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[22:58:35] <danvet> bryce, your mail just reminds me: did you start poking the other sponsors already for invoice details?
[22:58:39] <danvet> or still too early?
[23:00:16] <Riastradh> Hi, folks.  I'm not able to focus right now -- feeling a bit ill with a headache.  Sorry!
[23:00:41] <bryce> danvet, no, they can request invoices if/when they need them I guess
[23:00:48] <danvet> hi all!
[23:00:53] <danvet> Riastradh, nw
[23:01:05] <bryce> Riastradh, take care
[23:01:10] <danvet> bryce, well eventually we need to poke them for the money, but I guess that can wait
[23:01:17] <danvet> egbert, around too?
[23:01:47] <danvet> Agenda: gsoc, treasurer's report, xdc date, election
[23:01:49] <bryce> danvet, yeah, I'll let you drive on those and pull me in if you need me
[23:01:57] <danvet> ok
[23:02:23] <danvet> anything to add to the agenda?
[23:02:26] <egbert> hi!
[23:02:55] <danvet> mupuf would be good for gsoc, iirc the org application deadline is about now
[23:03:45] <Riastradh> Deadline is Tuesday, January 23rd.  Feel free to put me on as org admin as long as mupuf is the primary one; I'll be doing it for NetBSD again this year too.
[23:03:55] <mupuf> Pong
[23:03:56] <danvet> ah cool
[23:04:00] <danvet> mupuf, hi!
[23:04:12] <mupuf> Yeah, i'll apply tonight
[23:04:39] <agd5f> mupuf, I can help too if you need a hand
[23:05:11] <danvet> sounds like we're covered
[23:05:32] <danvet> mupuf, can we expect any gsoc travel sponsor requests for fosdem?
[23:05:49] <mupuf> Thx agd5f, i'll try to dig the previous year's answers
[23:06:00] <mupuf> No gsoc travel for fosdem
[23:06:07] <danvet> ok
[23:06:22] <mupuf> The student withdrew his talk because he could not get a visa
[23:06:25] <danvet> bryce, treasurer report?
[23:06:27] <danvet> argh :-(
[23:06:35] <mupuf> (in time)
[23:06:41] <danvet> yeah this stuff takes time ...
[23:06:52] <bryce> I've updated ledger with the data I have, and written up the prose bits,
[23:07:11] <bryce> but I really need the actuals from SPI before I can finalize the report with the financial summary (the most important piece)
[23:07:25] <bryce> SPI had been sending out monthly reports but stopped in Jul, nothing since
[23:07:38] <bryce> I asked them a week ago, and pinged them earlier today, but no response
[23:07:43] <bryce> http://lists.spi-inc.org/pipermail/spi-general/2018-January/thread.html
[23:07:48] <bryce> so, blocked :-/
[23:07:49] <danvet> hm ...
[23:07:50] <danvet> ok
[23:08:16] <bryce> also, I noticed in going through the reports, that we're getting donations that I'm not getting per-donation confirmations on.  We just know a subset
[23:08:18] <keithp> yeah, I saw that as well
[23:08:32] <bryce> I've put what I know into ledger, but I know there's going to be more that I don't know
[23:08:39] <danvet> so money but we have no idea who sponsored?
[23:08:47] <bryce> also, I haven't been able to push commits to FDO for a while
[23:08:59] <danvet> bryce, permissions again?
[23:09:29] <bryce> danvet, there's known unknowns and unknown unknowns both...  SPI's ledger data would answer the latter at least
[23:09:32] <danvet> I guess I'll what still works for me after this mtg :-)
[23:09:50] <danvet> ah
[23:09:51] <bryce> the donations are modest ones - $5-$50 range
[23:09:58] <danvet> well still
[23:10:02] <bryce> yeah
[23:11:00] <bryce> on to topic of larger sponsors...
[23:11:27] <bryce> I've engaged with the nvidia contact for their invoice for XDC sponsorship
[23:11:43] <danvet> yeah noticed that
[23:11:48] <bryce> let me know if other invoice needs arise from XDC.  I think that's the only invoice request so far?
[23:11:58] <danvet> I'll just keep pinging people until I run out of ideas ...
[23:12:04] <danvet> yeah
[23:12:06] <bryce> for website sponsors I responded to the two requests with info, and will follow up as needed
[23:12:21] <danvet> the others will probably need one too, but needed to wait for the right year first
[23:12:28] <bryce> the one existing website sponsor (dealsland) expires in Feb, so planning on following up with them later for renewal
[23:12:28] <danvet> thx a lot for that
[23:12:52] <bryce> EOT
[23:13:34] <danvet> thx
[23:13:41] <danvet> so xdc date
[23:14:03] <danvet> imo I think we can fix it to what igalia proposed
[23:14:18] <danvet> aligns with khr f2f, avoids most other things, probably won't get better
[23:14:26] <danvet> mupuf, did you check how it aligns with gsoc?
[23:14:37] <mupuf> Nope
[23:14:46] <danvet> dates not yet out?
[23:14:59] <mupuf> I think they are, but i did not check
[23:15:44] <mupuf> The bus network changed in Helsinki after the new metro opened, and i apparently missed my bus, so i am still in one
[23:16:00] <mupuf> Will check in 5 minutes when i get home
[23:16:06] <danvet> ok
[23:16:14] <danvet> any other concerns about the date we need to check?
[23:19:11] <mupuf> Gnome summit?
[23:19:30] <danvet> when is that?
[23:19:59] <danvet> didn't even happen last year, so I guess doesn't matter
[23:20:01] <mupuf> Good question, but it is around this time iirc
[23:20:04] <danvet> so upcoming elections
[23:20:08] <mupuf> Oh, ok
[23:20:27] <mupuf> Yes, we are late again!
[23:20:37] <danvet> agd5f, egbert keithp and bryce term's expires
[23:20:45] <danvet> anyone decided to not re-run?
[23:20:53] <egbert> right. i will not rerun
[23:21:38] <agd5f> I'll run if we don't have enough candidates
[23:21:49] <danvet> egbert, upfront thx already for all your time here
[23:22:00] <danvet> agd5f, this is more about the election committee
[23:22:04] <danvet> keithp, bryce ?
[23:22:20] <keithp> I'm good for another go
[23:22:26] <mupuf> Indeed egbert!
[23:22:35] <bryce> danvet, I guess so
[23:22:39] <mupuf> Thx a lot
[23:22:53] <egbert> np :)
[23:23:15] <egbert> thx!
[23:23:29] <danvet> ok, so election committee would be robclark, mupuf, Riastradh, egbert and me
[23:23:34] <danvet> everyone ok with that?
[23:23:44] <agd5f> sounds good to me
[23:23:59] <Riastradh> OK.
[23:24:07] <mupuf> LGTM
[23:24:54] <danvet> so who's going to run the show?
[23:25:19] <danvet> (not me, way too much travel/vacations up to about March/April, I can type notes and stuff as usual though)
[23:26:05] <danvet> whot has typed up some nice docs, so I think it wasn't too much trouble last year for agd5f
[23:26:18] <danvet> Riastradh, mupuf, egbert?
[23:26:19] <egbert> i don't think i will have time either
[23:26:24] <danvet> or we pick rob in absence
[23:26:40] <Riastradh> Prefer to watch over someone's shoulder, but if everyone else declines, I can try to figure it out.  I have some travel in March too, but only for a couple weeks.
[23:26:42] <mupuf> Ha ha, yeah, I am swamped...
[23:27:04] <mupuf> well, let's ask rob
[23:27:12] <mupuf> and otherwise, Riastradh?
[23:27:12] <danvet> I guess I'll tentatively jot down robclark + Riastradh
[23:27:19] <Riastradh> OK.
[23:27:21] <mupuf> I will be around
[23:27:35] <egbert> if need to be i may be around.
[23:27:38] <mupuf> and I can give guidance because I ran the show at least twice IIRC
[23:27:41] <agd5f> it's not hard, it's just annoying.  set up calendar reminders for sending out status emails
[23:27:46] <egbert> also, i've done it before.
[23:27:58] <danvet> yeah there's some good docs
[23:28:02] <mupuf> yeah, the hardest part is coming up with the dates
[23:28:07] <mupuf> after this, all is well
[23:28:13] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/BoardOfDirectors/Elections/
[23:28:24] <danvet> incuding email templates
[23:28:38] <danvet> well membership expire is first, that should imo happen asap
[23:28:43] <agd5f> biggest pain is that you don't have enough candidates and you have to change all the dates to extend the nomination period
[23:28:44] <egbert> do we still use the old sw from years ago?
[23:29:09] <egbert> agd5f: this wasn't the case recently, was it?
[23:29:31] <danvet> egbert, not with any margin
[23:29:36] <agd5f> egbert, every election I've run has had to change the dates multiple times during the election for various reasons
[23:29:51] <danvet> last year we essentially voted on which of the 3 intel to pick, the other 2 were set
[23:29:57] <egbert> agd5f: this is true.
[23:31:12] <danvet> so yeah I'll jot down an action for everyone to start volunteer people for board seats :-)
[23:32:32] <danvet> mupuf, gsoc dates figured out now?
[23:32:52] <mupuf> August 22 is the end of it
[23:33:04] <danvet> ok, so late Sept still good
[23:33:12] <mupuf> so, we need to final work from student is August 14
[23:33:37] <mupuf> but we can't wait that long for the proposals
[23:33:52] <danvet> 26-28 September is what Igalia proposed
[23:34:05] <mupuf> this year, I want the notification of acceptance to be in mid-june
[23:34:10] <danvet> mupuf, yeah generally it's clear whether they should come before that
[23:34:16] <mupuf> to allow people to book visas and all this
[23:34:43] <danvet> secretary, still here?
[23:34:43] <secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
[23:34:44] <mupuf> and then, people can keep on writing proposals later on, to fill the schedule
[23:34:53] <danvet> sry net dropped over here ...
[23:34:54] <egbert> how do we go about invitations for visas this year?
[23:35:02] <danvet> egbert, ask igalia
[23:35:09] <danvet> we can't invite people
[23:35:17] <egbert> right
[23:35:20] <mupuf> yeah, but we probably won't get formal invitation
[23:35:34] <mupuf> but an acceptance letter to a conference is probably as good as it gets without involving lawyers
[23:35:36] <danvet> igalia or the university should be able to pull that off
[23:35:48] <danvet> if we have a student that needs one, we need to kickstart that early ofc
[23:35:49] <mupuf> and a public list of accepted talks
[23:36:20] <danvet> mupuf, can you pls send a mail to Samuel about this?
[23:36:23] <Riastradh> A printable letter of acceptance can be very helpful for getting through visa and customs processes.
[23:36:29] <danvet> since we do have one student who needs a visa ...
[23:36:37] <danvet> yeah it'd help a lot
[23:36:39] <Riastradh> Especially if it has official-looking letterhead.
[23:36:42] <mupuf> GSoC students are difficults because they basically need to submit a talk at the begining of the project
[23:36:44] <danvet> and we have half a year to figure this out
[23:36:47] <mupuf> so, they are not confident to talk about it
[23:36:49] <danvet> well, igalia really :-)
[23:36:52] <mupuf> hehe
[23:37:07] <danvet> mupuf, yeah, but we have a few from last year we can (and imo should) invite
[23:37:08] <mupuf> I will do that now then, but honestly, tourist visas should be available for everyone
[23:37:16] <mupuf> yes, you are right
[23:37:30] <Riastradh> In principle, presumably the local host should be responsible for formal invitations, but in practice official letterhead probably matters more than the technical legal jurisdiction of the relevant entities.
[23:37:53] <danvet> university should be able to send out an impressive letterhead :-)
[23:37:59] <egbert> yes.
[23:38:22] <danvet> so back to xdc date, ok if we tell Samuel to go with 26-28 Sept?
[23:38:29] <danvet> I don't think we can make it better than that ...
[23:38:34] <egbert> only point is: they may be hesitant. as it may cost them a lot of money.
[23:38:46] <agd5f> Sounds good to me +1
[23:39:56] <danvet> anyone else?
[23:39:59] <danvet> (on the xdc date)
[23:40:15] <egbert> fine with me
[23:40:15] <mupuf> +1 for me
[23:40:24] <keithp> I'd be surprised if igalia didn't already have a process for sending invitation letters for visa purposes?
[23:40:28] <mupuf> the later, the better
[23:40:30] <keithp> also, dates seem fine
[23:40:41] <Riastradh> Hmm...  Looks like EuroBSDcon is aiming for the weekend before, so I might even be able to come to XDC.
[23:40:51] <mupuf> Riastradh: nice
[23:41:02] <Riastradh> Not 100% sure of the dates.
[23:42:03] <bryce> no preference for the dates from me.  26-28 Sep sounds reasonable
[23:43:15] <danvet> ok, I think that's it for today
[23:43:25] * danvet sleep time for the flight tomorrow to sydney
[23:43:30] <danvet> anything else, last minute?
[23:43:57] <mupuf> nope, should be good
[23:43:57] <egbert> doesn't look like it. 
[23:44:01] <egbert> good night :)
[23:44:03] <mupuf> Have a good flight to Sydney!
[23:44:09] <mupuf> I guess I won't see you at fosdem then
[23:44:13] <keithp> danvet: see you sunday
[23:44:25] <egbert> mupuf: will you be at fosdem?
[23:44:30] <danvet> keithp, you too!
[23:44:45] <mupuf> egbert: yes, I am helping again this year
[23:44:51] <danvet> mupuf, I'll be snowboarding starting that w/e :-)
[23:44:53] <egbert> ok!
[23:44:54] <mupuf> Luc, Paulk and I
[23:44:59] <egbert> i will be there as well
[23:45:06] <mupuf> danvet: have fun, make sure not get burried under a ton of snow!
[23:45:07] <danvet> like I said, mostly gone next few weeks
[23:45:11] <robclark> oh, sorry.. forgot about mtg..
[23:45:28] <danvet> robclark, we volunteered you to run the election
[23:45:28] <mupuf> robclark: no worries, you got assigned running the elections :D
[23:45:31] <danvet> for penance :-)
[23:45:35] <robclark> heh
[23:45:51] * robclark should work out irc oh phone so I can join mtg from subway
[23:45:57] <robclark> s/oh/on/
[23:46:08] <keithp> robclark: tether
[23:46:14] <danvet> I'll put the link to the nice writeup from whot into the minutes
[23:46:21] <danvet> a long one
[23:46:24] <robclark> ok
[23:47:12] <danvet> ok, that's a wrap, thx everyone for hanging around

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