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[22:52:10] <danvet> secretary, hi
[22:52:10] <secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
[22:52:13] <danvet> ah, that's better
[22:54:28] <danvet> Agenda: evoc, gsoc, xdc sponsorship, xdc18, khronos
[22:54:53] <danvet> mupuf, agd5f bryce__ egbert keithp robclark mtg in 5'
[22:54:59] <danvet> and where's Taylor ...
[22:55:06] <bryce__> *wave*
[22:55:24] <danvet> isn't his nick Risomethingsomething?
[22:55:24] <keithp> we have another meeting already?
[22:55:33] <agd5f> I'm here
[22:55:39] <danvet> keithp, my calendar says so
[22:55:53] <danvet> topic didn't, but I think that's because bryce tested the script a bit ...
[22:55:53] <keithp> wow
[22:56:00] <tlwoerner> feels like the meeting started an hour ago :-)
[22:56:11] <keithp> jul 6 is two weeks from now...
[22:56:21] <danvet> keithp, that was my script, 5 minutes ago
[22:56:24] <danvet> rolling it forward
[22:58:05] <bryce__> danvet, what are you giving me a hard time about?
[22:58:24] <danvet> bryce__, my VISUAL was set different than gvim --nofork
[22:58:43] <danvet> otherwise looks all good
[22:59:40] <bryce__> danvet, yeah your script had a lot of danvetisms in it ;-)
[23:00:53] <danvet> robclark, mupuf around?
[23:01:10] <danvet> otherwise we'll have a real quick mtg
[23:01:19] <robclark> o/
[23:01:21] <egbert> good evening!
[23:01:38] <danvet> cool, let's get going
[23:01:45] <danvet> robclark, evoc updates?
[23:02:38] <robclark> student and nha where talking, I was cc'd on some but perhaps not all.. I don't remember seeing a patch yet but maybe it flew by without me noticing
[23:02:43] * robclark a bit behind on mesa-dev
[23:03:10] <robclark> other than that not much to report.. couple inquiries, but not much further than that..
[23:03:33] <tlwoerner> did we settle on what would be an acceptable commit?
[23:04:20] <robclark> something on the mesa side of driconf was what was discussed
[23:06:02] <danvet> sounds good to me
[23:06:04] * robclark should probably checkin w/ nha..  been kinda busy last couple weeks so didn't get much extra-curricular done
[23:06:13] <danvet> I guess gsoc/khronos no update because no mupuf?
[23:06:23] <danvet> robclark, should I note that for next time around?
[23:06:26] <robclark> I have seen some blog posts
[23:06:27] <robclark> sure
[23:06:47] <danvet> yeah I'll put that into the summary
[23:07:21] <danvet> xdc18 ... might be good to ping possible hosts again, I think otherwise we can table that item for a while?
[23:08:26] <danvet> or did some proposal already fly in while I enjoyed vacations?
[23:09:03] * danvet not clear on why that topic was discussed last mtg
[23:09:05] <danvet> bryce__, ^^
[23:09:34] <bryce__> danvet, agenda recycling
[23:09:42] <danvet> it says "Daniel to start the RFP process for hosting proposals" but I did that ...
[23:09:56] <danvet> quite a while ago actually I think
[23:10:26] <danvet> bryce__, ah ok, I throw those out when there's nothing on the agenda
[23:10:30] <danvet> maybe I'm doing it all wrong
[23:10:58] <danvet> as in, if nothing happens for 2 weeks and we don't discuss it again, it can't be important
[23:12:03] <danvet> that just leaves the xdc sponsorship thing
[23:12:28] <danvet> I'd say after todays pre-mtg discussion next action is that I try to tune the numbers by chatting with collabora and google
[23:12:50] <danvet> for this year we need google's agreement anyway since that's an after-the-selection change
[23:13:02] <danvet> I'll send out the draft after that for next mtg
[23:13:05] <danvet> does that sound good?
[23:13:12] <agd5f> sounds good to me
[23:13:31] <tlwoerner> sounds good
[23:13:57] <robclark> +1
[23:14:15] <agd5f> +1
[23:14:48] <egbert> +1
[23:14:48] * danvet didn't really aim for a formal vote :-)
[23:14:55] <danvet> but action noted
[23:15:08] <tlwoerner> on the gsoc side, the mentors will need to do an eval (the first of 3) in the next week or so
[23:17:21] <danvet> we also had the coc discussion this on the agenda, but taylor's not around, so that's postponed too
[23:17:28] <danvet> anything else, or ok if we close already?
[23:20:42] * robclark wouldn't mind terribly if we moved the mtg a bit earlier (hint, hint) :-P
[23:21:41] <danvet> yeah I know ...
[23:21:49] <danvet> maybe I'll unlazy about that one too
[23:22:26] <robclark> anyways, other than that ending early is fine by me, I don't have anything else
[23:22:37] <danvet> yeah, I'll take the silence as that
[23:22:44] <danvet> thx everyone for hanging around

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