faceplant onto the kbd?
[23:40:54] <egbert> danvet: me as well. last 3 days were hell
[23:41:08] <egbert> from me +1
[23:41:31] <danvet> egbert, can you pls reply on-list for the record?
[23:41:41] <danvet> to make sure it's not lost and all that
[23:41:45] <egbert> danvet: sure
[23:47:10] <danvet> ok, I guess that's it
[23:47:17] <danvet> thx everyone for hanging out
[23:47:28] <mupuf> danvet: sleep tight ;)
[23:47:35] <egbert> good night!
[23:47:40] <robclark> gn
[23:47:49] <danvet> and pls go around chatting with potential board seat volunteers :-)
[23:49:32] <bryce> thanks, cya

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