13:10:06 <bryce> Reminder: meeting in about 1 hr
13:51:16 <bryce>  10 min
13:52:09 *  robclark brb.. need reboot..
13:59:23 <mupuf>  Hey guys
13:59:35 <egbert> good evening :)
13:59:55 <bryce>  danvet is gone this week and asked that I run the meeting
14:00:20 <tlwoerner>  hello :-)
14:00:46 <mupuf>  bryce: nice :)
14:00:51 <bryce>  ping agd5f keithp 
14:00:59 <tlwoerner>  is there an agenda posted somewhere?
14:01:03 <bryce>  Agenda: election, website sponsorship, dissolution paperwork, gsoc, evoc, khronos, coc
14:01:20 <tlwoerner>  thanks
14:01:20 <Riastrad1>  Hi!
14:01:21 <bryce>  I'm not sure we have a formal agenda document but that's from last meeting
14:02:06 <bryce>  last meeting also had a bunch of actions, and bet a bunch can be crossed off now.
14:02:07 <egbert> the agenda usually gets posted at the beginning. 
14:02:10 <bryce>  ITEM: elections
14:02:33 <keithp> I'm here
14:02:38 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Bryce to update board@ members&admins (remove Peter, add Taylor)
14:02:43 <bryce>  --> done
14:02:49 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Taylor+Martin to send gpg key to Bryce
14:02:55 <robclark>   o/
14:03:01 <mupuf>  Done
14:03:14 <Riastradh>  bryce: I sent it to you, right?
14:03:23 <bryce>  --> done (thanks).  I've sent intro directions for using the encrypted finances repo to the three of them, and stuck it in the repo's README
14:03:23 <mupuf>  Took me a while to get my crypto usb stick to work as I wa
14:03:31 <mupuf>  Wanted it*
14:03:49 <bryce>  Riastradh, yep might doublecheck you got my email from about half an hour ago
14:04:34 <Riastradh>  bryce: OK.  Hmm, from what address?
14:04:47 <bryce>  if there's any questions, or anyone else wants GPG keys added, drop me an email
14:05:37 <robclark>   Riastradh, netbsd.org .. it was sent ~20min ago
14:05:58 <bryce>  Riastradh, was from bryce@osg.samsung.com
14:06:55 <Riastradh>  Sent to riastradh@NetBSD.org?  OK, may be greylisted over at NetBSD -- not seeing it at my mail server yet.  FYI, campbell+xorg-foundation@mumble.net is best for xorg business.
14:07:04 <bryce>  ok, will resend
14:07:06 <agd5f>  hey
14:07:12 <bryce>  right, next action is
14:07:18 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Rob+Taylor to become board server admins, taking over from Peter.
14:07:58 <robclark>   sorry, I've not had a chance to do that yet..
14:07:59 <bryce>  robclark, Riastradh anything remarkable to report?
14:08:02 <Riastradh>  I'm waiting for input from rob about that, I think?
14:08:34 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Rob+Taylor to update the membership agreement everywhere (but especially on the new member form on members.x.org).
14:08:44 <robclark>   sorry, was out a few days last week and this, which didn't really help with getting board things done..
14:08:58 <robclark>   that is probably blocking on my first action I guess ;-)
14:09:03 <bryce>  okie :-)
14:09:14 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Daniel to start a thread to figure out a better mtg slot for Europe
14:09:31 <bryce>  don't think we've seen that thread yet -- guessing daniel's also been tied up with other matters
14:09:57 <mupuf>  I guess, what we need is a doodle/framadate
14:10:27 <mupuf>  Framadate being open source, hosted on tuxfamily in France
14:11:33 <bryce>  mm, well I expect it'll be straightforward to sort out once the data's gathered one way or another
14:12:02 <bryce>  probably not something likely to be changed more than once an election at most
14:12:04 <mupuf>  Yeah, I have an idea
14:12:29 <bryce>  right, anything else on elections administrivia remainders?  Else to next agenda item.
14:13:29 <bryce>  ITEM: website sponsorship
14:13:46 <bryce>  whot pointed out that the request we got was fake
14:14:08 <bryce>  Might still be worth doing some day, but going to backburner it at least until the dissolution stuff is 100% done
14:14:35 <bryce>  so for now recommend we just close the item, I'll re-open if/when it seems worth undertaking
14:14:42 <robclark>   +1
14:15:00 <mupuf>  +1
14:15:07 <egbert> +1
14:15:15 <agd5f>  +1
14:15:16 <bryce>  +1
14:15:33 <Riastradh>  +1
14:15:44 <bryce>  thanks.  Moving on to next agenda item.
14:15:51 <bryce>  ITEM: Dissolution paperwork
14:16:01 <bryce>  got news, need two votes on expenses here
14:16:13 <bryce>  tl;dr version is
14:16:13 <bryce>         a) $10 fee for dissolution with State of Delaware,
14:16:13 <bryce>         b) $199 for our annual NRAI dues (potentially prorated to the date of dissolution)
14:16:22 <bryce>  would you like the gory details on these?
14:16:37 <keithp> not really...
14:16:56 <Riastradh>  bryce: Is there a quick summary you can point to of the background here?
14:17:22 <Riastradh>  Something about moving under the SPI umbrella?
14:17:55 <mupuf>  sorry, was out of the bus and now I'm home
14:18:01 <bryce>  Riastradh, yeah it's related to that; this is specifically about getting the old foundation pre-SPI dissolved.
14:18:21 <bryce>  Riastradh, it's proven to be surprisingly involved with the paperwork
14:18:48 <mupuf>  bryce: so sorry about that...
14:19:05 <agd5f>  bryce, thanks for tackling that
14:19:40 <bryce>  ok, so I've paid item (a) and am going to send off a check for (b) once I've gotten some messy stuff done.  To get those reimbursed by SPI need board approval for the expenditures
14:19:53 <robclark>   I expect not paying is not really an option, so +1
14:20:11 <egbert> indeed: +1
14:20:31 <mupuf>  +1
14:20:31 <Riastradh>  I trust you've researched this more than I care to!  So +1.
14:22:21 <bryce>  yeah I should write up a short retrospective when this is all done
14:22:43 <bryce>  +1 from me too, so that's +5 thanks all
14:23:11 <bryce>  hopefully will have some finalization to report next meeting
14:23:14 <bryce>  ok, next item:
14:23:33 <bryce>  ITEM: gsoc/evoc
14:23:43 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Martin to add Taylor as gsoc org admin.
14:23:43 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Rob to follow up on evoc requests
14:24:10 <bryce>  how are things going?
14:24:13 <robclark>   I think I managed to follow up on all the EVoC requests..
14:24:26 <mupuf>  I added Taylor as an admin, not sure he answered though
14:24:38 <Riastradh>  mupuf: Can't remember what happened since last meeting, but couldn't register riastradh@gmail.com as GSoC admin because it's already a TNF GSoC admin, so I created riastradh.xorg@gmail.com for the purpose instead.
14:24:51 <Riastradh>  mupuf: Can you resend the request to the latter, if you haven't already?
14:25:22 <mupuf>  Riastradh: done
14:26:52 <Riastradh>  mupuf: Got it, thanks!
14:27:03 <mupuf>  ok, next items?
14:27:17 <bryce>  robclark, how many of the EVoC requests look reasonable to consider?  Are there followup actions needed for them?
14:28:11 <robclark>   well, so far it has mostly been answering questions mode.. I don't think we've seen any concrete proposals yet, so much as students hunting around..
14:28:33 <Riastradh>  mupuf: Accepted.
14:29:04 <bryce>  also, I've lost track of where GSoC is in the process, are applications already decided on or is that still needing done?  Are there any actions for GSoC the board needs to be tracking?
14:29:07 <robclark>   (personally I'd be really interested in seeing a proposal from Kirill.. since there are some nouveau compiler projects and finding a student w/ good compiler experience seems hard)
14:30:06 <tlwoerner>  wrt gsoc, organizations should have put in how many slots they want, and are waiting to hear back how many they get from google
14:30:08 <mupuf>  bryce: GSoC is done
14:30:11 <bryce>  (as an aside, my wife's an educator and always suggests reaching out to professors in areas related to what we're interested in, as they'd be able to send good students our way)
14:30:26 <mupuf>  tlwoerner: you are late, we got google's answer a while ago
14:30:38 <mupuf>  we even have selected which students got accepted and found mentors for them ;)
14:30:48 <mupuf>  And the deadline for the slot allocation has passed, it was monday
14:31:02 <tlwoerner>  mupuf: ah :-) how many?
14:31:37 <bryce>  mupuf, ah cool, pretty far along then.  I assume then that mentors are all primed to go, and no further actions needed at the board level until the program's completed?
14:31:48 <mupuf>  tlwoerner: we got 5 projects
14:32:09 <bryce>  (i.e. can we mark our GSoC agenda item as complete?)
14:32:22 <mupuf>  bryce: well, not that the board had to do much, but I still have to take care about the different evaluations
14:32:31 <mupuf>  and making sure students are working throughout the summer
14:32:33 <mupuf>  and same for mentors
14:32:41 <mupuf>  I will try to get a blog post per week
14:32:54 <mupuf>  I do not have a student this year (OMG)
14:33:00 <mupuf>  so, that should make it easier on me
14:33:18 <bryce>  mupuf, ah, thanks for the info.  Sounds like it's well under control.
14:33:32 <bryce>  anything else on evoc or gsoc?  else moving on to next item.
14:33:40 <Riastradh>  mupuf: I am all set up as an org admin now.
14:33:49 <mupuf>  Riastradh: great :)
14:34:06 <bryce>  ITEM: khronos
14:34:09 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Martin to pester SPI again
14:34:45 <bryce>  wasn't there some correspondence last week?  anything notable to mention?
14:35:56 <mupuf>  yes, we got an answer!
14:36:03 <mupuf>  and ... I did not answer
14:36:19 <mupuf>  I wanted to do it tonight, but I am too tired and had a few beers so it will have to wait
14:36:23 <mupuf>  BUT
14:36:39 <mupuf>  how about we just link him straight to the source, khronos?
14:36:46 <mupuf>  and let me figure out what is wrong
14:37:16 <bryce>  mupuf, doubt it could hurt!
14:37:24 <mupuf>  agreed
14:38:25 <bryce>  ok, last item on the agenda is:
14:38:30 <bryce>  ITEM: code of conduct
14:38:53 <bryce>  ACTIONS: Everyone to summarize their thoughts on the board@ thread
14:39:17 <bryce>  I sent my thoughts in, and guessing everyone's had their say that had one to say.
14:40:46 <bryce>  Don't know if there are followup actions on this, but if there is danvet can bring them up next meeting.
14:41:30 <bryce>   
14:41:33 <Riastradh>  I have nothing to add but generally support a code of conduct and offer to do what I can as a relatively neutral, detached member of the community.
14:41:53 <bryce>  ITEM: Other business
14:42:11 <bryce>  ok, anyone have opens for new items, or any discussion on any of the previous ones?
14:43:04 <tlwoerner>  mupuf: have you told the students they've been accepted?
14:43:28 <mupuf>  tlwoerner: not yet, they received an email from google already though
14:43:28 <Riastradh>  Can't tell GSoC students about acceptance until May 4th.
14:43:39 <mupuf>  oh, all good then
14:43:43 <tlwoerner>  Riastradh: that's what i was wondering :-)
14:47:59 <bryce>  alright, let's go ahead and wrap things up.  Thanks everyone!  cya in a couple weeks.
14:48:10 <bryce>  EOM.
14:48:27 <tlwoerner>  :-)
14:48:40 <egbert> ok, good night!
14:48:48 <Riastradh>  See you later!
14:48:57 <robclark>   gn
14:49:47 <mupuf>  night :)
15:03:04 <Riastradh>  bryce: OK, mail came through!
15:11:02 *  Disconnected ()
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