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[22:55:35] <danvet> hm ...
[22:55:37] <danvet> ah here we go
[23:00:59] <agd5f> howdy
[23:01:04] <danvet> hi all
[23:01:20] <robclark> hi
[23:01:25] <Riastradh> Hi!
[23:01:47] <egbert> good evening!
[23:01:51] <danvet> Agenda: XDC18 sponsoring, gsoc, travel payments, evoc
[23:01:57] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:02:58] <bryce_> heya all
[23:03:39] <bryce_> danvet, freedesktop?
[23:03:49] <danvet> hm yeah
[23:04:25] <danvet> note: I'm mildly distracted fighting nonsense, but let's get started
[23:04:44] <bryce_> 'mildly distracted fighting nonsense' is my band name
[23:04:50] <danvet> I pinged collabora again, they seem a bit distracted, but hopefully something will happen soon
[23:04:52] <robclark> heheh
[23:05:10] <danvet> mupuf, did you ping gsoc interns about fosdem talks&travel sponsoring (if they need)?
[23:05:33] <danvet> keithp, around btw?
[23:05:34] <mupuf> ...
[23:05:37] <mupuf> ok, will do now
[23:05:38] * danvet doing a bad secretary job
[23:05:46] <danvet> mupuf, I'll copy it over :-)
[23:05:56] <mupuf> but to be honest, the call for paper has not been annoucned yet
[23:06:14] <danvet> hm yeah
[23:06:19] <danvet> can still ping them I guess
[23:06:23] <danvet> anyway, I'll just carry over
[23:06:35] <danvet> bryce_, I have some "travel payments" thing, I guess for xdc17?
[23:07:11] <bryce_> danvet, that got squared away a while ago, you can drop it from the agenda
[23:07:52] <danvet> bryce_, cool thx
[23:07:56] <bryce_> we were able to get all reimbursements handled within about 2 weeks after the event.  Process documentation win.
[23:08:13] <danvet> \o/
[23:08:18] <danvet> thx for herding the monies
[23:08:28] <danvet> evoc ... robclark?
[23:08:54] <keithp> danvet: yeah
[23:09:41] <robclark> so, getting inquiries about qapitrace shader editing project... I'm not quite sure what to do about..  since I think that somewhat overlaps w/ janesma's shader retrace thing..
[23:10:08] <robclark> so not really sure if that is still a useful project..
[23:10:26] <danvet> well I have no idea
[23:10:32] <danvet> can we retarget?
[23:10:41] <robclark> possibly..
[23:11:05] <robclark> iirc someone mentioned possible retrace evoc project..
[23:11:18] <robclark> but I have been out of the loop on that so not sure
[23:11:38] <agd5f> Isn't everyone moving to renderdoc?
[23:11:54] * robclark shrugs
[23:12:36] <danvet> I mean I guess we could still do an internship, just with a bit a caveat ..
[23:12:45] <danvet> not sure that's much use for either student or us
[23:13:39] <robclark> yeah, I mean I guess it is probably useful for someone.. or at least useful for experience..
[23:13:47] <robclark> so maybe worth proceding with on those grounds
[23:14:46] <danvet> well not sure about the experience when everyone moves somewhere else halfway through ...
[23:16:43] <robclark> janesma's thing isn't exactly a 1:1 replacement of qapitrace, but for most common cases it is..
[23:17:29] <robclark> the big diff btwn the two is frameretrace thing just replays current frame
[23:17:55] <danvet> robclark, can you chase this a bit with janesma and the student for next mtg?
[23:17:59] <robclark> (that makes it *way* faster.. but also maybe not suitable for some edge cases)
[23:18:03] <robclark> yeah, ok
[23:18:45] <danvet> thx
[23:18:50] <danvet> so that leaves fd.o
[23:19:12] <danvet> Riastradh, anything from that, did you start chatting with daniel stone?
[23:19:20] <danvet> bryce_, or did you have something else in mind?
[23:19:42] <Riastradh> I have not had a chat with Daniel Stone yet, sorry.  I'm way behind on a long email backlog, I'm afraid.
[23:19:52] <bryce_> danvet, that but also daniels had proposed having fdo governance covered by X.org
[23:19:55] <danvet> bryce_, I mean except the fd.o->x.org merged
[23:20:14] <danvet> Riastradh, well daniels hasn't really moved either
[23:20:23] <danvet> I guess I'll just table it for next time?
[23:20:37] <bryce_> danvet, ah yeah that.  Just wondering what decisions need made, what next steps are, plans and so forth
[23:20:39] <danvet> there's also my headups about a dri-devel coc issue that might be brewing
[23:20:48] <danvet> that I wanted to dump&run since vacations :-)
[23:21:03] <danvet> we might need better governance soonish
[23:21:23] <danvet> bryce_, I think besides the quick brainstorming we've done around xdc nothing really happened yet
[23:21:45] <bryce_> ok
[23:21:51] <danvet> which means probably too late for the upcoming elections, since I think rough consensus was that between fd.o and coc we'd need a bylaw change anyway
[23:21:53] <bryce_> is it something we should continue tracking in the agenda?
[23:22:03] <danvet> I'll keep it around
[23:22:13] <danvet> and try to pester daniels and Riastradh a bit more maybe
[23:22:27] <bryce_> any action items needing done, do you think?  discussions to do, plans to plan?
[23:23:14] <danvet> I think the rough plan was that Riastradh and daniels hash out a more detailed proposal, maybe including some draft for bylaw changes?
[23:23:27] <danvet> I don't think this will move if we try to move it here in the full group
[23:23:27] <bryce_> ok
[23:24:05] <danvet> noted in the minutes
[23:24:09] <danvet> do we have anything else?
[23:24:15] <mupuf> don't think so
[23:24:29] <Riastradh> Sounds good to me.
[23:25:52] <bryce_> nothing from me
[23:26:19] <agd5f> nada
[23:26:42] <danvet> ok, thx a lot for hanging out
[23:26:50] * danvet back to fighting gremlins fulltime

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