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[21:57:13] <danvet> Agenda: elections, GSoC, paperwork, yearly reports
[21:57:23] <danvet> (yes I'm a bit early, whatever)
[21:58:34] <robclark> o/
[22:00:54] <whot> goood morning
[22:00:59] <bryce> heya
[22:01:12] <danvet> hi all
[22:01:46] <danvet> agenda += khronos I guess
[22:02:16] <danvet> but just for the minutes
[22:02:18] <agd5f> hello
[22:02:26] <danvet> mupuf, your mail seems more effective
[22:03:01] <danvet> keithp, egbert around?
[22:03:44] <keithp> sure, what's up?
[22:04:08] <danvet> ok I guess we can get rolling
[22:04:13] <danvet> any agenda additions?
[22:04:19] <danvet> agd5f, should we start with elections?
[22:04:34] <agd5f> sure.  candidates email sent.  Q&A starts
[22:04:59] <agd5f> I had to push the schedule out again to make sure we had a full week for Q&A
[22:05:33] <agd5f> If someone with the database know how can set up the ballot, I'd appreciate it
[22:05:48] <danvet> I thought whot volunteered to doc this
[22:05:53] <danvet> or egbert did last time around
[22:05:59] <danvet> on a wiki I never know how to find :(
[22:06:36] <danvet> agd5f, between egbert and whot and that wiki you should be able to figure it out
[22:06:51] <agd5f> yup
[22:06:57] <danvet> or was it a mail?
[22:07:15] <agd5f> hopefully someone on the election committee knows :)
[22:07:27] <danvet> ah now, the mail from whot was just about expiring members
[22:07:36] <danvet> I think egbert did an election ballot thing last year
[22:07:51] <bryce> btw, could we add "send your gpg key" as an item on the onboarding process?
[22:07:54] <danvet> anything else on elections?
[22:07:56] <whot> search for "Election System Guidelines" in your mailbox, 18 Feb
[22:08:39] <agd5f> ah, there it is
[22:09:38] <danvet> ok, we're good I guess
[22:09:45] <danvet> mupuf, around now for gsoc?
[22:09:45] <agd5f> anyway, if anyone else from the election committee wants to take this on, I'd appreciate it.  We can discuss over email
[22:09:55] <danvet> robclark, ^^ or you?
[22:10:30] <robclark> I don't really have any GSoC update..  I'm still catching up from being out last week
[22:11:01] <robclark> so I guess mupuf will join in 50 minutes :-P
[22:11:33] <danvet> ok, I guess no gsoc update and let's hope that's ok
[22:11:59] <danvet> bryce, paperwork&yearly report?
[22:12:11] <danvet> I tried to upload the reports 2014-16
[22:12:18] <danvet> but due to wiki woes only just managed to push
[22:13:02] <danvet> https://www.x.org/wiki/XorgFoundation/Reports/
[22:13:13] <bryce> danvet, oh yes we need a vote on the treasurer report
[22:13:19] <danvet> we're like almost good at this
[22:13:28] * alanc apologizes for breaking the wiki's git repo
[22:13:40] <danvet> alanc, no worries, that's a pretty good achievement :-)
[22:13:48] <danvet> treasurer sounds good, +1
[22:14:26] <alanc> apparently the function throwing the error is deleted in a later release, so I should upgrade
[22:14:31] <bryce> +1
[22:14:53] <robclark> so, we are talking about "2016 Treasurer Report (DRAFT)"?
[22:15:00] <bryce> (This is a vote for approval to send the treasurer report I posted a couple weeks ago, to members)
[22:15:04] <bryce> robclark, yes
[22:15:11] * robclark looks
[22:15:50] <robclark> bryce, the uncertainty about BofA status/transfer.. that is about the $494.51 ?
[22:16:12] <bryce> robclark, correct.  I have a Q in to stuart on that but he's not (yet) responded.
[22:17:29] <robclark> I guess if there was a possibility to confirm that soon, it would be good to wait, but if that is likely to drag on forever then +1 for it in current form
[22:17:31] <bryce> robclark, btw to verify, you sent me GPG key 5522B045 a couple days ago?
[22:17:42] <robclark> yup
[22:18:01] <bryce> Regarding the paperwork, I would like to go ahead and land the branch with the encrypted documents later today, if no one has any objections?  I've also received a GPG key from robclark and will add authorization for him.
[22:18:06] <robclark> or..
[22:18:32] <robclark> bryce, I guess if the SPI figure def doesn't include the BofA remainder, then it is good as-is, since we aren't double-counting something..
[22:18:39] <robclark> (that was main thing I was concerned about)
[22:19:25] <danvet> bryce, sounds good, we seem to have a few gpg keys now ...
[22:19:35] <danvet> not mine, but I failed at gpg again :(
[22:19:38] <bryce> it definitely doesn't include the remainder.  My guess is it got transferred after 1/1/2017 which would be why it's not shown
[22:19:57] <robclark> bryce, ok, gotcha.. then in that case, +1 from me
[22:20:16] <bryce> oh one other thing I've found with gpg-crypt is there's a way to add users, but removing users is "unimplemented"
[22:21:14] <bryce> which is unfortunate.  I think there may be a manual way to accomplish that, so am not worried, but it might be an inconvenience if we ever need to do it.
[22:21:20] <robclark> hmm, that is slightly obnoxious..  :-(
[22:21:45] <bryce> danvet, that's it from me.
[22:21:51] <whot> i guess short key expiry or something won't help with that either, right?
[22:22:02] <whot> you can still decrypt with an expired key?
[22:22:13] <bryce> whot, haven't tested, that's a good question
[22:22:32] <danvet> agd5f, whot can we have your votes too pls?
[22:22:42] <bryce> whot, it definitely is picky about keys needing to actually be trusted, so guessing an expired key would also be not accepted
[22:23:05] <danvet> but the underlying crypto would still work
[22:23:05] <agd5f> report looks good to me.  +1
[22:23:23] <bryce> I do have one quick question unrelated to treasurer -- I'm getting a lot of moderator emails for the mailing list.  I don't think I have a password for actually moderating things though?
[22:23:49] <danvet> didn't whot send that out when he added lots of people to everything?
[22:23:59] <bryce> hm, maybe I missed it.
[22:24:16] <danvet> nope, he didn't
[22:24:21] <danvet> at least not in the board@ mail
[22:24:27] <danvet> whot, can you pls reply with admin creds?
[22:24:32] <danvet> to that board@ mail
[22:24:33] <whot> will do
[22:24:37] <danvet> thx
[22:24:54] <danvet> ok, quick khronos update for those who didn't see it: spi finally starting to look into it
[22:25:06] <danvet> I think that's all we had?
[22:25:14] <whot> +1 for the treasurer report
[22:26:06] <bryce> I noticed there was also a question on the list regarding EVoC, about if we should modify stipend payments like GSoC does.  I looked up what Google does and found https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/help/student-stipends
[22:26:29] <bryce> basically, they're adjusting the stipend amount based on cost of living for where the student is.
[22:26:46] <danvet> hm, we're doing evoc on fairly low burner anyway ... I guess we could figure this out when it comes up again
[22:26:57] <bryce> yeah, just food for thought.
[22:26:57] <danvet> and robclark reply from today sounds more like they'll just want to hack on stuff
[22:27:07] <danvet> oh that was a different one
[22:27:10] <robclark> I think he was talking about earlier email
[22:27:11] <robclark> yeah
[22:27:24] <danvet> ok, I think that's it
[22:27:30] <danvet> thx everyone for attending
[22:27:33] <bryce> thanks, cya all.
[22:27:38] <danvet> g'night/day/morning/whatever all
[22:27:51] <robclark> gn all

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