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[22:51:54] <danvet> whot, mupuf, agd5f, keithp, mupuf, bryce: bod mtg in 10'
[22:52:07] * bryce waves
[22:52:14] <danvet> robclark already said he's somewhere on an airplane
[22:52:23] <agd5f> sounds good
[23:00:00] <danvet> hi all!
[23:00:12] <egbert> good evening!
[23:00:15] <agd5f> howdy
[23:02:03] <mupuf> Hey!
[23:03:25] <danvet> Agenda: elections, GSoC, paperwork, finance stuff, khronos
[23:03:29] <danvet> anything to add?
[23:03:33] <danvet> whot, keithp around too?
[23:04:01] <agd5f> nothing much on the election.  voting has started
[23:04:23] <egbert> about being around: i will not be able to make it for the next meeting: it is in the week before Eastern.
[23:05:15] <danvet> egbert, ok, I'll try to remember
[23:05:48] <egbert> danvet: i wanted to mention it here - in case i forget to send regrets
[23:05:57] <danvet> agd5f, should we send out more reminders that this is again a vote where we need 2/3rd of all members for the membership agreement?
[23:06:12] <danvet> egbert, I took a note in the minutes, I look at those before the mtg
[23:06:16] <agd5f> danvet, can do
[23:06:20] <egbert> :)
[23:06:26] <danvet> I'll try to do blog posting too
[23:06:52] <mupuf> Great daniel, i will link to it then!
[23:07:23] <danvet> so gsoc, mupuf ?
[23:11:15] <danvet> mupuf, ?
[23:12:54] <mupuf> sorry
[23:12:58] <mupuf> was out from the bus
[23:13:02] <mupuf> gsoc, not much to report on
[23:13:05] <mupuf> we have 3 students
[23:13:17] <mupuf> or had earlier this week
[23:13:51] <mupuf> hmm, I misremembered
[23:13:53] <mupuf> we have 2
[23:14:02] <mupuf> we sould probably do more advertisement
[23:14:18] <danvet> mupuf, we didn't?
[23:14:28] <mupuf> yeah, but the deadline lis monday
[23:14:33] <mupuf> and we only have two
[23:14:35] <danvet> meh :(
[23:14:39] <mupuf> students usually wait the last weekend
[23:14:44] <mupuf> but we can make one final email
[23:14:57] <danvet> yeah, would be good
[23:14:59] <mupuf> and on g+ + twitter
[23:15:04] <mupuf> I can handle that tonight
[23:15:05] <danvet> btw, I think we need more blog and twitter
[23:15:10] <danvet> not-yet-developers don't read mailing lists
[23:15:18] <mupuf> yep
[23:15:29] <danvet> oh well
[23:15:38] <danvet> while you're here, no updates on khronos?
[23:16:09] <mupuf> nope
[23:16:19] <danvet> bryce, anything about finances?
[23:16:31] <danvet> I've noticed stuarts mail that boa is closed
[23:16:44] <bryce> danvet, yes, we closed the bofa account
[23:17:03] <danvet> any luck with the resubmitted delaware filing yet?
[23:17:05] <bryce> he's got a check from them, and I've given him the address to submit it directly to SPI
[23:17:29] <bryce> yes, I resubmitted the delaware dissolution form + payment a week or so ago by postal mail
[23:17:44] <bryce> waiting on a response, but expecting to get one by mail any day now hopefully
[23:18:09] <bryce> I also emailed NRAI regarding how to close that out; they indicated it should happen automatically once the legal entity is closed, but we'll see
[23:18:18] <danvet> nrai?
[23:18:27] <danvet> is that the box office company?
[23:18:52] <bryce> NRAI also invoiced stuart for this year's fees (due Mar 1st).  I feel we shouldn't need to pay them since we're not using their services this year, but will have to see
[23:19:09] <danvet> yeah ...
[23:19:12] <bryce> yeah, they're essentially the paid interface to Delaware
[23:19:25] <danvet> well, some overlap was to be expected
[23:19:30] <danvet> I guess that's it, anything else?
[23:19:47] <bryce> it's a $189 fee, fwiw
[23:19:57] <danvet> bryce, hm, do we have enough gpg keys for the financial records?
[23:20:03] <danvet> yeah, definitely worth haggling over
[23:20:30] <bryce> I have one from Rob, which I need to register now that the branch is landed.  More would be nice.
[23:20:59] <bryce> Treasurer report got posted, so that's done.
[23:21:04] <bryce> think that's it from my end.
[23:22:25] <danvet> yeah, I put that into the yearly reports directory right away
[23:22:35] <danvet> might be filed twice in the bod git now :-)
[23:22:47] <bryce> ah, no I hadn't gotten to it, so thanks
[23:23:10] <danvet> bryce, put it into BoD/yearly-reports/
[23:23:24] <danvet> if you have some others laying around, feel free to git add/mv them  there
[23:23:49] <danvet> agd5f, mupuf, egbert, keithp, pls send gpg keys to bryce (if you have working ones, unlike me)
[23:24:08] <mupuf> danvet: I don't, will generate a new one and try to spread it around
[23:24:13] <egbert> danvet: this is exactly the problem here as well.
[23:24:16] <mupuf> This time, I want to do it properly!
[23:24:16] * danvet tried and immediately failed
[23:24:27] <danvet> gpg hates me
[23:25:17] <agd5f> danvet, I'll try gpg and I don't often get along well
[23:25:50] <danvet> ok, anything else?
[23:30:34] <danvet> sounds like no
[23:30:45] <danvet> thx a lot everyone for hanging around

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