23:00 <+egbert> hi guys! i guess i volunteered to run the meeting today/night since danvet is off
23:00 <+egbert> so who do we have here? whot, agd5f, bryce, robclark - i saw mupuf join
23:00 < mupuf> hey you :)
23:00 <+egbert> hey mupuf 
23:01 <+egbert> so still wating for keithp
23:01 <+egbert> shall we get started?
23:01 < robclark> sure
23:02 < bryce> yep
23:02 <+egbert> agenda: elections, gsoc, paperwork, 
23:02 <+egbert> khronos?
23:02 <+egbert> ah, xdc
23:03 <+egbert> anything else?
23:03 < mupuf> sounds about right!
23:03 <+egbert> lets start with elections
23:03 <+egbert> so the expiry period is over i've just read. we can start with the next step.
23:04 < agd5f> egbert, just waiting for the 30 day period to end.  going to send out the initial email tonight
23:04 < whot> the first couple of weeks are mostly sending out emails anyway
23:04 <+egbert> agd5f: i just read above that it did already.
23:04 <+egbert> whot: right.
23:04 < agd5f> egbert, yup
23:05 < whot> it would be prudent to have the membership changes finalised at the start of the election period, so we 
              don't have members have to read them on the last day
23:05 < whot> but given the changes, it's not like this is a big issue
23:05 <+egbert> whot: definitely.
23:05 < whot> (note to self, link to git repo in email for diffs)
23:06 < robclark> I guess I need to update memberagreement branch w/ r-b's, etc...  I guess we keep it on a branch, tho, 
                  until after it is voted on?
23:07 < whot> yep
23:07 <+egbert> robclark: yeah, this sound like a good plan.
23:07 <+egbert> so it looks like everything is on time and in plan regarding the election.
23:08 < robclark> ok, I'll update branch.. I guess I should update bylaws too w/ the trick to get date from git...  
                  although I assume mechanical changes like that don't need vote?
23:09 < mupuf> robclark: people complained they did not have time to react before
23:09 < mupuf> so, 
23:09 < mupuf> let's release early!
23:09 < whot> i forgot, do we need 2/3 or 50% this time?
23:09 <+egbert> yes, i'd rather slip the election date by a week.
23:09 < robclark> (btw, we should also find some better place than git for generated pdf but that is something I think we 
                  can solve later)
23:10 <+egbert> do we want a discussion period for the membership agreement?
23:10 < mupuf> yeah, we should ask
23:10 < robclark> mupuf, anyways, I can regenerate latest memberagreement.pdf tonight so we can send it out w/ election 
                  notice if you want..
23:10 < mupuf> asking for suggestions from the community
23:10 <+egbert> not that i've seen too many discussions happening in the past, it is still goodp ractice to have one
23:10 < robclark> (or I can send separately)
23:10 < mupuf> nothing else
23:11 < mupuf> robclark: would be absolutely perfect
23:11 <+egbert> mupuf: also put a link on to it from the election page, please.
23:12 <+egbert> ok, anything else regarding elections?
23:12  * mupuf does not deal with elections this year
23:12 < mupuf> :D
23:12 <+egbert> shall we move on to gsoc?
23:12 < mupuf> yeeeeppeeeee
23:12 < mupuf> I can talk about the gsoc
23:12 <+egbert> mupuf: please go ahead!
23:12 < mupuf> One sentence: we are waiting for google to tell us if we got accepted or not!
23:13 < mupuf> Answer on the 26th
23:13 < whot> that's two sentences
23:13 < mupuf> :s
23:13 <+egbert> at least we've got a definitive date
23:13 <+egbert> ok, so this is all about gsoc i guess?
23:13 < mupuf> yep
23:13 <+egbert> ok, so next topic: paperwork
23:14 <+egbert> we did cover the membership agreement already
23:14 <+egbert> anything we need to cover on spi, finaicial status etc?
23:14 <+egbert> bryce?
23:14 < bryce> heya
23:15 < bryce> a few minor bits
23:15 < bryce> Still waiting to hear back from SPI on a dump of our 2016 financial info; I re-pinged a couple weeks ago, 
               will do so again.
23:15 <+egbert> bryce: thanks!
23:16 < bryce> I filed for the reimbursement for the dissolution fee, and was surprised they reimbursed immediately
23:16 < bryce> so spi is slow on response on some stuff, but not other stuff.  :-)
23:16 <+egbert> it is good to know that they at least pay in time :)
23:17 < bryce> As per discussion last meeting, I've revised my finance docs branch, to remove names from changelogs (and 
               filenames).  The branch is ready to land; I'd love to get a few +1 reviews, but can land it if no one has 
               any further issues
23:18 <+egbert> bryce: you want that tonight?
23:18 < bryce> egbert, that would be great
23:18 <+egbert> bryce: i have to admit i haven't really looked at it in detail, but i'd still think it's ok
23:19 < bryce> also, still needing gpg keys from board members, I'm not sure we sorted out a plan of attack there, but I'm 
               open to whatever.  But until that's done no one else will be able to access the financial docs
23:19 <+egbert> bryce: ok
23:19 < bryce> egbert, the branch's content is encrypted so the review is mainly checking that it's not leaking anything 
               sensitive.  I don't expect any in depth reviewing of what's inside.  :-)
23:20 <+egbert> ok
23:20 < bryce> last bit, I've started drafting the 2016 treasurer report.
23:20 < bryce> just the bones though; I can only go so far without the data from SPI
23:21 < bryce> egbert, think that covers everything from me, thanks.
23:21 < robclark> (jfyi, updated https://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/foundation/bylaws/log/?h=memberagreement-updates 
                  including regenerated pdfs .. if someone is sending election noticed feel free to include link)
23:21 <+egbert> bryce: cool, thank you for the report!
23:21 < agd5f> robclark, thanks!
23:21 <+egbert> robclark: thanks to you as well
23:21 < robclark> updated the date on bylaws too to take from git.. I *assume* that isn't the sort of thing that needs 
                  voting on but if anyone disagrees I'll update branch)
23:21 <+egbert> next item: khronos - anything to discuss there?
23:22 < robclark> I think khronos is danvet?  So probably no?
23:22 <+egbert> right
23:22 <+egbert> last thing on my list was xdc.
23:22 <+egbert> have we heard anything about a date proposal, yet?
23:23 < robclark> iirc, last I heard was "soon" but marcheu might be able to update?
23:24 < bryce> are there any concerns over USA travel restrictions?
23:24 <+egbert> it would be good to have a definitive date by mid of march.
23:24 <+egbert> bryce: well, i wanted to bring this up last meeting but then decided against it.
23:25 < robclark> bryce, well perhaps some concerns over USA still being here in the fall ..  not sure how much we can do 
                  about that..
23:25 <+egbert> as it looks atm things might not be all that bad
23:26 <+egbert> if we wanted to move elsewhere - we'd find a new organizer and place very quickly.
23:27 <+egbert> as people would like to know where to go and when soon.
23:27 < whot> i heard mexico is just on the other side of the wall :)
23:27 < whot> but yeah, we can't predict things like this, so right now just going for a confirmed date seems prudent 
23:27  * robclark kinda hoping the checks and balances (aka judicial branch) thing works out..  although starting to 
          reconsider taking pgp keys with me when I leave the country..
23:29 < bryce> if things do need to be changed, guess we should just ensure it's communicated early enough to not disrupt 
               too many travel arrangements
23:30 < whot> i think if we end up not being able to host the conf in the US then disrupting travel arrangements may be 
              the least of anyone's worries...
23:30 <+egbert> bryce: right. but to change anything we'd need to find a new organizer.
23:30 < robclark> even in the unlikely chance the EO is reinstanted (or some new variant of it holds up), I don't think it 
                  effects too many XDC attendees?  (and probably in that case there are bigger problems)
23:30 <+egbert> we may have to start doing virtual conferences ....
23:31 < robclark> yeah
23:31 < robclark> yeah
23:31 <+egbert> robclark: this is true - on the other hand if it affects anyone it would be bad still
23:32 <+egbert> but, yeah, without an alternative in sight, let's just hope for the best.
23:32 < robclark> yeah
23:32 <+egbert> is anyone pinging marcheau regarding a date?
23:33  * robclark did on this channel 10min ago, if that counts :-P
23:34 <+egbert> right, let's do it again, this time without me mistying ;) 
23:35 <+egbert> marcheu: do you have any information on possible dates for xdc?
23:35 <+egbert> i guess this is all on xdc.
23:35 <+egbert> have i missed any subject?
23:36 <+egbert> topic i mean..
23:36 < bryce> egbert, fast meeting :-)
23:37 <+egbert> bryce: yeah! i'm tired ;)
23:37 <+egbert> it is almost midnight here 
23:37 <+egbert> ok, looks like there's nothing else.
23:37 <+egbert> i guess, we can close the meeting, then.
23:38 < robclark> nothing more here
23:38 <+egbert> i will write up minutes and publish the irc logs - not tonight though.
23:38 < robclark> k, gn
23:38 <+egbert> tomorrow morning
23:38 <+egbert> good day/night everybudy!
23:40 < bryce> thanks!
23:41  * whot waves
23:47 < marcheu> egbert: not yet, I'll ping our admin about it