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[23:03:38] <agd5f> hola
[23:03:40] <danvet> hi all
[23:03:46] <robclark> o/
[23:03:53] <egbert> hi
[23:03:57] <danvet> Agenda:  XDC18 sponsoring, gsoc, travel payments, evoc
[23:04:02] <danvet> stuff to add to the agenda?
[23:04:15] <danvet> bryce is on vacation, so all that gets postponed
[23:05:21] <danvet> mupuf, egbert keithp Riastradh around too?
[23:05:32] <egbert> i'm here
[23:05:39] <Riastradh> Hi!
[23:05:45] <keithp> of course
[23:05:49] <mupuf> yes
[23:05:50] <danvet> ok, I guess we can get rolling
[23:05:57] <danvet> quick update on sponsoring hunts
[23:06:13] <danvet> spoiler: we're a bit too cheap, e.g. the intel one didn't even need any special approval
[23:06:24] <mupuf> danvet: congrats :D
[23:06:29] <danvet> but then this should allow us to get a much wider sponsor base, more companies and all
[23:06:37] <danvet> and less single-point-of-failure risk
[23:06:51] <mupuf> agreed
[23:07:42] <danvet> once I have a few gold leads (google and collabora should be done deals too I hope) I'll go shake down all the hw vendors and all our users (rh, valve, feral, whatever else)
[23:07:49] <danvet> feel free to throw in more ideas
[23:07:54] <mupuf> :p
[23:07:55] <danvet> or if you have connections
[23:07:59] <mupuf> thanks for doing it!
[23:08:10] <keithp> that's excellent; nice to have a sustainable plan
[23:08:18] <danvet> money is fun, once you have it everyone gets desperate to throw more at you
[23:08:24] <danvet> just never look desperate :-)
[23:09:03] <danvet> keithp, yeah should be good enough for 1-2 evoc, a great xdc and running expenses I think
[23:09:19] <mupuf> indeed
[23:09:33] <mupuf> it is good to see that we have a more sustainable plan, well said keith
[23:10:00] <danvet> so gsoc ... mupuf?
[23:10:04] <keithp> it took a long time to use our huge incoming reserve...
[23:10:13] <danvet> should we ping students already to plan for xdc18 and get them there?
[23:10:19] <mupuf> danvet: SPI just sent us an email that they got the money from google
[23:10:35] <mupuf> so, more money for other EVoCs or travel sponsorship
[23:10:36] <danvet> mupuf, money from google?
[23:10:44] <mupuf> yes
[23:10:47] <danvet> ah the gsoc money, great
[23:10:58] <mupuf> yop
[23:11:12] <danvet> mupuf, did you ping students about xdc18 already?
[23:11:17] <mupuf> nope
[23:11:18] <danvet> would be great if we can get them there ...
[23:11:24] <mupuf> maybe FOSDEM instead?
[23:11:27] <mupuf> for the europeans?
[23:11:41] <mupuf> it is on a weekend, it is easier
[23:11:53] <danvet> not sure there's a gfx devroom
[23:11:54] <danvet> is there?
[23:12:11] <danvet> it's not yet public
[23:12:21] <danvet> but yeah, if there is, fosdem would be good choice too
[23:12:40] <mupuf> https://fosdem.org/2018/news/2017-10-04-accepted-developer-rooms/ <-- accepted dev rooms
[23:12:42] <mupuf> graphics
[23:12:46] <danvet> not sure we can tune the schedule to accomodate gsoc ...
[23:12:59] <danvet> mupuf, is paul organizing that one?
[23:13:09] <mupuf> danvet: paul and libv, yes
[23:13:25] <mupuf> although... it was supposed to be Graphics and firmwares
[23:13:26] <egbert> there is a one day graphics dev room apparently
[23:13:28] <mupuf> I need to ping him
[23:13:30] <danvet> mupuf, can you pls ping them to check whether it's ok if we throw our gsoc their way
[23:13:33] <egbert> ... on fosdem
[23:13:37] <danvet> travel sponsoring included I guess
[23:14:33] <mupuf> oh, and speaking about EVoC, Mark Janes may have one coming
[23:14:50] <mupuf> the student originally contacted me for apitrace, but frameretracer is a more interesting project
[23:15:40] <danvet> noted
[23:15:51] <danvet> mupuf, so volunteered to get the fosdem ball rolling?
[23:15:56] <mupuf> yes
[23:15:59] <danvet> thx
[23:16:15] <danvet> travel payements is postponed for next mtg when bryce is back
[23:16:21] <danvet> robclark, evoc, any updates?
[23:16:29] <robclark> nope
[23:16:30] <danvet> I already noted the one mupuf just brought in
[23:16:31] <danvet> ok
[23:16:53] <robclark> ok, good (re: frameretrace) btw..
[23:16:58] <danvet> are we having a super-quick mtg, or anything else?
[23:17:20] <danvet> robclark, ?
[23:17:29] <robclark> nothing here
[23:17:55] <danvet> ah sounded like you wanted to add on the frameretracer thing
[23:18:40] <robclark> naw, but a couple people had asked about qapitrace projects and I hadn't managed to catch janesma when he was online about it
[23:19:09] <robclark> so glad that we connected evoc students to janesma
[23:20:36] <danvet> ok, sounds like nothing else
[23:20:46] <danvet> thx everyone for joine, see you next time around

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